Chapter 894

[Blade Aiming at the Gods]

[Rating: Myth

Durability: Infinite   Attack Power: 4,395

* Attack speed will increase by 20%

* 40% increase in physical attack power.

* 70% bonus lightning attribute damage.

* 20% bonus divine attribute damage.

* 5% bonus shadow attribute damage.

* 50% bonus damage to transcendent beings such as gods, angels, great demons, boss monsters, and named NPCs.

* There is a high probability of dealing an electric shock when attacking.

* There is a certain probability of lightning (large) being summoned.

* There is a low probability of emitting a magnetic force when attacking.

* There is a very low probability of summoning a golden cloud when attacking.

* There is a low probability of summoning a God Hand when attacking.

* The skill ‘Contempt For the Weak’ has been created.

-A blade made by the blacksmith Grid, who gained enlightenment while fighting against a god.

The divine power in the White Light Mithril suppresses the magic contained in Astaroth’s Horn while maximizing the lightning energy of the Strengthened Blue Dragon’s Breath. The beautiful blade made from the shell of an ancient creature will make even a god feel threatened. After raising the functionality of the pavranium to the extreme, the hidden attribute ‘God Hand’ has been implemented.

The God Hand is a form that the pavranium has maintained for a long time. It perfectly reproduces the hand of the blacksmith Grid, who gave enlightenment to a god.

* The blade will revolve around its master. It can make judgments and move on its own.

Conditions of Use: Pagma, Grid.

Weight: 2,580]

[God Hand]

[-Summons a golden hand modeled after Grid’s hand. The golden hand will revolve around the user of the Blade Aiming at the Gods and will protect the user. There is a low probability of firing Magic Missile (Enhanced) to attack the enemy. No resources will be consumed at this time.

Up to eight God Hands can be summoned at the same time.

God Hands Summoning Time: None

God Hands Summoning Cooldown Time: 5 minutes]

[Contempt For the Weak]

[-Inflicts a fatal blow to a target who isn’t in the realm of transcendence.

-Strikes a blow that consumes 80% of the target’s current health.

Skill Mana Cost: 5,000

Skill Cooldown Time: 1 hour.]

A divine sword containing all of Grid’s skills and the best materials. The number of best minerals was limited by the use of the pavranium. Since its basic stats exceeded those of existing swords and it possessed the ability to move by itself, the utilization was unlimited. Grid was forced to describe it as the strongest item ever.

‘There can’t be an item greater than this!’ He had this thought. Forgetting that his opponent was a god, Grid was certain of his victory... At least, until the information of Hexetia’s final product popped up.

[Hexetia’s Small Sword]

[Rating: Myth

Durability: Infinite   Attack Power: 28,990

* Attack speed will increase by 80%

* Physical and magic damage increased by 200%.

* 200% bonus damage of all attributes.

-A small sword made by God Hexetia, a blacksmith who was motivated to develop further.

Conditions of Use: Transcendent

Weight: 1,100]


It looked like there was one more zero?

‘Did I see that wrong?’

Grid couldn’t accept the item information. He rubbed his eyes several times and checked the information of the small sword again. It was an attack power of 28,990. He wasn’t mistaken.

“...” Grid, who had been feeling confident of producing the best sword, fell into despair. He was devastated by the gap between a human and a god.

‘This is a X game.’

It was a truly nasty game. How could he win against the opponent who couldn’t be beaten unless the sky turned upside down? Realizing he had failed the quest, Grid felt frustrated. Then these notification windows popped up.

[The quest has been completed!]

[You have won the blacksmithing competition against a god!]

“...?” Grid was bound to feel surprised. His defeat was certain, so how did he become the winner?

‘Is this really a X game?’

This was a bug. It was clear that Grid becoming the winner was due to a bug, and he would be subjected to penalties such as an account seizure. Then it happened the moment when Grid, who was feeling uneasy, wanted to shout, ‘This match is invalid!’

[Hexetia acknowledges you. He has thrown away his jealousy and gained enlightenment from you. He no longer doubts your intentions in setting up a temple.]

Grid saw the series of notification windows, then he heard Hexetia’s voice, “The blacksmith Grid has given me new enlightenment. He is my benefactor, and I will bless humanity.”


This was why Grid was announced as the winner. When he realized it, Grid was thrilled and also glad that someone could forsake the darkness in their heart and smile brightly. He felt proud that Hexetia, who had suffered because of his poor self-esteem, would live a better life in the future. According to Grid’s own experience, the happiness that Hexetia would feel in the future was likely to be so huge that it would dilute the wounds of the past.

“Thank you.”


