Chapter 885

The Haalrune Swamp near Reinhardt… 

Level 130–150 monsters occupied it in large quantities, and there were three types of boss monsters that appeared, making it a hunting ground with many users. There was the level 135 field boss, the swamp lion, the level 145 field boss, the mud lamia, and the level 160 field boss, the gigant minion. Each field boss gave a big reward, so it would be strange if they weren’t loved. People dreamed of raiding the field bosses in Haalrune Swamp.

“...I thought it would be nice to meet a boss.”

At the center of the swamp, a party of 21 players with levels in the 140s fell into a panic. There was a swamp lion, a mud lamia, and a gigant minion in front of their eyes.

“...But how could three bosses appear at the same time?”

The boss monsters in Haalrune Swamp were known to respawn 36–80 hours after a raid. Additionally, the respawn points were random. In other words, the probability of all three boss monsters appearing in the same area wasn’t high. The party had never planned to raid three boss monsters while hunting in the Haalrune Swamp.

Kuek! We can’t win! Everyone scatter! Retreat!” The party’s leader, Hee Dongi, shouted as he defended against the swamp lion’s claws with a Mass Produced Grid’s Shield. However, the swamp added a big restriction on the players’ movements. The party members couldn’t escape quickly, yet the swamp lion and mud lamia could freely swim through the swamp and quickly catch up with the party.


Cough! Cough!


Hee Dongi paled when he saw the boss monsters start to devastate his companions.

‘We can’t avoid being wiped out!’

He resented the heavens. Who would believe that three boss monsters would appear in the same place at the same time? Was there anything else in the world as unlucky as this?

‘Shit! I normally go to church!’

The party leader blamed himself for his party members’ suffering. Then while Hee Dongi was feeling frustrated and guilty, new footsteps appeared at the scene. Unlike Hee Dongi’s party members, these footsteps were crossing the swamp at a very high speed.

‘Who? Heok!!

Who was crazy enough to run here while everyone else was fleeing from the raid? Hee Dongi frowned and turned his head, only to become shocked. It was because the person foolishly rushing here was Overgeared King Grid. His sword, armor, cloak, and crown—which was the symbol of the throne—were dirtied with mud.


This was a place filled with screams. It was where Hee Dongi’s companions were being attacked by the boss monsters. At such a place, Grid cut the swamp lion with a basic attack first.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship.”

Then he took one step, and his sword descended.


The sky was falling...? Hee Dongi and his companions doubted their eyes as Grid caused the sky to fall with one sword. The giant, intangible sword energy crushed the marsh lion, mud lamia, and gigant minion. Grid struck three field bosses with one sword technique!

“B-Be careful!” Hee Dongi exclaimed urgently.

The swamp lion had been hit by Grid’s basic attack previously, so it now turned to grey. Meanwhile, the mud lamia and gigant minion still had some health left. Hee Dongi knew the survivors would react by hitting Grid. Then what was this...? The mud lamia and gigant minion didn’t dare strike back at Grid. They just stood there blankly. It was clear that they were overcome by an abnormal condition.

‘A boss monster suffering from an abnormal condition?’

Most bosses had high resistance to abnormal conditions. In particular, the gigant minion in the Haalrune Swamp was known to be completely resistant to abnormal statuses! Yet it was helpless in front of Grid’s attack. Grid dealt the finishing blows. The mud lamia and gigant minion died, and various enhancement scrolls and items were dropped.

“T-Thank you!!” Hee Dongi and his companions, who were able to survive thanks to Grid, shouted excitedly. They didn’t know that they would meet their king at a novice hunting ground. The party interpreted it as Grid patrolling the beginner hunting grounds for the sake of beginners and felt deep respect for him.  

“Stay strong!” Grid cheered them on. He smiled and left after picking up the items from the boss monsters.

On this day, various Satisfy communities were bustling with activity. There was a post with the title of ‘The Overgeared King is a mighty person’ in each community. Grid’s heroic stories once again increased.


Grid returned from the Vatican and commanded, “I’m going to build a temple. Find excellent painters, sculptors, and architects for me.”

“You want to set up another temple?”

Reinhardt already had three Rebecca temples, and they had secured enough Rebecca priests and paladins. Yet Grid wanted to build another one? Didn’t he know how much money it would cost? Was this really meaningful? Grid explained to Lauel who was unconvinced, “I want to build a temple for God Hexetia, not Goddess Rebecca.”

“Hexetia? The blacksmith god?”



Grid wanted to build a temple for God Hexetia whom no one worshipped...? Lauel thought about it before asking the reason and soon figured out Grid’s purpose.

‘The Overgeared Kingdom is a kingdom built by a blacksmith... In fact, Grid has attracted and trained a large number of blacksmiths. If the Overgeared Kingdom doesn’t serve the blacksmith god, who will? Additionally, serving the blacksmith god means the blacksmiths will be blessed. There is room for further development of the blacksmiths.’

There was a clear reason to serve the blacksmith god, and the profits from serving him would be great.

