Chapter 259

Chapter 259

The day before the seven guilds invaded Reidan.

Pon and Regas travelled through the desert and discovered a dungeon entrance that reminded them of an ant hill.

“This dungeon isn’t marked on the map, is it?” Regas asked.

Pon checked the map and nodded. Then Regas immediately entered the dungeon. There was no time to stop him. It was a really remarkable performance. Pon followed after Regas. 

10 seconds after they entered the dungeon. The entrance to the dungeon disappeared into the desert.



Pon and Regas were surprised after entering the dungeon, and then a series of notification windows appeared in front of them.

[You have entered the Vampire’s Underground City (13).]

[Benefits will be given to the first dungeon finders! The gold and item drop rate in the dungeon will increase by 8%! This benefit will last for 10 days and will disappear when you die.]

It was regrettable that the experience rate didn’t increase, but it was still good. But the rest was the problem.

[The entrance of the dungeon is blocked. Contact with the outside world will be blocked.]

[You can’t escape the dungeon until you have died or kill the dungeon boss.]

It was an unusual type of dungeon. The most powerful duo in Overgeared were tasked with ‘collecting information about the western dungeons and finding the ideal hunting ground.’ This was the moment that they fell into a desperate crisis.

"We’re trapped...”

Pon was well aware of vampires. They were a top-ranking combat species that possessed attack cancelling skills and enchanting skills. They were especially strong in dark places. The entry of light was completely blocked and they were trapped in a city of vampires...

‘We will die.’

As Pon was feeling frustrated, Regas looked at the dungeon unfolding before him with bright eyes.

"Isn’t it unbelievably amazing here?”

High buildings and pointed spires. Gothic buildings reminiscent of Notre Dame Cathedral and Cologne Cathedral were scattered throughout the dark dungeon. The spectacular and dreary scenery overwhelmed the onlookers, but Regas was pleased about finding a new dungeon.

“We should hunt before the buff ends.”


Anyone would be afraid of the death penalty. In particular, it was more severe for rankers. But Regas wasn’t afraid of death. He might be 12th on the unified rankings, but he enjoyed the challenge.

'In any case, this is fun.’

Regas smiled at the sight.

Pon smiled and moved.

“Let’s go.”

They had to fight anyway, so they should do it thoroughly. It would be ideal if they killed all the vampires and boss before the buff ended.

Pon and Regas moved in secret. It was the start of an epic struggle.


Jude. He was Grid’s knight and served at the captain of the security forces in Reidan. He would stop any harm from happening to Duke Grid’s city.

This was Jude’s perspective.

“Captain, get some rest now.”

“I don’t want to.”

There was no rest for Jude. He always tried to maintain Reidan’s safety, except for when he slept. He even ate when he was patrolling.

‘Captain is admirable.’

‘I have to work harder!’

Jude chewing dry bread while patrolling became a model for the soldiers. The soldiers of Reidan became more diligent every day. They endured the harsh training and their growth speed was very fast. They were basically overgeared soldiers, so it was only a matter of time before they were reborn as elites.

"Today. Reidan. Safe.”

Jude didn’t know.

One night a week ago. Hundreds of people had tried to invade Reidan while he was sleeping. He never knew that they were repelled by only four farmers. Was it because he was an idiot with only 20 intelligence?

No. This was Lauel’s intent. Lauel didn’t announce the Reidan invasion so that the people weren’t disturbed. It was easy to cover up.  It was night time and the enemies could only reach the wheat fields outside the walls. They even retreated quickly. Only a few people knew about what happened that night. It was sad, but Jude wasn’t included in this minority.

“Jude. Today. Strong.”

Today, Reidan was peaceful. The people believed it was due to Jude’s merits.

“Captain Jude! Please work hard today!”

"Thank you!"

Jude was proud every time people greeted him. He worked harder as he patrolled. Everything was for Duke Grid.


[The hidden quest ‘Fun and Enjoyable Training!’ has been completed.]

As soon as the notification window popped up, Kraugel put down the farming equipment that he had been holding for a month.

‘The end.’

It was disappointing. He was glad to be able to leave on new adventures, but he was sorry to say goodbye to Reidan.  In hindsight, this was the first time he’d stayed in one place for so long.

‘I’ll miss it.’

He looked over the vast wheat fields. The fun and precious memories from the last month, which couldn’t be forgotten, were engraved on his mind.

“I’m leaving.”

He approached an impressive middle-aged man with a commanding presence and deep gaze. The fact that he wasn’t a simple person could be seen from his eyes.

Piaro. The first ranked Kraugel couldn’t win against him in the end. Kraugel smiled gently and bowed deeply to him.

