Chapter 258

Chapter 258

‘He’s evidently from the Rebecca Church!’

Why did the person with the power to kill two of the Yatan’s Servants appear in front of him now? It was to kill Dark Bus. Grid was the secret weapon of the Rebecca Church. He existed in order to obstruct the tasks of our church.

Dark Bus misunderstood. It was a reasonable misunderstanding.

‘I must kill him here. If we allow him to run free anymore, our church will be in a quandary.’

Dark Bus continued to cast magic on Grid, who was focusing on fighting with the soldiers. But it wasn’t easy to hit him. It was difficult to find a gap due to Grid’s proper use of the terrain, and the golden blades responded quickly to repeatedly block the magic.

‘Shit... He’s someone who defeated Neberius, and I can’t raise my attack power.’

Dark Bus specialized in curse magic, but his attack magic was weak. He was the best at making a plot and directing the stage, but his combat power was the weakest among the Yatan Servants.

‘Why curse magic...!?’

The fundamental problem was that Grid was fully resistant to curses. Dark Bus couldn’t exert any power against him. It was really the worst situation. Dark Bus wondered about what to do and quickly recalled something.


Asmophel was the next greatest swordsman after Piaro. He lost his skills over the past years, but he was still stronger than a regular knight.

‘He has recently recovered from the wound given by Piaro... In the past few years, he has been constantly taking God Yatan’s essence.’

If Dark Bus strengthened him with magic power, the strongest monster would be born.

‘Overgeared! This place will be your grave today!’

Dark Bus shouted with a smile.

“Come out! Asmophel!”

Dark Bus was the friendly courier bringing Grid’s quest target to him. He was the popular type.


Two soldiers crossed the garden and stabbed at Grid. A notification window popped up in front of Grid while he avoided the attacks.

[Your demonic power has increased by two.] 

Demonic power. It was unfortunate stat that allowed him entry to hell if the number increased enough. Every time he killed a user or NPC, this stat increased by one.

Hell, the name was ominous, so he didn’t want to go there.

‘The useless stat keeps on rising.’

Grid examined the battlefield. There were 61 soldiers remaining. There was also the black magician that was as annoying as a fly. If he killed all of them, his demonic power would rise to 154.

‘There is the possibility that reinforcements will arrive.’

Should he borrow his pet’s hands? Would his demonic power soar if he killed a person with his pet? Randy hadn’t killed anyone when he fought the White Wolf Guild. Randy played a supporting role while Grid massacred them. Therefore, there was no basis for this premise.

It was worth experimenting. Grid pulled Noe out of the inventory. There was no need to summon Randy to experiment. He didn’t want to distribute his experience between two pets.

“Jjang! The best demonic beast of hell has emerged! Nyang!”

Noe wanted to appear nicely and stretched out his limbs. But his limbs were so short that it looked funny rather than nice.

‘How come he’s getting cuter?’

Grid wanted to say. Along with the sound effect... How was this guy a demonic beast from hell? Grid laughed and confirmed Noe’s status window.

Name: Noe

Species: Memphis

Level: 151

Status: Happy

(Ohhhh! This gorgeous appearance has emerged! Nyahahat!)


-Current Skills List-

[Fluidization] [Soul Ingestion] [Scratch] [Bewitchment]


Noe acquired the Bewitchment skill when he reached level 150. It was a useful skill that caused the enemy to lose their will to fight. The imperial soldiers might have excellent skills, but they weren’t a match for Noe. Noe could hunt much higher level monsters if he used his skills well. Unless Noe wasn’t alert and allowed attacks, it was a fraudulent existence. 

Grid defended against the magic coming from the black magician with the pavranium, while ordering Noe at the same time.

“Go on a rampage.”


Noe flapped his small wings and flew to a soldier. The soldier tried to shake Noe off, but he was very slippery. He lightly moved to the side and stretched out his short legs. The moment the soldier was struck with the soft pink soles, the soldier witnessed stars revolving around his head.

‘It hurts?’

To the soldier’s astonishment, blood poured down from the wound. The cat followed up with the sharp claws.

“Nya nya nya nya nyang!”

Noe wielded his paws at a speed that wasn’t visible. The soldier’s face quickly became bloody.

“This crazy cat!”

The soldier struggled to shake Noe off. He waved his sword around. But Noe didn’t stop attacking while evading. Relentless and cruel. He truly was a demonic beast of hell.


Grid’s face distorted the moment the soldier collapsed.

[125,600 experience has been acquired. Some experience has been distributed to your pet ‘Noe.’]

[Your demonic power has increased by one.]


It seemed that his demonic power rose even when it was his pet doing the murdering. Therefore, Grid didn’t hesitate. He recalled Noe in order to monopolize the experience, and started the slaughter.

Grid constantly used the Hooded Zip Up and started wielding two greatswords. The soldiers were unable to cling to Grid’s body due to the moving barrier of golden blades. They died in vain.

‘Just a little bit more.’

Grid’s eyes fixed on the entrance of the mansion after killing three soldiers with the Doppelganger’s Greatsword.

There. Asmophel was in that mansion. This long journey ended with killing him. The quest reward would increase Piaro’s affinity to the maximum, then...

