Chapter 511

The fuss ended.

Grid watched the restoration work of Lord’s bedroom and asked Kasim for something. It was an extremely personal favor. Kasim hesitated before nodding.


"Thank you for agreeing.”

Grid was satisfied with the answer and summoned Lauel. It was to an office Grid hadn’t used for a long time. No, it was an office that he almost never stepped foot in.

"Why don’t you take over this room? It’s several times larger than your office.”

Lauel handled all tasks related to the guild and territory management. Grid suggested it because he wanted to create a better work environment for Lauel.

"I have been given a lot of power as your proxy, but in the end, I am not you. I don’t dare sit forever in a place where you will have to sit.” 

'It’s serious.’

Lauel seemed to have become affected by historical dramas. Grid smiled at Lauel, who was immersed in the role of a loyalist. Then he was informed by Lauel about the current situation of Overgeared. Grid’s expression distorted.

"I can’t understand what Peak Sword is thinking.”

As a result of this war, losing Cork Island was inevitable. It was too far away, and both Lauel and Grid were aware that they couldn’t defend it. Nevertheless, they pressed on with the war because the benefits were bigger. In fact, Overgeared’s growth had increased by lengths and bounds due to absorbing two territories, Earl Ashur, and the 7,000 Patrian soldiers.

But for Peak Sword, Cork Island was a special territory. He absolutely didn’t want to lose it. Grid belatedly understood his heart.

“I will go to Cork Island.”

He was already familiar with defending territories as a former soldier of the Korean army.  Grid was confident that he could defend Cork Island for months or years.

“It’s my land. I must keep it.”

Grid felt emotional about leaving the responsibility to just Peak Sword. Lauel couldn’t accept it. "It isn’t possible. If your growth stagnates, the Overgeared Guild will suffer a huge loss.”

"But I can’t let Peak Sword do it alone.”

Among his valued colleagues, Peak Sword was special. A fair person who shouted ‘Do you know God Grid?’ anywhere and to anyone. He also cheered, trusted, and supported Grid, handing over his guild and territory to Grid. Grid couldn’t repay his true heart, but he couldn’t ignore Peak Sword when he was in trouble.

“I will go and help Peak Sword. Don’t worry about my growth. If I stay on Cork Island and make items for the soldiers, my stats and skill levels will continue to rise. I can be strong no matter where I am.”

Of course, the rate of growth was much slower than hunting and raising his level. The moment that Grid was being stubborn.

-God Grid, don’t come. It’s funny that I am saying this, but Cork Island is just the tip of Overgeared. It’s impossible to keep it forever. It’s just a waste of time for you to come here.

A whisper came from Peak Sword. It was Lauel’s doing. Grid continued to insist on going, so Lauel sent a whisper to Peak Sword.

-God Grid is the master. I’m just a guild member and the responsibilities I bear can’t be compared to yours. Don’t lose focus by caring about one guild member. Give priority to what you need to do. Become strong enough to take back Cork Island again at any time.


Grid didn’t insist any longer. He decided to accept Peak Sword’s heart because he knew his priorities.

“Then I will go to the East Continent.”

Grid was currently level 317. The vampire cities were no longer giving him a lot of experience. The vampire cities not conquered yet were under a direct descendant. Since the direct descendants were at least an earl, the danger was ridiculously high. But he didn’t yet have the ability to clear the Behen Archipelago. Grid wasn’t strong enough to defeat the legends that had been turned into death knights by Pagma.

It was a stagnant situation. Grid judged it was the proper time to go to the East Continent.

“Take care.”

Grid asked the smiling Lauel one more time.

“It is really okay without me?”

“Yes, of course. Originally, it was a little dangerous. But things have changed after you brought in Kasim.”

In fact, he couldn’t assert that it was completely safe. But Lauel didn’t want to hold on to Grid’s ankles. He exaggerated somewhat to make Grid’s footsteps lighter.

"Then I'm glad. Okay, I have to say goodbye to Irene and...”

Grid was relieved by the answer and left Lauel behind in the office. Grid ran straight to Irene’s bedroom. It was the last time he would share love with his wife before he left. Lauel looked at his back and became very excited.

'My Lord, I will give you a surprise soon.’

