Chapter 275

Chapter 275

19th knight, Fulito. He was dissatisfied with this mission. His high pride meant he was upset at having to follow the orders of a priest.

‘I am a knight in the 10s.’

He questioned why a such a distinguished person the Red Knights had to do a chore like this.

‘It is sufficient for the guys in the 20s, tsk.’

This disgruntled thought disappeared the moment he witnessed Grid overwhelming Kamiyan.


Was he a duke of the Eternal Kingdom? That person called Grid, his skills were excellent and he was also holding several artifacts that were at the level of a national treasure. In particular, the performance of the golden spear was phenomenal.

‘A competent person is hiding in a small kingdom.’

It was true that Kamiyan was inexperienced, but he was still a Red Knight. He was a member of the strongest group. It was honestly surprising that Grid could crush him so easily.

‘It is approximately the level of the 21st knight. I have to intervene.’

The restlessness and boredom in Fulito’s eyes disappeared. He was finally motivated.

"Let’s take a look.”

Lifael’s Spear stabbed continuously at Kamiyan, who suffered a fatal wound. Right before Kamiyan died, Fulito fired a skill. At the same time, Grid used Fly. Fulito witnessed Grid flying towards him and smiled with satisfaction.

‘Did you notice that I am your rival?’

Fulito wasn’t careless. He pulled out his sword and tried to attack Grid, only to stop.


Regardless of his will, his consciousness headed to another place. He became completely indifferent to Grid. He didn’t swing his sword.

‘Why am I doing this?’


Grid brushed past the side of the confused Fulito. It was a dreadful speed.


“Pant... Pant...”

Apostle of Justice’s Partner. Very few people knew about this part of Huroi’s identity. When he was with Grid, all of his stats increased by 20%. He also had many skills that could be used without needing weapons. But he was different from Grid.

He didn’t have overwhelming stats like Grid. He was fundamentally an orator, so his combat related stats like strength, stamina and agility were extremely low. He didn’t even have the power of his items. It was impossible for him to confront five Black Knights with his bare hands.


Huroi moaned while bleeding.  The Black Knights glared angrily at him.

"Wicked person! How could you scorn my late grandmother? I will surely kill you!”

“Why are you talking about my parents?”

“My colleagues didn’t ask me to pick up soap!”

That’s right.

Huroi had already ridiculed them. He debuffed the enemies, but now he reached his limit.  The cooldown of Spiteful Tongue had yet to end and his whole body was already wounded. His health had fallen to a dangerous level.

But Huroi wasn’t worried about his own life right now. He could die a hundred times. Lost experience and items? It was incomparable to his lord’s life. Huroi just wanted his lord to be safe.

“M-My Lord...!”

How much frustration was he feeling while fighting against a Red Knight with his bare hands? Huroi turned his gaze towards Grid. He thought that Grid would be going through a lot. But it was different.

“Die! Die! Die! Puhahahat!”


Grid was fine. He was enjoying himself while one-sidedly beating up the Red Knight. The knight’s face was swollen to the point that it was pitiful.

“Wow.” Huroi felt like an idiot for worrying.


As Huroi’s attention was wandering, a sword flew and deeply pierced his side.

“Where are you looking?”


Huroi’s field of view shook. Now he had less than two-tenths of his health left. If he received two or three more attacks then he would die. Huroi gritted his teeth.

‘I need to bring one of them with me.’

It would relieve the burden on Grid. Huroi made up his mind and moved with all his strength. He grabbed one of the Black Knights and punched with all his strength. But with his skills and strength, he couldn’t hurt the Black Knight.  His fists falling on the black armor was just like a cotton bat.

“This weak brat! I don't even feel a tingle!"

The sneering knight grabbed Huroi’s wrist and raised his arm. Then the area around Huroi’s heart was exposed. Another Black Knight stabbed precisely with his sword.

-This is normal. How can a Black Knight be taken down without a weapon?

-Right... Grid is abnormal.

Huroi and the viewers took Huroi’s death for granted. But Grid was different. Grid didn’t party with Huroi because of the waste of experience, but he didn’t want Huroi to die. He was anxious about Huroi and used the ‘Secret Hero’ ability.

Secret Hero was one of the titles he won while raiding Dark Bus. The condition to acquire this title was to ‘raid’ three named bosses higher in level ‘alone.’ It wasn’t a title that just anyone could get, and its value was unmatched.

[You have dispersed the consciousness of the enemies.]

The aggro was turned off.

[The skill ‘Influence’ has been activated. This effect will last for 10 seconds.]

[Reduces the defense of all enemies within 50m of you by 50%.]

[The skill ‘Freely Move’ can be used once.]

[Creates a high level daash skill that avoids all attacks until it reaches the ‘desired target’ that is within 200 meters.]

“You dare!”


Grid became furious after seeing Huroi and floated in the air. Then he rushed towards the Black Knights. His movement speed was so fast that the camera lost him for a moment.


Fulito, who was rushing towards Grid, stopped in place. He wasn’t able to focus on Grid due to the effect of his consciousness being dispersed. Grid ignored him and passed by.

"A really strange ability.”

Fulio clicked his tongue and swung his sword towards the distant Grid.


A strong aura poured out like a flash of light. Grid’s back was fully exposed. It was natural that he would be hit by Fulito’s aura. But Grid had Freely Move activated. He was able to avoid all attacks except for automatic targeting skills. As if he had eyes in the back of his head, Grid moved his body and avoided Fulito’s attack. Then he broke through four Black Knights.


