Chapter 648

Grid communicated to the Overgeared Guild everything he had seen and experienced on the East Continent. It was sharing information for the development of his forces. The Overgeared members tried to find out new and informative facts based on the information that Grid received.

The staff, led by Lauel, grasped the power structure, politics, ideology, culture, economy, armed forces etc. and developed them into knowledge. There was also Garam and the yangbans. 

“Grid evaluated Garam as a legend. Grid experienced it directly, so we can’t disagree. But I have to say this. Can Garam exercise a force as strong as a great demon?”

"Of course. Grid said that Garam’s attack and defense is far better than Belial. Instead, his health is lower than Belial. But in a one on one match, he will overwhelm Belial. At a minimum, he’s equal to a great demon of a higher rank.”

“My thoughts are different. I think that under any circumstances, a great demon is superior to the yangbans. Remember the hell field that Belial summoned? We had Demon Slayer Yura who disabled the hell. But from a general point of view, a hell was literally summoned.”

“I think so as well. Belial was much stronger in the hell field. I think the yangbans will be the prey of the great demons, no matter how strong they are.”

"In other words, the yangbans are more powerful than legendary players, but relatively weaker than great demons?”

"That also fits the balance. Think about it. The yangbans are the inhabitants of the Hwan Kingdom. Won’t the ecosystem be a mess if the yangbans are stronger than great demons?”

“Right. The yangbans would clear out hell.”


Jishuka listened silently to the debate and turned her gaze to Han Seokbong.

“Han Seokbong, are you aware of the presence of great demons in the East Continent?

"Of course. We also recognize the great demons as the greatest enemy of humanity.”

"Then have the yangbans of the Hwan Kingdom fought against the great demons?”

“No. They don’t deal directly with them. The Hwan Kingdom sealed the entrance of hell by placing the Blue Dragon Dao in the eastern Kaya Kingdom, the White Tiger Spear in the western Pa Kingdom, the Red Phoenix Bow in the southern Cho Kingdom, and the Black Tortoise Jewel in the northern Xing Kingdom.

"The sacred creature artifacts that Grid mentioned...”

“Look. Why did the Hwan Kingdom seal the entrance to hell? They don’t have the power to repel the great demons. It doesn’t make sense to speculate that the yangbans are stronger than great demons.”

The atmosphere was in full swing.

"No, the Hwan Kingdom isn’t doing this because it is powerless against the great demons. It’s to preserve the value of the kingdom.”

Lauel appeared in the meeting room.


It was a meaningful remark. Everyone listened to Lauel’s words. It was the same for Han Seokbong. Lauel asked him.

"Isn’t there a myth on the East Continent that the ‘enemy who comes down to the ground will be blocked by the Hwan Kingdom and peace will fill the world’?”

"Heok? How did you know that?”

"Huhuhut, it’s easy to guess.”

Lauel heard that the Hwan Kingdom had reigned like a god since the beginning of the East Continent. In other words, the other kingdoms had been serving the Hwan Kingdom since the beginning of the East Continent’s history. It was a phenomenon that was possible because the Hwan Kingdom played a great role in the genesis of the East Continent. Lauel was convinced.

“It’s likely that the Hwan Kingdom recognizes the great demon as a ‘fearful being’ because it highlights the need for them. The East Continent believes that the Hwan Kingdom is necessary for peace and will continue to worship them.”

"Then the reason the Hwan Kingdom doesn’t repel the great demons is to keep their rice bowl, not because they’re weak?”

“I think so. It’s hard to imagine that they’re weaker than the great demons when Grid likens them to a legend. In the first place, it’s too simple for the end content to be hell.”

Repel the great demons and bring peace to the world? It wasn’t desirable. Satisy’s true history would begin the moment the great demons were punished. It would be a massive power struggle between players. Lauel speculated that new stories would constantly be generated and that the Hwan Kingdom would become a variable.

‘The S.A. Group is nasty.’

Well, whatever.

"It’s good for us that the Hwan Kingdom isn’t facing the great demons. The great demons are the prey of our Overgeared Kingdom. Kukukuk!”


Lauel had a habit of covering half his face with his hand when he laughed. It was an effort to look as cool as possible. Han Seokbong couldn’t understand this action at all.

“Why does that person cover his face every time he laughs?”

"...It’s better that you don’t know.”

Jishuka smiled awkwardly at Han Seokbong’s question. After hearing her answer, Han Seokbong decided it was better not to ask anymore. Sticks entered the meeting room while Lauel was laughing. It was because Lauel called him. Lauel asked him a question.

"The return scroll to the West Continent. Can it be made to accommodate tens of thousands of people and bring back the people of Pangea?

“Unfortunately, that’s impossible. The big scroll I gave to Grid was made in the decades that I stayed in the Behen Archipelago.”

"Decades... Will the production period be shortened if the number of people is lowered? In addition, it doesn’t need to be across continents. Can’t it be used as a strategic weapon on the West Continent?”

"What you want is a Mass Teleport scroll. It takes at least 15 years to create a Mass Teleport scroll. This is on the premise that I’m fully committed to the task.”

“...Just quit.”

There were many uses for Sage Sticks. It was too much for him to spend 15 years producing a Mass Teleport scroll.