"Thank you for everything.”

It was the luck of a lifetime that he met Piaro. Thanks to working tirelessly in the field and sparring with Piaro, Kraugel could finally cross the wall. Sword Saint 4th Stage. There was one more step until he became a sword saint.

“You should come back here often. You’re always welcome.”

Piaro reached out his hand. It was a dirty hand covered with calluses. Kraugel could see a little bit of the road that Piaro had been walking in the meantime. Kraugel grabbed the hand politely.

“Yes, Brother.”

Then when he next came to visit...

‘I will be the best.’

Kraugel had been greatly disappointed when Piaro became a farmer. He thought that Piaro gave up the road to being a sword saint. But that wasn’t it. He realized it when they were together. Piaro didn’t give up. He chose a more suitable path for himself.

The class wasn’t important. It was important that he was a legend. Currently, Piaro succeeded in combining farming equipment with swordsmanship, and Sword Saint Muller couldn’t even be compared. Piaro had become the strongest man. In order to compete with him...

‘I also have to become a legend.’

Sword saint. It didn’t matter how long it would take, Kraugel was determined to achieve it. He wanted to become equal to Piaro and face him.


‘I have noticed.’

A man wearing a straw hat was saying goodbye to Piaro. He didn’t take off his hat to the end. Faker followed him and as soon as he left Reidan, he used White Light Steps.

‘It truly is him...’

Faker was convinced after seeing the white light.

‘The sky above the sky.’

The peak of two billion users, Kraugel. It wouldn’t be hard for him to throw Faker off his scent. A faint smile broke out on Faker’s face. Kraugel had a relationship with Reidan and might become a positive influence on Grid later on.


[The hidden quest ‘Fun and Enjoyable Training!’ has been completed.]

It was eight days after Kraugel left. Damian also finished the quest.


Damian confirmed his ascending stats and skill level from the quest reward and was filled with joy. It was unbelievable compensation for such a short period of time. Damian achieved a dramatic growth compared to three weeks ago.

“It would’ve been nice to share this joy with Rin-chan.”

Damian felt regret. He turned his attention to the horizon beyond the wheat field.

'Now I just have to wait for Grid.’

Today was the day that Grid was scheduled to return. Damian was filled with expectations.

‘If Grid could seal Lifael’s Spear...’

Isabel-chan could be saved. On the other hand, he was worried.

'What if Grid refuses my request?’

The Grid that Damian knew was a very greedy person. He couldn’t imagine that such a person would help others out of simple goodwill.

‘Lauel says I should have faith, but...'

He had to prepare for the worst. Damian started to prepare the treasures to be given to Grid. He disposed of all items except for his main equipment, and even changed his savings to gold.

'I’m willing to sell my house...’

Damian firmed up his heart.

And that night.

Grid finally returned. Asmophel was with him.

“Have you been well?”

Grid returned after five weeks and was now level 295. He grew even more after a long journey, making the Overgeared members overwhelmed. In particular, Lauel was feeling a thrill.


The eyes that shone with a red light! It was completely to Lauel’s taste. Grid scratched his head as he looked at the people around him. His eyes were tinged with affection.

"What happened?”

Damian shook his head from where he was standing behind the Overgeared members and looked at Grid. 

‘What’s this? He doesn’t know that his city was invaded?’

The invasion of Reidan by the seven guilds was a global issue. Even people who didn’t play Satisfy a lot were aware of this incident thanks to the news. Therefore, it was surprising that the person involved, Grid, wasn’t aware of it.

Lauel laughed. "Were you so busy with the quest that you didn’t watch TV?”

"Yes. I’m so busy playing the game that I reduced my sleeping time.”

This quest was annoying in many ways. It was a long distance to Titan and Asmophel’s mansion was hard to find. It was due to the wards installed by Dark Bus. Grid trembled as he recalled the day he saw Titan, the biggest city on the continent, much bigger than Reidan. He was lucky that the last boss was weak. If the opponent had been strong, he would’ve started crying.

‘I had a hard time but it was worth it. The reward was good and most of all, it was linked with a hidden quest.’

Grid wanted to finish this quest by reuniting Piaro and Asmophel as soon as possible. Then he would logout, wash, and go to sleep. He also missed his mother’s meals. He hadn’t seen the faces of his family for several days.

"But why are you talking about the TV? What happened?”

"Just something trivial... You can check it slowly later on.”

“I have something separate to do. Where’s Piaro’s house?”

Grid questioned and Lauel and the Overgeared members guided him. Damian noticed that it wasn’t his turn yet and followed them silently.

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