The Black Knight trying to stab Huroi’s heart was shocked. Grid’s movements were phenomenal.

"Get lost."

Peeok! Puk!


The combo of Lifael’s Spear and Unbreakable Justice was used. The Black Knight’s defense was reduced due to Influence, so he suffered great damage. Grid kicked the Black Knight away and grabbed Huroi.

"Are you still weak? You still have the status of a punching bag.”

“Haha... I am weak.”

In the end, the power of his items was still lacking.

“Let’s aim for the third advancement class soon. Then I’ll make new items for you. Your biggest problem is that you are lacking items.”

“I will keep that in mind.” 

“Join my party now.”

It happened when Grid extended a hand to Huroi. Kamiyan regained his posture, rushed over and attacked Huroi.



Huroi’s blood soaked Grid’s Hooded Zip Up. Grid’s expression stiffened. Huroi was worried about Grid even when dying.

“Please... Stay alive. My Lord absolutely can’t collapse.”

[Your morale has increased.]

[Your attack power and magic attack power will significantly rise for the next attack.]

[The next attack will be a critical hit!]


Huroi sat down after using the strongest buff skill that he saved for Grid. Kamiyan wielded his sword again, aiming at Huroi who only have a sliver of health left. He saw that Grid cared about Huroi.


It went as Kamiyan intended. Grid moved to protect Huroi. He took out the Divine Shield after a long time and blocked Kamiyan’s attack.

“You! You are like a turtle!”

Kamiyan laughed at Grid who was protecting his colleague with a shield and swung his sword.

Chaaeng! Chaeeeeeng!

Puok! Puk puk!

Grid could only face Kamiyan and defend. He couldn’t respond to the Black Knights who were stabbing from the rear. He couldn’t avoid it and protect Huroi at the same time. Huroi didn’t like it.

"My Lord, why are you sacrificing yourself for me! Wake up! Fight against the enemies! I don't want to grab at My Lord’s ankles!”

"You and I, aren’t we friends before the master and subordinate relationship?”


"Well, I usually treat you more like a subordinate than a friend.”

He would repay Huroi’s honest heart someday. He had promised many times.

Puk! Puuok!


After that, the injuries on Grid’s body increased as he protected Huroi.

‘Foolish man. Sacrificing yourself to protect your subordinate, you are no match for me.’

Fulito folded his arms. He lost interest in Grid and returned to his bystander’s attitude. Meanwhile, Kamiyan’s onslaught continued.

"Without that golden spear, you are nothing!”

Kamiyan didn’t give Grid a chance to breathe. Then a notification window flashed in front of Grid.

[The Legendary Blacksmith’s Patience skill has been activated.]

[Health, defense and dexterity will rise by 200% for one hour.] 

It was a skill that couldn’t be used intentionally. It was only triggered when he was showing extreme patience. Grid had some room to move thanks to its help, while Kamiyan and the Black Knights turned pale.

‘What ridiculous defense!’

Grid wouldn’t fall, no matter how much he was injured. Therefore, Kamiyan and the Black Knights looked at Grid like he was a monster. Grid’s armor and shield were so powerful. How long could he endure?

“Light Sword!”

Kamiyan used a skill that he developed from Duke Limit.


A sword of aura moved through the air and struck the Divine Shield. It was the overwhelming attack power. Grid’s body was defenseless for a moment, and five Black Knights stabbed at him.

At that moment. The Slaughterer’s Mask that covered half of Grid’s face was painted a clear red. This was why Grid allowed the attacks of the Black Knights without defending using Lifael’s Spear.

[The effect of Evil Spirit’s Bloody Tears is activated. Attack power will increase by 50% for 5 seconds.]

"Now it’s my turn.” Grid invoked Blacksmith’s Rage and declared towards Kamiyan. “I will kill all of you within five seconds.”

A dark red light shone from his eyes. Kamiyan perceived the danger and triggered Keen Senses. Grid’s fist flew towards him. Kamiyan tried to avoid it, but Lifael’s Spear flew and constricted his behavior. 


What was this damage? It was much more powerful than before. Grid’s fists continuously struck Kamiyan’s face, who was shocked by the previous impact through the red armor. The Black Knights tried to control Grid by attacking him, but it was useless. Lifael’s Spear flew over and protected him.

Chaaeng! Jjang! Jjejejeok!


Blacksmith's Rage, Evil Spirit’s Bloody Tears and Morale Boost.

Kamiyan was constantly struck for four seconds by Grid’s fists that had the strongest buff skills overlapped, and eventually kneeled down. His remaining health was already low so he couldn’t survive five seconds.

“This... Yo...u.”

A grey pillar rose into the sky. It symbolized Kamiyan’s end.


A Red Knight was defeated with bare hands! Everyone was shocked. All of South Korea was shaking. The news spread around the world within minutes. Currently, OGC’s audience rating was 41%.

"Are you having fun?”

OGC Station.

The director was cheering like it was a jackpot, when a visitor arrived. Her perfect proportions and slender legs captivated everyone’s eyes. She was so beautiful that all other existences faded away. It was none other than Yura.

"I came to receive Youngwoo-ssi’s payment.”

Yura made a smile that fascinated those of all ages. Her eyes were as cold as ice.

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