Hexetia approached Grid on the cloud field with an awkward smile. “I was able to realize the reason for my existence by looking at you. I can feel the reward of my achievement. In the future, I don’t need to be envious of other people. I won’t feel lonely even if I am alone. Thank you. This is all thanks to you.”


The person who was feeling emotional was Grid, not Hexetia. He was new to this emotion. Grid had been wounded, and now he was helping others with their wounds. He felt proud of himself. Thanks to Hexetia, Grid was able to gain a greater sense of pride.

“...I really appreciate it.” 

Grid often omitted honorific language to other people. His intention wasn’t to put down the other person but to preserve his own value as the representative of a country. The fact that Grid tried to raise himself higher by omitting honorifics showed that his self-esteem wasn’t complete. Now things had changed. Grid once again realized how great he was and wouldn’t be obsessed with his way of talking in the future.


[The blacksmith Grid has given me new enlightenment. He is my benefactor, and I will bless humanity.]

This world message emerged.

“A-A scoop!!”

The reporters from all over the world waiting in the Overgeared Kingdom for the missing Grid logged out simultaneously, and new headlines soon appeared around the world.

[Grid, the first player to visit Asgard?]

[Grid! He is acknowledged by a god!]

‘Due to the construction of a new temple, he was cursed by the great demons.’

‘He brought Goddess Rebecca’s wrath on him by serving a new god.’

‘The use of a bug was detected and his account was suspended.’

All those rumors about Grid’s disappearance vanished. Now people were praising Grid’s new feat. In particular, the blacksmith players became Grid’s fans.

“My skill level is rising thanks to Grid!”

“It has been widely rumored that the Overgeared Kingdom is hiring blacksmiths. Now I’m considering moving there.”

In fact, the blacksmith players had disliked Grid. They had felt that as a legendary blacksmith, Grid was denying all the time and effort they put in. So, many players hadn’t even looked at the announcement that the Overgeared Kingdom was hiring blacksmiths. Those thoughts now changed. They couldn’t deny Grid who was even recognized by a god.

The number of blacksmiths moving to the Overgeared Kingdom started to get out of hand, causing the other kingdoms to suffer a famine of blacksmiths. Now it was harder to produce and distribute weapons to the army. In particular, Valhalla, an emerging kingdom, suffered a huge blow. Having recently conquered and absorbed the Ultina Kingdom, Valhalla was once again a target of the empire’s wariness and needed to quickly gain armaments. However, it was impossible to produce weapons without any blacksmiths.

Ares was troubled because he could foster new troops with his skills, but he couldn’t arm them with any weapons.

“We have to ask Grid to send blacksmiths for support right now!” His aides urged him.

Feeling troubled, Ares questioned them, “Isn’t it shameful? Why do we keep reaching out our hands to Grid? Every time! Every time! It’s like we can’t do anything if we don’t rely on Grid!”

“We aren’t reaching out our hands. It is a reasonable request. Isn’t the shortage of blacksmiths caused by Grid? We have the right to get back the blacksmiths he took away...”

“Grid didn’t take the blacksmiths away. They chose to leave!” Ares blushed with embarrassment at the aides’ absurd claims. Ares felt alarmed as he realized the most important thing that he lacked. It was the ability to gather people around him. People—that’s what he was lacking. 

‘Do I deserve to be a king?’

Ares was seriously troubled by this. However, his subordinates knew that he wasn’t lacking charisma. If Ares really didn’t have it, then all of them wouldn’t be gathered here. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers wouldn’t have supported Ares, and he wouldn’t have been able to establish a kingdom in the first place.

‘Grid is too much of a scam.’

That’s right. The problem was that Grid’s ability to gather people far exceeded Ares’. Some of Ares’ troops started to rebel against Grid, who was unintentionally causing events that Lauel wanted.


“What are you doing?”

After the match with a god, Grid headed straight to the Vatican. Damian rushed over after hearing about Grid’s visit and asked on behalf of the elders, “What did you do to be considered the benefactor of a god?”

“I’ll give a more detailed explanation later. First of all, guide me to the holy sword.”

“The holy sword...”

The sword had once again been devoured by the curse and was now safely stored in an underground warehouse. The sadness and sense of loss that the Rebecca members felt about the cursed holy sword was so great that they hid it away from view.

Then what was this?

“T-The holy sword!”

Oh...! Ohhhh!

Damian and the elders marveled after guiding Grid to the warehouse. It was because the sword which had been covered in darkness was now radiating a bright light. The Stone of Original Sin had vanished without a trace from the holy sword.

“T-The curse was released! Don’t tell me...?!” Stunned, Damian and elders instantly stared at Grid. They realized that the person who got rid of the curse on the holy sword had been Grid.

-...To take away the sin of envy. You are definitely an amazing human.

Grid was listening to the voice of the seven malignant saints.