Chapter 299

Chapter 299

The premise of this raid’s success was the obstruction of Blood Field. But in the end, that failed. Elfin Stone opened his real power and succeeded in using Blood Field. The chances of this raid succeeding declined exponentially. If Elfin Stone couldn’t be defeated in the next three minutes, Grid’s party wouldn’t be able to avoid annihilation.

‘I need more power.’

There was no room to be leisurely. Grid pulled out two accessories from his inventory.

[Dark Bus’ Ring]

Rating: Unique

Durability: 15/15

A ring worn by the 7th Yatan Servant, Dark Bus.

The wearer’s mana is constantly consumed, and the dispel function will depend on this.

* 50 mana per second will be consumed by the ring. If the consumed mana reaches 5,000 then you can use Skill Deletion twice in 10 minutes.

* If you lose more than 5,000 mana and Skill Deletion isn’t used twice within 10 minutes, the ring will overload and explode. At this time, the wearer will suffer a deadly wound and the ring is permanently destroyed.

* Within 3 minutes of wearing the ring, the ring will disappear if you don’t lose more than 5,000 mana.

* Skill Deletion is only used when the hand wearing the ring touches the desired skill.

* Skill Deletion doesn’t apply to skills with a continuous effect.

User Restriction: Level 300 or higher.

Weight: 0.1

A thin black ring. There were severe restrictions on the use and the conditions were tricky. In particular, Grid’s total mana was only slightly above 4,000. In order to properly use Dark Bus’ Ring, he needed to take mana potions and use skills systematically. It definitely hurt in many ways, but...

‘The performance is excellent.’

He had mastered the use during the process of beating Kamiyan. Grid wore the ring then pulled out small black earrings.

[Dark Bus’ Earrings]

Rating: Legendary

Durability: 55/55

Earrings worn by the 7th Yatan Servant, Dark Bus.

A vehicle to summon a great demon, it has powerful black magic. 

There is enough magic power to control the body and mind of the wearer.

* The skill ‘Blackening’ can be used every 12 hours.

* The maximum duration of Blackening is 5 minutes.

*The frequent use of Blackening has the potential to awaken you as a non-human being.

User Restriction: Level 300 or higher. Has a reserve of black magic power.

Weight: 0.1

The conditions of user were simple compared to the ring, but it was dangerous.

‘I don’t mind.’

If he didn’t use it now, when would he use it? There was no point saving it. Grid wore the earrings without hesitation. Then he used the new skill he acquired after reaching level 300.

“Item! Combi!! Nation!!!”

Grid was expecting a cool scene from a movie.

Bam bam bam~ baaaam~

He expected a magnificent background music while the two items fused together nicely. But reality was a gutter.

[Take out your hammer and anvil.]

After the notification window emerged, his body moved and pulled out a hammer and anvil. Then...

[Put the two items to be combined on top of the anvil.]


It was a completely unexpected coercion. Grid was baffled. However, he couldn't afford to waste time.  He hurriedly did as the system directed. He placed Lifael’s Spear and Failure on top of the anvil.

At that moment.

[Try to combine Lifael’s Spear and Failure.]

Ttang! Ttang!

His body moved on its own again. Regardless of his will, Grid started hammering the items. Item Combination was a skill where forced motion was applied.

‘I look stupid.’

Squatting and hammering during a battle? What type of skill was this? Grid inwardly cursed.

"This person has become crazy from fear.”


Elfin Stone treated him as a madman. Even the party members had shame in their gazes. Grid felt embarrassed and like it was unfair. A notification window appeared in front of him.

[Analyzing the time required to combine the items. Please wait for a moment.]





[The analysis has succeeded! It will take 43 seconds to combine Lifael’s Spear and Failure.]

[Keep hammering for 43 seconds.]

‘This is crazy!’

A chill went down Grid’s spine. He had to hammer for 43 seconds during a battle? Wasn’t it asking the enemy to eat him? Furthermore, the opponent was the strongest boss.

‘This is bad.’

The party members asked the pale Grid.

{What are you doing? Why are you hammering? Did you eat something bad?}

{Grid, no matter how desperate the situation, calm down and act wisely.}

He was treated as a completely crazy person. Grid explained the situation.

{These are the motions of a newly acquired skill. I need you to buy me 40 seconds.}


The party members frowned. A skill that had forced motions during a battle. It was also 40 seconds? It just sounded like nonsense. However, there was no reason for Grid to be joking. The party members checked on Elfin Stone.

Elfin Stone kept an eye on Grid.

“It’s suspicious.”

The blue greatsword and golden spear emitted a strong aura every time Grid hammered. Elfin Stone was nervous.

"I don’t know what you’re doing, but I won’t let you.”


