Chapter 298

Chapter 298

‘This is the ability of a human?’

Elfin Stone had existed for over 350 years. Over the years, he’d met countless humans. Among them were genii as well as those called warriors. But in the end, they were inferior. For Elfin Stone, humans were just prey to be hunted and eaten.

But his perception changed at this moment. Extreme Blood Transfusion, that couldn’t be seen with the naked eye, was blocked by a sword? It was outstanding. This person wasn’t inferior.

Elfin Stone’s face twisted.

‘It is like Braham said.’

Braham, the first one to give him anger and pain. Braham did all types of bad things and was eventually banished.

[Do you fail to understand my inquiring mind even until the end? Brethren, you are worse than humans. The humans you regard as livestock aren’t lazy. They are different from us, they are always working and developing. One day a transcendent entity will emerge that will threaten us, and it will be a human.]

‘That damn bastard...!’

Braham Eshwald, who studied human magic and vampire magic, sacrificing countless vampires in the process. Some of Elfin Stone’s blood relatives were the lab rats, including his lover, Leah.

“Kuk... Kukuk...”

How hard had he worked over the past hundreds of years? In order to forget the terrible memories, Elfin Stone slept more and hunted to clear the wounds in his heart. Meeting these humans stirred up his memories again.

‘It makes me think of Braham’s disgusting face.’

He couldn’t forgive Braham. Elfin Stone’s eyes were full of hate as he glared at Grid.

"Your skills are decent, but in the end, you’re just a human! You are my prey!”


Elfin Stone’s blood gathered into a sphere. It shot towards Grid and caused a powerful explosion. It was the manifestation then explosion of blood. Its power was far above those of the continent’s 10 great magicians.

‘I can’t avoid it.’

The blast range was too big. He had no choice but to defend. However, he wondered if he could completely absorb the damage with the Divine Shield. The moment Grid was about to take out the Divine Shield.

“I will protect the leader!”

Vantner embraced Grid and used ‘Thousand Shields,’ a skill that greatly reduced the power of magic, thereby reducing the power of Blood Explosion.


“Kuak! I’m dead!”

Even Thousand Shields couldn’t completely suppress the force of Blood Explosion. Thousand Shields was destroyed by the explosion and Vantner suffered severe injuries from the contaminated blood scattered by the explosion. Grid raised his thumb from within Vantner’s arms.

"Thank you. Although it isn’t a great feeling to be in a man’s arms.”

"Kukuk! I’m not doing this because I like it! Now go!”

Vantner shouted with a laugh. The new version of Grid had already shot forward.


Elfin Stone saw that Grid was fine and furiously fired Blood Missiles. The blood-guided missiles chased Grid and tried to block his approach.

‘It’s hard to shake off.’

The missiles were fast and relentless. Avoidance and interception was impossible. He couldn’t protect his body with just Lifael’s Spear.

'It can't be helped.’

Grid started his footwork. He planned to use Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Wave, to shoot down the missiles. But at the moment, dozens of flaming arrows appeared from the rear.

Pepeng! Pepepepeng!

It was amazing. They shot down all the missiles aiming at Grid. There was only one person in Satisfy with such bow skills. Expert archer Jishuka.

"Leave the cover to me.”

Jishuka winked with a bright appearance. Grid’s heart thumped as he kept moving forward. He narrowed the distance to Elfin Stone and declared.



‘Isn’t this crazy?’

The two greatswords that came flying at Elfin Stone! The dimension of the swordsmanship was different than before. Elfin Stone used Fly and tried to avoid it in the air. However, he couldn’t fly because a strong wind pressure pushed down on his shoulders.

It was the influence of Zednos’ Storm of Eternity. The original Storm of Eternity was a magic that completely restrained the target. However, Elfin Stone’s magic resistance was so high that only some of his movements could be limited.

Of course, that alone was a great help to Grid. Grid realized. Yes, now he wasn’t alone. He could count on the people with him.

‘Now I...!’

He was stronger than ever!


“Kuk...! Kuaaaaak!”

The two greatswords penetrated Elfin Stone’s chest. It was enough to drive him crazy. Grid alone was enough to make Elfin Stone feel alert, but the humans supporting Grid meant the battle was developing in an unexpected way.

It would’ve been different if Blood Field was deployed, but there was still 3 minutes left of the cooldown time. It was the worst situation caused by his failure to use the skill before.

“I will kill all of you in this place!”

Today would be different from yesterday. There were no negotiations. Using the blood from his chest as a medium, he blew Grid away with an explosion and called out.



It was the advent of the red longsword. The moment that ‘Blood Cry’ cause the Overgeared members to lose their sense of balance...


Grid would also be affected by Blood Cry! Elfin Stone smiled and wielded Iyarugt. The red line crossed Grid’s stumbling body...


Elfin Stone was confused. Grid defended against his sword?

“Who the hell are you?”

Grid wasn’t affected by his evil influence and he wasn’t disturbed by Iyarugt’s Blood Cry? Was this really a human? Grid confirmed Elfin Stone’s shaken eyes and replied.

"Who will kill who?”

Grid scoffed. His gaze was focused behind Elfin Stone.


Elfin Stone hurriedly moved his sword. But it was too late. 

“The Price of Living.”

Puk! Puk puk puk!

Faker’s silver dagger pierced Elfin Stone’s neck again and again. The Price of Living. It was a skill that did more damage according to the number of strikes. Yesterday, Elfin Stone had only allowed three strikes, but today was the worst. He actually allowed seven hits. This was due to Grid perfectly catching the aggro.

“Kuock... You rat bastards!”

