Chapter 908

The Behen Archipelago was an instance dungeon. It wasn’t a concept where a large number of users entered one dungeon. Rather, the map of the archipelago was copied and newly generated whenever a user entered. In other words, users entering the Behen Archipelago would have the same structure as other players but their progress would be separate.

[Code name 214098 has disappeared.]


Codename 214098 was an existence that occurred in the Behen Archipelago. It was the result of the 41st island where Grid’s class, stats, titles, items, and pets were copied and created. Originally, it was an existence that should’ve been trapped in the Behen Archipelago forever.

[Code name 214098 has been destroyed and Player Grid will be rewarded.]

The clone died while Blackening was still activated, ended up in hell and died in the open world, not the Behen Archipelago.


Could the clone be this easily raided? The members of the operation team watched with fascination as Grid discovered the name of the enemy, destroyed the clone’s armor and won smoothly.

“The reward?”

“What about the reward?”

The employees were agitated. Wasn’t Grid already given compensation when he had killed the clone in the past? Would he be given rewards again?

[Player Grid has cleared the 41st island.]

[Player Grid has acquired one skill level point from the mission clear reward.]

[Player Grid has acquired the skill ‘Blacksmith’s Eyes.’]

“What is this? How did it end up like this?”

“Did the system judge code name 214098 as being on the Behen Archipelago? And so, it gave the compensation for beating the 41st island?”

"Hasn’t Grid already received the rewards for clearing the 41st island? Isn’t this an error?”

This was bad. It was clear that a system error had occurred ever since the existence, that was supposed to only exist in the Behen Archipelago, had entered the open world. The reputation of the supercomputer Morpheus would decrease.

“No, Morpheus will make amends to the rewards under the ‘user motivation’ clause.” Chairman Lim Cheolho appeared at this time to explain. "Satisfy is a world created by people to achieve dreams that they can’t achieve in reality. Efforts must be rewarded. It is unlike irrational reality.”

Killing monsters would give items. This was simple. Grid had to be rewarded because he succeeded in raiding the clone and the rewards given by the clone were limited. As a result, Grid would be rewarded again.

“In any case, it is great...” Lim Cheolho smiled as he watched the heavily wounded young man on the monitor. Several of his accomplishments (even if they were unintended) had saved humanity, making Grid comparable to the Hero King. “A hero falls from the heavens...”

If he continued to grow then wouldn’t he play an active role on the East Continent? The yangbans of the Hwan Kingdom grew at a rate several times faster than Grid. Some corrupted royalty were dominated by them and the yangbans ruled the continent. They would give players a big crisis and wouldn’t they deal a bitter cup of hardships to Grid?

The reason why Chairman Lim Cheolho was so excited about Grid was due to Grid’s tendencies. He was a person who became stronger every day but never collapsed. He wasn’t shaken by the temptation that accompanied enormous power because he cared for his family and companions. Thus, Chairman Lim Cheolho thought that Grid was very reliable.

‘You are more than you seem.’ Did he know?

Yoon Nahee watched with an interested expression as Lim Cheolho watched Grid on the monitor with gratitude in his eyes.

[The compensation for Player Grid has been deemed insufficient. The compensation’s contents are changed from Blacksmith’s Eyes to ‘Code Name 214098’ Eyes.]


Both the team members and Chairman Lim Cheolho freaked out. The eyes of code name 214098, which meant the eyes of Grid’s clone...

[The player needs to be given an intuitive sense of the skill. Changing the name ‘Code Name 214098’ Eyes to Eyes of Pagma-Baal’s Contractor Version.]

It was Baal’s gift. The 1st Great Demon Baal was the one who boasted the best artificial intelligence in Satisfy. He sent the clone to Earth purely for his own amusement, presenting the clone with a power that he had given to Pagma in the past. They were Pagma’s Eyes, otherwise known as the blacksmithing vision skill that the clone possessed!

"Did you predict this?” Team Leader Yoon Nahee carefully asked him.

“It would be terribly arrogant if I said yes. How can I predict what will happen in Satisfy?” Chairman Lim Cheolho shook his head.

Team Leader Yoon Nahee was concerned. “Is it okay if Grid gets Pagma’s Eyes, one of the most powerful skills in the whole world?”

Lim Cheolho retorted with another question. "What’s wrong with that?”


"It’s a power that players should’ve been able to obtain in the first place.”

This was, of course, ignoring the fact that it was seven years ahead of schedule. Chairman Lim Cheolho swallowed down these words while the doubtful Yoon Nahee asked another question,

“What about the gap between players? Kraugel has concluded the seven malignant saints quest, gained Qualification of a Blood King, and possesses the power of the great demons. This allowed him to narrow the gap with Grid. However, now Grid has Pagma’s Eyes. The gap between Kraugel and Grid has once again widened, while Agnus is unable to proceed with the seven malignant saints quest to completion. Haster, who was supposed to be tied with Grid, is now likely to be below Grid after Grid obtained Pagma’s eyes. In the end, it is hard to find a user who can fight against Grid.”

