Chapter 523


Grid had question marks as he checked the information of the hidden passive skill God's Command. A bell rang. It was truly shocking.

“I-It is good but...” 

This was why the cooldown of Linked Kill and Linked Kill Wave was reset.


It truly had the best value. It was comparable to the time when he obtained Pagma’s Descendant and the Legendary Great Magician classes.

‘I never thought Dominion’s blessing would be such a big help.’

During the Pope Drevigo episode, he obtained blessings from Rebecca, Judar, and Dominion. All three blessings were on the pavranium and buffed Grid. Rebecca’s Blessing increased the speed of health recovery by 300%, Dominion’s Blessing increased attack power by 15%, and Judar’s Blessing increased defense by 15%. At this point, Grid could make one guess.

‘Dominion’s Blessing is one of the three major passive attack power buffs...’

Judar’s Blessing was one of the three major passive defense buff and Rebecca’s Blessing was one of the three major recovery buffs?

‘Isn’t there little odds of getting all of them?’

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the acquisition requirements for God's Command were ridiculous. With God Dominion’s blessing, he could gain unique damage achievements and receive Zeratul’s favor? How many of the two billion users would meet these requirements? It was difficult to imagine the other passive skills that could be acquired from Judar and Rebecca’s blessings.

'It’s the same with domain and ruling ability.’

Grid had many unlucky experiences, so the effect of domain and ruling ability was far more fraudulent than God’s Command.

‘In the future, my enemies will acquire the domain and ruling ability. No, maybe they have already learned it.’

It was an obvious part of someone’s repertoire. This damn world wouldn’t let him off so easily.

‘Will I later die from the domain and ruling ability?’

Of course, he didn’t intend to let it happen so easily.

‘From now on, I am invincible.’

Why?  He had the good luck stat!

“Kuhuhuhut! I will show you the combination of God's Command and good luck!”

God's Command had a 50% chance of resetting the cooldown. What if the good luck stat affected it?

‘There will be a higher than 50% chance of resetting the cooldown!”

Yes, just like a little while ago. There was a low probability of the skill cooldown being reset continuously. Grid believed in the good luck stat and aimed at the wrecked tent in front of him. He took a deep breath and fired Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Wave. It was to confirm the effect of God's Command. But the effect that he expected didn’t activate.

Grid was very confused, but reacted calmly.

“Hu... Hut! Well, it isn’t a 100% chance. It can fail once in a while.”

The good luck stat might be in bad condition. Grid controlled his heart. Then he fired Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Link. The result? The effect of God's Command wasn’t activated and the cooldown wasn’t reset. It was the same when he used Kill and Pinnacle.

“Pant pant. This is really rotten.”

There was a sense of instability. In retrospect, the 5 Joint Attacks skill attached to the Holy Light Gloves and Failure had also barely been seen in the last few months. Unfortunately, Grid’s bad luck was so high that it exceeded his low good luck stat.

“No... Why? Why do I keep getting skills like this?”

A less fraudulent skill. He wanted to get a definite skill that didn’t rely on luck.


Grid’s happiness turned to frustration. No matter how much he thought about it, he had trouble believing in God's Command. Grid came to a conclusion.

"I don’t need to be aware of this skill.”

He would just receive setbacks if he fought with the assumption that God's Command would activate. He would rather fight as usual and thank the gods if God’s Command activated.

 “Yes... God's Command isn’t the only thing I got. I don’t need to be obsessed with it.”

There was the title of Pangea's New Star.

‘I hope it’s a title that increases my good luck.’ 

It was unfortunate because he felt like his luck would be bad forever. He desperately needed the good luck stat. Grid confirmed the information of the title.

[Pangea's New Star 1st Stage]

Stage 1: It is relatively easy to obtain information from the residents of Pangea.

* Every time you destroy a monster community formed in the north, the level and effectiveness of the title will increase.


It was really less than expected. Maybe he felt more disappointed after seeing the hidden passive God’s Command.


Grid sighed deeply and checked the items he received in turn.

[Blessed Weapon Enhancement Scroll]

A scroll used to enhance weapons.

The successful enhancement of a weapon will increase the enhancement value by +1.

If the enhancement fails, the strength of the weapon won’t fall.

[Blessed Armor Enhancement Scroll]

A scroll used to enhance armor.

