Chapter 278

=Chapter 278

[You have defeated Fulito, the 19th Red Knight of the Saharan Empire, who slaughtered ethnic minorities under their banner.]

[If this news is spread to the empire, the empire will order your assassination.]

[43,908,500 experience has been acquired.]

[81 gold has been acquired.]

[Red Armor has been acquired.]

[Skill Book: Aura Festival has been acquired.]

[Red Armor]

Rating: Unique



User Restriction: Level 300 or higher. Advanced Heavy Armor Mastery Level 5 or higher.

[Skill Book: Aura Festival]

Rating: Unique

Launches aura that causes a wide explosion.

The higher the skill level, the better the range and power.

Acquisition Conditions: Must be able to use aura.

The red armor was too heavy and boasted high durability and defense instead of having options. It was lacking for the Overgeared members to use.

‘But it can be sold at a pretty high price.'

The Overgeared members felt like the Red Armor was lacking because Grid made items for them, but general users were different. For general users, the Red Armor was an S-grade item. It was the case even if they couldn’t wear the armor.

‘But it’s better to sell it after making modifications.’

If the reconstruction was successful, the value of the item might surge. Maybe it would be enough for the Overgeared members to use.

‘Skill book...’

It was amazing. Aura Festival. There was a reason why it was dangerous.

‘Unique skill.’

Skills could be used permanently once learned.  The value of a unique skillbook was similar or better than the value of a legendary item.

‘I should sell this to Pon or Ibellin.’

He earned a huge amount of money after a long time. He had been living as a beggar after pouring all his money into the building construction, and now he had room to spare again.

‘I’ll have a pizza for celebration.’

He planned to eat a cheese crust, which cost an extra 3,000 won more. He would also add grated Parmesan cheese and hot sauce for an extra 700 won each.


Grid was filled with joy. His smiling face while wearing a bloody mask caused the viewers to get the chills.


Grid stopping laughing and turned his gaze towards the camera.

‘Aren’t a few people watching?’

OGC was recognized as a professional gaming channel. Grid assumed there would be at least 100,000 people watching the broadcast right now.

‘A broadcast that appeared unexpectedly.’

He should thoroughly utilize this. Grid started promoting his guild.

"The Overgeared Guild is recruiting guild members with secondary classes like cleaners, chefs, tailors, construction workers, blacksmiths, alchemists, etc. For more information, please contact Lauel.”

Except for Grid and Euphemina, the Overgeared members were solely dedicated to combat. The soon to be merged Silver Knights Guild also had a much higher percentage of combat classes. In order to develop his estate, he needed to employ a large number of secondary classes.

‘Maybe 100 people will apply to join. There should be a few talented people that could be used.’

Grid never knew it, but OGC’s audience rating now exceeded 55%. The peak audience rating was close to 63%. A record was set after half a century. It was the first time a single channel in South Korea monopolized the views since the end of full-fledged channels in 2011.

15 seconds of advertisements were sold for around 3 billion won. Now that the broadcast reached its climax, Grid was promoting to millions of people for free. The impact was tremendous. Right now, tens of thousands of users were writing letters to Lauel to ask to join the guild.

Now Lauel was so busy that he even ran out of time to sleep. Grid unintentionally gave a lot of work to Lauel.

Then a new notification window appeared in front of Grid.

[The time attack quest ‘Evidence Destruction’ has been created.]

[Evidence Destruction]

Level of Difficulty: AAA

The fact that you have defeated the Black Knights and Red Knights of the Saharan Empire will inevitably bring a crisis towards you.

Destroy the remaining enemies and kill or appease the leaders of the incident.

Quest Clear Conditions: Eliminate the surviving Black Knights (0/4). Kill or reconcile with the leaders of this incident, Pascal and the elders.

Quest Clear Rewards: Rumors about you won’t spread to the Saharan Empire.

Quest Failure: The Saharan Empire will issue an order for your death.

Time Period: 2 hours.



Huroi had restored his health under the protection of Lifael’s Spear while Grid had been fighting Fulito. Grid told him, "Kill the remaining Black Knights.”

It would give him an opportunity to get revenge for his humiliation and get some experience. Huroi was thrilled as he understood the meaning and replied, “Leave it to me.”


Grid immediately left the place. His destination was the elders’ meeting room. After being left alone, the Black Knights immediately surrounded Huroi. They smiled with satisfaction.

“Grid, he’s stupid. Leaving you alone.”

“We’ll kill you, then return to the empire to accuse Grid!”

“Don’t mention My Lord’s name with your dirty mouth.”

"Someone who will soon die should shut their mouths!”

The Black Knights made fun of Huroi. They had seen Huroi’s skills earlier, and they was terrible. Didn’t Grid actually say it? Huroi was weak. The Black Knights were the second most influential knights group on the continent. It was four against one, so the fight seemed advantageous to the Black Knights.


