Chapter 810

The birth of a legendary knight became a global issue. Who was the main character of the new legend and how strong was her power? How would she change the landscape of Satisfy in the future? Various media companies around the world provided in-depth analytical broadcasts, all of which had high ratings. It was proof that there was hot interest in the new legend.

On the other hand, the mood among the Overgeared members was the worst. The Overgeared members internally discussed the matter and found it was highly likely the legendary knight had been born in the empire. The Red Knights were the best on the continent. Among them, the First Knight Mercedes was a female and likely to have become the legend. The Overgeared members were able to easily guess this and felt upset.

Who was Mercedes? She was the person who made Grid kneel to her the first time she met him. It was terrible to think about how the Overgeared members would be suppressed by her now that she was stronger. However, at this moment...

“Everyone, say hello. This is the legendary knight that will be with us in the future.” Grid brought Mercedes as his companion.


“...Is this real?”

The Overgeared members shut their mouths. They knew that Grid could easily build up affinity with NPCs, but they didn’t realize it would be enough to catch a legend. In particular, wasn’t Mercedes a knight of the empire? She was famous for her unwavering loyalty, so how did she end up with Grid? It didn’t make sense no matter how they thought about it.

Clap. Clap clap, a sound broke the silence. It was the sound of Vantner hitting his bald head in order to determine if this was a dream or not. After a moment, Vantner scratched his bald head that was as red as a boiled octopus and muttered, “This isn’t a dream?”

That’s right. It was reality. Everyone couldn’t deny it any longer and gulped. They alternated looking between Grid and Mercedes as they asked for an explanation.

“This is it.”

Where should he start? There were too many parts to explain. The moment that Grid was sorting out his thoughts...

“Your Majesty, the introduction is wrong,” Mercedes opened her mouth and kneeled in front of Grid. “I am your knight before I am a legendary knight.”

She would serve him forever along with the old heroes. Mercedes’ noble appearance under the radiant sun gave everyone a chill. A notification window appeared in front of Grid.

[You have recruited the legendary knight Mercedes. The city she stays in will have the strength of its city walls increased by 50% and the power of its siege weapons increased by 20%. Once there is a siege, her knights and soldiers will have their attack, defense, and health increased by 10%.]


Mercedes’ and Piaro’s past, the emergence of the great demon Astaroth and Mercedes’ crisis, and then Grid’s rescue of Mercedes and the Astaroth raid—all the Overgeared members were briefed on the series of incidents and felt doubts.

“It doesn’t make sense to me?”

“That’s right. Why did the emperor release Mercedes? Why did the emperor release Mercedes, who got a great achievement and was promoted to a legend?”

“It is fishy, fishy.”

“Maybe the emperor sent her as a spy?”


The atmosphere was boisterous. Grid belatedly realized that he had missed the most important part of the story and opened his mouth again, “Mercedes explained it to me on the way.”

Then Grid once again started a long story. It was about the relationship between the emperor and Piaro. In the end, the atmosphere in the group calmed down.

“The hidden story...”

“The emperor sent Mercedes as atonement for what happened to Piaro.”

“Yes. I guess he wants to get rid of his guilt. He also hopes that Piaro’s last years will be happy.”

“...Even the best power on the continent is a human like us in the end. It is a needless bother.” 

After all, the Saharan Empire was bound to be the Overgeared Kingdom’s main enemy. This move dampened the hostility that the Overgeared members felt toward the empire and the emperor. They felt strange emotions once they realized the emperor wasn’t that different from them. There were many people who were impressed by the sentiment of sending Mercedes to the Overgeared Kingdom for atonement.

Grid warned them, “Straighten your spirits. The emperor has finished his atonement by sending Mercedes here. He will become bigger than before after getting rid of the shadows in his heart.”

Grid knew because he had seen the emperor face to face, and the emperor was never satisfied. As an individual, Juander was completely different from how he was as an emperor.

Lauel speculated, “For the time being, the emperor will concentrate on strengthening the inner stability.”

The empire needed control after the chandelier and the great demon incidents had occurred one after another. In the course of the reorganization, there would be a bloody fight between factions. Lauel suggested, “We have to regain power during this gap.”

Grid’s revenge was over for the moment. Now that Immortal had left the imperial palace, Grid had other things to do until their whereabouts were found. A new group of knights had to be created with Mercedes as the captain, and new items produced for the Overgeared members. A few Overgeared members had won medals in the National Competition, allowing them to pursue a rapid power development.

Grid rose from his seat. “Okay. I will start.”

It was time for more labor...

Darkness was in front of Grid, but he didn’t show it. He wanted his colleagues to depend on him.


In front of the great hall, Mercedes greeted Grid after the meeting finished, “Aren’t you tired?”

Grid once again realized the power of appearance. It was because his tired mind and body became lighter upon seeing Mercedes’ beautiful face. He was excited when he thought he could continue being with her. “Aren’t I able to work a bit harder thanks to you?”

...? It was adorable seeing her try to figure out the meaning of his words. Grid couldn’t help laughing and looked at Mercedes’ detailed information.

[Name: Mercedes

Age: 27  Gender: Female

Occupation: Legendary Knight

* All types of weapons and armor can be worn without restrictions. However, magic weapons are excluded.

* Can bring out hidden functions when wearing a shield and heavy armor.

