Chapter 274

Chapter 274

Detecting the target. Predicting the risks. These were phrases that described the insight stat. Before meeting Piaro, Grid had only used insight to measure combat power.  But in fact, insight was an absolute factor that could elevate his combat power.

In other words, he could predict risks.

"You rat bastards!”

He could read the enemy’s movements. Grid didn’t easily allow Kamiyan to attack him.  He evaded or defended, then linked a counterattack. These were movements that Piaro had taught him several times.


The efficient movements helped him draw out 100% of his abilities. Grid dealt a strong punch.

“K-Kuaaack! You bastard!”

Kamiyan couldn’t believe it. Rather than overwhelming an opponent who didn’t have a weapon, he was receiving damage.

‘The difference between me and this guy is so large? Something is wrong...! It can’t be!’

Kamiyan believed that the empire was the whole world. He was indifferent to the happenings of small kingdoms.  Therefore, he had no idea about Grid. He only knew about the first time Grid came to the Vatican.  Grid was just someone who ‘barely’ defeated ex-pope Drevigo.

But what was the truth? Grid had experience raiding bosses much more powerful than Drevigo.  Under the guidance of Piaro, he had fought Pagma’s clone 83 times. To be exact, Grid studied under Piaro, who was once the captain of the Red Knights. He wasn’t an opponent that the 30th knight Kamiyan could go against.

Grid provoked Kamiyan. “Is your sword just a decoration? Isn’t it disgraceful that you can’t even subdue a bare handed opponent?”

"Shut up!"

Kamiyan lost his composure, then a gold spear suddenly flew and stabbed his chest. It was because his movements had become bigger after falling for Grid’s provocation. This gave an advantage to Grid. The ‘Vital Spot Detection’ of the Slaughterer’s Eye Patch combined with his high insight to create an explosive synergy. At this moment, Grid was the person controlling the puppet called Kamiyan.

Peok! Peeeeok!

The strongest martial artist, Regas. It might be awkward, but Grid could follow his movements. Sometimes short, sometimes cool, his powerful fists stretched out nonstop. The attacks that tenaciously aimed at the seams of his armor confused Kamiyan.

'Another five...!’

When Grid punched once, his gloves intermittently emitted light. Once that happened, Kamiyan felt like he was struck five times.  It was the effect of the ‘5 Joint Attacks’ attached to Holy Light Gloves.

That’s right. Grid was actively relying on his items as always.



Lifael’s Spear shot like a bullet every time there was a gap. This was the pinnacle of the power of items, a reproduction of a divine weapon made of pavranium. Unlike Grid’s bare hands, it dealt damage to Kamiyan that couldn’t be ignored.

[You have dealt 3,830 damage to the target.]

'Okay, this time it struck properly.’

[Lifael’s Spear (Reproduction)]

Rating: Unique

Durability: None

Attack Power: 101~730

* Divine Power +200

* Fixed damage of +1,500 on each attack.

* There is a low probability of activating the ‘Light Wheel’ skill.

* Attack power +20% against those with dark magic power.

Maybe by the blacksmith G, who is being reborn as a true legend.

It is a miniature version of one of the three divine artifacts of the Rebecca Church, Lifael’s Spear.

It is made from the legendary mineral with a a will, pavranium. Therefore, it has a strong tendency to protect its owner. It makes decisions and moves by itself. 

Weight: 14

There was no handgrip on the spear, so people couldn’t use it directly. So it wasn’t classified as a weapon. It might be due to that, or because it had divine power, but Lifael’s Spear was free from the ban on weapons. 

Grid aggressively took advantage of it. Kamiyan became increasingly injured.

“Kuaaah! Kill! I will kill you!”

Originally, Kamiyan was planning to play with Grid slowly. Now he became irritated and impatiently used a skill.


Kamiyan used Keen Senses and consecutively avoided Grid’s attack. His sword drew several lines without a time delay. It was the manifestation of Dual Cross Sword. It was only four strokes, but the quickly was comparable to Link. This was followed by a wave of energy.

The red light from Grid’s eyes darkened. His high insight was warning him.

‘I can’t avoid it.’

Should he fight back right afterwards? No. Grid’s bare hands would only receive damage that way. It was too weak. Then,

‘Crush it.’

Grid formed a fist. Confronting an aura blade with his bare hands, it was crazy. Kamiyan believed that Grid’s fist would be torn into eight pieces. The millions of viewers watching the battle were the same. But it was too arrogant to judge a legend by a moderate genius.

There was a reason for Grid’s behavior that the public couldn’t imagine. The power of items.


The moment the cross sword collided with Grid’s fist...


There was a light from the ruby ring Grid was wearing.

[The option effect of ‘Dark Bus’ Earring’ is activated, neutralizing the target skill.]


Kamiyan was shocked!

-Wow, what is that?

-The skill disappeared;;

-No, in the first place, why is Grid’s control so good? How can he punch back against such quick swordsmanship? Is that really Grid?

-His agility is high.

-ㅇㅇ It seems like his agility is maximized by his gear.