If Marquis Steim agreed to support Grid, the Overgeared members would be able to expand the scale of their forces at once and Grid would be qualified to be a king. Grid would have the incredible experience of being a king when hunting on the East Continent. Lauel wanted to see Grid’s shock and delight as soon as possible.


Before going to see Sticks and heading to the East Continent.

“Irene, this is a gift.”

“Oh my... Dear husband, it’s refreshing.” 

After meeting with Irene, they entered the bedroom and Grid gave her pajamas. It was a white one-piece pajama. A legendary rated item.

[Direct Vampire’s Pajamas]

It had the effect of revealing the skin when a person wore it. At first, he thought it was a useless effect.

‘There’s a reason why it’s legendary rated!’

Irene looked more alluring than ever when she wore it. The Direct Vampire’s Pajamas was a stunning item worthy of the legendary rating.


“Dear husband.”

Grid enjoyed Irene’s body, which had become more mature since Lord’s birth, and he used his legendary hand techniques. Irene’s moans that occurred every time Grid’s large and thick fingers moved over her skin became a thrilling melody.


"It’s still dangerous.”

Grid got minerals from the guild warehouse and went to visit Sticks. He heard a negative opinion from Sticks.

"It is estimated that most of the top skills currently on the West Continent came from the East Continent. Looking at this, it is obvious that the overall level of the East Continent is above the West Continent."

Grid knew. In fact, Sticks explained that the Supreme Swordsmanship that Piaro used during his period as a great swordsman originated from the East Continent.

"The reason why the people of the East Continent created stronger skills is due to the harsh environment.”

It was Sticks’ reasoning that the monsters inhabiting the East Continent were much stronger than those on the West Continent. Grid wasn’t nervous about this. Rather, he was quite excited.

"I will become stronger quicker if I fight the strong. Sticks, I want to quickly become stronger. So send me to the East Continent.”

The biggest reason he wanted to become stronger was because his valued family, friends, and colleagues were depending on him.  The second reason was he wanted to surpass Kraugel. It was Grid’s dream to break all the records set by Kraugel and to rise to the top. It was a natural desire to have as a game player.

“No. It’s wiser to go after you have grown more from the vampire cities. Aren’t the vampire cities good hunting grounds?"

One of the few candidates who could cleanse and repair the Contaminated Behen Archipelago. It was Grid. Grid also saved his life and was the father of Lord, his precious disciple. Sticks wanted Grid to behave more reliably. He hoped that Grid wouldn’t take unacceptable risks.

“Those blessed or cursed by the gods... Grid, I know that you have more than one life. But that doesn’t mean you can overcome death completely.”

That’s right. It couldn’t be compared to NPCs who only had one life, but players suffered an enormous loss from death. Their experience dropped, there was a chance of losing items, and the potential to fail certain quests. But how could a user play the game if they were afraid of this?

‘I would play CD games if I was afraid of failure. There are many save points.’

Grid asked Sticks.

"Sticks, will you only use addition if it’s hard to learn multiplication?”


“No? It’s time for me to challenge new times.”

"...I am convinced.”

It was a low-level example, but he could see Grid’s nature from this remark. Maybe Sticks’ egotism had grown as he became older. He realized that his thinking was too narrow and handed a piece of paper to Grid. It was originally an item that Grid had to purchase directly using points earned in the Behen Archipelago.

[East Continent Movement Portal Scroll]

You can go to the starting village of ‘Pangea’ on the East Continent.

Weight: 0.1


It was always good to get a freebie! Grid smiled widely as he said goodbye.

“I’m going.”


Grid used the scroll immediately and was engulfed in light. Sticks was startled by the sight and muttered.

“No... You should also take the return scroll for the West Continent...” 


[You have crossed the Dead Sea and arrived on the East Continent.]

[You are the 31st player.]

[The distance from the West Continent is too far. All forms of contact with players from the West Continent will be blocked.]

[The energy flowing is very dark. Mana regeneration rate will increase by 10%.]

[The gravity here is too strong. Strength and agility will decrease by 10%. Health regeneration will slow down.]

[This is forced due to natural influences. It can’t be resisted.]

"Isn’t this too beneficial for magician type classes?”

Grid didn’t have any large complaints since he had many high mana consumption skills.

“Rather, the 31st player...”

Some new people must’ve stepped on the East Continent.


The East Continent’s starter village, Pangea. Grid looked around and was startled.