Chapter 277

Chapter 277

Rankers were mainly popular around the world, but Grid was different. Most foreigners disliked Grid. There were those who mocked and criticized him for his poor control skills in the National Competition.

But at this moment, the flow started to change. Grid elevated his control after endless efforts and was silencing the criticism against him.

“Aura Festival!”

Pepeng! Pepepepeong!

It was like firecrackers. The chain of aura explosions put pressure on Grid.

'Let's concentrate.’

It was a great skill, but there was no need to shrink back in front of it. A red light shone from Grid’s eyes. He utilized his high insight to grasp the trajectory of the explosions and evade, causing the viewers to feel admiration.

[You have suffered 2,362 damage.]

[You have suffered 2,510 damage.]

[You have suffered 2,487...]

The advantage of Aura Festival was its range. It was such a widespread attack that it was impossible to avoid them all  completely with Grid’s agility. However, it was such a large-scale skill that its damage was weak. Allowing a few attacks wasn’t fatal. Thanks to the doppelganger’s accessory set, his indomitable stat was maximized and helped reduce the damage.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship.”


The atmosphere in the sky started swarming towards Grid. A huge explosion of energy burst from Grid. No, it was at the level of a gravity pull. It was the precursor to Grid’s conversion from a close range damage dealer to a ranged damage dealer.



Every time Grid swung the sword,


An energy blade was shot at Fulito on the ground. The momentum was comparable to lightning.


The attack speed and downpour of energy blades from Grid served as a disaster for Fulito. Failure hit once. Then the Doppelganger’s Greatsword hit once again. The two greatswords that were continuously swung without rest were fast and strong. They didn’t give Fulito any breathing room.

‘An entirely different level!’

Fulito ran around the crumbling ground and gradually realized the seriousness of the situation.

‘A single number...!’

The single number knights were a target of awe for their fellow Red Knights. Grid’s skills resembled them. From the moment Aura Festival was beaten, Fulito had already determined the gap between himself and Grid.

‘Eternal! A mere small kingdom was hiding a monster like this!’

It was scandalous and dangerous. He had to tell this fact to the emperor. There was an obligation to raise their vigilance towards the Eternal Kingdom.


Fulito was hit in the right shoulder.


He was helpless. He couldn’t avoid the storm of energy blades that was pouring towards him. Fulito used Super Armor.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The golden protective layer neutralized the energy blades. It was tremendous defense, but unfortunately, the duration of Super Armor wasn’t very long. Fulito shouted to the Black Knights.

“I will retreat! Tie up his feet and earn me some time!”

It was a desperate command. The Black Knights paled at the thought of sacrificing themselves. But the principles of the subordinates were absolute. The Black Knights grasped their swords and attacked. They confronted Grid’s energy blades to allow Fulito to retreat.

Grid stopped using Transcend and descended to the ground before using Link.

"This is Huroi’s share.”

It was punishment for their sin of attacking Huroi.

Chaaeng! Chaeeeeeng!

The Black Knights’ attacks were offset by Link and then the onslaught began.

Pit! Pipipipipit!



Blood emerged from the seams of the black armor. His swordsmanship combined with Vital Spot Detection was much more mature compared to the past.

“Don’t send...!”

The Black Knights barely managed to strike back against Grid. They all aimed at him. They used their strongest skills, without caring about defense. It was an obvious crisis for Grid.


-Will Grid die?

The viewers were immersed in the broadcast and forgot to eat their chicken.


A white hooded zip up was seen. Grid used the movements that he saw when Piaro sparred against Faker and rotated his body like a spin top. The Black Knights simultaneously used five skills, but two of them were non-targeted skills and didn’t hit him. He was lightly grazed and only received minor damage.


The frustrated Black Knights found themselves covered in a blue light. Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Wave threatened the five Black Knights.

“This is my share!”

This was punishment for the sin of aiming their swords against him!


The waves of energy that stretched out from Grid caused the Black Knights to scream. In the process, Grid was hit by three skills, but he suffered less damage than the Black Knights. It was natural. Grid was currently armed with the armor set made by the legendary blacksmith Pagma out of a god mineral.

"This is my share! Pinnacle!”

“Why do you have another share?”

The behavior of Grid, who took more of a share than the beaten up Huroi, confused the Black Knights. Anyway, the attack hit them regardless of their feelings.


The Black Knights were slowed by the effects of Grid, and the one in the front had his armor completely broken by Grid. It was the power of Failure.

