Chapter 264

Chapter 264


{You came!}

{Are you rested?}

The Overgeared members welcomed Grid when he connected. Grid looked at the guild members list and questioned.

{Where and what are Pon and Regas doing?}

They were connected, but their location was marked as ‘unknown.’ This was the first time.

{They have been like that for a fortnight already. I can’t get in touch with them, so it seems like they’re trapped in an unusual dungeon.}

{Should we organize a search party?}

{Search party? Grid, are you worried about those two?}

{There’s no need to worry about them. Look at their levels. It went up by one in just a fortnight.}

{I think they found a huge hunting ground}

{We don’t need to worry about those monsters. It’s a waste of emotions.}

‘Really?’ Pon and Regas were level 307. It was two levels higher than Faker. It was a rapid growth, considering there had only been a one level difference between them. ‘Where did they discover such a great hunting ground?’ 

From level 299, the amount of experience needed to gain one level increased exponentially. But they were level 306 and gained one level in just a fortnight... The stunned Grid recovered his mind. Then he delivered the news.

{By the way, the Silver Knights Guild will merge into the Overgeared Guild.}

{The Silver Knights Guild? What about Peak Sword?}

Currently, the members of Overgeared were rapidly raising their level and causing an upheaval in the rankings. The existing rankers dropped at least 5 spots, 20 if it was severe. They were stolen by the Overgeared members.

On the other hand, Peak Sword rose in the rankings. 15th on the unified rankings. It was in the absence of the best hunting ground called Reidan. This meant that his level of skill was the same as Pon and Regas.

The Overgeared members were interested.

{Hey, Peak Sword will become our companion? Isn’t this encouraging?}

{Peak Sword is the master of drawing a sword. I watched his war video against the Sakura Guild one year ago.}

{I also saw that video. Peak Sword was so great at that time. A Sakura Guild member died every time he drew the sword.}

{Did you see that lump of pride, Yoshimura, run away?}

‘...Is Peak Sword that great?’

Grid liked Peak Sword. He liked and respected Peak Sword’s personality. However, he didn’t acknowledge Peak Sword’s combat ability. At the time of the Hell Gao raid, Peak Sword had just been a miner and wasn’t helpful in combat.

‘He helped once when I was in danger.’

Peak Sword had grabbed Hell Gao’s attention. Thanks to that, Grod could get one fire stone unharmed. That’s it. After that, Peak Sword didn’t play any offensive role.

‘Well, at that time, Peak Sword was only a second class.’

The abilities of a 2nd advancement class couldn’t afford to take on Hell Gao. Now Peak Sword would have a third advancement class and be much stronger than he was in the past.

{But why is the Silver Knights Guild trying to merge with us?}

{The Silver Knights Guild rules Cork Island. The scale of their guild is huge and they have tremendous financial power. So why the merger?}

Grid explained to the puzzled Overgeared members. After listening to the story, the Overgeared members recalled what they knew about Peak Sword and were convinced.

{Ah, that makes sense if it’s Peak Sword.}

{It isn’t strange if he builds a religion to Grid.}

{Lauel, the matter of the guild merger...}

{Leave it to me.}

Lauel was very happy. Piaro, Asmopehl, Rabbit, and the Silver Knights Guild... It was amazing that Grid was constantly rallying the best powers. Grid truly was great.

“They seem to like it.”

The guild chat window was in a frenzy. Everyone was excited because the Silver Knights Guild would merge with them. 

The Overgeared Guild was in a difficult situation. The Overgeared Guild had too little manpower. They might be the top rankers, but including Grid, there were only 28 people in the guild. It was hard to include two of them(Ruby and Sexy Schoolgirl), as they didn’t play often. In this situation, absorbing the Silver Knights Guild was huge.

Then Piaro and Asmophel approached Grid.

“Duke Grid.”

Piaro. A man who respected Grid but didn’t yield to him. He bowed towards Grid. It was the same for Asmophel.

"Give us an opportunity to serve you."

Finally, the moment had come. Grid smiled widely.

“It’s my pleasure.”

The sunshine through the window shone on Grid’s face. It was a bright and dignified face. Piaro recalled the day he first met Grid in Kesan Canyon. Grid had been a dark and depressed young man. He was really ugly. 

‘But his potential is excellent.’

Piaro never realized that Grid would grow to this point.


The great hall was wide without any decorations, and it reflected Reidan’s financial condition. In short, it was pitiful. Piaro and Asmophel vowed allegiance to Grid in this place as the Overgeared members watched.

Grid experienced a new system.

[You have accepted Piaro as a subordinate. The effect of Reidan’s barracks will increase by 30%. The probability of a good harvest will increase by 100%.]

[You have accepted Asmophel as a subordinate. The effect of Reidan’s techniques research institute will increase by 30%.]

[You have people who are qualified to lead a knights division. Would you like to establish a knights division?]

There was no reason to hesitate.

“Form a knights division.”

[Appoint a leader for the knights division that will be created.]

-List of people who can be appointed as leader of a knights division-


Piaro can lead a total of 50 knights.

Piaro’s knights will have their physical attack power increased by 10%, attack speed by 3% and movement speed by 5%. 

The effect is permanent as long as the person belongs to the knights division.

Knights Division’s Passive Skills: Increased Health Regeneration (High), Decreased Stamina Consumption (Medium).