Elfin Stone’s health gauge naturally decreased as Iyarugt aimed at Faker. The aggro was changed to him due to the Price of Living. In a normal raid, drawing aggro could endanger the part. But this situation was different. It was because Grid originally had more utility as a damage dealer than as a tanker.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Pinnacle!”


Pinnacle was used. Elfin Stone paid a heavy price for looking away from Grid.

[You have dealt 210,900 damage to the target.]

'Not enough.’

Grid’s expression became dark. This was because 5 Joint Attacks wasn’t activated.  Elfin Stone’s current health was at 80%. This was the result of being hit by Extreme Blood Transfusion, Kill, Price of Living and Pinnacle. 

Elfin Stone’s health and defense was outstanding as a named boss.

‘I was unlucky!’

If 5 Joint Attacks was activated with Kill, it would’ve been a fatal wound. However, he had the worst luck and 5 Joint Attacks wasn’t activated at all. 

‘No, there is no need to worry.’

A smile appeared on Grid’s face. He was reminded that he had companions to cover for his lacking luck.

“Sura Descends!”

Regas approached Elfin Stone’s side and started his lightning assault. His destructive power at this moment was enough to make even Grid speechless.

Pepeok! Pepepepeok!

The shining punches and kicks that left an afterglow! Once Regas became an Asura, the true power of Grid’s Lightning Duke’s Knuckles started to explode.

[The 6th combo has been achieved!]

[The unique effect of the Asura class is activated, dealing 5,000 fixed damage to the target.]

[The effect of the ‘Lightning Duke’s Knuckles’ has been activated, causing additional physical damage to the target.]


[The 7th combo has been achieved!]

[The unique effect of the Asura class is activated, dealing 8,000 fixed damage to the target.]

[The effect of the ‘Lightning Duke’s Knuckles’ has been activated, causing additional lightning damage to the target.]

Kwa kwang!

[The 8th combo has been achieved!]

[The unique effect of the Asura class is activated, dealing 12,000 fixed damage to the target.]

[The effect of the ‘Lightning Duke’s Knuckles’ has been activated, causing additional physical and lightning damage to the target.]


[The 10th combo has been achieved!]

[The unique effect of the Asura class is activated, dealing 20,000 fixed damage to the target.]

[The option effect of the Lightning Duke’s Knuckles is activated, deploying Lightning Beam three times.


[The 12th combo has been achieved!]

[The unique effect of the Asura class is activated, dealing 30,000 fixed damage to the target.]

[The effect of the ‘Lightning Duke’s Knuckles’ has been activated, causing additional physical damage proportional to the target’s maximum health.]

“Kuheok! Ugh! Kuak!”

Elfin Stone groaned. Regas opened up the power of an Asura and demonstrated a speed and power that couldn’t be endured by even Elfin Stone. However, the disadvantages were that the duration was short and the after effect was large.

Regas’s combo reached its peak.

“This is the last one!”

Kwajak! Kwajajajak!

[The 15th combo has been achieved!]

[The unique effect of the Asura class is activated, dealing 100,000 fixed damage to the target and reducing defense and recovery by 50% for 5 minutes. In addition, Lightning Spear is used.]



90% of Elfin Stone’s total screams occurred today. He was pierced by the lightning spear that fell from the sky and finally sat down. Lightning Spear. It was the Asura’s ultimate move that disabled the target for 1.5 seconds.

“Heok... P-Please...”


The drained Regas collapsed. He consumed a large amount of stamina at once, so he wouldn’t be able to move for three seconds. It was up to his companions to fill this gap.

“Mach Spear!"

"Draw Sword, Blow.”

“Phoenix Arrow!”

"Black Winds!”

The party members’ ultimate moves poured out. Elfin Stone tried to turn to smoke, but Lifael’s Spear was the problem. He was forced to allow the attacks.


Grid smiled with satisfaction and started his sword dance. Thanks to the party members, Elfin Stone’s health had fallen to 45%, so Grid would used Linked Kill to ensure their victory. However, something unexpected happened.

“You dare...! You dare!!!”

Certain bosses became stronger once health fell to a certain level, and Elfin Stone was one of them.


Magic power stretched out around Elfin Stone and dominated the land. Blood Field, which Grid had previously blocked, was instantly used.

[Vampire Earl, Elfin Stone has opened up his real power. All of Elfin Stone’s stats will rise and his recovery ability will increase by 300%.]

[Your blood is influenced by Blood Field.] 

[153 health will be transferred to Earl Elfin Stone per second.]

[All healing effects will be reduced by 80%.]

The Overgeared members felt desperate as the notification window appeared before them.

"I will eat all of you.”

Elfin Stone got up and declared. His red eyes were tinged with black. The feeling of intimidation was incomparable.

"...Now how should we defeat him?”

The Overgeared members were lost. They weren’t sure how to deal with Elfin Stone, who had all his stats increased by Blood Field. As everyone was feeling desperate...

"Don’t you know that I have a hidden power as well?”

Grid spoke meaningful words. Elfin Stone and the Overgeared members focused on him.

‘A hidden power?’

Elfin Stone was nervous.

‘Truly God Grid!’

‘He had a trump card!’

The Overgeared members were delighted. As everyone’s attention was fixed on him, Grid shouted.

“Item! Combi!! Nation!!!”


Was it a cool animation like the transformation robots that were popular in his grandfather’s generation. No, it was...

Ttang! Ttang!

Grid took out a hammer and anvil, before squatting down and starting to hammer. Honestly, it was ludicrous behavior.

"This person has become crazy from fear.”

The previously tense Elfin Stone ridiculed Grid. The Overgeared members felt embarrassed.

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