Chapter 524

Players no longer discussed the Seven Guilds.

One force was stronger than the Seven Guilds combined. From that time on, the Seven Guilds lost their majesty. Far from getting the title of the strongest, the Seven Guilds gradually declined. They were more inundated with requests to leave than to join.

“We will remove ourselves from the alliance.”

The French representative, Bondre.

Until he met Grid in the National Competition, he was the 1st ranked ice mystic with the nickname of ‘undefeated.’ He was also the master of the strongest magician group, Ice Flower. Now he expressed his intention to withdraw from the alliance.

The leaders of the guilds in the Seven Guilds didn’t stop him. However, Bondre’s declaration of withdrawal became an ignition point. The other guild masters also declared their intentions to leave the alliance. It wasn’t necessary to obsess over the alliance that had become obsolete.

Zibal, the leader of the alliance, was the same.

“I won’t stop them.”

Zibal had changed since the 2nd National Competition. In raids and hunting, he didn’t doubt that he was the best. However, he changed his perception after being beaten by Grid. He wasn’t the best. He wasn’t qualified to be self-confident and to force others.

Zibal was no longer obsessed with the Seven Guilds. He chose to grow in order to regain his past glory. Now he was about to step foot in the Behen Archipelago. After confirming that the guilds had withdrawn from the alliance, he laughed and entered the Behen Archipelago.


“What will happen to us now?”

The Ice Flower Guild was somewhat uneasy. Ice Flower. They were an elite group of magicians and there were only 30 of them. It was obvious that many uncomfortable things would happen if they left the alliance. They had complicated relationships with some people due to disputes, and the guild had no production players, so item trading was disadvantageous for them.

Bondre reassured the worried guild members.

"We will go to the god of war. This will make our lives much better than before and we will be guaranteed a brilliant future.”

“God of war?”

"Who is it?”

Bondre explained to the bewildered guild members. "Ares. An unofficial ranker with a unique ability. He’s equivalent to Grid.”


How strong was he that their master Bondre would compare him to Grid? The Ice Flower Guild members were incredulous.

“Then why is he unknown?”

“Yes. This is the first time I’ve heard of him.”

“Satisfy is wide. Do you know all the people in every field in the world in reality? It’s unknown how many of them there actually are. In that sense, Satisfy is like reality.”

In fact, Bondre also had no idea who Ares was not long ago. However, Scott contacted him three days ago and told him about Ares. Bondre had been shocked the moment he saw the information.

"The world is wide and there’s a lot of chaos.”

Bondre heard a strange voice as he thought about joining Ares’ guild.

"Yes, the world is wide. But you’re all under my feet.”


The Ice Flower Guild instantly became alert. They were embarrassed by the dozens of skeletons blocking the way back to their territory. The voice of the unfamiliar man was heard again as they perceived the danger and started to cast spells.

"Bondre, become a sacrifice of the king.”


Bondre and the Ice Flower Guild members got chills at the same time. The madness in the voice of the unidentified man made them feel an instinctive fear.

‘Entering a fear state just from speaking?’

Boss monster?

‘A boss appeared on the road where thousands of people travelled every day?

It was ridiculous.

“Reveal yourself!”

Bondre finished casting the level 8 Ice Cutter and fired the magic. It was a strike aimed directly at the location of the voice.


The sharp ice blade flying through the air stopped. Then it shattered. It was due to the curtain of darkness that was instantly created.

‘My magic was so easily blocked?’


In the wreckage of the sparkling ice crystals.



Bondre was shocked as he saw the man who appeared from the dark curtain.

Agnus. After the top ranked players like Kraugel, Zibal, and Yura disappeared from the rankings, he had risen to 3rd place. In addition, he was the rumored psychopath that even Kraugel avoided.


His eyes shone gold as he looked at Bondre like a frightened rat.


"The hunting grounds are far from the city. I should prepare a return scroll next time I go.”

Originally, Grid planned to return to Pangea when it was time for the smithy competition. But his plans changed the moment he found Idan’s Frying Pan and he returned to Pangea. It was imperative to raise affinity with Idan. The reason was the information of the frying pan.

[Idan’s Frying Pan]

Rating: Unique

Durability: 35/260 Attack Power: 89

* When used, Intermediate Cooking Lv. 2 will be created.

The moment it is used, the person will become a seasoned chef!

It is the frying pan that has been used for centuries by the Idan family, who has a philosophy of cooking.

It is optimized to draw out a unique taste from the ingredients.

In addition, special events sometimes occur because the frying pan contains the desires of the elders of cooking.

When an Idan family member cooks with this frying pan, there is a high probably that food with a buffing ability will be created and a low probability that food that increases stats will be created.

However, the premise is that you eat all the food without leaving anything behind.

Conditions of use: Beginner cooking master. A special effect will occur only when an Idan family member uses it.