"Let’s put aside our worries about the Hwan Kingdom and yangbans for the moment. After all, we’re on the West Continent, not the East Continent. Our current enemy is the empire.”

It had been two months since they started offering a tribute to the Saharan Empire. The financial blow meant the Overgeared Kingdom stopped investing in businesses for two months. The Overgeared Kingdom’s policy was to concentrate on agriculture so that the soldiers and people wouldn’t starve.

Jishuka carefully opened her mouth.

"There’s no future if this continues. Do we have no choice but to have an all-out war with the empire?”

The kingdom would be ruined soon if this continued. Everyone thought it would be better to fight and die in a cool way, rather than quietly being destroyed like slaves. Lauel agreed.

"Of course. We have to fight. But we won’t be shedding our blood.”

Lauel smiled widely. It was a bad smile that the past Grid often showed. Of course, it was reassuring when on the same side. What ulterior motive did he have? The Overgeared members were full of expectations while Lauel uttered unexpected words.

“I will dispatch a few elite troops, including Grid, to the Ares Army.”



God of War Ares. He was the strongest unofficial ranker. It was estimated that he was stronger than sun grade and had several strong subordinates. This was a story learned from Kraugel not long ago. Kraugel said that he fought one of Ares’ subordinates when he was still 1st on the rankings.

"Wait... Don’t we need to keep the Ares Army in check? Why are we helping them?”

“You might that that the enemy of our enemy is our friend. But didn’t the Ares Army lose to the empire two months ago and have many troops wiped out? Is it worth helping them?”

"Most of his lost forces have already been restored. According to the information given by Kraugel, one of Ares’ best skills is Conscription.”

"Conscription... Hmm, then what is our objective?”

“We will make Ares a king, form an alliance with him and work together to keep the empire in check. At present, Ares is staying in the Belto Kingdom, which is on the opposite side of the empire from the Overgeared Kingdom. We can press on the empire from both sides.”

“We’ll distribute the attention of the empire?”

“That’s correct. We’ll restore our national affairs when the empire’s surveillance weakens.” 

“It’s a good idea. But what if we damage ourselves? Will we create another monster while trying to avoid a monster?”

"What can we do when the monster in front of us is about to eat us? In the first place, the Ares Army will naturally be a monster if left alone.”

Of course, that would only happen after a while.

“Even if it will advance at that time, it’s right to use it as a means to overcome our crisis. As long as the empire’s power is maintained, we will have a solid ally. In addition.” Lauel’s sly smile thickened. "It will be useful to gain information about the enemy in advance.”


“I will remind the people who will be sent in advance. Don’t expose any abilities that haven’t already been seen in front of the Ares Army. Hide 30% of your power and spy on the Ares Army members. Ah, King Grid must hide 60% of his power.”

Lauel believed that those sent to the Ares Army would gain more insights and grow further. There were many things to learn from the Ares Army.

“Believe in me. This operation will give us many gifts.”


[Supreme Ruler]

Rating: SSS

The strongest force related passive skill in addition to God’s Command and Domain.

Physical attack power is permanently increased by 20%, while all skills and magic are permanently increased by 10%.

With a basic attack, there is a 30% chance to double the damage.

Hunt one of the top 20 people in each occupation. The acquisition condition of the strongest passive skill ‘Supreme Ruler’ meant it was almost impossible to acquire. Of course, it was easy for Agnus.

“I have eaten a lot after gaining the Rune of Death... It’s useful in many ways.”

Agnus confirmed the performance of Supreme Ruler with a pleased expression. A whisper came to him when he was trying to resist the Mumud lich’s knife. It was a whisper from Veradin.

-You have obtained Supreme Ruler just now? Congratulations.

-Kikik, you are really like a ghost.

Veradin. A genius who had been compared to Lauel since the time of the 10 Rookies. Agnus was frankly surprised Veradin wanted to follow him. He didn’t know that there was someone in this world who wanted to serve him with his personality.

‘At first, I thought he a noob trying to eat my crumbs.’

Agnus laughed as he recalled the past.

-Yes, I finally got it. It took an awfully long time. You begged me several times not to hunt the Overgeared members, so I had to find other prey.

-It’s because the power of the Overgeared Kingdom is still unknown.

-This parrot-like bastard always says the same thing. How long do I have to do this? Why do I have to avoid those people?

-It’s finished.


-Now is the time to announce your existence to the Overgeared Kingdom. Feel free to show off all your skills. All the shame you have endured is for today.

-...Kikik, what are you up to this time?

-I assure you, the Overgeared Kingdom will contact the Ares Army sooner or later. Both sides are being pushed to the edge of the cliff by the empireThey will ally because the empire is a common enemy.

Veradin had been exposed to the Overgeared Guild through the media and predicted Lauel’s behavior. Agnus knew Veradin’s predictions were always a hit.

-You will be on the side of the empire. It’s a perfect chance to step on tough enemies at the same time.

“...Kil! Kikikik!”

Agnus was smiling from ear to ear. His shoulders shook and he muttered.

"It was fun playing with Kraugel...”

He hoped that they would be interesting and make him forget his terrible life.

Agnus’ golden eyes shone strangely.

Baal’s Contractor. It was a conflict with a madman who would be against Grid forever.