Chapter 886

People who accumulated experience and skills in their field of expertise were treated with respect everywhere. In short, being at the pinnacle evoked respect. Picasso was at the pinnacle.

“It is an honor to meet you like this.”

“Please look after me in the future.”

The Overgeared Guild welcomed Picasso who had just joined them. The Overgeared members who had been scattered all over the continent flocked together to greet her. Despite being busy with maintaining their ranking and looking after their territory, they took a break. Of course, they also intended to visit the 10 meritorious retainers.

“Once you’re done in Reinhardt, stop by Bairan.”

“No, come to Reidan first. Jishuka, have you forgotten that Reidan is the second capital? Reidan is naturally after Reinhardt.”

“Reidan is too big. There are more than one or two facilities there, and it will take a long time. It is advantageous to start from the relatively small Bairan first.”

“It is a way of thinking that fits your rural tastes.”

“Rural? Hehe, our Chris seems to have grown up? It has been a while since you’ve had an arrow stuck in your butt.”

“Isn’t it funny to bring up the L.T.S days now? It is just like how you were tied up by Zirkan in the old days.”

“Zirkan? Why are you bringing up his name here?”

“You are overly fussy.”

“What? Is that what you should say to a young woman? Hey! Shall we fight for the first time in a while?”

“I will fight if you don’t use the Red Phoenix Bow.”

“An Overgeared member should be overgeared!”

A masterpiece was a great inspiration for people. In reality, millions of people saw masterpieces and gained the energy to carve out a better life, whereas in Satisfy, paintings weren’t just for simple appreciation. A painter’s paintings had many possibilities. If the portrait of a brave soldier were put in the barracks, the morale and training efficiency of the soldiers would rise. If a decorative painting were put in a restaurant, the chef’s cuisine would become more delicious, and a cool landscape would reduce the heat encroaching on the city.

The better the artist’s ability, the more varied and powerful the effect of the painting would be. In other words...

‘Picasso’s joining is a huge event that will remain in our country’s history.’

Picasso’s value was difficult to measure. That’s why Lauel was very excited. A prideful person who rejected most requests had applied for membership to the Overgeared Guild.

‘Does this mean that Hexetia’s painting was a special event for her? It is all due to King Grid’s great description of God Hexetia.’

Lauel was convinced of this. He knew that most people, including himself, were attracted to Grid or that they joined the Overgeared Guild because they wanted something from him. It was thanks to Grid alone that the Overgeared Kingdom could be created.

Kuk...kukukuk! King Grid, you are definitely a man born from a star. I look at you and the memories of a former life that I have forgotten come to mind. You boasted a unique presence in a previous life. Like the sun... Kuk! Kukuk! I’m thrilled! My soul is melting!” Lauel covered half his face with his hand while he shouted at Grid.

Grid felt the pain of having curled fingers and toes from cringing so hard for the first time in a while, but he didn’t reply. To be exact, he didn’t want to reply. Grid’s head was already busy enough. There wasn’t enough room for nonsense.

‘Very good. It is more than I expected.’

The construction work for the Hexetia temple had started without a hitch. Grid sighed as he thought about the potential of Drop that he had measured on the way back to Reinhardt. ‘The motion is very short.’ 

There was just one step, or half a step to be exact. The skill was triggered by taking that half step and swinging his sword at the same time. It was almost an immediate-use skill. Drop was overwhelmingly faster than the existing sword dances which required 2–4 steps.

In fact, it was possible to connect it immediately after a basic attack! Moreover, it affected a target that was completely resistant to CCs. Theoretically, it meant an abnormal status could be applied to gods or dragons! What if Grid had been able to use it during the 3rd National Competition? He would’ve been able to show a spectacular sight going against the giant dragon as the whole world was watching.

‘It is a huge weapon.’

Grid was particularly looking forward to the fusion skills. Based on the fact that the motions for Drop were so short, it was likely to be easy to link with other swordsmanship.

‘Linked Drop, Kill Drop, Wave Drop, Revolve Drop, Pinnacle Drop...’

...They didn’t sound very good.

‘It must be because I am Korean.’

If people from other countries listened to them in their own language, they might be wonderful and fantastic skill names! While Grid was trying to comfort himself, Picasso came up to him and said, “I want to draw you.”


A painter’s ‘drawing’ literally meant a painting.

“Why all of a sudden?” Then the bewildered Grid shut his mouth. It was because he witnessed Lauel, Jishuka, Chris, Pon, and his other colleagues open their mouths with astonishment.

Lauel hastily whispered to him, -Just accept it! Her portraits are rumored to have a special effect!

-Special effect? What is it?

-I don’t know exactly. It was a rumor that occurred after she was invited by nobles to paint their portraits. The truth hasn’t been revealed yet. In any case, you can feel expectant. The great nobles of each country offered a lot of money to invite her and ask her to paint their portraits.

There were countless artists who could paint simple portraits. They were portraits which looked exactly like the real people or were better. These portraits were enough to decorate a wall, so any artist with decent talent could complete them. However, the nobles were paying attention to Picasso. The people speculated that there must be a reason.

-She has never done a player’s portrait, so no one can see the hidden features of her portraits. You are the first one.

-Um… yes.

There was no reason to refuse. Moreover, there was a problem of etiquette before discussing the reason. Right now, Picasso was clearly showing goodwill to Grid. He wasn’t cold enough to ignore the goodwill of his colleagues.