Asmophel can lead a total of 35 knights.

Asmophel’s knights will have a 5% increase in physical attack power and magic power. Skill cooldown time will be reduced by 8%. 

The effect is permanent as long as the person belongs to the knights division.

Knights Division’s Passive Skills: Increased Mana Regeneration (Medium), Decreased Stamina Consumption (Low)

It seemed that classes that depended on skills were better suited to Asmophel’s knights division.

‘Huge buffs.’

Only admiration emerged. Grid formed two knights divisions.

"Piaro and Asmophel.”

[Piaro and Asmophel’s knights divisions have been created.]

[Please name the knights division.]

“1st Overgeared Knights Division. 2nd Overgeared Knights Division.”

“Wait! Wait a minute!" Lauel hurried out from where he had been watching nervously. Then he trembled as he begged. “Please! Please give it a fantastic name!”


Was it too shabby to divide it by one and two? Grid felt some remorse after seeing Lauel’s tears. Therefore, Grid renamed it.

“Overgeared Knights Division. Overgeared Magic Knights Division.”


Lauel was at a loss for words. He couldn’t help resenting Grid’s naming sense.  But when he thought about it, hadn’t the boat already sailed after the guild was called Overgeared?  Given the name of the guild, Overgeared Knights Division and Overgeared Magic Knights Division wasn’t so bad.

‘It doesn’t feel good.’

Was his taste increasingly becoming like Grid? It was like a nightmare for Lauel. A notification window appeared in front of Grid.

[Congratulations! You have become the first owner of a knights division!]

[’Ruler’s Cloak’ has been acquired.]

A bright red cloak. There was the golden insignia of a dragon on the shoulder. It was a gorgeous and elegant cloak that caught everyone’s eyes.

[Ruler’s Cloak]

Rating: Legendary

Durability: None

* Skills ‘Charge Command,’ ‘Military Command,’ and ‘Ruler’s Voice’ will be generated.

It is a cloak that symbolized the monarch who is qualified to rule over an army.

Weight: 33

[Charge Command]

Grants the ‘Charge’ skill to your soldiers.

When the soldiers advance in the direction of the enemies, movement speed and damage will increase by 200%, depending on the distance.

Skill Cooldown Time: 5 minutes.

Nothing will be consumed by the skill.

[Military Command]

You can change the direction of the marching soldiers immediately.

Skill Cooldown Time: 3 minutes.

Nothing will be consumed by the skill.

[Ruler’s Voice (Passive)]

You can deliver a clear voice to soldiers at any location.

‘These are skills to be used in a war.’

They were simple but effective skills. Considering that most of Satisfy’s users were ordinary people who hadn’t commanded an army before, the value of this item was astronomical.

Grid was in the army, so he could recognize the value of the cloak.

‘Sure and swift commands will make an army stronger. Unfortunately...’

There were no separate features. It would’ve been better if it had the option of raising defense, resistance or stats. He used the Legendary Blacksmith’s Appraisal skill, but there were no hidden functions. Maybe if he used the Legendary Blacksmith’s Disassembly skill?

‘Maybe there is something.’

Grid wasn’t perfect yet. It was still only Pagma's Descendant. It was difficult to see himself as a true legend. If he mastered the skills of a legendary blacksmith or completed a quest...

‘At that time, my current self will be no comparison. Maybe I will learn modification skills.’

If he wanted that day to come, he should play the game harder. Grid made up his mind and put the Ruler’s Cloak in his inventory. Then he spoke to those who were gathered in the great hall.

“Each of you should join the knights division and then continue with your missions. Lauel should coordinate with Rabbit to give Piaro and Asmophel separate areas. Ah, and please handle the guild merger.”


‘I will take care of it. Believe in me,’ he wanted to answer.

But he somehow wasn’t feeling motivated today. It might be due to the ‘Overgeared Magic Knights Division’ floating in his status window.

“Sob sob.”

Lauel could only cry. At that time, Grid approached Piaro and asked an absurd question.

"Piaro, can I join your knights division?”

He wanted the buff. Unfortunately, the lord couldn’t join the knights division.

“...That isn’t possible.”


Grid wanted to cry like Lauel.


Grid left the rest in Lauel’s hands. Huroi joined him as he left.

"I will accompany you, My Lord.”

The red drake was waiting for Grid in the garden. Huroi was to be Grid’s driver. They were ready to go to the Vatican.

'In any case, this is great.’

Huroi was the colleague who followed Grid before anyone else, so he was a special existence for Grid. Grid got on the drake with a willing heart and confirmed Huroi’s level.



There was a meaningful smile on his face. Huroi couldn’t help feeling curious as he saw it.

‘What is he thinking about?’

Grid asked the puzzled Huroi. “You heard about what happened between me and Damian?”

"Yes, I was impressed after hearing that you raided Pope Drevigo alone.”

“The Rebecca people know me well. Right?”

"Of course. They all praise My Lord. Just...”

There was one point. Damian was fighting the other candidates to become pope. Maybe those candidates would be hostile to Grid. Saving Isabel meant being Damian’s guardian. Huroi got an eerie feeling.


The pope candidates who were hostile to Lord Grid...

"Why aren’t you starting? Aren’t we going to the Vatican?”


It was certain. His lord was ready to provoke a bloodbath in the Vatican.

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