Chapter 875

He was sleepy. Today had been extremely long and hard. He lay down in his bed and thought his sleeping cap looked like an angel. Grid felt thankful that this beautiful woman was his wife and that this bright child was his son.


Grid’s expression was very dark as he stroked their heads carefully. He was also feeling greatly confused.

‘Agnus, why...?’

Irene’s and Lord’s claim about Agnus helping to protect them hadn’t been their misinterpretation. The Rebecca followers, Overgeared knights, and even Pope Damian testified to it. Everyone spoke unanimously. It was thanks to Agnus that Irene and Lord were safe.

‘Why the hell did he do that?’

According to the testimonies, Agnus was originally helping the Yatan Church but betrayed them to help Irene and Lord. Grid could easily guess how much Agnus had lost with this single choice. Why had Agnus saved Irene and Lord while suffering big losses?

‘A madman who feels pleasure through fighting and trampling on others...’ This was Grid’s evaluation of Agnus.

In fact, the Agnus that Grid met was no different from the rumors. He always laughed as he trampled on someone. Yet that madman fought for others? Moreover, they were Grid’s wife and son? Grid tried to read Agnus’ intentions, but it was impossible. No matter how he thought about it, he couldn’t understand why Agnus had sought to protect Irene and Lord.

“...In the first place, isn’t it too much to try and understand him?”

Agnus wouldn’t be called a madman if he could be understood.

‘He is an opponent who is fickle and doesn’t think too deeply...’

Indeed, Grid shouldn’t waste time and energy on useless things. He shook off his thoughts and decided, ‘I just need to protect those important to me. That’s enough.’

It was a promise that he had to keep. In any case, he was grateful for Agnus’ actions that protected Irene and Lord. It was an unforgettable favor.


Irene’s and Lord’s breathing sounds stabilized Grid. Grid took a deep breath and calmed his mind before looking at the notification windows which were still on one side. He checked the unconfirmed notifications, belatedly remembering that he was in the middle of a quest.


He had completely forgotten about the quest. It wasn’t a game for him today as he had only focused on saving Irene and Lord.

‘That’s right. I gave up the sword...’

If he hadn’t given up the holy sword, he would be a half-god overwhelming the world right now. 

...Hat.” Grid led out a scoff. He felt disgusted about the greed that had almost made him give up his family, colleagues, and kingdom.

‘However, it is natural to be greedy.’

[Reward for Gaining the Incomplete Holy Sword:

The ‘Holy Sword of the 4th Evil’ will be acquired.

* Your race will evolve from a human into a half-god. A half-god is a race that transcends humanity and approaches being a god. There will be room for great increases of all abilities.

* The passive skill God’s Command is strengthened. The probability of activating God’s Command will become 100%. However, a critical hit won’t be applied to skills that God’s Command is used on.

* The skill ‘Corrupted Holy Sword’ will open.

* You will be cursed by Goddess Rebecca, God Dominion, God Judar, and God Zeratul.

* Affinity with the Rebecca Church, Dominion Church, and Judar Church will fall to minus values.

* Followers of the Warrior God will chase you.

Reward for Returning the Incomplete Holy Sword:

Goddess Rebecca’s blessing. Affinity with the Rebecca Church will rise to the maximum.

* Affinity with the Rebecca Church is already at the maximum.]

This was the reward for the Crossroad of Good and Evil hidden quest. The difference in rewards between giving up the quest and not giving up the quest was too large.

‘I know how great the goddess’ blessing is.’

He had acquired the Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle skill thanks to the goddess’ blessing. Grid was likely to get another four fusion skill with the goddess’ blessing. It would become one of the strongest skills he had gained. However, was it better than a 100% chance of activating God’s Command? Once God’s Command had a 100% chance of activating, Grid would be able to use all the skills twice in succession. He was able to assert that the value of the 100% God’s Command was much higher than Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle.


There was no point in regretting now, even if the reward was very low. In the end, he was able to keep everyone safe. Grid controlled his heart and finally responded to the notification window that said: [The goddess of light, Rebecca, is awaiting your response.]

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

-Yes, I was waiting. It is very nice to see you care for your family.

“...!!” Grid was astonished by the answer of Goddess Rebecca. He had already heard Goddess Rebecca’s warm voice several times, but this was the first time their conversation was so clear. Wasn’t a ‘divine message’ a one-sided communication? Grid had previously recognized the gods as a part of the system, but he could now establish a new hypothesis.

‘NPC? Is the god an NPC?’

He should’ve noticed it ever since getting the jealousy of the blacksmith god. Clearly, the gods had personalities and had a form somewhere in existence.

‘If one day I meet a god... Ah?

A chill went down Grid’s spine as he thought about it. The ‘truth’ that he’d heard from the legendary great magician Braham in the past crossed his mind.

