Chapter 266

Chapter 266

‘It’s baffling.’

Grid. He was a very special person for the Rebecca Church. The hero who saved their church by punishing the corrupt Pope Drevigo.

Most of the members praised Grid’s feat. A big wave was unavoidable if he claimed to be Damian’s guardian. Numerous members were likely to support Damian.

‘That Damian, he was preparing for his loss.’

It was a deadly move. The elders never imagined that such a foolish guy would call someone big like Grid to help him.

‘It’s a crisis.’

The election wasn’t the only method that Grid could help Damian. By sealing Lifael’s Spear, it was possible to remove Damian’s weakness.

‘Ah, this is a quandary.’

Unlike the elders, Pascal’s face was relaxed. He had experience with Grid, and could turn this crisis into an opportunity.

‘Grid isn’t a hero.’

The reason why Grid defeated Drevigo. It wasn’t for the Rebecca Church, but for Grid himself. Pascal knew the truth.

‘He said he killed Drevigo because he needed to bless the odd mineral called pavranium.’

Grid was selfish and violent. At the time that the pavranium received God Judar’s blessing, Pascal had peeked at Grid’s nature.

‘The more selfish a person is, the easier it is to handle them.’

Why was Grid claiming to be Damian’s guardian? It was because there was something good in it for him.


Pascal smiled widely.

‘Grid, I can give more to you than Damian.’

Wealth, power, and beauty. He would give Grid everything he wanted.

‘So leave Damian and come to me.’

If he could get Grid on his side, he could unseal all three divine artifacts as well as win the election. It was a great opportunity to become pope with the strongest Rebecca’s Daughters. Pascal had this thought and broke the uncomfortable silence. “Hey hey! Who is this? The savior of the Rebecca Church! Hero among heroes! If it isn’t Grid!”

Pascal exclaimed while smiling as brightly as possible. He praised Grid with exaggerated words and shook hands with him.

"I’m so glad to see you again.”

Grid was confused.

‘This guy, he can smile instead of feeling angry after my blatant provocation?’

It was an unexpected response.

‘He was like this in the past.’

Grid had taken the Holy Light set that Pascal wanted. But rather than being hostile to Grid, Pascal welcomed him.

He thanked Grid for punishing Drevigo, held a banquet and gave God Judar’s blessing without any conditions. He was someone to watch out for. Pascal was someone reluctant to make strong enemies.

‘I have to provoke him some more.’

Grid thought this and responded to the handshake.

“Nice to see you as well.”

Pascal’s spirit rose at Grid’s response.

‘It’s like this. I don’t know about the other elders, but he shouldn’t be rude to me.’

Grid should also be aware of it. The fact that Pascal would be more helpful than Damian. Pascal was filled with confidence and quickly led the situation.

“You’re a duke of the Eternal Kingdom? You’re truly a hero. Your outstanding abilities have been recognized. Now, let’s move the location. I will prepare a reunion celebration banquet, so let’s talk to each other after a long time.”

Damian paled as he watched the situation.

‘Grid and Pascal knew each other?’

It was serious. Pascal was extremely rich. Grid could be tempted by money. As Damian was worrying, Pascal nailed in the final wedge.

"Sir Grid, I will prepare many gifts for you today.”

“Hoh, gifts. i am looking forward to it.”

Grid started to show interest. Damian was frustrated, while Pascal showed a deep smile. It was at that moment.

"But Pascal, I’m a duke, right?”


Grid gripped the hand he was shaking with more strength. Pascal’s face rapidly twisted.

‘What is this...?’

It was an incredible grip. Pascal started to feel pain in his hands. He struggled, but Grid didn’t let go.

"You aren’t a pope yet. A pope candidate is asking for a handshake instead of politely greeting me? You seem to be making fun of me, Pascal. Was it a lie when you praised me as a hero?”

'You’re just the duke of a small kingdom!’

Pascal was a noble of the Saharan Empire. He recognized all nations apart from the empire as small, and thought they were barbaric. He was a nationalist who believed that only the empire should be blessed by Goddess Rebecca. For Pascal, there was no humiliation worse than being treated like this by  a noble of a small kingdom.

“What is this violence? Heok?”

Pascal yelled, then became filled with consternation the moment he met Grid’s eyes.


He was unable to read the emotions or measure the depth in Grid’s eyes. He didn’t know the intentions, but Grid had such profound eyes. Grid’s eyes were showing a clear meaning. A provocation. ‘Bring it on Pascal. I want to destroy you.’ Grid’s eyes were clearly saying that.

