Chapter 801

‘This can’t continue.’

Goldhit anxiously watched Grid and made a hard decision after deliberating for quite some time.

'I have to release the lightning god.’

The lightning god, powered by the huge thunder stone discovered in the northwest forest of Titan 15 years ago, was a guardian that was the culmination of Goldhit’s knowledge, magic, and a huge amount of funding and manpower. Like the other guardians in the Tower of Eternity, it had basic resistance to physical attacks and also combined a magician’s magic power with the brute force of a solo number knight.

While it could only operate within the parameters of the Tower of Eternity, it was the strongest weapon that could advance the empire’s ‘Pioneer the East Continent’ project if its mass production project succeeded. In fact, Emperor Juander had huge expectations for the lightning god.

Goldhit opened the lid of the device powered by the thunder stone, awakening the lightning god.

“Never.” Goldhit gave an order, “You should never kill him.”


A guardian didn’t show up on the 32nd floor, just like what happened on the 21st floor. Bookshelves crammed with books filled the endless space, and magicians sitting around in various places were indulging themselves in knowledge through them.

‘Is there a magic that can arbitrarily adjust the size of the space?’

The Tower of Eternity had different dimensions for each floor. Some floors were hard to measure, like the 32nd floor, while some floors were less than 300 square meters. The inner structure of the Tower of Eternity couldn’t be imagined just from observing its exterior. The building was so vast that Grid felt that he was exploring another world.

"Overgeared King, I will guide you.”

The stairs to the next floor couldn’t be seen anywhere? A magician approached Grid while he was looking for the way to go. Grid soon arrived on the 33th floor, thanks to his guide.

‘From here on out, it is real.’

From the 33rd floor on, the compensation for climbing a floor increased: instead of twoGrid’s intelligence rose by three each time he climbed a floor. If he could keep up this momentum and reach the 80th floor, it wouldn’t be much longer before he could learn Fireball.

Grid was busy thinking.


He opened the door and came across a guardian in a form he hadn’t seen before. A humanoid guardian, with a body covered in gold. Its red eyes, pointed chin, and three horns were all threatening. The most striking feature of the guardian before him was the electric current that danced across the humanoid body. The pale blue light of the electricity intermittently flashed in and out as the dust in the atmosphere was burned away.


The lightning godthe humanoid guardian that caused minor explosions with the lightning around it—looked just as threatening as its name.


Taking one or two steps towards Grid, the Guardian narrowed the distance between them in an instant. The outstretched hand wrapped around Grid’s head and slammed it into the ground.



It was even faster than the lilith guardian! Grid couldn’t respond to the unpredictable speed and groaned on the floor, suffering a total of 4,230 damage. More than half the damage was lightning damage.

“God Hands!”

Grid had been fighting with his own strength the whole time, and shouted for the first time in the fight. The four God Hands appeared in response to the call, wielding Mjolnir. It didn’t reach, however, due to the lightning god’s magic. When one of its horns shone blue, an electrical barrier was created that enveloped its whole body, demonstrating the power to block physical attacks. The hands that hit the electricity barrier stiffened at the same time. The electric barrier wasn’t just protective, it also had the ability to reflect damage that it received.


Grid’s face was buried in the ground. Swinging his sword behind him, flames were released, hitting the lightning god’s arm. In fact, they were the black flames that were considered as a physical attack. The lightning god wasn’t damaged, just like the other guardians.

Grid wielded his sword again until finally, the flames emission was activated. Grid was able to escape from the lightning god’s hands and started a counterattack.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Link!”

Grid used the fast attack speed to release flames several times.

[You have dealt 4,100 damage to the target!]

[You have dealt 4,100...]

[You have dealt 4,100...]



It was said that there was no perfect existence. The lightning god overwhelmed the lilith guardian in all aspects: from speed, to destructive power, to magic. However, it had relatively ordinary fire resistance.


‘Its health is high.’

The lightning god’s health gauge was still high, despite being hit by 10 or more fire emissions. This wasn’t due to the lightning god’s fire resistance, but to the limit of the fire’s basic damage. The lightning god spread its legs apart and let out a roar.

Grid saw it open its firmly closed mouth and remembered the boss monster he encountered before the golems had invaded Reinhardt. He knew it. Magic power started to concentrate in the mouth of the lightning god. The mass of golden magic power would soon be shot at Grid.

This was its goal? Grid judged that the difficulty was different from the past and performed a sword dance. The lightning god released the magic power, which shot out in a straight line towards Grid. Goldhit was convinced after seeing this through the crystal ball.

‘Now Grid will use magic.’

Grid’s skills were much higher than previously rumored, but it wasn’t enough to deal with the lightning god. The destructive power of the lightning god, which combined the magic power of a magician and the strength of a solo number knight, was overwhelming.

“Don’t delay any more and show me the enhanced magic...!” Goldhit shouted excitedly.

