Chapter 288

Chapter 288

The 13th vampire city.

Pon and Regas had already explored this place, so they opened their mouths prior to entering.

"Once we enter here, we have to go down a 12m high cliff. There is no danger when climbing down the cliff, but there is a risk of falling down because it’s dark and steep. The people with less than 400 agility should move carefully.”

"There aren’t any lights and it is dark, so you won’t be able to see anything for around two minutes. Your vision won’t be perfect after two minutes pass. The darkness places a limit on our mobility, so it will be difficult for us to exert 100% of our power. Ah, Jishuka and Faker have their passive skills Hawk Eyes and Assassin’s Eyes.”

Vantner expressed his doubts.

"Why can’t we light torches if it is dark? Why are we trying to stay in the dark? Are we cavemen?”

“The vampires pay attention to fire. You will be isolated as soon as you turn on the torch.”

"Ah, that's right. I heard that before.”


Pon continued the explanation.

“There is a city half the size of Bairan below the cliff. The average level of the vampire familiars wandering the streets are well below the giant worms. However, combat capabilities depend on the existence, so be vigilant.”

"Familiar? Where are the vampires?”

"The vampires are asleep in buildings scattered throughout the city. Once we enter a building, they will wake up. But there are rare cases of some of them ambushing us.”

“Hrmm... The boss must be sleeping in one of the buildings.”

“It’s a reasonable guess. We can only go through the buildings in order to find the boss.”

"In the process, you should be careful of the True Blood vampires. Sometimes they pop up and they are much stronger than ordinary vampires.”

"How so?"

“It was hard to kill them even if Regas and I joined forces.”

“A field boss?”

“No, not that strong. If we don’t have divine power, we can’t do much damage. However, if all of us join forces, we should be able to easily defeat them.”

Jishuka, Grid, Pon, Regas, Faker and Peak Sword, the most powerful damage dealers were gathered together. It was Pon’s judgment that they could exert attack power that could easily take care of the True Blood vampires.

“Okay. Immediately after entry, please pay attention to the darkness and cliff, and refrain from manifesting as much light as possible. The True Blood vampires... Quickly handle them. This should be enough?”


Grid did a final check on the status of the party.

Party Name: Pavranium Expedition

Party Leader: Grid (Pagma’s Descendant. Level 296)

Party Members List:

Pon (Spear Knight.  Level 307)

Regas (Asura. Level 307)

Peak Sword (Hidden Sword) Level 306)

Faker (Master of Swiftness. Level 305)

Jishuka (Red Flame Archer) Level 305)

Vantner (Impregnable Fortress. Level 302)

Zednos (Storm Magician. Level 301)

Huroi (Orator. Level 292)

Item Distribution Method: Party Leader Acquisition

Thanks to enough rest, everyone’s health, mana, and stamina were full. The item distribution method was also correct.

“Let’s go.”

Grid didn’t delay any longer. He entered the ant hell.

[You have entered the Vampire’s Underground City (13).]

[The entrance of the dungeon is blocked. Contact with the outside world will be blocked.]

[You can’t escape the dungeon until you have died or kill the dungeon boss.]

‘It is dark.’

It was his first feeling after entering. There was  a deep darkness that dominated the whole area. He would be confused if he didn’t listen to Pon and Regas beforehand. It was as the party was trying to adapt to the darkness.

Puduk. Kwaduduk.


They heard the sound of wings flapping, then hundreds of small red lights appeared in the darkness. It was countless bats flocking.

“Crazy! What is this? I didn’t think there would be an attack until we went down the cliff!”

The wrong information could be a big threat on the battlefield. Everyone could understand why Vantner cursed as he quickly set up his shield.

Teteng! Teteteteng!

[Grid’s Shield: Prototype A]

It was a shield based on the Divine Shield, and combined high defense and magical resistance.

He used black iron, which was relatively easy to obtain among the higher ranked minerals. The disadvantage was that it was heavy, but that wasn’t difficult for Vantner, who had abnormally high strength.

The hundreds of bats rammed into the giant black shield and scattered blood.


There was a creepy sound as small skulls were crushed successively.


A groan emerged from Vantner’s mouth. He could block the bats flying in front, but he was bitten by the bats that fled to the left and right.

“Damn! Forcing me to use a skill so early! Guard of Steel!”

[For three minutes, physical defense will increase by 30% and there will be a 50% increase in resistance to stabbing and cutting.]

Tatak! Tak!

Vantner’s defense became firmer. The small but sharp teeth of the bats no longer reached Vantner’s flesh. Jishuka and Faker were the first ones in the party to adapt to the darkness and they started supporting Vantner.

“Dancing Arrows.”

Papat! Pa pa pa pat!

It was a skill associated with Multi-shot. Dozens of arrows were fired at the same time and rotated as they pierced the bats, changing their orbit. The bats were hit by the arrows flying in all directions and fell down the cliff.

Faker’s actions were also great. He threw 20 daggers equipped with an ‘Explosion Rune,’ turning the bats to ashes. By the time the rest of the party adapted to the darkness, most of the bats were already destroyed. Vantner sat down and gasped for breath.