Weight: 40 

'I don’t know about the taste, but this is why Kraugel ate it four times.’

Idan. He was a golden goose who would give birth to elixirs. The chef might make bad food, but his value was astronomical. A one in a million talented person.

Grid decided. He would leave here with Idan as his personal chef!


Pangea’s North Street. Grid ran to Idan’s restaurant and immediately asked the waitress working there.

“Where is Idan?”

“The boss went out to obtain ingredients.”

“Can’t he get the ingredients delivered?”

"Yes, there’s no contractor who will deliver a rotten liver from a jiangshi.”

“Jiangshi rotten liver?”

A chill went down Grid’s spine. Idan’s Frying Pan was optimized to draw out the taste of ingredients. What if he cooked a jiangshi rotten liver?

‘...Really a mess.’

It was crazy. His eyes darkened.

‘This is crazy... Why is he cooking rotten liver?’


‘It’s the body of a jiangshi?’

If he took Idan as a full time chef, would he have to eat such ridiculous dishes every time?

‘...No, that’s impossible.’

Idan couldn’t make strange dishes every time. He had to make some ordinary dishes.

‘I have to eat. If not, I’ll ask him to make it for me.’

Grid couldn’t believe it and asked the employee again.

“Where is the jiangshi?”

“If you go out the south gate and head north, a cemetery will appear. There’s an infestation there.”

"Okay, Idan is there?”

The moment Gird verified the information and was about to leave the restaurant.

“Umm? You are?"

Idan returned to the restaurant. There was a basket filled with something black in his hands. Grid ignored the rotten smell and handed the frying pan to Idan.

“Here’s what I promised you.”


It was the hard to regain family heirloom. Did he not expect it to be found in just two days? Idan looked at the frying pan with a questionable expression before cheering.

“Oh...! Ohh! Ohhhh! Unbelievable! You found my family’s heirloom so quickly!”

Idan was genuinely pleased. The moment he held the frying pan, a notification window appeared in front of Grid.

[The quest Find the Traces of the Great Hero! has been completed.]

[30% character experience has been paid as compensation.]

[Affinity with Idan has increased by 10.]


Affinity +10? Affinity only increased by 10 despite returning a family heirloom? Grid thought it was unexpected.

‘Shouldn’t it increase by at least 50?’

Idan guided the confused Grid to a table.

"Have you not eaten yet? Now, sit down. I will treat the person who brought back my family’s heirloom to a wonderful dinner.”

“Ah, yes.”

Hopefully, this was a chance to eat food that increased his stats. Grid hesitantly sat down and belatedly said something.

"Please note that I have a liver allergy.”

In other words, don‘t bring out a dish made with jiangshi liver! Idan’s expression became as cold as ice.

“ Is that so?”

Idan clicked his tongue and headed to the kitchen. His unfriendly demeanor made Grid think the worst.

'Don’t tell me that my affinity just fell?’

It was likely that Idan was a NPC who only liked people who ate his dishes.

‘It is almost certain.’

It was the reason why returning Idan’s Frying Pan only raised affinity by 10. On the first day they met, Grid left behind a lot of the orc cream pie and his affinity must’ve fallen.

‘This truly sucks.’

In order to recruit Idan as a full time chef, a high affinity was required. How could he increase his affinity without having to eat the food that Idan made? The moment Grid was feeling frustrated.

“This is my signature dish that I cooked just for you, japchae.”


Idan handed a dish of japchae to Grid. Japchae. It was a favorite dish for South Koreans, and clearly Grid as well.

‘Phew, thank goodness. It isn’t hard to make japchae delicious.’

Vegetables, meat, and japchae noodles. Grid grasped a fair amount with his chopsticks and shoved it into his mouth without hesitation. Then he spat it out as soon as he ate it. The vegetables tasted of soil and were really crunchy. The slightly cooked pork was cold and hard. The noodles were chewy. There wasn’t even any strange ingredients in it. The original tastes of the ingredients were very strong and didn’t mix together.

"No, this...”

He was supposed to eat this? Grid was about to curse reflexively when he stopped. It was because Idan’s eyes were glaring at the japchae that he had spat out.

"Did you spit it out because it didn’t fit your tastes?”

“Nope. It’s delicious. I was so surprised by the delicious taste that I spat it out a little bit.”

Endure. Grid blocked his nose. Then he shoved all of the japchae in his mouth at once.

Chew chew.

Grid chewed the japchae with a pale face while Idan asked.

"Why are you blocking your nose while eating?”

“It’s my eating habit.”

"Huh, really? What an unusual eating habit.”

‘Your dishes are more unusual...’

Grid sweated as he barely endured it.

[The effect of eating Idan’s dish has permanently increased intelligence by 1.]


It was the moment when Grid’s sorrow was larger than his joy.