The successful enhancement of an armor will increase the enhancement value by +1.

If the enhancement fails, the strength of the armor won’t fall.


So far, Grid had thought of blessed enhanced scrolls as enhancement stones. Unlike the West Continent, the East Continent didn’t use an ore for enhancement. It was an item with the same effect, but had a different name and appearance. But that wasn’t it at all. The blessed enhancement scrolls weren’t as strong in enhancement. However, they had tremendous stability.

'Wow, wouldn’t conglomerates buy this for a huge price?’

The success rate of enhancing items was in the decimals. A person could try 100 times and fail 100 times. But the burden on players when enhancement failed wasn’t just a loss in money. The enhancement value of the item would drop every time it failed. That was the biggest problem. But this scroll had the effect of protecting the enhancement value. Wouldn’t the chaebols be willing to spend billions on the blessed enhancement scroll to reach +10?

‘They can’t afford to miss this.’

Wouldn’t it sell for at least 10 million won per scroll?

‘What 10 million? I might sell in the billions.’

The scroll was like a talisman. A language similar to Chinese characters was written on the centre and it could only be obtained on the East Continent.

‘An item that hasn’t been released on the market yet. Its value will be absurd.’

It wasn’t necessary to dispose of the item right away, since Grid gained stability after becoming a landlord. He could watch the trends of the auction house and sell it at the price he wanted, or he could use it himself. Grid checked the next item. It was an item dropped by the Strong Male Rat.

[Strong Male Rat’s Gallbladder]

A very big and bitter gallbladder.

You can fall into shock if you take too much.

However, if it is endured, resistance to poisoning and confusion will permanently increase by 0.5%.

Weight: 4

[Strong Male Rat’s Heart]

A heart filled with the natural strength of the Strong Male Rat.

It is why the Strong Male Rat is so strong. 

Once consumed, strength will permanently increase by 5.

Weight: 2

"Mini elixir!”

He hadn’t obtained any elixirs despite killing so many vampires. The effect was halved compared to normal elixirs, but he would gladly eat it to permanently increase his strength stat. Grid took the heart without hesitation and packed the gallbladder into the inventory. The phrase ‘the possibility of shock’ was annoying, but he was planning to sell it to the Overgeared members.

‘The items dropped by the intermediate boss are great. It should be the same with the Queen Rat’s items.’


Grid hummed in anticipation. He checked the items dropped by the Queen Rat without hesitation.

[The Queen Rat’s Walnut]

A walnut that the Queen Rat stored for a quick meal.

Weight: 1


It was very embarrassing. Grid was stunned for a moment before using the Legendary Blacksmith’s Appraisal skill.


[A hidden function doesn’t exist.]


A walnut soaked in saliva. It stunk like the hamsters’ saliva, so Grid threw it away. It was absurd that a boss dropped a junk item. The angry Grid appraised the next item.

[Queen Rat’s Fur]

The Queen Rat’s fur is called the best fur and has a very high value.

But the Queen Rat is a fierce and powerful monster.

Obtaining the fur of the Queen Rat is like picking a star from the sky.

Weight: 120

[This item has a hidden function.]

[It is rumored that the lord is looking for the fur of the Queen Rat!]

“...This is better.”

It was obvious that it could be sold for an expensive price because it was one of the finest leather materials. But Grid wanted to use it himself rather than sell it.

‘Let’s make a legendary leather armor.’

He didn’t have much interest in the quest. It was too much to waste this precious material on a quest.

‘Obviously, it is a quest that requires a rare item, so the rewards are likely to be enormous.’

But there was a chance that the rewards wouldn’t benefit him, so it was better for him to use it directly. Grid already feel deeply betrayed by the odds of God's Command activating and the walnut. Finally, he was amazed by Idan’s Frying Pan.

“This is real?”

The chef who couldn’t cook, Idan. To be honest, Grid didn’t recognize this quest as important. He coveted the 30% experience, but it was faster to hunt monsters to level up than to waste time searching for the frying pan. The experience given by the monsters of the East Continent was enormous.

But now that idea had changed. Grid placed tremendous significance on Idan’s quest.

‘The experience is just a side benefit.’

He had to increase his affinity with Idan. The enlightened Grid rushed back to Pangea.