Chapter 251

Chapter 251

"I am a farmer of Reidan.”


It wasn’t convincing that the monster who killed Zibal was a farmer. What idiot would believe him? The members of the three guilds thought Piaro was mocking them. But their emotions were more fearful than angry.

In the case of the Snake Guild, they wanted revenge for their murdered master, but were unable to move. It was because their legs were shaking after seeing the hand plow covered in their master’s blood.

‘Stronger than a boss monster! I will die if I get hit by that hand plow!’

The penalty that occurred due to death was fatal. Experience dropped and there was a chance of losing items. They had to deal with such a monster? The executives cried out to the guild members who were overwhelmed by Piaro’s strength.

“What are you doing? The opponent is your master’s enemy! Get revenge, even if you have to sacrifice your lives!”

If they stepped back with fear, they would lose their prestigious status. They would become a laughing stock and eventually dissolve. The guild members recognized this fact. They no longer hesitated and besieged Piaro.

‘Fuck. Yes! I’d rather die! It’s better than the guild being ruined!’

‘I will kill him, even if I have to die!'

The benefits that the guild gave them were astronomical. The guild couldn’t be lost. The determination of the Snake Guild members was passed onto Piaro.

Piaro smiled.

‘How many battlefields have I been on?’

In the days of the Red Knights, Piaro’s life was war and the battlefield was his home. He felt joy as he recalled the days when he was surrounded by hundreds of enemies and his colleagues. His blood was boiling.

“This is exciting.”

It was different from a spar. There was no need to suppress his strength. It was a chance to unleash the Supreme Swordsmanship that had grown by working in the fields for several months and training with strong people.

He went on a rampage.



A Snake Guild member was pierced in the heart with a hoe. Piaro was proficient in the hoe after using it for several months. He narrowed the gap and killed the opponent before they realized.

“This bastard!”

After their master, their colleagues were killed(and by farming equipment), so the Snake Guild members were outraged. Their anger now outstripped their fear. This was what Piaro wanted.

He withdrew his hoe and used Supreme Swordsmanship, 5th style. The waves of light formed a square and swirled around the enemies. It was a wide-range skill that couldn’t be defended or avoided. Blood flew from all sides, like a spider web. It was an unbelievable sight because there wasn’t a single drop of blood from Piaro in the center.

Piaro’s gaze headed towards Asuka.

Asuka. In the past, she was the berserker who drove Grid to the defensive. Piaro could see her strength with one glance.

"How dare you aim for the Young Lady!”

Black Teddy summoned five bears to block the rushing Piaro. They were white bears wearing sunglasses. Their red cloaks flapped nicely as they unfolded their martial arts and intercepted Piaro.


They were very fast and strong. It was also difficult to find a gap in their solid formation. They could even fight against a 3rd advancement class. However, they met the wrong opponent.

[Cola Bear 1 has disappeared.]

[Cola Bear 3 has disappeared.]


After blocking the attack with the hoe, he counterattacked with the hand plow. Piaro repeated this process and the bears fell helplessly before him. They weren’t bears, but puppies. Black Teddy was able to realize it.

‘H-He is on a different dimension.’

The executives of the Snake Guild were going crazy.

‘Where did Grid pick up this monster?’

A named NPC. It wasn’t easy to meet them, and impossible to capture them. They had a huge influence on Satisfy’s world, so it was virtually impossible for a user to obtain one. However, Grid had one as a subordinate. He even seemed to be a farmer.

The executives couldn’t even be jealous. It was amazing. No, it was a surprise that was beyond awe. Grid was incredible.

Puk! Puk! Puk!

Piaro completely destroyed Black Teddy’s bears and immediately hit him with the hand plow.

[You have suffered 7,350 damage.]

[You have suffered 7,350 damage.]

[You have suffered 7,350 damage.]


It was fixed damage that ignored defense. It was the manifestation of qi.

Black Teddy died. The first ranked user in the pet rankings died because of a hand plow. But he wasn’t ashamed. Hadn’t this hand plow killed the second ranked user? It was fortunate that the rumor ‘Black Teddy died from a hand plow!’ was suppressed by ‘Zibal died by a hand plow!’

[You have died.]

Black Teddy couldn’t read the orbit of the hand plows and eventually died. Everyone watching was at a loss for words.

Zibal was killed first by a hand plow, but people thought it was due to the ‘instantaneous death’ skill being activated.

But they could see that the instantaneous death skill wasn’t the problem. Piaro’s basic attack power was too strong. It was like an upgraded version of Hurent’s Aura Master. Who could endure it?

Among the people standing like a stone statue, Asuka burned with determination. She was a berserker. She was strong in a crisis. Due to the correction effect of the ‘Berserk’ passive skill, fear began to change into pleasure. Her aggressive tendencies were maximized.