‘Once human desires reach the peak, chaos will come to the world. In other words, if Goddess Rebecca no longer controls the world, God Yatan’s destructive instinct will be exercised. God Yatan will emerge to destroy the world, then Goddess Rebecca will once again create a new world. The two opposing gods on the surface are actually cooperating with each other. Great demons, angels, and humans are all playing in the hands of the gods.’

These were Braham’s claims.

‘No, there were no gods in the first place. Yatan? Rebecca? The gods aren’t the omnipotent beings that we think they are. Like machines, they are accessories that exist for the world’s providence. There is no reason to serve their existence or endure their trials.’

They were made like that in the first place. The gods were just accessories of this world. Grid agreed with Braham’s claims since he knew that Satisfy was a game. Both Yatan and Rebecca were part of the system Lim Cheolho had created, and they were passive existences that conformed to the will of the world (Lim Cheolho).

However, Grid’s thoughts changed once he realized the gods were NPCs. The gods had personalities. They weren’t passive presences like what he had expected. Maybe the individual’s judgment could go against the system. For example...

[Crossroad of Good and Evil]

[★ Hidden Quest ★

After all sorts of adventures, you have won the power ‘God’s Command’ that the fourth malignant saint ‘Taren’ left for later generations.]

The setting of Satisfy, which Lim Cheolho created, stated that this quest is something ‘Taren left for later generations.’ This was a ‘truth.’

‘Human, this isn’t Taren’s arrangement. It is Dominion’s and my arrangement. Don’t listen to the voice of the corrupted one.’ This statement suggested that War God Zeratul’s claims might be false. Grid’s entire body got goosebumps.

-Thank you again for fighting for the peace of humanity.

Goddess Rebecca’s voice was so warm that it felt creepy, yet Grid was blank-faced and didn’t show any response.

[The goddess of light, Rebecca, is awaiting your response.]

This notification window floated in front of Grid, forcing him to answer. Grid answered hurriedly, “I just did what I had to.”

He thought that the gods weren’t evil or part of the system. They were just NPCs with individual personalities.

‘Why does it matter?’

They were beings who stayed in the distant sky and were strong allies who gave humans the power to fight against the great demons. Yes, there was no problem. He was just one player, and he didn’t need to worry about them.


It was worrisome that the seven malignant saints might not be evil, unlike what had been known in the past. A group of bright lights enveloped Grid’s body while he frowned.

-I will give a gift to the hero who fought hard.

[Rebecca the goddess of light has given you a blessing.]

[The goddess of light, Rebecca, respects you for overcoming the temptation of the seven malignant saints’ offer to strengthen the power of God’s Command.]

[‘Skill Enhancement’ has been acquired as compensation.]

[Skill Enhancement]

[You can strengthen one skill that you possess.

The power of the skill will rise.

However, this only applies to class-specific skills.]

Class-specific skills—in Grid’s case, it meant Pagma’s Swordsmanship and his various blacksmithing techniques. He didn’t know how the enhancement would be applied, but this was a terrible reward for Grid who wanted an entirely new skill. Grid didn’t know about the five fusion skill that Hell Grid used, but he was expecting at least a four fusion skill. Would it just end with the enhancement?

-Full blessings for your heroic future.

It seemed to be the farewell. The goddess’s voice became more and more distant. Grid shouted urgently, “Excuse me! Goddess!”

A conversation meant that flexibility was possible!

-What is going on?

As expected, Goddess Rebecca stopped leaving and listened to Grid. Grid spoke in a blunt manner, “Help me fuse more sword skills together!”

A god was truly a god. Goddess Rebecca immediately understood Grid’s meaning and laughed, -Huhut.

Considering her high affinity with Grid, she gave him a very valuable hint, -That is something only you can pioneer now. Isn’t this blessing also supported by War God Zeratul?


-It means this blessing is more valuable than previous blessings.

Goddess Rebecca didn’t say anything else. The warm lights that made Irene and Lord smile in their sleep disappeared like they were lies. Then she was gone. Grid was left alone and brought up the list of skills which could be strengthened with Skill Enhancement. All of Pagma’s Swordsmanship and the various blacksmithing skills were stated on the ‘Skills that Can Be Enhanced’ list.

‘I can build fusion skills by myself... What is the method?’

Grid confirmed what the effect would be if he enhanced a single sword dance technique. The first one he checked was Link and the result was amazing.

[Genuine - Link]

[Regardless of attack speed, the number of strikes dealt by Link will be fixed at 40 times per second. The damage is equal to 200% of your attack power.

Link can be connected to another sword dance.

* The enhanced skill is fixed at master level.]

Ah... Grid’s face brightened. When he saw this, he no longer regretted missing out on the enhanced God’s Command.