[You have defeated Black Knight Dever.]

[8,960,000 experience has been acquired.]

[79 gold has been acquired.]

[Your level has risen.]

Grid had gained a large amount of experience from Kamiyan, so he enjoyed the sight of the level up notification window. He was now level 296. There were four more levels left until he reached 300. Very soon, his stats would undergo the third awakening.


Laughing while cutting a person in half? Grid was wearing a bizarre mask with an eerie red light behind it. He looked like a blood covered demon as he laughed. In other words, he seemed crazy.

-It reminds me of old times.

-When Grid was called the Butcher?

-Right. It when when he killed the Giant Guild. At that time, a regular user going against the Giant Guild. It was invigorating to watch.

What was the reason why users became fans of rankers? It was because they could live vicariously through them. The users were thrilled when they saw the rankers do things that were impossible for them. Then they gradually became fans. This was how the viewers watching Grid felt now. There were also foreigners watching the broadcast through the web channel. In the chat window, the anti-fans fell silent.


Grid used Fly magic to break through the Black Knight that turned into ash. He moved at a fast speed and reached Fulito, before switching his shoes. Braham’s Boots disappeared and Grid’s Boots were equipped.

At the same time, the Fly spell was turned off. Grid’s body rapidly gained weight and fell to the ground. Fulito used a skill to defend against the two greatswords that were falling rapidly.

“Red Sword!”

It was one of the strongest skills passed down through the Red Knights for generations. A secret technique that only the Red Knights from the 10s onwards could receive.


The golden aura around Fulito’s sword was stained red. It was flames itself. The flames flying towards Grid were enough to blow away a small mountain. But the viewers knew.

-Grid has more skills.

-Legendary skills.


The greatsword was strengthened by Grid’s Boots, so the fierce Kill decided Victory.



Kill crushed the Red Sword that it collided with. One of the Red Knights, with their 300 years of history, collapsed to this extent? Fulito’s face was stunned as the blow overwhelmed the Red Sword. Fulito screamed as he offset half the power of Kill with Limit Sword.

“Who the hell are you? How could a strong person like you be so anonymous in the meantime?”

Fulito had determined that the source of Grid’s power was in the artifacts, including the golden spear. But that was a clear misjudgment. Grid’s strength was his swordsmanship. It was a rare transcendental swordsmanship.

Transcendental swordsmanship! It wasn’t an exaggeration. Grid had inherited the powers of Pagma, the legendary blacksmith and great swordsman, as well as studied under Piaro. Just looking at this environmental aspects, Grid had the foundations to leapfrog above existing legends.

The problem was that his natural talent was low.

“Anonymous? I am famous?”

The Red Knights believed that the Saharan Empire was the whole world. Grid was well aware that they were frogs in a well and stabbed Failure at Fulito’s heart.

"It won’t be so easy!”

Fulito fired Super Sensitivity, which lasted for five seconds, avoided Failure and rushed to Grid’s side. Using Super Sensitivity caused his brain to overload, so Fulito was already determined to die.

'If I have to die, I will take you with me!’

This was the last resort. But by the time he reached his destination, the Doppelganger’s Greatsword was already flying. Grid had predicted the behavior. If the stabbing of a greatsword failed, how would the enemy respond? 

‘I fought Randy who cloned Pagma over 80 times.’



"Goodbye, fake knight.”

Piaro and Asmophel. Only Red Knights with their strength would be a threat to Grid. No, Piaro’s strength surpassed Grid. Compared to them, Fulito was just shameful.

"Kukuk...! You might be strong enough to win over Kamiyan and I! There are many Red Knights who I can’t be compared with! You can’t go against the single number knights!”

"Stop speaking long words.”

Grid didn’t exert his full skills in this battle. There were still a lot of items and title effects that would be saved.

“Damn bastard!”

Fulito still had one-third of his health left despite his heart being pierced. He was secretly preparing a counterattack. He secretly gathered his aura while pulling Grid’s attention.  He was planning to inflict damage on Grid by exploding his aura and then link up his swordsmanship. But Grid’s sword was faster than the aura explosion.

“Where are you going?”

Grid read the suspicious actions and successively swung Failure and the Doppelganger’s Greatsword. The two greatswords crossed many times and Fulito’s health fell to the bottom. Grid checked it and declared.

‘Bring it on, Pascal.’

The price for aiming at Grid’s life would be repaid. Then Grid smiled as many notification windows appeared in front of him.

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