Chapter 859

[Rating: Legendary (Set)

Durability: 180/180  Defense: 20

* Intelligence +300

* Dignity +200

-When 3 set items are equipped: Defense +500, health +6,000.

-A crown that the legendary blacksmith Pagma made for 5th Pope Franz.]

This was the crown that Grid had favored for numerous years. He always used this shining crown for official events or when using magic. Grid rotated the small crown hanging from his fingertips. He watched the Holy Light Crown, which had already been used, disassemble and reassemble several times to raise the understanding to 100%.

‘The crown is an accessory, not a defense equipment.’

Unlike a helmet designed for defense, it was easy to aim for stats or options depending on the design. As a special equipment only allowed for those on the throne, the value of the crown was very high. In fact, the crown, which Grid had designed for the purpose of ‘showing off’ after founding the Overgeared Kingdom, had 190 dignity attached to it.

‘This time, my crown will be designed for battle.’

Due to the influence of his production intent, there was a great deal of room to raise battle-related stats.

‘If I add the 10 jewels that Elizabeth crafted...’

Based on the C-grade jewels, he could gain an additional 60 intelligence and 20% attribute resistance. Grid’s desire to use Braham’s enhanced magic, which could be obtained once his intelligence increased, caused his motivation to flare up.

“Let’s start the production!”

“His Majesty is starting to work!”

“Gather all the blacksmiths in Reinhardt!”


As hundreds of people gathered in a huge smithy, Grid started the production of the new crown he had designed in the last four days. It was a new crown based on the Holy Light Crown and the crown of the Saharan Empire.

Unlike with ordinary crowns, he chose to use mithril instead of gold and silver for this one. Mithril was stronger and lighter than gold and silver, and it also possessed a high rate of assimilation with attributes. Additionally, it had a silver color which Grid thought matched better with his black hair.

In fact, he wanted to use the Seolkwang Stone which was harder and more expensive than mithril but had the same silver color. However, there was none in the auction house, and Grid wasn’t in a position to secure it. He only knew about the presence of the ore through Pagma’s knowledge, and he hadn’t handled it directly.

‘Well, I can make the crown again once it became available at a later time.’

Belial’s red and black jewels only raised intelligence. There would come a time when he needed a crown which gave him other stats. Grid made the crown while thinking this. Velvet didn’t cover the crown, which was light and oval-shaped, closely resembling a tiara.

Grid melted the mithril in the extremely high temperature of the furnace.


‘Is it over?’

This was after the battle at Gerad Mountain. Yura had returned to the Overgeared Kingdom with Grid and Elizabeth. Now she was waiting for the right opportunity to report what she had seen in hell—Grid’s clone that was a named class NPC. In fact, this was a touchy subject for Grid. Think about it. How creepy and unpleasant would it be to realize that someone who looked exactly like you was currently ‘living’ somewhere else?

Yura decided not to talk about the clone until Grid completed his current project. She was afraid that she might disturb his concentration.

“It is finished!”

After spending four days in Elizabeth’s workshop and a week in the smithy, Grid finally solved the task at hand. The rumor that he was making a new crown and helmet had already spread among the Overgeared members.

“You worked hard!”

“What fraudulent item did you make this time?”

Grid rarely produced items with a bad performance. The members of the Overgeared Guild gathered after hearing the news and showed interest in their shining eyes. Yura was among them. She wanted to see the crown and helmet that Grid made before telling him about the clone.

‘They will definitely be wonderful and excellent items.’

Yura’s and the Overgeared members’ expectations were rising.

“I’m looking forward to it!” Elizabeth now treated Grid with affection. This was a sharp contrast to her unfriendly attitude one week ago. She looked like a doll and was very cute when she attached the title of Oppa to him.

“The new member is cute.”

“She is a great talent.”

“I feel like I have a lovely and dependable little sister.”

Yura felt somehow annoyed when all the Overgeared members looked at Elizabeth with a gentle expression.

“It is thanks to Elizabeth.” Grid couldn’t read Yura’s emotions and stroked Elizabeth’s head before pulling out the crown. It was a crown embedded with the ten jewels which Elizabeth had crafted. The crown of mithril shone in the light while the ten jewels were of a darker red than a ruby. The red jewels seemed to have a darkness that was deeper than an abyss. They weren’t that flashy, but they felt elegant.

Everyone gulped as Grid placed the crown on his head. Grid could no longer have short hair after becoming king, so he had grown it to a moderate length. The blend of his sharp eyes, his black hair, and the beautiful silver crown displayed a neutral charm.


His body was tempered, and his face had matured as he grew older and experienced all types of things. Compared to last year, Grid’s appearance had improved, and the Overgeared members felt an affinity with him, regardless of their gender. Everyone felt a great attraction toward Grid.