She overlooked one fact in her zealousness, however. While it was true that the lightning god combined the magic power of a magician and the strength of a solo number knight, it didn’t have the ability to use a variety of spells like a great magician.


Not only that, the lightning god didn’t have the excellent swordsmanship of a solo number knight, meaning that it fell behind in techniques. To a veteran like Grid, who had fought against all kinds of legends, including the Undefeated King, the lightning god was just a child with great strength.

Grid counterattacked with Revolve and returned the attack back to the lightning god. The lightning god didn’t have the skill to cope with the technique that exceeded its speed.


“Nyaaaaong! It is finally this body’s turn!”

As the level of Grid’s opponents increased, Noe had fewer and fewer opportunities to play an active role. The recent enemies didn’t even allow Noe to get close, meaning the power of Soul Ingestion couldn’t be used.

“Nyahahat! Look at the greatness of the best demonic beast of hell!”

The lightning god was different. According to its input data, the lightning god didn’t bother to be cautious of a ‘cat.’ It had suffered a great deal of damage due to Grid’s counterattack, and ignored the approaching cat. It concentrated only on Grid.

The result? Noe’s wide mouth opened and swallowed the lightning god. Soul Ingestion was triggered.

[The memphis Noe has taken half the power of the magic weapon ‘Lightning God.’]

[Your intelligence will increase by 3,113 for 3 seconds!]

[You have understood the knowledge and magic of Braham.]

[The skill Fireball (Enhanced) can be used.]

[The skill Dark Cutter (Enhanced) can be used.]

[The skill Chain Lightning (Enhanced) can be used.]

[The skill Enchant Weapon (Enhanced) can be used.]

[The skill Decoy (Enhanced) can be used.]

[The skill Ice Spear (Enhanced) can be used.]

[The skill Mana Jamming (Enhanced) can be used.]

If the foolish Grid acquired a variety of magic, they wouldn’t work properly, and would just cause confusion instead. Braham left behind magic that he judged as necessary for Grid. In fact, Grid only now realized that as his intelligence rose, Braham’s knowledge flowed into his head and he could grasp it.


A bird-shaped mass of mana was summoned.


The bird flapped its wings and flew to the ceiling. The lightning god escaped from Noe’s mouth and chased the bird with its eyes. The lightning god entered the mouth of a cat that it didn’t take seriously. It wasn’t aware of its weakened state, but it was attracted by the decoy. It was only for a moment.

“Mana Jamming.”

Except for Grid’s mana, all of the mana in the area became confused. The mana in the air scattered, the lightning god’s mana reversed and stopped. The moment that it fell towards the ground.

“Ice Spear.”

A sharp spear of ice that was two metres long was created by Grid’s side. It was shockingly beautiful.

[Ice Spear (Enhanced) Lv. 1]

Deals 10,000 fixed damage and additional damage in proportion to your intelligence. Ignores the magic resistance of the target.

The target that is hit will be subjected to the ‘frozen’ state. The target that is frozen will receive two times the damage from an additional ice spear.

Mana Consumption: 2,500

Skill Cooldown Time: 1 minute.

The target of the ice spear was obvious.


The lightning god crashed to the ground.


[You have dealt 23,900 damage to the target!]

A giant ice spear pierced its back and it was temporarily paralyzed. The wounded area was frozen. It wriggled around. The transparent ice spears appeared and multiplied. From the moment he used Decoy, Grid also used Alarm + Ice Spear.


The lightning god’s health plummeted as it was pierced, frozen, broken, pierced, frozen, broken, etc. Goldhit’s face became pale as she watched the scene before her. She couldn’t help being nervous at the thought of losing the lightning god, which she had spent nine years developing and producing.

However, there was a bigger problem.

“I-I can’t understand...”

Goldhit couldn’t get a single hint about the enhanced magic like she wanted. Goldhit realized. The reason that she couldn’t receive the enhanced magic was because Braham was transcendent, not because she was ignorant. 

There was one questionable part. Grid must be a genius to have inherited Braham’s magic.

“Grid...! You are a perfect existence...!!”

It was the moment when the best magician on the continent respected and envied Grid. And...

“Haaaack! Too delicious nyong!” Noe became really excited and ate the remnants of the lightning god.

At the same time, in the imperial palace.

“Kuk...! Kuaaah...!”

First Knight Mercedes was trying to appeal to lift her suspension.

"Kuaaaaack!” Gyuratan screamed.

The destruction of the lightning god damaged the thunder stone that was situated on the top floor of the Tower of Eternity.

“Your Majesty!”

Mercedes knew Gyuratan’s true identity and paled. She moved earlier than anyone else. Despite the fact that she wasn’t allowed to equip her swords and armor, she threw herself to the emperor’s side to protect him.

“Kuhuk...! Huhuhu!”

Gyuratan no longer hid his demonic energy.

Mercedes and Gyuratan were bewildered. They never expected the situation to change so rapidly!