“I will get revenge for what Grid did to me in the past by killing Grid’s subordinate!”

Asuka proclaimed and grabbed her legendary item ‘Ainas’ Sickle.’

Piaro encouraged her, "Please have strength.”

He wasn’t Duke Grid’s subordinate. Well, this misunderstanding didn’t matter.


Asuka threw the sickle as hard as she could. As the chains unfolded, the tip of the sickle dropped like lightning.

“Hoh, good skills.”

Piaro admired and defended against the sickle with his hoe.

‘He was caught!’

Asuka smiled with satisfaction. She grabbed the chain and pulled the hoe towards her.

“This is great technique and strength.”

Piaro praised. After pulling him close, Asuka swapped to Euprates’ Greatsword. Indeed, the power was brilliant. As a tycoon’s daughter, she owned several legendary items.


Euprates’ Greatsword distorted the atmosphere. It was the moment when the ultimate skill of the 3rd advancement berserker, Madness’ Wrath was unfolded through the greatsword. Piaro’s excited expression cooled.

“Your greatsword techniques are lacking. Especially when compared to Duke Grid.”

Asuka was the guild’s number two and ranked 31st overall. It meant she was as strong as the Overgeared members. But no matter what she did, she wasn’t a match for Piaro. Supreme Swordsmanship’s 4th style completely neutralized Madness’ Wrath, then he linked it with the 1st style.


Cracks appeared in the greatsword and the hand plow struck Asuka.

[You have suffered fatal damage!]


A berserker’s defense was weak. She invested all her points in strength and agility, and neglected stamina. But even so, for a skill to decrease her health by two-thirds? Asuka was unable to deal with the destructive power and collapsed. But she quickly stood up. A berserker’s physical ability rose in proportion to their lost health. She became stronger the more injured she became.

“The real fight is from now on!”

Asuka swapped out the broken greatsword to ‘Heroic Death Spear.’ Then she moved the spear in a dazzling manner. Piaro was disappointed again.

"Your spearsmanship is unremarkable compared to Viscount Pon.”


His hoe blocked the coarse spear. It was followed by his hand plow. It was a technique that combined dual wielding the hand plow and hoe with his judgment. Asuka couldn’t believe it.



Asuka cried out as she was hit in the forehead. She was hit twice by the hand plow and her health was now at the bottom. It was truly absurd. She gritted her teeth. Then she lifted the sickle again and pushed on with her increased physical abilities. But her lacking control skills couldn’t deal any harm to Piaro. She attempted to take his bones and flesh as a last resort, but Piaro wasn’t easily hit.

The hoe and hand plow barrier only gave Asuka despair. In the end, she also died. It was the moment that embarrassing rumors about ‘dying from a hand plow!’ spread.

The Snake Guild’s chief of staff, Box, quickly grasped the situation.

‘We can’t beat him.’

Piaro was an absolute existence. The perfect combat ability combined with high stats was a wall that couldn’t be crossed with the users’ current level. Box bet that even if the 1st ranked Kraugel was in this place, he wouldn’t be able to hurt Piaro.

‘The user’s level must be at least 360 in order to compete with him. Then...’

He gave up on killing Piaro. Box made a decision and shouted to Seuron and Hao, “We will tie up his feet! You must smash Reidan during that gap!”

Yes, they couldn’t go back with only losses. Their initial purpose was to devastate Reidan. They had to slow down Grid’s expansion. For that, Box would sacrifice anything. Box’s decision made Seuron and Hao laugh.

“Good judgment.”

To be honest, Seuron and Hao were reluctant to deal with the NPC called Piaro. They wanted to retreat, but they no longer needed to thanks to the Snake Guild’s decision. The Snake Guild would tie up Piaro’s feet while they headed towards Reidan.

So what if three farmers were blocking their way? Were named NPCs so common? The other three farmers were clearly weaker than Piaro. Maybe they were just ordinary farmers.

Soul Predator Sueron led the way. He had already recovered the souls of the Snake Guild members who died, and summoned and fired three soul spears.

"Get lost.”

The unique skill, Soul Spears, had the ability to deal a deadly blow. It was difficult for even top rankers to deal with the attack power, so the three farmers would be killed instantly. However.


One farmer biting a potato summoned magic and destroyed a soul spear.


The eyes of Seuron and the 211 Golden Guild members widened. However, that wasn’t the end. Another farmer took out a shield and gently blocked two soul spears.

"W-What are these guys?”

The named NPC called Piaro wasn’t the only one! Seuron had to find a hole. He targeted the only farmer among the three who hadn’t moved.

"That fellow!" He must be an ordinary farmer! Break through him!”


The Golden Guild vigorously replied. The farmer, Kraugel, faced them and laughed.

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