‘Piaro, be my sword.’

Grid was thrilled with excitement at the thought of gaining a great swordsman as a subordinate.


The warlock guarding the entrance of the mansion fired magic again. Grid frowned.

‘This bug is annoying.’

A black magician was very weak.  Based on the level of attack magic used, it seemed like he was only around level 200. But he was a little annoying to Grid. Grid took care of the remaining soldiers and then rushed to the mansion. He was ready to quickly get rid of this black magician and fight against Asmophel.

‘Did he hear the disturbance and already run away?’

The moment Grid was worrying about this...

“Come out! Asmophel!”

The sloppy looking black magician shouted and a slender man appeared. The name above his head was clearly Asmophel.


His target was coming to him? Grid was surprised by the unexpected development and the black magician shouted.

"Your rampage ends here! You will receive divine punishment...!”

Dark Bus couldn’t finish his cry. It was because Grid’s Failure had already hit his neck. 


Dark Bus fell with a moaning sound that was similar to the wind blowing. The Doppelganger’s Greatsword was embedded deep into his heart.


The incensed Dark Bus jumped up. He had the weakest combat power of the Yatan Servants. However, he was a named boss so his health was in the millions. He wouldn’t die from these two strikes.

Grid questioned.

‘Why hasn’t he died yet?’

Grid didn’t know Dark Bus’ identity. He just thought the opponent was a simple black magician. He assumed that one or two blows would kill Dark Bus. However, he had unexpectedly high health. Therefore, Grid used his insight and confirmed Dark Bus’ attack power.


It was the combat power of a field boss. Then why was he so weak?

‘Anyway, I think he is the mid-boss of this quest.’

Grid determined and pulled out Failure and the Doppelganger’s Greatsword. Blood sprang out from both of Dark Bus’ injuries. Failure and the Doppelganger’s Greatsword rose above his head before once again descending.

Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Pinnacle. It exerted tremendous power.


Deep wounds were carved on both of Dark Bus’ shoulders. Dark Bus couldn’t understand it at all.

‘Mana Shield is useless!’

The opponent was stronger than imagined. If this continued, he would die. It wasn’t good to face Grid from the front. Dark Bus hid behind Asmophel. Then he tried to command the brainwashed Asmosphel who was standing around like a doll. But Grid’s actions were faster.


The shockwaves aimed at Dark Bus.  He was filled with pain as his neck was struck.



[Failure’s option effect is activated, causing the skill ‘Bisect’ to be generated.]

[Failure’s option effect is activated, causing the skill ‘5 Joint Attacks’ to be generated.]


Dark Bus lost his head and collapsed. It was truly the last attack.

“Why is a magician so durable... Huh?”

Grid clicked his tongue at the persistent health. Then notification windows flashed in front of Grid.

[You have defeated the Seventh Servant Dark Bus, who spread chaos through the world!]

[You have saved the Saharan Empire from a crisis by interfering with the conspiracy of the Yatan Church.] 

[Reputation throughout the continent will rise by +3.000.]

[You currently have 28,110 reputation throughout the continent. You can use the Reputation Store when your reputation reaches over 30,000.] 

[The title ‘Secret Hero’ has been obtained.]

[The title 'Yatan Servant’s Slaughterer’ has been obtained.]

[Three Blessed Weapon Enhancement Stones have been acquired.]

[Seven Blessed Armour Enhancement Stones have been acquired.]

[Three deluxe magic stones has been acquired.]

[Dark Bus’ Earrings have been acquired.]

[Dark Bus’ Ring has been acquired.]

[88,052,440 experience has been acquired.]

[Your level has risen.]


Grid was stunned. A Yatan Servant? This weak guy?

Asmophel was liberated from the brainwashing and approached Grid, who was staring blankly at Dark Bus’ corpse.

"The hero who punished the wicked Yatan Servant. My savior... Can you listen to my unfair story?”

[’The True Traitor of the Red Knights (SS)’ quest has been changed to the ‘Hidden Story (Hidden)’ quest.]

What was this situation?


The question marks in Grid’s head didn’t disappear. Asmosphel spoke as Grid made a stupid expression.

"One day, Empress Marie came to me.”

It was a long story. Asmophel explained in detail how Marie approached him and sowed discord with Piaro. The Yatan Essence. A single drop of it could extremely weaken the human mind and cause the body’s mana to become chaotic.

He talked about the process of being brainwashed by Dark Bus and becoming a perfect puppet. Asmophel was trembling and crying when talking about being used, and eventually ruining Piaro and his colleagues.

“Someday... If the day comes when you meet a man called Piaro, please tell him this. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.”

Asmophel pulled out his sword and pointed it at his own neck. He moved the sword without any hesitation. Asmophel’s sword touched his neck. He intended to atone for his atrocities with death.

But he couldn't die. Grid stopped him before the sword could deeply pierce his neck. Grid reached out to him.

“Don’t leave it to others and apologize directly.”

The first condition of the hidden quest that Grid obtained was the reunion of Piaro and Asmophel. The people who were praised as the pillars of the empire in the past were about to be reborn as Reidan’s pillars.

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