The viewers admired it.

‘If I can’t avoid it, then I should use it.’

Grid’s expression shot through the magic ball was splendid.

‘Take a good look.’


Grid’s fist pierced through the cross sword and struck Kamiyan’s face. Kamiyan staggered and Lifael’s Spear aimed towards him. Grid took out the Red Lightning Summoning Bead that he obtained from hunting the Frostlight Orc Chief in the past.

‘I am the master of the Overgeared Guild.’

The Overgeared Guild was the strongest.

‘Don’t look down on us!’

This was a warning to the seven guilds who dared to invade Reidan while he was away. Then the red lightning bolt fell.


The red lightning bolt that fell from the sky was nestled in Lifael’s Spear.


Additional lightning damage was added to the spear, which pierced Kamiyan.


[The red lightning adds 30% damage. The target has received an electric shock.]

[You have dealt 17,300 damage to the target.]


Kamiyan screamed. It was the worst pain since the battle began. Now that he was in shock, it was a chance to deal a fatal injury. Grid determined and activated Blacksmith’s Rage. Rather than using Grid’s Boots that maximized the power of a greatsword, Grid equipped Braham’s Boots. Then he wore the Hooded Zip Up. His movement speed was increased by 40%.

“W-Wait a minute...!”

Kamiyan begged as he was faced with the evil red light, but it was useless. Unbreakable Justice, the skill that was learned by rescuing Huroi and acquiring the title of Apostle of Justice. It was expressed through Grid’s fist.



Kamiyan couldn’t even scream. His head was struck and he was thrown into the smithy wall.  His teeth were broken and blood covered the Slaughterer’s Mask.


[The Holy Light Gloves’s option effect is activated, causing the skill ‘5 Joint Attacks’ to be generated.]

[You have dealt 7,020 damage to the target.]

Jjejeok! Jjejejeok!

Cracks started to appear on the wall of the smithy above where Kamiyan’s head had struck. This scene was proof of Grid’s strength, which exceeded the level of a human. But more than two-thirds of Kamiyan’s health still remained.

This was the limit of bare fists. First of all, Kamiyan’s health and defense was too high.

‘He won’t be defeated unless he dies.’

There was another Red Knight in the distance. Grid would take full advantage of the lazy attitude of the knight who stood on the sidelines without participating. Grid would kill Kamiyan before the knight intervened.

Chaaeng! Chaaeng! Jjejejeok!

Grid’s fists continuously punched Kamiyan’s face. Grid’s damage and speed were enhanced by Blacksmith’s Rage, so he completely neutralized Kamiyan. Kamiyan used Super Armor and tried to get away from Grid, but Dark Bus’ Ring neutralized it.

‘This bastard is a dragon!’

The golden spear, fast moving boots, ring that neutralized skills, gloves that hit several times, armor with overwhelming defense, and so on. Grid was covered with artifacts that appeared in legends. It was like an imperial treasury was walking around. Due to the short life span of humans, it was impossible to collect such artifacts in their entire life.

Kamiyan didn’t like Grid. In the meantime, Grid’s punching continued.


The wall of the smithy completely collapsed. As the place to lean on disappeared, Kamiyan fell down and Grid’s knee hit his jaw. Then Lifael’s Spear flew towards Kamiyan and wounded him,


Blood scattered all over the remnants of the smithy. It was a scene reminiscent of a battlefield.



This strength was beyond common sense. After the golem invasion, Grid had grown much more aware from the public’s eyes. He seemed to have also overcome his only weakness, control. Items, skills, stats and now control, Grid was becoming truly perfect.

-I had to change my underwear.

-I’m wearing a diaper.

-But isn’t a Red Knight weaker than the rumors?

-This is the 30th knight? It is said that they are strong according to their number.

--ㅇㅇThe single numbers must be a real wall.

-What? I was almost scared of Grid again.

-I am scared.ㅡㅡ

-So that’s the 30th knight? Even other rankers can defeat him.

-No. Grid is using his bare hands.

-What bare hands? He has the golden spear. Isn’t that a weapon?

There were dozens of chat messages per second in the OGC web channel chat window. The chat administrators tried to restrain abusive users, but were forced to give up halfway. On the other hand, the TV channel’s ratings were exceeding 30%. The ratings soared in real time.

It was 6:20 p.m. on a Saturday. It was prime time with various popular programs, so this was a phenomenal record for a cable channel.

'Indeed, Grid’s power on audience ratings is beyond imagination.’

It was difficult to predict how the ratings would go up. But there was one problem.

"Isn’t this too cruel?”

"We will be hit with a warning. We might have to stop broadcasting for a while.”

Grid’s battle style wasn’t good for minors to watch. The opponent was an NPC, but Grid kept smiling as he hit the vital points. He was called a psychopath for a reason.  The team members were concerned.

“I will take responsibility for everything. Don’t worry and keep broadcasting.”

His broadcaster’s blood was boiling. He would take responsibility for any repercussions, even if he needed to take off his clothes. He would write a new legend in the broadcasting world.

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