“Okay. Please draw me.”

Picasso had perfectly reproduced the image of God Hexetia. What image would she draw of him? Grid was slightly curious, but his expectations weren’t great. He didn’t even want it. After all, this was his own ugly face that they were talking about. Grid hadn’t been loved since childhood and felt embarrassed about his shameful appearance being put down on canvas.

“The welcome party is over, so let’s move locations. I want a place where I can glimpse your true face.”

“My true face?” Grid was confused for a moment by Picasso’s request but soon realized what she meant.

‘Let’s go to the smithy.’

It was also time to repair the items he was wearing. Grid nodded easily and stood up. “Yes, let’s move.”


“I don’t know if it is right to judge him by human standards, but I personally sympathize with Hexetia.”


It was a very large smithy that could only be seen in the Overgeared Kingdom.

Picasso started drawing the hammering Grid while musing with a bittersweet expression, “I was the first person to reproduce Hexetia’s image. This gave me a high affinity with him.”

Hexetia was a god who had contributed greatly to humanity’s development. However, Hexetia had done it due to Goddess Rebecca, so humanity praised her instead. The people didn’t even remember Hexetia. He had only appeared briefly in the beginning of the story before disappearing.

“I would’ve felt sad if I were God Hexetia.”

‘She saw it properly.’

An artist had an abundant sensitivity and a strong ability to empathize. Picasso questioned Grid, “Where did you see the appearance of God Hexetia? His image has never been reproduced, so how did you know?”

“It is nothing special. I naturally saw the god’s appearance while proceeding with the quest.”


He had seen the appearance of a god during the process of a quest. How many players could experience this? Grid had reached a much higher realm than Picasso had vaguely imagined. This was the reason why.

“In order for a painter’s work to be recognized as a masterpiece, several conditions are necessary. The first is that the artist’s ability must reach a certain level. The second is the artist’s intention behind bringing the painting into the world. The third is the artist’s mindset while painting, and the fourth is the value of the protagonist of the work. The value isn’t about the target’s identity or status. It means the weight of the target in proportion to the era.”

Picasso aimed for a new masterpiece by making Grid the protagonist. So far, she had only completed four masterpieces. Three of the four masterpieces showed the greatness of nature while the remaining one was the portrait of God Hexetia which she completed yesterday.

That’s right. She had no experience with her drawings of ‘people’ being recognized as a masterpiece. Her portraits of the nobles were excellent, but they weren’t evaluated as masterpieces. A masterpiece was something that had to inspire everyone. However, the reputation of the nobles wasn’t enough to be talked about by everyone.

‘Grid is different.’

He was a person who had established a kingdom, become the sky, and seen a god. It was Picasso’s judgment that the system wouldn’t underestimate his weight.

‘There will be good results for you and me...’ Picasso prayed as she delicately drew Grid’s image.

Grid hit the iron amidst the blazing heat as hundreds of blacksmiths watched him with admiration. He showed a dignity that wasn’t inferior to that of God Hexetia. 

On the other hand...

“You want me to show the flames using a surrealist method? Even the colors are different?”


Rabbit, the person responsible for the Overgeared Kingdom’s politics and economy, was facing a sculptor. They were discussing the statue which would be built before the temple finished construction.

“It is a tricky request. There isn’t a sculptor who will accept such a request! There is no inspiration!”

“Is it difficult to depict the flames attached to the nipples? I called you because I heard you were one of the best sculptors... Yet it is difficult to even depict the flames? Perhaps the rumors were exaggerated?”

“It might be easy for outsiders, but any expert will say that it is a difficult request. It is at a level that requires a fortnight of food and work! Do you know how many workers in the world are suffering because of vicious employers like you?”

“No, what are you talking about? Am I forcing you to stop eating and drinking? I will increase the deadline for making the statue, so please depict the flames.”



“It is a bonus allowance. The employer’s demands have increased, so isn’t it reasonable to increase the benefits?”


“Hey, why are you doing this? In order to improve the efficiency of the work... 800%!”





No matter how much time passed, there was no progress in the negotiations. They had met the right opponent. The enlightened Rabbit and the sculptor developed a great vigilance toward each other.

“Let’s change it to 600%,” Lauel belatedly appeared and made a great concession in the negotiations. However, the sculptor was as stubborn as rumored. He maintained an attitude of not cooperating with the negotiations.



“798%! I won’t go down any further! This is a 2% cut, not 1%. I won’t decrease it any further unless you give me a bribe!”


Why were people in the kingdom like this? Lauel had an excruciating headache from stress and nodded. “Okay. I will accept the 798% bonus allowance...”

“Oh, my~~ hehe! Thank you. I have already ordered the materials for the sculpture. I’ll use even more!”


Wasn’t this getting out of hand? Lauel felt regretful as he realized the sculptor was more vicious than rumored, but it was only for a moment. Lauel quickly forgot his regret. The sculpture born from the sculptor’s fingertips was so perfect and wonderful!

‘He is even more proficient than the rumours say!’

The sculptor was worth every bit of the money. It felt like Lauel was witnessing an item being made by Grid.

Ttang! Ttang! Ttang!

One was coming from the smithy and the other from the temple construction site—the sound of hammering resonated in Reinhardt and filled the Overgeared members. The blacksmith and sculptor sensed each other and had infinite respect for the other person.