‘A beast!’

The moment that Pascal was feeling agitated, someone fell from the ceiling. A knight wearing red armor. His name was Kamiyan. The 30th knight of the Red Knights, the emperor gave him to Pascal in the hope that Pascal would become the pope.

“Let go.”

Kamiyan warned with his sword at Grid’s neck. Grid snorted.

“What if I don’t want to?”

“I will cut off your hand.”

Kamiyan showed no hesitation. His sword moved towards the hand that was holding Pascal’s.

Pascal shouted, "Stop!"

Kamiyan’s sword stopped just above Grid’s wrist. Grid’s eyes narrowed from where he had been able to summon Failure from the inventory.

‘Too bad.’

Pascal barely managed to escape from Grid’s hand.

"Sir Grid, I will close my eyes to your rudeness today.”

“You don’t have to? I told you already. If you have a complaint then come forward. Bring it on.”


Anger boiled inside Pascal’s heart.

He was the son of a Saharan noble, who had gained a high status after joining the Rebecca Church. This was the first time that he had been treated like this. Pascal couldn’t be rational or prudent anymore. In his heart, he wanted to tell Kamiyan to immediately hit Grid’s neck. But he had to endure it. He needed Grid’s strength to release the seals on the three divine artifacts.

“I hope that we can laugh with each other when we meet again soon. I will always have a gift for you.”

Pascal withdrew with a red face. Kamiyan and the elders followed him. Grid’s face was filled with regret as he looked at them.

‘His endurance is great.’

Grid couldn’t attack senior NPC priests first. As long as they weren’t abandoned by the goddess like Drevigo, they were always protected by the goddess.  If he attacked them first, the goddess would curse him.

[Goddess’ Curse]

The unlucky stat will be generated.

The unlucky stat was vague since it wasn’t a status condition. Grid was reluctant to be cursed by the goddess. That’s why he tried to provoke Pascal, but eventually failed.

'Well, don’t be nervous and just wait.’

From Pascal’s point of view, Grid was an eyesore. He would eventually attack Grid.

After Pascal and the elders left.

Isabel, who had remained silent the whole time, approached Grid.

“It has been a long time.”

It was a dissatisfied voice. It seemed like she had something to complain about.

‘I hate you.’

Isabel was plagued with terrible pain because of Grid. This situation happened because Grid forgot to seal Lifael’s Spear.

"I'm sorry.” Grid sincerely apologized. 

Isabel gritted her teeth at the sight of him. "Why are you sorry? Are you apologizing for unsealing Lifael’s Spear? Don’t make me laugh. I was able to save my friends thanks to you releasing the seal. Thanks to you, the entire church was saved. So don’t apologize.”

She was grateful.

‘Then why is she angry?’

Tears filled Isabel’s eyes while Grid was puzzled.

"You always do this. Why do you only show up when I’m in a desperate crisis? Like a prince on a white horse.”

Isabel had a crush on Grid. Her emotions were stimulated because she was saved just before falling to hell. But Grid had already ignored her once. It would be the same this time as well.

“You won’t accept me anyway, so why are you acting like this…?” Isabel whispered as she bowed her head. Her words didn’t reach Grid. The problem was that her voice was too small.

‘Her condition is strange. Indeed, she must be in a lot of pain.’

Grid watched Isabel. Her beautiful platinum hair was now close to grey and it wasn’t even shiny. Her lustrous red lips were pale and her skinny body looked like a mummy. There was a bigger problem.

'Her breasts have decreased in size.’

It was the effect of losing weight. Her original B cup breasts were now an A cup. It was really a pity.

“W-Where are you looking? Pervert!” Isabel covered her chest with her arms and shouted.

"What is there to look at?”

“What is there to look at? What does that mean?”

“Do I need to explain?”

“That’s okay!”

It had been a really long time since Isabel had been so energetic. Damian watched her and Grid and smiled.

‘Isabel-chan, you have always missed Grid.’

He hoped her heart would be communicated to Grid. He truly was cheering her on. Damian wasn’t a rival for Grid.

‘It’s natural for the heroine to be connected with the hero.’

He was just an extra. He was too incompetent, so he was satisfied just watching Rebecca’s Daughters from the side. Huroi approached Damian and whispered. "Don't worry. She doesn’t fit My Lord’s taste.”


The beautiful Isabel-chan didn’t suit Grid’s taste? It was upsetting. Damian was making a subtle expression when Grid urged him.

“How long are we going to stand here? Guide me to a suitable place.”

It was time to figure out how to create and seal Lifael’s Spear.

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