Chapter 860

‘Very good.’

The result of the Overgeared King’s Crown was better than Grid had expected. It was honestly surprising that his crown was superior to the legendary set item, the Holy Light Crown, which Pagma had made.

‘It is inevitable that the intelligence given is low.’

The Overgeared King’s Crown had been produced with the intention of increasing Grid’s physical combat power. So, it was natural to end up with a crown which gave defense instead of intelligence. He only got the additional 65 intelligence due to Belial’s jewels.

‘I’m a bit disappointed with the lack of force...’

Still, Grid knew the power of the ‘confusion’ abnormal status. A confused target would lose attack power and have their defense lowered. This ‘confusion’ effect attached to the Overgeared King’s Crown comforted Grid.

The confusion state attached to the crown was likely to mislead everyone who looked at the wearer. It was a passive skill with no mana consumption or cooldown time, and it could also be a wide-range CC skill. This effect wasn’t just like a scam. It was so good that it was almost criminal.

Hrmm... By the way...”

Grid seriously observed his ‘dull but decent’ appearance in the mirror. The existence of the clone that Yura told him about was constantly on his mind. He thought about the clone he’d met on the Behen Archipelago. That clone had fully understood and used the potential of the Pagma’s Descendant class. He had shown great skill and given Grid a sense of helplessness by using fusion skills that Grid had yet to become capable of.

Before the clone, Grid had been at the level of a young child. As the battle continued, the gap with the clone had increased rather than narrowed, and it then reached a stage where Grid thought it would be impossible to win. He ended up knocking the clone down by relying on the Motley Flail as a last resort...

‘That guy died while using Blackening.’

Grid had experienced it personally. He had died in the blackened state and fallen to hell previously. Was it the same for the clone?

‘What if due to some error, the clone literally settled in hell?’

Yura stated that his clone was in the blackened state. 

‘I’m certain. I was banished from hell once Blackening was released. What if the clone couldn’t remove Blackening and he stayed in hell?’

Grid made a nervous expression. He was afraid that this opponent, who he hadn’t been able to beat, had not died and might still be looking for him. Grid had obtained 100,000 Army Swordsmanship, steadily improved his items, gained the power of great demons, and so on… So, why did he feel fearful when he was so strong?

It was because it wouldn’t be easy. Yura reported that the clone had used a five-technique fusion skill. He had also shown off a whole new technique called Flower. Flower was easy to interpret as the clone opening up the potential of Pagma’s Descendant, and Grid hoped that he could learn it someday. However...

‘What the hell is a linked five-technique skill?’

Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle—the reason Grid had been able to combine these four skills was due to Goddess Rebecca’s blessing. Thanks to a god’s help, he had learned a sword technique which could threaten the gods. In the aftermath, he had received backlash from the other gods.

‘This technique has four skills...

Yet the clone fused five skills? Grid found it hard to understand. Doubts rose with him about whether Yura was mistaken about what she had seen. Then he thought of one hypothesis.

‘Did the clone receive Yatan’s blessing? Then that would mean it is possible to fuse five skills by using the unique potential of Pagma's Descendant...’

No matter how he thought about it, Grid didn’t know the answer. He trembled with nervousness as his thoughts had become complicated.

“No, what are the great demons doing... Ah?

Grid was amazed by something. He belatedly recalled the surprise that 32nd Great Demon Belial had shown back when he appeared and how she had called him a ‘soulless man.’

‘Was she talking about the clone?’

In other words, the great demons were also aware of the existence of the clone. Belial, in particular, was wary about him. Grid was able to infer that they didn’t have a good relationship. Indeed, the clone hadn’t died and was instead alive in hell. There was only one conclusion.

The present clone that made even great demons wary...

“Wow, I’m going crazy.”

The clone had been born in order to kill Grid. If he was alive, then Grid would forever need to be vigilant, causing Grid to feel a greater sense of despair the stronger he became. Grid crouched down in frustration.

“Father.” A small boy approached him. The boy’s blue eyes were large and deep. He had inherited his mother’s milky skin and his father’s black hair. The name of the beautiful boy with a promising future was Lord.

“Lord, what’s going on? Don’t you have to get up early tomorrow to go to the Vatican?”

For Grid, Lord was his real flesh and blood. He truly loved Lord. Grid hugged Lord because he was worried about his son. Lord giggled as he felt his father’s big and warm arms! He smiled shyly with a red face. “It’s nothing. I came to see Father.”

“That’s great. My Lord, you can come see me at any time. I will always welcome you.”

Uhh, no. Lord doesn’t want to hinder Father with my greed. Father is busy protecting the kingdom and its people. I’ll come and see you occasionally.”

