Chapter 874

There were people who made others feel physically disgusted. Grid was one such person to Agnus. According to one theory, Grid had a past that resembled Agnus’. Grid hadn’t experienced something as serious as failing to protect his beloved, which led to her death, killing those responsible, and mourning his lover afterward.

‘He also suffered!’ Agnus knew that it was difficult to compare the pain that individuals suffered. The bullies who had harassed him and devastated his lover were an example. They had used his palm as an ashtray every morning and laughed at him, but hadn’t he endured the pain and turned the pages of his textbook?

Yes, pain was a relative and selfish thing. The pain he suffered couldn’t be considered any worse than what Grid had suffered. This was the actual reason why he physically found Grid disgusting.

‘I can’t understand!’ Why didn’t Grid spend his life abusing others after what happened to him? ‘Why does he look so happy?’

Grid was always with someone—his family, lovers, and friends. They were always smiling while standing with him. This was difficult for Agnus to understand. Had Grid forgotten the days when they were powerless? They were now in a position to trample on people rather than embrace them. People like them had to be alone.

[You have suffered 8,900 damage.]

[Your health is less than 10%. You have used Silvenas’ Power that is attached to the Rune of Death. The nature of the dark demonkin who can assimilate with darkness has manifested, hiding your appearance and status.]

[Your contractor Baal is happy.]

-Evil that uses personal beliefs to devour evil. It is the opposite of my former contractor. Once again, I did well in choosing you. How interesting.

[Affinity with 1st Great Demon Baal has risen by 10.]

The notification windows appeared before Angus, but he didn’t confirm them. His hateful gaze only chased Grid.

“You're an incompetent person who can’t protect your precious people!”

Why wasn’t Grid’s mind dark like Agnus’? Why didn’t he choose to be alone? Why didn’t he concentrate on the precious ones he had earned and embrace all the little people? At the very least, Agnus didn’t like this. He hated Grid. Agnus had just disappeared from Grid’s eyes when there was an explosion of black flames from the Enlightenment Sword.

The splash damage caused new damage to Agnus who was hiding his body.

[You have suffered serious damage!]

[You are in a half-lich state. You have a resistance to death for the duration of this transformation.]

[You have survived!]

It was a gray dawn. Agnus’ ribs were cracked as he hid in the shadow of a slanted pillar. He was in danger of losing his balance. This was a crossroad of life and death. It was an urgent battle situation where his head could be blown away at any time. The usual Agnus would be laughing madly, expressing his joy at exhilarating moments that made him forget the awful reality.

However, it was different now. The only emotions that could be seen on Agnus’ face were confusion and pain. Agnus wasn’t confused over protecting the hateful Grid’s family. He had protected them because he projected his dead lover onto them, thus Agnus had no regrets about that.

Rather, the origin of the pain and confusion Agnus was feeling right now was Grid specifically. Why was Grid so different from him? Was Agnus the one who was wrong?

‘No! No!’

“You are wrong!” Agnus’ sword penetrated the darkness and stabbed Grid’s side. It contained a powerful curse which weakened all the resistances that Grid had. In particular, Grid’s dark resistance was completely destroyed.

Cough!” Grid coughed up blood and was reminded of the notification windows that rose a few minutes ago.

[The goddess of light, Rebecca is awaiting your response.]

[You have once again been given an opportunity to gain great power through the goddess’ blessing.]

[War God Zeratul is feeling satisfied with your choice.]

[War God Zeratul supports the goddess’ affection toward you.]

Like Agnus, Grid had yet to check his notification windows. From the first day they met till this moment, Agnus was always hurting someone. Grid disliked this type of person who could trample on others easily and feel bliss while doing so. Now Grid’s precious family members were sacrifices for Agnus’ joy?

“Crazy jerk!” A desire to kill bubbled up inside Grid. He felt a sense of responsibility to kill Agnus. The killing intent Grid felt toward Agnus was real, and the fighting energy around him became thicker.

“Wave!” Waves of sword energy stretched out around Grid. He was using this wide-area skill to capture Agnus who had suddenly become invisible.

“...There!” Grid detected Agnus. It was when Grid felt that some of the waves were being blocked by something, Then Grid focused and started a sword dance—Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Pinnacle Kill. The manifestation of the fusion swordsmanship was an obvious mistake though.


Flop! Grid stopped the sword dance as his legs weakened. He had been too agitated that he overlooked the state of his stamina.

[You are on the verge of running out of stamina. You can’t use any combat skills.]

“Overgeared… Corn...”

Grid urgently needed to recover his stamina by communicating with his unicorn. It was the first thing he thought of, but how could he communicate with the unicorn during the battle? His enemy wasn’t a fool, nor was he dull-headed... especially not the enemy he was dealing with right now! 

Kikikik! Kihahahahat! Agnus’ body was penetrated by Wave, and the darkness was removed. Half of Agnus’ body was just a bunch of white bones, but his momentum was fierce as his disheveled hair moved in the wind.

Grid felt a sense of crisis. Now that he’d placed the God Hands, Noe, Randy, the Overgeared Skeletons, and the light elemental in the role of protecting Irene and Lord, there was no one left who could defend him. Moreover, it was hard for him to even move his fingertips.