"Won’t the gap just narrow again? Grid’s growth is already moving towards the final stages while the other players haven’t entered the intermediate stages yet.”

In the end, Grid would become stagnant and people would catch up to him. These were the thoughts of the Kim Gun, second in command in the operations team. He saw the matter of the gap between players as a problem that would be solved with time.

However, Yoon Nahee gave a different opinion. "On what basis do you think that Grid’s growth is in the final stages? Is it because he doesn’t have many class quests remaining? Is it because he received most of Pagma’s hidden pieces? No... As long as Grid continues to make new and powerful items, his growth will never end.”

Even if Kim Gun’s thoughts were correct...

“The problem now is the upcoming 4th National Competition. Without a single opponent to stop Grid in the National Competition, there will be an adverse effect.”

"Ah, yes...”

That’s right. If this continued, at least three events would be considered Grid’s win and would reduce the public’s interest. Kim Gun made an embarrassed expression and Yoon Nahee sighed.

"We can’t restore the balance like we can with the NPCs.”

It wasn’t just games but novels and movies. It was inevitable that too strong beings would be suppressed in the interest of drama. However, the person involved was a player. There would be a big problem if the management suppressed those who built up their strength through individual efforts.

“The next National Competition.” The silently listening Lim Cheolho finally gave his opinion, "The new event, ‘Demon King’s Subjugation,’ will be added. How about we ask Grid to take the role of the adversary?”


It was an unexpected remark! Lim Cheolho laughed at the baffled Yoon Nahee and Kim Gun. "Piaro, Mercedes, Asmophel, and the true blood vampire Noll... Doesn’t Grid have many powerful, demon-like subordinates?”


What? How did he even come up with this idea? Chairman Lim Cheolho’s bright smile made Yoon Nahee uneasy.

"We will add the ‘Defeat the Demon King’s Four Heavenly Kings’ mission to the event. On the National Competition’s server, make Grid the demon king, his subordinates the four heavenly kings, and have the players defeat them. In addition, the viewers and participants shouldn’t be aware of the identity of the demon king and the four heavenly kings. It will be a surprise event.”

"It’s an interesting idea, but you're only thinking about it from the view of the management. Will Grid even accept the suggestion when he is a player? It doesn’t make much sense for him to participate when he won’t win medals...”

"Why can’t he win medals? Every time the demon king and four heavenly kings win, Grid will get a medal.”


Yoon Nahee and Kim Gun couldn’t refute Chairman Lim Cheolho’s absurd idea. Was it because they were afraid of losing their jobs? No. The chairman’s idea would contribute greatly to the success of the competition. In particular, it was good to hide that Grid was the demon king.

“If we change the name and effects of the skills that Grid uses, there won’t be much trouble concealing his identity. How about it? Isn’t it great?”


Yoon Nahee and Kim Gun couldn’t deny it. Yes, the present Grid was such an unparalleled presence that he could be called the demon king. Of course, this was just among players.

‘It is a good balance since the other Five Miracles, apart from Kraugel, won’t participate in the competition.’

The smile on Lim Cheolho’s mouth widened. The Satisfy National Competition paved the way for players to evolve from participating in the competition to actually being in the competition!



“God Grid! God Grid!! God Grid!!”

Shouts filled the city that had been partly destroyed by the splendid and fierce battle. People were fascinated by Grid’s power that knocked down his clone, who had threatened high rankers alone. Grid’s irises turned blue. His once black eyes, reminiscent of obsidian, now contained the deep sea.


Flop! While the Murray Kingdom soldiers, knights and players were cheering, Lauel alone fell to his knees. It felt like he lost all strength in his legs once he saw that Grid had pupils similar to characters in cartoons.

“I’m...I’m envious...”


Grid ignored the crying Lauel and checked the information of the newly acquired skill.

[Eyes of Pagma-Baal’s Contractor Version Lv. 1]

You can check and copy the stats, options and production method just by looking at the target item.

However, in order to copy the item, you must use an item that you have created yourself as a material. In addition, the difference in rating of the target item and the item used as the material must be within one grade. The item used as the material can’t be recovered.

* Skills that belong to the target item might not be copied.

* The duration of the duplication is one day. The copied item that has reached the end of this duration will be permanently destroyed.

Skill Resource Consumption: One item.

Skill Cooldown Time: 1 hour.

* Pagma’s Eyes, which were able to check the information of the target item just by looking at it, evolved as soon as Pagma contracted with 1st Great Demon Baal.

Under the contract, Baal could intervene with Pagma’s soul and give Pagma more power. This power was later transmitted to Pagma's Descendant.


Grid wanted to secure pavranium. However, the God Hands didn’t drop and he failed to secure pavranium. He got something much bigger than pavranium.

Duguen! Duguen!

Grid’s heartbeat accelerated after discovering that the new skill had endless versatility.

“Eyes... I also...”

Lauel looked like a child as he cried in the corner.