* Can create your own knights. The number of times a knight can be created will increase every time the skill level of Complete Weapons Mastery is increased.

Title: Owner of Keen Insight

* Can penetrate the essence of things.

* Disables mental magic and all sorts of traps. Can see through the target’s skills and abilities, which will reduce the target’s defense and attack power by up to 30%.

Title: One who Became a Legend


Title: Becoming a Role Model

* Increases the growth rate of the knights and soldiers you command by 30% while keeping their loyalty at the maximum.

* When appointed as a commander in a war, the morale of allies won’t deteriorate easily. The delivery speed of commands will increase by 50%.

Level: 457

Strength: 3,231  Stamina: 2,588

Agility: 2,910    Intelligence: 1,530

Leadership: 2,512

Exclusive Skills: Empire's Military Tactics (A+), Vaintz’ Swordsmanship (S), Eyes that can Read Combat (SS), Noble Bravery (SS), Knight’s Resolution (SS), Shield Block (SS), Complete Weapons Mastery (???), Incomplete Predictions (???), Noble Chivalry (???), Silver Wings (???).

-A person with a prestigious lineage of the Saharan Empire and who has a unique insight. As she develops, her insight will grow to a level that can predict the future.

* Currently, she is loyal to Player Grid. Players aside from Grid can’t build up an affinity with her.]

The strongest—was there any other word to describe her? In particular, Grid liked that he was the only player who could build up an affinity with Mercedes in this world. The sense of superiority at being her favorite was beyond imagination.

“Have you looked around the capital?”

“Yes. I think it is a place like heaven.”


“It is a city where people who don’t know misfortunes are gathered. Even the lowest residents are laughing. Since it is a city where Piaro and Asmophel are located, the walls and military facilities are perfect.”

A rich and secure city—this was what Mercedes felt when she saw Reinhardt. It was the same as when she looked for Grid two months ago in order to convey the imperial order. Mercedes had traveled all over the continent and visited countless cities, but Reinhardt was counted within the top five of good cities.

“I am thankful for the words. Have you met Piaro?”

“No. I searched all the military facilities in the city but couldn’t see him anywhere. He seemed to be away.”

“Military facilities? Why are you looking for Piaro there?”


Ah...” Grid was about to say Piaro could be found in the fields, only to stop and sigh deeply. He was saddened by the fact that he now recognized Piaro as a farmer.

‘Originally, he should be in the military facilities...’ This was during Piaro’s days as a great swordsman. ‘Of course, he is still strong enough now.’

Piaro’s Pounding Mortar and Fated to Perish were winning cards that could even damage a great demon. In particular, his destructive power was transcendent when he used Natural State. Piaro was still strong and was in a position to be the best. Unfortunately, most of Piaro’s skills were agriculture-related. If all of his skills were combat-related, Piaro would be much more powerful than he was now.

“Your Majesty?”

Grid looked up and realized that Mercedes was making an anxious expression at him. Her transparent eyes, which were filled with a clear light, healed Grid’s heavy heart. He smiled and grabbed Mercedes’ small hands. “Let’s go to Piaro.”

Mercedes’ face flushed red, but Grid didn’t notice.


“Why is Piaro here?” Mercedes was confused when Grid led her to some agriculture fields. Piaro was someone who had accomplished the title of a great swordsman. Why would he be in fields instead of working to obtain the status of a Sword Saint? Shouldn’t he be spending 24 hours a day polishing his swordsmanship?

‘...Piaro probably needs time to rest.’

The full moon that filled the night sky was huge today, and the rice fields were calm and beautiful. Mercedes walked beside Grid while listening to the night sounds. Her heart was beating wildly. She imagined Piaro looking up at the night sky with his hands clasped behind his back and pictured the noble and dignified appearance of the old hero resting.

Puk! Puk puk!

...? Mercedes moved across the fields with a throbbing heart only to stop in place when she heard the sound of something digging at the ground. On the other hand, Grid didn’t stop. He hadn’t heard the digging sound yet. It was a major reminder of the gap between Mercedes and Grid.

“Your Majesty.” Mercedes silently pulled out her sword and stopped Grid. “I can hear a suspicious sound. I think people are digging a tunnel to infiltrate the capital.”


The thought of North Korean operatives breaking into South Korea came to Grid’s mind. He tried to focus, then he started to hear the sound of digging in his ears. Grid was very familiar with this sound. It was the sound of a hand plow. However, it was unfamiliar to Mercedes who was ignorant about farming.

“Leave it to me. I will overcome the enemies and find out who sent them.”

“No, wait...!”

There wasn’t time to shout. Silver sword energy wrapped around Mercedes’ body, and she was already flying forward.


It was a charge. The distance between Grid and Mercedes widened to dozens of meters in a flash. Then distant clashing sounds rang out.

“...Isn’t her personality bold?” Grid felt sorry for the man she liked or would end up marrying her. He didn’t know this person would be him.

Kwa kwang! Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Thunder-like roars were heard, and the wind pressure crushed the wheat in the field. Grid was nervous. “Who is she fighting?”

It couldn’t be...

“This is Piaro again!”

It was clear that Piaro wouldn’t be able to suppress his enthusiasm once he saw Mercedes’ growth. The confused Grid ran to the scene of the battle. He didn't want this fight to happen because he didn’t want to see Piaro defeated. Grid still didn’t know… Piaro’s true value!