The Black Knights attacked in unison.  The momentum was overwhelming. However, Huroi didn’t shrink back. Huroi pulled out the smaller one-handed version of Dainsleif and defended against the Black Knights’ attacks.


"You aren’t our opponent!”

The Black Knights increased their momentum and tried to attack again. Then a huge shadow appeared above them.


A red drake roared. It was said that only 100 out of two billion users owned a drake.  This was Huroi’s true identity.

"I am weak, but that is only when compared to My Lord.”



Flames poured out. Huroi broke down the Black Knights one by one. The Apostle of Justice’s Partner started his rampage.


An orator killing the Black Knights? Huroi’s appearance gave a new shock to the viewers.


One hour before the pope’s speech event began.

Pon and Regas, who had been out of contact for a month, finally returned to Reidan. Did they succeed in clearing the dungeon? No. It was a failure. The strongest duo in Overgeared died without even reaching the boss. The vampire city had countless numbers of powerful vampires.

“It isn’t a dungeon that is originally intended for two users. There needs to be at least 10 third advancement classes in the party. More than 20 people is probably necessary if we want to clear it within four days.”

“The vampires’ evasion ability is designed to disable attacks apart from the divine attribute. If we want to hunt them more easily, we need weapons or skills with divine power.”

"We tried to reach the boss and obtain the information before we died, but it wasn’t enough.”

"Our preparations were too insufficient. We ran out of potions and food, and our items’ durability fell, so it was unavoidable.”

And so on.

Pon and Regas shared the information about the vampire city with the guild members. Lauel looked at the overall situation.

‘There are at least 13 vampire cities in the western part of the Eternal Kingdom.’ 

The city was categorized as a dungeon and the entrance was blocked 10 seconds after people entered.  The exit wouldn’t be created until the vampire boss was knocked down.  The only way to escape was to hunt the boss or die.

'In the 13th city, the vampires are at least level 280 to 350. They are sensitive to the smell and blood and light, and have excellent ability to read facial expressions. Their main skills are dark magic and the evasion of other attributes. Some of them use the sword as a weapon. The items they drop are various jewellery and cloth armor.’

In the case of ‘true blood vampires,’ which were classified as quasi boss grade monsters, they also dropped spellbooks and elixirs.

‘Elixirs... It’s huge.’

Elixirs permanently raised stats. Naturally the value was astronomical. A vampire city was a great growth platform for a guild if they could monopolize it.

‘The boss monster information is still unknown.’

Seuk seuk.

Lauel’s hands moved quickly as he wrote a report for Grid. He was concentrating when he heard a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

“Hasn’t it been a while?”

Lauel was an earl of the Eternal Kingdom and acting lord of Reidan. There was only one person, apart from the Overgeared members, who would treat him like this. It was Minor, who was famous for being indifferent.

About 3 months ago. Grid had ordered the minerals detector boy to search for pavranium, and he had finally returned safely.

“Sigh, really. It was a hard search.”

Lauel didn’t object to the rude behavior of the boy, who sat on the couch without permission. Lauel’s standards for evaluating people were their capabilities over personality.

That was how he decided to follow Grid.

“I’m glad to see you’ve come back safely.”

Lauel said with a smile, causing Minor to shrug.

"I'm not glad at all.”

“Hahaha! You’re still like this. By the way, did you find the golem’s labyrinths?”

“No. No labyrinths exist here in the west.”

Lauel’s expression stiffened. "No pavranium...? Duke Grid will be very disappointed.”

“Who said there is no pavranium? I just said there were no golem labyrinths.”

“What are you saying?”

Minor handed a map to the puzzled Lauel. “I can feel the energy of pavranium from these dungeons marked here.”

A map of the west. There were 15 places marked with a X and unfortunately, one of the coincided with the vampire city.

‘This, perhaps...?’ Lauel asked. "Are the dungeon entrances in the form of an ant hill?”

"Eh? How did you know?”

Indeed. The places that Minor marked on the map were vampire cities.


Lauel covered his face with his hand and his shoulders shook as he laughed. He muttered as he exposed the whites of his teeth.

“This, this... If the pavranium are sealed in the vampire cities... Lady Luck that I used to love in my past life hasn’t forgotten me, and it’s giving me great help. In order to give back to her, I should retrieve the memories of my past life that I have sealed. Then I will give her a kiss on the cheek.”

‘Crazy guy.’

Minor was a young boy, but he could see that normal people were rare to find around Grid. It was natural. Grid himself wasn’t normal.

‘I don’t belong in this place. I should be the emperor’s genius right hand.’

He dreamed of a place with great fame.



Lauel and Minor laughed wildly while absorbed in their thoughts.


Jude felt a strange feeling as he came to the office to report to Lauel.

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