Chapter 909

The first legendary class, Pagma’s Descendant, was the most well-known hidden class to the public. People believed that Pagma’s Descendant was the best class. They were jealous of Grid because they evaluated it as an all-powerful class, providing him with a combat power that rivaled a Sword Saint while allowing him to make legendary items randomly.

This was a misunderstanding though. Pagma’s Descendant wasn’t perfect. It had disadvantages and advantages, just like every class. It had the strong penalty of only being able to make items ‘manually’, and the utility of the combat skills was low compared to combat classes.

Yes, the reason for the bias about Pagma’s Descendant being the strongest class was purely due to Grid. It was a bias created by Grid’s tenacity as he had spent many hours doing ‘manual work’ to create one item, and he had repeated this more than a thousand times. 

Honestly, the S.A Group had a high appreciation of Grid. The S.A Group employees believed that if an ordinary person had obtained Pagma's Descendant, it was unlikely that Pagma’s Descendant would be recognized as the strongest class. It was natural. How many people could repeat the same hard blacksmithing work for hours, days, and years? It was something that had to be done hundreds or thousands of times. Who could do it?

“At the very least, I wouldn’t be able to. I would be under great stress every time I made an item if I had to work like this. My mental state wouldn’t last. Of course, that doesn’t mean it is impossible. I could devote my heart and concentrate if it was for the sake of making money or making my equipment. However, I would only be able to do this occasionally,” the 1st ranked blacksmith Panmir asserted this in front of thousands of players in the capital of the Overgeared Kingdom, Reinhardt.

“Grid is worthy of respect.”

“Come to think of it...”

“It is never easy."

“Is this true? All production classes enjoy the advantage of the automatic production system yet the person who is called the legendary blacksmith doesn’t have it?”

“Panmir wouldn’t lie. He is the one who suffered the biggest damage because of Grid. Would he lie to defend Grid?”

“That’s right. Grid’s abilities are real. The skills he showed in the National Competition prove that he has done manual work more than once or twice.”

These players were all blacksmiths. They were the thousands of blacksmiths who had moved to the Overgeared Kingdom since Grid received the blessing of the blacksmith god, Hexetia.

“You might not be convinced right now, but you will know once you watch from the sidelines. You will surely learn a lot from Grid. However, you also need to be helpful to Grid.” Panmir gave this speech and praised Grid as a ‘greeting’ every time new blacksmiths came. There was only one thing he demanded from new blacksmiths. “Work hard! Grow as much as possible, and you will be rewarded at the end! Under Grid’s teachings, you will someday become a craftsman!”


Rewards would surely follow. The faith that Panmir instilled in them stimulated the enthusiasm of the new blacksmiths. Their motivation was...

“Blacksmiths, please don’t register the items you make on the exchange. Sell them to the Overgeared Kingdom. Not only will we buy your work at a more expensive price but I will also pay you a separate national contribution.” Lauel thoroughly took advantage of this.

He noted that most of the blacksmith players had moved to the Overgeared Kingdom.

‘This incident has led to a blacksmith famine in all kingdoms except for our Overgeared Kingdom. If the Overgeared Kingdom owns the bulk of items that are produced...’

The result was obvious. They would be able to take control of the market. There was a foundation for excessive profits.

Kuk... Kukukuk! Very soon, all players will be wearing Overgeared Kingdom products.”

Good. In the future, their accumulation of wealth would be far beyond that of other powers. Lauel had only one regret.

“...The absence of the eyes.”

It was a terrible shame that his eyes didn’t shine when bathed in the moonlight even while his demon brain worked on squeezing the world. Lauel was frustrated. He couldn’t forget the blue eyes Grid had obtained just a few hours ago.


Grid’s eyes weren’t that special when he looked in the mirror. His dark eyes had a ring of pale blue.

“Pagma’s Eyes.”

The moment the skill was used, the ring of blue thickened and gave off a subtle glow. The mysterious harmony with the silver crown on the black hair gave him an unusual appearance. He was overflowing with a charm that made men and women admire him. However, Grid himself wasn’t excited. It was because Grid didn’t love his own appearance. He didn’t care about how his eyes changed and only considered the realistic parts.

‘Can I use the effect of the Slaughterer’s Eye Patch in this state?’

[The Slaughterer’s Eye Patch is being worn.]

‘It is possible.’ 

Grid turned off the eyes and was deep in thought again.

‘Using the goddess’ blessing on blacksmithing will activate the production button.’

It was stated that the item production speed would increase significantly when automatically making an item. Grid’s existing efficiency could evolve in scale from a family business to a factory.

‘I am worried about depending on the production button because the probability of making high rated items will fall.’

Now, he could relax.

‘If I have the Blacksmith Hammer to Go Against the Gods, I will be able to make items with a higher rating than epic, and I can copy a higher rated item using Pagma’s Eyes.’

Theoretically, Grid could have a small elite unit armed with legendary items.

‘I can temporarily create the greatest power that can raid a great demon...’

Duguen! Duguen! Duguen! Grid’s heart beating like crazy since he knew the power of legendary rated items. The goddess’ blessing, Pagma’s Eyes, and Blacksmith Hammer to Go Against the Gods were like fantastic magic that excited Grid. A splendor similar to the legendary great magician Braham and Undefeated King Madra surrounded his body.

