Chapter 649

Yura couldn’t forget the wonder that she felt the first time she met Grid. She had been 5th in the overall rankings. He was the man who stood up against the onslaught of one of the best among two billion users. His first impression was more intense than when she met Kraugel.

‘At that moment, he was imprinted on me.’

Yura became conscious of Grid more than was necessary. Without knowing it, she followed Grid’s steps with her eyes and ears. In the process, she felt a strange attraction to Grid. Unlike other men, Grid didn’t look at her appearance or money. He saw the person called ‘Yura.’ The flavor of the bulgogi that she ate at the restaurant he took her to still lingered in her mouth.



Yura was planning an expedition to hell in order to obtain the hidden pieces of a Demon Slayer. She made all her preparations and regained her spirit in front of the gate.

Lauel laughed. "You seem to be nervous about the long expedition in front of you. Don’t worry. You will do well, as always.”

"I don’t know if I should leave when the kingdom is in a crisis.”

In fact, Yura wanted to solve the dispute with the empire. She wanted to add her strength. But Lauel urged her to go to hell as soon as possible.

“Believe in us. We can get through the hardships. Of course, it doesn’t meant we don’t need your strength. I’m confident that your value will be higher than Grid or Kraugel in the future. I won’t hold your ankle in order for that day to arrive faster.”

The items and titles dropped when Belial died were enormous. In particular, she dropped myth rated items. Lauel anticipated that all the great demons were likely to drop myth rated items. In other words, the power of the Overgeared Guild would rise exponentially every time a great demon was raided. In order to raid a great demon, Yura’s power was absolutely necessary.

“The woman called Sua is as beautiful and wise as Irene. Youngwoo-ssi would like her.”

Prior to entering the gate. Yura expressed the anxiety that she had been trying to bury. She didn’t realize it, but it was jealousy. She was anxious and irritated that Grid would continue to have good relationships with other women. She resented that Grid didn’t pay any attention to her and found her unattractive. 

Lauel smiled at Yura.

"You are more beautiful and wiser than both Irene and Sua. Don’t watch them. They are only fleeting existences that can’t be tied to the real Grid.”

The real Grid. It meant Shin Youngwoo in reality. Yura’s snow white cheeks became painted in pink.

“I don’t think I will be with Youngwoo-ssi...”

No. So what if she liked Grid? Grid didn’t have any interest in her. Yura looked down in shame while Lauel became sad.

'Even a woman loved by all men isn’t liked by the person she loves.’

He didn’t know it, but love was really heard. There were many solo people, including Peak Sword and Vantner. Last year, they spent Christmas alone and they would be spending the summer vacation alone this year. It was ironic that Yura, one of the world’s best beauties, belonged to this category.

“Then I’m going.”

Yura took a deep breath and stepped into the gate to hell. Several months after the Belial raid. She had worked hard to become qualified to enter hell.

Lauel sincerely cheered her on. "Come back after obtaining what you want.”


“Haha... You looked like a beginner, so I didn’t think you would do such a great job. You aren’t afraid of shovelling poop and you are too skilled, like you were born for it.”

"I was born to be shovelling poop...? Ah really... You are too much.”

"No, I’m not exaggerating. My words are sincere.”

"Haha, well, aren’t we all subjects of King Grid? Of course I will be competent.”

“Kelkel! There are good people under a great king! Right, right! Everyone in the Overgeared Kingdom is capable. Kelkelkelkel!”


Reinhardt, the capital of the Eternal Kingdom, was reset after the Overgeared Kingdom was formed. This included the level of most facilities. As with any game, it was a natural penalty. That’s why the sewage facilities of Reinhardt were only level 2. The job of cleaning up poop was widespread. This was one of Lauel’s methods to create as many jobs as possible, but the ordinary people didn’t know this.

A young man was cheerfully gossiping with his fellow workers while shovelling poop. He was Grid. He had been experiencing the lives of the people for the last 50 days. He actively engaged in propaganda activities that were only possible after penetrating deeply into the lives of the people. 

[You have completed 100 types of job experiences.]

[Your understanding of the people has deepened.]

[The King’s Role (1) quest is linked to the King’s Role (2) quest.] 

[Your level isn’t high enough to perform the King’s Role (2) quest yet. The King’s Role (2) quest will open at level 350.]

[The production method for the King’s Sword as been obtained as a reward for clearing the quest.]

[Production Method: The King’s Sword]

Rating: Unique

You can learn how to make the King’s Sword.

Learning Condition: King Grid.

“Then I’m going now.”

Grid said goodbye to the workers he spend half a day with. He entered an alleyway and gritted his teeth. 

‘My guess was right.’

The condition for learning how to make the King’s Sword... Grid’s mood fell as he looked at it.

‘I’m the only one who can learn it.’

It wasn’t good. This suggested that the rewards for the King quests varied depending on the player.

‘I got the production method as a reward because my class is classified as a blacksmith.

