Chapter 510

The current Grid was different from the Grid when Lord was born. He honed his control skills in the Behen Archipelago, gained combat experience from the National Competition, strengthened himself through items and raids, and raised his level in the vampire city.

Grid’s steady progress maximized the power of his stats, titles, and items, increasing the effectiveness of his five senses. It was enough to feel the presence of the king of shadows, Kasim, on the ceiling!

“Magic Detection!”


It was so weak that Grid couldn’t be certain, making him use magic. The magic was deployed throughout all of Lord’s bedroom.  He clearly caught Kasim’s presence on the ceiling.

“How dare you!?”

Hiding in his son’s bedroom! The furious Grid pulled out Iyarugt and Sword Ghost, aiming them at the ceiling. However, he couldn’t hit the target.


Grid was startled. The reaction speed of the person on the ceiling was so fast that he got the creeps.


His sense of alertness deepened. In the first place, the person had been hiding in Lord’s room without being noticed by the Overgeared members. It was obvious that the person wasn’t ordinary.


Lord’s safety was the number one priority! Grid hurriedly grabbed the sleeping Lord and aimed Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Wave, towards the person on the ceiling. Kasim on the ceiling was embarrassed.

‘Attacking without asking any questions!’

At the very least, he might have a chance to introduce himself if Grid had asked who he was. But Grid just struck. He was confident Kasim was an enemy. Kasim was forced to resist in order to avoid death.

‘Shadow Move!’


Kasim hid himself in the shadows to hide from the wave of energy hitting the whole ceiling. Then a black sword appeared in front of his eyes as he moved to a new shadow created by the collapsed ceiling debris. Grid used the Slaughterer’s Eye Patch to chase after Kasim and fired Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Kill.

Kasim was astonished.

‘He has grown in the few months I haven’t seen him!’

The stab filled with killing intent that headed towards him! Kasim was about to flee when he was caught by the God Hands. 

‘He blocked all the ways to escape?’

It was a skill that accumulated from countless fighting experiences. It was a level that was hard to deal with. Kasim determined that he might die and used his strength.

“Shadow Soldiers!”


All the shadows that existed in the bedroom responded to Kasim’s call. The shadows formed large and small bodies and created a barrier around Kasim.  Kasim managed to defend against Grid’s Kill and the God Hand’s attacks and then moved. He aimed for the God Hands, not Grid.

The shadow soldiers all threw shadow spears simultaneously. There were exactly 67.


[God Hand (1) has stiffened.]

[God Hand (2) has stiffened.]

[God Hand (3) has stiffened.]

[God Hand (4) has stiffened.]

[God Hand (1) has stiffened.]

[God Hand (2) has stiffened.]




Grid was astonished. The unidentified intruder had a turban wrapped around his whole face and demonstrated an incredible ability to use shadows. All the shadows that existed around him were used for movements, defense and attack, while the defense and attack power were the best. The ability was unmatched compared to Tarma who he met in the National Competition.

Where had this monster suddenly appeared from? A name suddenly popped into Grid’s questioning brain.

‘King of Shadows!’


‘That damn bastard is aiming for me again!’

During the days when Grid was still active in Winston. The assassin called Shay had hired Kasim to kill Grid. He was blocked by Huroi and Euphemina and eventually withdrew.

“Noe! Randy!”

Grid was certain that the opponent was Kasim and used all his power. Kasim was a named NPC. He had a third advancement when Grid met him a long time ago, so it was highly likely he was at the fourth advancement now. Grid judged it would be difficult to handle Kasim by himself and summoned his pets before using Linked Kill Wave.

Ku kwa kwa kwa kwa! Ku kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The walls of Lord’s room were smashed and all of Reidan Castle shook. It was the overwhelming strength of Linked Kill Wave, which could be called Grid’s ultimate attack. However, it was unreasonable to hit Kasim with a non-targeted skill. Kasim avoided the eight strikes of Linked Kill Wave by moving through the shadows and ended up behind Grid.

"Duke Grid, please calm down first and let me spea...”

Kasim attempted a conversation.

"Where are you going?”

Randy copied Grid and threatened Kasim with Link.


Noe’s mouth opened to swallow Kasim. This was followed by the God Hands wielded Mjolnir. Kasim eventually had to use a hidden technique. It was the manifestation of ‘Greed,’ a technique that drew all the shadows to one point and swallowed everything around it. It was Kasim’s unique skill that he created by combining Daluka's Methods and Lantier’s Methods.



“Nyang! Scary!”