‘...It is a different form of power, but am I not laying the foundation to be on the same level as them?’

A strength comparable to that of the powerful legends of the past... His heart thumped. ‘I’m really scared.’

Grid had been working for many years without giving up. He was thankful to the heavens that gave him good luck. In particular, he was thankful to the colleagues who trusted him and joined him.

“Everybody... Thank you.”

That’s right. Grid, who evolved further and saw new heights, was reminded of his colleagues. He believed that he had been able to grow because of his colleagues.

‘It’s true. I would’ve never been able to reach this far alone.’

Grid had found stability in his heart and gained honor with Yura’s help, and he had founded the Overgeared Guild with Jishuka’s help. Additionally, he had raised his power and intelligence with Lauel’s help and realized that he should refrain from cursing thanks to Huroi. There were also the many colleagues that made Grid who he was now. Grid felt that he owed it all to them.

‘I will surely return the favor to all of you.’

Other people would think it was an absurd vow. The help Grid had given his colleagues was much greater than the help he had received from them. Yet he wanted to repay them? This was due to the difference in status. Grid believed that he had received much more than what he had given to his colleagues. 

‘If the Tzedakah hadn’t contacted me...’

Wouldn’t he still be a village blacksmith, squatting in the corner of a smithy? Then notification windows flashed in front of Grid.

[The daily access time is over.]

[Excessive gaming can adversely affect health. You will be logged out of the game for your protection.]

Grid was Shin Youngwoo. Until a few years ago, Shin Youngwoo had been small and insignificant when compared to Grid.

“Let’s wash up.”

Now, Shin Youngwoo was Grid. He had a body that was hardened by exercise, a spirit that wasn’t easily shaken, and a palace-like house that greeted him.

“You worked hard today.”

He also had his precious family.


“I cooked, so you should eat,” his sister, Sehee, said while pressing the disinfection and deodorization button that came with the Comet Group’s diamond capsule. She knew her brother’s schedule and was ready with towels and a change of clothes.

“Thank you..?” Youngwoo’s face stiffened as he received the clothes from his sister. It was due to Sehee’s angry eyes. Her gaze was as fiery as a heated furnace. “W-What is it?”

“Do you need to ask? I hate people like you.”

“What?” Youngwoo made a really confused expression.

Then Sehee explained to him, “I saw on TV. The enemy was so strong that all the 10 meritorious retainers fought. Why didn’t you call me?”

Sehee’s ID in Satisfy was Ruby. She was the Saintess—a powerful presence that supported her allies by exerting divine power different from ordinary priests. Sehee was very sad. “You should’ve taken me as well. I would’ve been helpful.”

“The opponent was too strong. You would’ve been in danger... Hmm, what... you? Why are you so confident? Your level is low.”

Hah? Don’t you know that I am level 270? I can clear a vampire city with just me and Yerim.”

“The two of you can clear a vampire city? Pffft! Puhahat!! You should bluff less exaggeratedly!”

“I-It is real. Of course, it isn’t a city with a true blood vampire. It is one that you have already cleared...”

“Yes, yes. I’m going to wash up now.” Grid laughed hard enough to tear up. He clearly didn’t believe Sehee’s words. It was nonsense that two players who weren’t even level 300 could clear a vampire city, even if the true blood vampires were gone. Apart from Chris and Yura, most of the 10 meritorious retainers had to clear the vampire cities in a party.

‘Nobody has unlimited resources, even a Saintess. It might be enough of a damage dealer and tanker supports her, but it is impossible with Yerim alone.’

“I’m telling the truth! You idiot!”

“An idiot is calling someone else an idiot~?” Grid stuck out his tongue to tease his sister and headed to the bathroom.


Then on the TV hanging on the living room wall, the notification of a new email was displayed. The sender was the S.A Group. The title of the message was the ‘Demon King Project.’

“That idiot... Huh? What is this?”

The TV’s Internet was linked to Youngwoo’s email address. Since all types of broadcasting requests arrived and it was hard for him to manage alone, he often asked Sehee to handle them. Thus, Sehee didn’t feel any hesitation in reading the Demon King’s Project email and was shocked.

“...Being the demon king without people knowing? Hmm, it is fun. This is great. The rewards are enormous...”

It was an exciting project with the concept of making Piaro, Asmophel, Mercedes, and Noll as the demon king’s four heavenly kings. Sehee reviewed the email positively and checked the date. “It is only three months away.”

The 4th National Competition was arriving sooner than she expected. Of course, Youngwoo thought the same. “This suggestion, I will accept it.”

Shin Youngwoo stood under the stream of water in the shower. There was a dark smile on his face as he checked his email using the TV in his bathroom.

‘It is on the condition that the demon king’s four heavenly kings equip the items that I make.’

He could use the ‘creation’ skill freely since the National Competition’s server was now separate from the main server. In return for the harsh condition of facing hundreds of players alone, Youngwoo planned to demand for the strongest minerals such as pavranium and divine stone. He thought this would be a great opportunity for him.