The reward for the King’s Role (1) for players of other classes as likely to be a ‘perfect King’s Sword.’ Grid thought it was unfair.

‘Isn’t it a loss for me?’

He couldn’t use the sword except when carrying out his duties as a king. It was meaningless to make several of them. Grid acquired the production method as a blacksmith, which meant he had to invest time and money into making it. He was hurting alone while other kings would get the sword when they completed the quest.

‘It feels like the damages will become greater as the King quest progresses.’

As an extreme example, suppose that Ares was on the throne. His class was a general. The rewards he would gain from the King quests were likely to be associated with a growth in military power. Meanwhile, Grid was likely to receive compensation as a blacksmith.

‘It’s too much damage for the King quests.’

Why was he was a blacksmith? Grid mourned for a long time. He placed his forehead on the wall in frustration and heard some voices.

"That man is shitting...”

“Oh my, his clothes are covered in poop. It must be annoying."

“Let us help you.”

“We will feed you a bowl of hot soup and take care of you at home.”

The shaking Grid couldn’t help smiling. The world in which he lived was cruel to the weak. It didn’t matter if it was reality or the game. Most people ignored or laughed when they saw someone below them. But the people of Overgeared didn’t do this. Grid was currently wearing beginner’s clothing that were covered in poop. However, they didn’t laugh and were worried about him.

Grid felt pride rising in his chest.

‘The Overgeared Kingdom is educating the people very well.’

Don’t judge a person by their outward appearance. Help those having hard times. Don’t ignore or feel contempt for the weak.

Lauel and the Overgeared members preached this to the people out of consideration for Grid’s past. The Overgeared members knew what type of life Grid had lived. They didn’t want to make a second or third Grid in the Overgeared Kingdom and this increased the value of the kingdom.

‘New users who start the game in the Overgeared Kingdom will be able to enjoy themselves without being humiliated or insulted.’

Grid’s expectations were right on target. In fact, new users tended to point to the Overgeared Kingdom as the best place to start. It was because they were rarely subjected to personal insults when receiving quests in the Overgeared Kingdom, unlike the other kingdoms. The existing NPC kingdoms reflected real society so well that they were unfriendly to beginners, while the Overgeared Kingdom was a utopia for beginners.

Of course, it was also true for those who were perfectly qualified. The people of the Overgeared Kingdom were much more considerate and kind compared to people of other nations. The people of the Overgeared Kingdom weren’t lazy.

-Have you cleared the King’s quest by now?

Grid received a whisper as he wore a hood and returned to the palace. It was a whisper from Lauel. Grid clicked his tongue.

-You’re like a ghost. How did you know to send me a whisper at this time?

-I have been with you for over two years in real time. I use my genius brain and capabilities from all my reincarnations to grasp the situation of Your Majesty by taking into account your personality and powerKuk! Kukuk!

-...So what did you need?

-I have organized the personnel to be sent to the Ares Army. Please review the list and tell me if there are any problems.


-Your Majesty, Duke Jishuka, Earl Pon, Earl Regas, and Earl Euphemina.

Only five people. Wasn’t the number too small to support the forces who were trying to take over a kingdom? It wasn’t strange to have this question from a normal point of view. But Grid was well aware of the abilities of the Overgeared members and thought differently.


Jishuka was the owner of the Red Phoenix Bow. Her combat power in a war was far beyond Grid and Kraugel. It was the best among two billion users. The fighting point of Spear Knight Pon and Asura Regas was also obvious. In the days when Grid was the lord of Reidan, it was hard to predict a 100% chance of victory when he fought them. He was only 90% confident. Now they had grown and their capabilities were incomparable to that time. They were called the double chariots of Overgeared.

Finally, there was Euphemina. The qualifier to describe her was still the same. The conditional strongest. Her destructive power was unmatched when she copied a sufficient number of skills. In particular, she received the Mumud's Soul Liberation quest and was seeking to become Mumud’s Descendant. She was much more powerful than before now that she could use Mumud’s water magic and non-attribute magic, and her potential was at the myth level.

-It’s reassuring if this much power is sent to the Ares Army.

-Yes, even Ares will welcome you will both arms wide open. Huhut... Oh, just.


-There is little known about Euphemina. In fact, Euphemina didn’t play a large role in the Eternal war and Belial raid.

It couldn’t be helped. Since the war lasted a long time, Euphemina constantly consumed skills and gradually weakened, lowering her impact.

-Maybe the Ares Army won’t treat her well. Euphemina might be offended and Your Majesty will have to soothe her.

-Treat Euphemina as a girl.

-Uh, yes. I will take care of her.

Just like she was a little sister.

Grid suddenly thought about Sehee.

-What are Sexy Schoolgirl and Ruby doing these days?

-They are still looking after the people. They are helping with quests, but also raising their level and gaining rewards. The two of them are growing steadily, so don’t worry.