Randy, Noe, the God Hands and the furniture in the room. Everything except for Grid was swallowed by the shadow. It was like a black hole, although it naturally wasn’t comparable to the power of the universe. Kasim’s Greed could only swallow the target for 3 seconds before spitting it out. Of course, these 3 seconds exerted absolute force during a battle.

“Duke Grid! I’m not an enemy!”

"Not an enemy?”

Kasim finally got a chance to speak to Grid.  Kasim hurriedly shouted, “I want to become your ally!”

"Ally? You?”

Grid asked like he didn’t understand.


Lord who had fallen into a deep sleep after working too hard the past few days. Despite the turmoil of the battle, the child only woke up now. Then he laughed when he saw that Kasim was in front of him.



Grid was stunned.

“Ah! Father!”

Lord belatedly realized that he was in Grid’s arms and hugged him tightly. Finally, Greed spat out Noe, who shook his tail nervously. 

"I suffered needlessly. If only you talked and resolved it from the beginning, nyang...”

It was because he was born in the human world. Noe was gradually losing the instincts of a memphis, the best demonic best of hell that enjoyed combat and slaughter. A pacifist demonic beast.


“There was a story like this.”

For a long time, Grid heard a lot of stories from Kasim. Kasim’s past. The fall of the Nero. Being wanted by the empire. His relationship with Doran. His observation of Grid. The thoughts he had during the observation period. Protecting Irene and Lord and ultimately becoming Lord’s teacher, etc. Kasim told Grid all of it.

What was Grid’s response?

"Thank you."

Their first meeting was the worst, but that was the past. It was a fact that Kasim protected Irene and Lord, with Lord even testifying directly. Grid wasn’t unscrupulous enough not to feel gratitude. He bowed his head deeply and thanked Kasim. Grid was also greedy. Kasim was the most powerful assassin in existence and the only person who knew Lantier’s techniques. Grid coveted him. He wanted to make Kasim his own person. He also knew he could have Kasim.

Grid’s raised his head and stared straight into Kasim’s eyes.

"Kasim, I will fulfill your desire. Starting today, formally serve me.”

He was in a position where he needed to be hostile to the Saharan Empire. One of Grid’s ultimate goals was to win greater honor and riches, and to destroy the empire for Piaro and Asmophel. However, he knew that it was hard. Maybe it was impossible. But he would challenge it.

"Didn’t you see the possibility when you looked at me? So believe in me and serve me.”

Kasim had no reason to refuse. In the first place, it was also what he wanted.

“I am grateful.” Kasim immediately kneeled and pledged. "I will be your shadow.”

[King of Shadows Kasim has become your knight!]

[Kasim has become a member of Reidan!]

[Your charm has increased by 100!]


This was what he wanted. The thrilled Grid immediately gave Kasim a role.

"I want you to protect my family like you are doing now. In addition, I’d like you to work hard on raising an assassin group. Is it possible?”

"As I said before, there are a number of assassins from the Silver Dragons. They are acquiring Daluka's Methods, so I think it should be sufficient to make an assassins group out of them.”

Grid nodded.

“Okay. From now on, your position is leader of the Overgeared Shadows.”


He didn’t know what Overgeared meant, but it didn’t sound that great. Kasim was troubled, but couldn’t go against his lord. He nodded without saying anything. Grid observed him with the Great Lord's Sword.

Name: Kasim

Age: 36 years old.  Gender: Male

Occupation: Leader of Overgeared Shadows.

Title: Last of the Nero Clan.

* The Nero have dark skin, making it easier to assimilate into the darkness. As the only survivor of the Nero, Kasim gains a large bonus effect when using Stealth. However, some of the power of throwing weapons is reduced due to his too long arms.

Title: King of Shadows

* Maximizes the effects and power of shadow techniques.

Title: Disciple of Lantier

* Knows the theories of Lantier’s techniques. However, he doesn’t have the talent to learn it himself.

Level: 401

Strength: 2,107   Stamina: 1,158

Agility: 4,409     Intelligence: 933

Persistence: 3,550

Skills: Trap Installation (A), Daluka's Methods (A+), Evolved Body Techniques (A), Evolving Techniques (A), Evolved Sword Techniques (A), Evolved Throwing Technique (S), Evolved Assassination (S), Nero’s Stealth Techniques (S), Ultimate Shadow Technique (S+), Lantier’s Methods Knowledge (SS).

It was unfortunate that only one special stat, Persistence, was opened. However, the numerical value of Persistence was unreasonably high. It was much higher than Grid’s persistence. Kasim would never give up. In addition, his high strength and agility demonstrated that his combat ability was equivalent to Asmophel.

‘He is equivalent to Piaro in places with a lot of shadows.’

Grid felt like he had won thousands of troops.