With his blurry vision, Grid could see Agnus charging toward him.



The surroundings were noisy. He could hear the voices of people talking, but the contents didn’t enter his ears.


Would he die like this? No, his opponent was exhausted and on the verge of death. Agnus’ use of Lich Transformation could be considered his last resort.

‘Maybe he still has his immortality and Bentao’s Mockery remaining...’

Grid painfully opened the Rune of Darkness, using Cray’s Power which absorbed 100% of the damage done to the target. Determined to maintain his life against Agnus, Grid swung his sword in a basic attack. He still had the effects of the First King title, Tiramet’s Power, and his immortality. So, he judged that he could win if he continued fighting.

In the first place, Grid was in a position where he just had to keep enduring. In order to protect Irene and Lord, he absolutely couldn’t collapse. Grid pledged this firmly while swinging his sword. Meanwhile, Agnus used an attack skill as he plunged through Grid’s basic attack and hit Grid’s body. 

The two people, who were trying to harm each other, tangled together. Then there was a flash of light. Compared to the past, its strength was now ridiculously weakened, but it was clearly the sword that had hurt Yatan’s Third Servant Aliburn.

Grid’s and Agnus’ eyes turned toward Damian at the same time. Damian had also evolved a step further after regaining the holy sword and preventing the invasion of the Yatan Church. As Grid and Agnus finally started looking around, Damian said to them, “This is a sacred place that serves the will of the goddess. Stop fighting. In the capacity of the pope, I won’t allow any further killing.”

“Why?” Grid questioned him. Agnus was the enemy. Putting aside personal feelings, he was still Baal’s Contractor. He was a person who should be targeted by the Rebecca Church. So, why didn’t Damian take the chance to punish Agnus? Grid couldn’t understand it. 

Damian pointed to Irene, Lord, and Lich Mumud. “Look.”

“...?” Irritated and suspicious, Grid followed Damian’s gaze and was shocked. He witnessed Lich Mumud’s shield floating in front of Irene and Lord. Lich Mumud was protecting Irene and Lord from the aftermath of Grid’s battle with Agnus.


Irene and Lord’s shouts came to the mind of the troubled Grid. They had said that he was a good skeleton. Lich Mumud protected them...

‘Their words were true?’

Why though…? Damian watched Grid’s trembling eyes and said carefully, “I understand Grid’s feelings, but… let’s end the fight for today.”

The Rebecca Church saw Baal as an enemy. Baal’s former contractor, Pagma, had tried to defend the Hall of Fame, but ultimately, he still sold his soul to the great demon. The Rebecca Church didn’t regard Pagma as a hero in his later years and thought that the new Baal’s Contractor should be punished.

However, Pope Damian judged that now wasn’t the time for it. “I think it is better to leave each other alone today.”

Damian didn’t know why Agnus had betrayed the Yatan Church and helped them. He wondered about the reason but didn’t dare ask. The most important thing was to rectify the situation. He believed a chance for that conversation would come someday. Still, this reason didn’t seem enough to satisfy Grid. “What are you up to? Why did you protect my family?”

Ah? What nonsense are you saying? I never did anything like that.”

“Answer seriously!”

“I didn’t know it was your family.”


“I just saw a pretty woman and didn’t want her to die. Kikik... I wanted to play with her.”

The duration of Lich Transformation had ended, and only death was waiting for Agnus. He didn’t want to miss this opportunity when he didn’t know if it would come again. This was a great chance for a fight with the Overgeared King Grid while he was unprotected.

Sigh.” Agnus gave a reason that nobody would believe and swept his hair back. He neatly arranged his hair, exposing his cold golden eyes. “Don’t speak.”


“Just fight and kill. Huh? Kik! Kikikik! Kihahahahat! Agnus broke away from the appearance of politeness and rushed toward Grid. Agnus ignored the pope. Consequently, the Rebecca followers watching quietly couldn’t stay still anymore. Isabel’s spear and the paladins’ sword pierced and stabbed Agnus’ skinny body. Agnus was fully restrained before even reaching Grid.

“Why did you...?” Damian’s lamenting cry rang out, but Agnus didn’t pay any attention to it.

Instead, Agnus’ gaze went back to Irene and Lord who were sad and tearful, before looking at Grid again. “You...”


“...Become stronger.”

This was the end. Agnus’ body slowly turned to gray after being stabbed by the spear and swords. Mumud followed behind him.

“Skeleton knight...”

‘When will they be saved?’ Lord grew sadder as he saw Agnus’ and Mumud’s sorrow. The red-eyed child tried to hold back his tears. 

Then Pope Damian went to talk with the elders. They sent the royalty and the imperial prince away to rest. After that, they started to investigate how they had allowed this invasion to happen and also examine the extent of the damage.

“I saw your struggle. Your Majesty is truly a hero. I was impressed by your moves several times.”

“I’m flattered,” Grid responded passively to 2nd Prince Dulandal’s words and was only able to face the goddess after confirming that Irene and Lord were asleep.

-Hero, bless you.