“Lord...” Grid patted Lord’s head, and his eyes became wet from Lord’s remarkable consideration. This was why he felt warm. Yes, Lord was real. At least in this world, Lord was a real human and he was Grid’s blood.


How good would it be if they were together in reality? Grid swallowed his regrets and kissed the back of his son’s small head.

“Father, if you have any difficulties, put them behind you. Lord will grow quickly so I can protect Father.”


At this moment, Grid decided that he would bring peace to the Overgeared Kingdom before Lord became an adult. He would ensure that this lovely child would never have to go through hardships.

‘Clone, you are just a fragment of me.’

Grid would destroy all beings that threatened him and his surroundings. At this thought, Grid’s gaze became colder than moonlight.


“Go well.”

The morning sun tinged Reinhardt with gold. In the early morning, the streets were peaceful and beautiful, but not all the city landscapes were as good as here.

“I hope you have a comfortable trip.”

In Grid’s eyes, Irene was the most beautiful woman in the world. There was deep affection in Grid’s eyes as he kissed her cheek. He was grateful and proud of his loving and wise wife.

“Father! Me too!” Lord spread open his arms as he asked for a kiss.

Grid kissed Lord’s cute cheek and then spoke to Kasim, “You are responsible for their safety regardless of the circumstances.”

“Of course,” Kasim’s voice which emerged from the shadows gave a strong sense of trust to Grid. Irene and Lord had received Pope Damian’s invitation and was going to visit the Vatican. The destination was safe, and the escorts were amazing. King of Shadows Kasim, the knight Chucksley, Royman, and the Rebecca’s Daughters candidates were escorting Irene and Lord. It wouldn’t happen but even Agnus wouldn’t be able to easily break through this guard.

‘Is this enough?’

Grid’s eyes shifted to Mercedes standing by his side. Mercedes read Grid’s anxiety and asked, “Do you want me to join the escort?”

Although Mercedes’ top priority was Grid’s safety, she realized on the day they met Merchant King Kir that Grid wanted her to be flexible. As such, Mercedes was willing to leave Grid for a short while if that was what he desired. Grid thought about it before shaking his head. “No, that isn’t necessary.”

There were already enough escorts. Damian would also be sending a separate escort. Irene and Lord were safe, and it would be a waste of manpower to send more escorts. Grid was a king and knew how to separate public and private matters. He decided that it wasn’t right to attach Mercedes as an escort.

“Go safely.” Grid smiled while waving. He watched until the carriage carrying Lord and Irene completely disappeared from view.


Kik? What?” The man with green hair burst out laughing. Once his big mouth opened from left to right, white pointed teeth were revealed. Agnus dwelled in his madness for a moment before calming down. “I was told that according to the terms of the contract, you need to help with the raid on the Vatican.”

A contract existed between Agnus and the Yatan Church. Agnus would be helped in the process of making the Stone of Life while the Yatan Church could take advantage of his strength. In the first place, Baal’s Contractor had an inseparable relationship with the Yatan Church.

Hrmm…” The smile disappeared from Agnus’ face. He checked the contents of the quest and finally got up. “Well, it can’t be helped.”

For Agnus, the Yatan Church was a necessary force, so he was forced to accept the quest to maintain his favor with them. 

Rose’s face became radiant when she received his answer. At this point, she still had no idea that the trump card she had prepared would end up grabbing her ankles. It was naturally hard to imagine.


The Vatican was busy. There was a lot of work to be done since the queen and prince of the Overgeared Kingdom, who had a deep relationship with the Rebecca Church, was visiting the Vatican personally. Still, Damian was looking forward to it. It was difficult to imagine how strong Lord’s divine power had become after all this time.

Isabel, Rebecca’s Daughter, started scolding him, “Please take care of your body.”

Hum hum, if Isabel-chan says so.”

In the distance, carriages were moving up the foothills and entering the Vatican. The carriage which arrived before the statue of Goddess Rebecca was large and gorgeous. Everyone was able to have a glimpse of the considerable wealth that the Overgeared Kingdom had accumulated.

Ohh...! The Rebecca believers found a young boy getting off the carriage and let out a burst of exclamations. In particular, the elders felt in awe of him. They hadn’t been expecting much, but now their attitudes changed. They hurriedly went down the stairs and greeted Lord personally. This was how they evaluated Lord:

“A true pope!”

“No, why was a pope born to the Overgeared King...?”

Damian felt slightly burdened. The elders around him were busy talking about Lord, and the lonely Damian buried his face in Isabel’s shoulder. Then Lord discovered him and shouted, “Teacher Damian!”

“You came! My cute Lord-chan!”

The boy who stole the hearts of the Rebecca’s Daughter candidates and the Rebecca’s Daughters met after a long time. Was it an illusion that the face of Rebecca looking down at them from the statue was slightly dark today? Isabel felt vaguely anxious.