Duguen, duguen. In the silent smithy, someone’s heart was beating exceptionally loudly. This sound didn’t last long though.

“Next is this.” Grid placed the helmet over the crown. It was a helmet in the form of a cone and had a height of at least 50 centimeters. 


Dignity could no longer be seen in Grid’s appearance as he wore the iron cone hat. Everyone was speechless, and someone burst out laughing. The silence was broken.

Puhahaha! What? Look at that stupid appearance! Puhahahat!

“Vantner, why are you laughing? I think it is better to wear that helmet than to be bald.”

“Pon, you son of a bitch!”


Was it that funny? Grid was puzzled by the people’s response and stood in front of a mirror. There was an alien in the mirror. An alien with a long and pointed head. It was almost as if...

“...I look like a squid.”

Yes, he was an ugly squid. Grid’s face reddened, and he used the First King title effect.

“Hide the helmet.”

[The appearance of the helmet has been hidden to keep the dignity of the first king. The appearance is now hidden but the ability remains.]

Phew...” Grid sighed with relief as he checked his appearance in the mirror. The feeling of wearing the heavy helmet disappeared while the stats remained intact. He was shown to be wearing a crown again, so he was no longer a squid. Lauel approached Grid who was feeling relieved. Strangely, Lauel’s expression was very serious. He looked like a man going to a funeral. Had something bad happened?

“What is it? What’s going on?” Grid noticed the atmosphere and felt worried. 

“Your Majesty,” Lauel spoke in a trembling voice, “Please don’t even show that appearance again. I almost quit the guild. I felt a pain similar to losing my sight forever.”

“...” For the first time, Grid was able to understand Lauel’s feelings. He hurriedly nodded and defended himself, “I will always hide the image like this. Don’t worry.”

“Why did you make the helmet look like that in the first place?”

“I thought it would be more comfortable to wear over a crown... Don’t worry. It looks like that, but the performance is impressive.”

“Of course, it should be. It doesn’t make sense if the performance is as garbage as the appearance. The performance should be equivalent to a myth rated item.”

“...” Grid thought that it couldn’t be like this. He judged that he should share the item information to calm down the atmosphere as soon as possible.


[Player Grid wishes to share the item information with you. Would you like to accept?]

This message appeared in front of all the Overgeared members, and they naturally accepted.

[Overgeared King’s Crown]

[Rating: Legendary

Durability: 270/270  Defense: 33

Defense +60

Intelligence +65

Dignity +400

Fire resistance +20%

Shadow Resistance +15%

* There is a low probability of ‘confusing’ anyone who looks at it.

* Maintains loyalty without needing to give a gift.

A crown created through the collaboration of Grid, a legendary blacksmith who is becoming a myth, and the craftsman level Accessory Maker Elizabeth. It is beautiful and elegant. The household gods are very proud of the person who wears this crown.

The magic power of Great Demon Belial contained in the jewels often makes people confused.

Conditions of Use: Grid.

Weight: 267]

[Cone Helmet]

[Rating: Legendary (Degraded)

Durability: 496/496  Defense: 450

-A cone-shaped helmet.

It is made by the blacksmith Grid who is becoming a myth beyond a legend.

The material is very hard because Grid spent a few days tempering the iron mixed with a small amount of Belial’s leather. 

However, the debate on its appearance will never end. It is hard to see the intentions of the cone shape.

It has enough defense to be a legendary item for a long time, but the appearance...

* The stats have room to fall depending on the behavior of the wearer.

User Restriction: More than 3,000 strength. Level 340 or more.

Weight: 4,820]


The Overgeared King’s Crown suited its name, and the helmet’s name and description matched its appearance. They seemed to be great items, yet...

The Overgeared members felt both confusion and admiration. It was the same symptoms that Grid had experienced after completing the items. That’s right. Grid had been in great chaos from producing a bizarre legendary item labeled as ‘degraded.’

“Well... either way, a legend is a legend...”

In fact, the performance was legendary. The helmet contained a defense equivalent to armor of the same level. Grid was feeling satisfied with this reaction when Yura approached him.

“I have something to tell you. Do you know about your clone?”

“My clone?”

What was this? Grid’s face turned red as he thought about it. There was only one thing that popped up when hearing of a ‘clone.’

“Did you think of something?”

“N-No, what is this?”

“I saw it in hell, your clone.” 

“What? Hell?”

Why was his clone in hell? Grid stopped as his hand was moving to his crotch to check. Something crossed his mind.

“Can you tell me more?”

Simultaneously, at the Yatan temple...

“There is a rumor that a vile traitor is poking around our sanctuary. Show the traitor our god’s power. The other Yatan Servants will help you.”

“Yes! I gladly do so!”

Rose, who had been able to become the 1st ranked black magician thanks to Yura’s absence, received a hidden quest. It was the largest quest since the one to summon Belial.