Powerful magic started to concentrate on the blood-drenched ground. It was the forerunner of Blood Wave, a magic linked with Blood Field.

“Protect Grid!”

On this cracking ground, the wave of magic power aimed at Grid. Zednos detected this and acted to protect Grid.

“Do you think you can stop me?”

Elfin Stone was overflowing with confidence. He had absolutely faith in himself now that Blood Field was deployed. And the reason for his faith was shown as the magic was deployed.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Waves of red magic sprang from the ground and flooded towards the Overgeared members. Vantner used Thousand Shields and Zednos triggered Wind Curtain. The two skills boasted excellent magic resistance, but it wasn’t enough to handle Blood Wave.


Kwa kwa kwa kwang!


“Ah! I will die!”

Thousand Shields shattered while Wind Curtain was scattered like an illusion. Vantner and Zednos were hit by Blood Wave and fell down. Blood Wave continued despite the actions of the two men.

The goal was Grid. Peak Sword interrupted.

"Draw Sword, Annihilate.”


The moment Peak Sword drew his sword, light gleamed and crossed Blood Wave. It was possible because Blood Wave’s power was weakened by Vantner and Zednos’ sacrifice.

“Okay! Eek?”

He protected God Grid! Peak Sword’s excited face suddenly distorted with pain. It was because his thighs were pierced by red thorns that emerged at his feet.


Peak Sword’s movement speed significantly reduced. Elfin Stone moved past him.


Peak Sword couldn’t let him pass and put a hand on his sheath again.

[You have suffered 9,980 damage.]


The notification window was accompanied by intense pain. He wasn’t able to recognize it, but he was hit by Iyarugt.

"It’s natural to kneel before me.”

Elfin Stone checked that Peak Sword was down and got closer to Grid. Grid saw it and checked the remaining time.

[There are 27 seconds until the items are combined.]

‘Should I cancel the skill?’

No, he couldn’t do that now. He would believe in his companions and wait.

“Don’t go.”

In response to Grid’s belief, the duo of Pon and Regas blocked Elfin Stone’s path.



The spear and unpredictable attacks aimed at Elfin Stone. But Elfin Stone was freed from Lifael’s Spear, so he could avoid their attacks by turning into smoke.

“Shouldn’t you understand the subject?”


Elfin Stone’s body scattered as smoke before returning to its original form. The location was behind Pon and Regas.


The scared Pon and Regas aimed their spears and fists behind them. However, Iyarugt was faster.




The red sword slashed at Pon and Regas’ chest. The two people suffered huge damage and had to take a health potion. However, only 20% of the potion’s effect was applied thanks to the influence of Blood Field.


Faker appeared behind Elfin Stone, who was trying to deal the finishing blow to the duo. Elfin Stone was always hit by Faker’s surprise attack, but now he was different. Faker’s swiftness and stealth were useless in front of the fully powered Elfin Stone.

“Blood Tornado.”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Blood winds stirred around Elfin Stone’s body. Faker wasn’t able to attack Elfin Stone and was blown away.

“Too strong.”

Jishuka bit her lip as she fired arrows to cover her companions. Elfin Stone was too strong. She didn’t know how to deal with him.


Elfin Stone ran wild like a fish that met water and finally burst out laughing. He felt great pleasure in knocking down the humans who dared threaten him.

“Now! Only the two of you are left!”

Grid was still hammering and Jishuka was protecting him. Elfin Stone’s gaze was fixed on both of them. Around him were the collapsed Overgeared members. Blood Field was constantly taking their health and they would die within a minute.

“I will eat until I’m satisfied!”


Elfin Stone leapt energetically and narrowed the distant to Grid and Jishuka instantly. Jishuka used Multi-shot and Dancing Arrows to try and slow Elfin Stone’s momentum, but it was wishful thinking.


Blood rose from Jishuka’s smooth shoulders and Elfin Stone finally reached Grid.



The red Iyarugt responded to Elfin Stone’s call and aimed for Grid. At the same time, the sword emanated an abnormal sharpness that seemed like it would stab right through Grid’s armor.

“This is the end!”

Ttang! Ttang!

Grid was still hammering. Iyarugt was bound to be stabbed into his neck. The Overgeared members closed their eyes.

‘This is the end.’

They didn’t know what the newly acquired skill was, but it wouldn’t work since it took too long to activate. It was over. The Overgeared members were desperate while Elfin Stone was delighted.

[The items have successfully combined!]

The notification window he had been waiting for finally appeared. A smile appeared on Grid’s face.



Black magic exploded.

‘This power...!’

Amazement appeared on Elfin Stone’s face.


The gold-blue greatsword collided with Iyarugt and the earth shook. The ensuing blood that scattered came from Elfin Stone.

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