Lauel was thrilled. “How did you get this idea? Your Majesty, aren’t you becoming smarter? Kuk! Kukukuk, a miracle is occurring in your body. It is a miracle that can raise a waterfall toward the sky...”


How was he becoming smarter? Grid was puzzled. That’s right. Grid didn’t even consider the possibility that if blacksmiths worshipped the blacksmith god, they might receive a blessing.


“His age is maybe in the mid-50s? His race is similar to Hispanics, and his red hair is like blazing fire. His eye sockets are deep while his eyes specifically are small and black. Is there a harsh shade...? His nose is a bit hooked, and his mustache and beard are long. Ah, the color of his beard is red.”


Picasso was the 1st ranked painter. Fascinated by the Overgeared Kingdom’s announcement of ‘looking for someone to paint a god’, she made a visit to Reinhardt. At present, Hexetia’s image was being born under her brush as she sat facing Grid. Grid added an explanation while confirming the progress of the portrait, “No. A bit thinner. His skin is thin, and his cheeks are slightly like a clown’s? Try to raise them a bit.”

“Like this?”

“It is very accurate. You are an excellent painter.”

“It is thanks to the system correction effect.”

“You are being humble.”


Picasso had a question. Grid’s description sounded like he had actually seen Hexetia as the description was so detailed and vivid.

‘Is it possible for a player to encounter a god? No, are gods real existences in the first place?’

The bigshots were truly different. It was clear that they lived in a completely different world from her. As Picasso thought this, Grid continued explaining to her, “His top is bare while his bottom half just has a gray cloth like a skirt. His dry and cracked muscles look like bark, but they are harder than steel. Ah, his nipples are burning.”

“Yes, I see. Are they these types of muscles? Yes. His nipples are burning. Yes...?” Picasso was nodding as she drew the god on the canvas, only to become shocked. Her face turned bright red. 

‘H-His nipples are burning? That isn’t possible! This is a gross sexual joke! It is sexual harassment!’

“...casso? Hey, Picasso.”

Ah, yes! Yes?”

A famous person had changed into a pervert! Picasso was somewhat disappointed in Grid and felt embarrassed. Her blushing face looked like she was going to cry at any minute. Grid was concerned about her condition. “Why aren’t you drawing? Are you tired? Would you like to take a break?”

“N-No. T-That... It is hard to understand what you mean by nipples burning...”

Hrmm... There were small flames on both of the red, inflamed nipples. There is a transparent blue flame on the left nipple and a transparent red flame on the right nipple.”

“R-Red inflamed nipples...”


“N-Nothing! Nothing! I’ll concentrate!”

She wouldn’t allow any further sexual harassment!

‘Don’t show the opponent a reaction that he would enjoy!’

Picasso endured it with clenched teeth and started to concentrate on her work again. She made a great effort not to show a reaction that Grid would enjoy. Now, she couldn’t trust the image of the god on the canvas. It was hard to believe that someone who went around half naked with burning nipples was a god. Then what was this...? Picasso was faced with the truth the moment she finished painting.

[You have completed a new work!]

[It is the birth of a masterpiece that perfectly depicts the blacksmith god, Hexetia.]

[Your reputation as the first human to recreate Hexetia’s image will spread throughout the continent!]

[Many royal families and nobles hope to meet you! If you work as a royal painter, you can earn great rewards!]

[All stats will increase by 20 points due to the completing of a masterpiece.]

[The voice of the blacksmith god, Hexetia, is heard in your ears.]

-To reproduce my beauty so well... Hmm, it is quite good for a human.

[Affinity with the blacksmith god Hexetia has risen by 35.]

[The title, ‘One who has Drawn a God,’ has been acquired.]


There were all sorts of unexpected rewards! Picasso felt dazed rather than happy. The hostility she held in her eyes when she gazed at Grid disappeared, and it was replaced by great respect and gratitude.

“Oh, your drawing is very nice. It is perfect. You have worked hard.”

“It was a work that was born thanks to your detailed information.”

“You are always humble. Well, okay. Lauel, tell the sculptor to reproduce the person in this portrait.”

Lauel replied, “Yes. Huroi is still flying him here. I will give him the commission as soon as he arrives.”

Huh? Huroi?”

“The sculptor might be even more of a monster than Huroi... The problem is the high salary he is asking for. Don’t worry and just wait.”

“Yes, I’ll leave it to you.”

Thanks to the good people, the temple’s statues would likely be completed easily. Then Picasso spoke to Grid, who was smiling with satisfaction, “That...”

Huh? What's going on?"

“...C-Can I join the Overgeared Guild?”

“What? Of course, I would welcome you.”

“T-Thank you! I’m really happy!”

“I am really grateful.”

Grid and Picasso smiled as they faced each other. The sound of construction could be heard through the open windows as the construction of the Hexetia temple had begun.

Grid and the seven malignant saints...

Truth and lies...

Good and evil...

Grid strayed from various concepts imposed by the world view and pioneered a whole new path. It was unpredictable for the S.A Group, including Chairman Lim Cheolho.

“...I’m not interested in simple things.” Chairman Lim Cheolho smiled warmly as he watched Grid on the monitor.