“Pant... Pant, dammit. I almost died as soon as I came in.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t think the pattern would’ve changed.”

The monsters in most dungeons had a constant position and behavior pattern. They thought it would be the same here. Vantner could no longer grumble after seeing Pon’s sincere apology. Afterwards, Grid’s group waited until Vantner had recovered his health. Vantner was the party’s only tanker, so his status was important.

"Easy, easy.”


Once Vantner recovered, the group started descending the cliff. While everyone was struggling, Grid and Zednos could relax. They were able to use Fly magic. The two people were able to descend comfortably.


The two people landed first below the cliff and looked around. It was to prepare for any enemies while the group was descending the cliff. Not surprisingly, there were five large wolves rushing in the distance.

“They are scarily large.”

Their size was much larger than common wolves. It was at the level of a bear. But Grid and Zednos didn’t feel any fear.

[The +9 Failure has been equipped.]

[The attack power of the +9 Failure will increase by 20% in dark places.]

[The +8 Grid’s Boots has been equipped.]

[The defense of the +8 Grid’s Boots will increase by 20% in dark places.]

Grid believed in his items.

'Grid is with me!’

Zednos believed in Grid. The wolves, who wanted to prey on the two people, quickly realized their folly.

Yip! Yelp!

[You have defeated a vampire wolf.]

[490,800 experience has been distributed.]

[You have defeated a vampire wolf.]

[487,210 experience has been distributed.]

[Vampire wolf leather has been acquired.]

[Vampire Wolf Leather]

Very sturdy leather. If it can be tanned well, it will be a suitable material for making armor.

Weight: 15

The experience was quite good considering it was being shared by nine people. Indeed, the vampire cities were good places to level up.

‘There are three tailors in the Silver Knights Guild right?’

Grid could also make leather armor.  But several experiments showed that the performance was considerably worse than when he used minerals. From Grid’s perspective, it was more profitable to make things other than leather armor.

“Why don’t we distribute the various materials among the guild members and give them requests? We will sell the items made from these materials and raise the guild’s profits. There will be a separate reward for the makers.”

Grid gave his opinion to the people who descended the cliff. It was rare for Grid to have such a plan. No, it was the first time, so his impressed companions nodded their heads. Pon and Regas were silent for a moment at the sight of Grid’s further growth, but then they expressed their concerns.

“It’s strange. The atmosphere is different from when we came here before.”

"The bats and vampire wolves weren’t here before. The environmental radius of the familiars is much wider than before. The experience given has also increased by 10%.”

Regas was talking when Pon suddenly asked Grid about his quest contents.

“You said that strange energy is coming from the vampire cities?”


“This is the problem. The strange energy seems to have increased the difficulty of the vampire cities.”


Peak Sword was nervous. He worried about this expedition failing. However, the other Overgeared members were grateful. If the difficulty had gone up...

"There is a higher probability of huge benefits!”

"That's right! Level up speed will be fast!"


It was difficult for the tense Peak Sword to understand the mindset of the Overgeared members. He was stunned and swept away in their flow. They called the familiars roaming the streets, accumulating experience and items. Then they were soon standing in front of an old-fashioned gothic high-rise building.

“There are around 10 of these buildings?”

They had to search the buildings quickly and thoroughly in order to kill the boss and secure the pavranium. The moment Grid tried to open the huge door of the building.

[The master of the 13th city, Vampire Earl Elfin Stone has appeared.]

[A strong evil influence is making your magic power turbid. All types of spells and skills aren’t available.]

[A vampire’s gaze will subdue lower species. Your body is subjected to a strong oppression.]

The notification windows simultaneously appeared in front of Grid’s party.


Black smoke appeared over Grid’s head. The blond handsome man who emerged from the smoke was more beautiful than jewelry.

"Humans dare enter my city! Polluting the air!”

Elfin Stone had a story. It was around a month ago. He woke up after a few months of sleeping, only to find his city a wreck. He heard from his subordinates that it was due to two crazy humans.  Humans dared invade a vampire’s city with just two of them?

It was ridiculous and reprehensible. The incensed Elfin Stone couldn’t sleep properly for the past two months. He was so angry that he couldn’t sleep well. Today, he got only 18 hours of sleep and went out for a stroll.  However, he discovered some humans. It was a great opportunity to get rid of his anger.

"Die so that I can sleep!”

Elfin Stone aimed his strongest skill at the man who seemed to be the strongest among the humans.

[Extreme Blood Transfusion]

It was a terrifying attack and recovery skill that restored his health by taking away large quantities of the target’s health. The disadvantage was that he could only use it once a day, but it was suitable for scaring these trivial beings.


The human male was covered by a curtain of blood. He would certainly die! Elfin Stone was certain of it.

"Kukukuk, I will come back in awhile. I will kill another person, and then another one the time after that! This will be repeated again and again. I will show you the extreme taste of fear!”


Elfin Stone turned into smoke and disappeared. At the same time, the blood curtain was lifted. Grid emerged alive from it.

“What the hell is this?”

The mighty passive with a 24 hour cooldown time had been lost. But he lived.

Grid and Elfin Stone, both of them were floored.

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