Chapter 262

Chapter 262

After accepting Damian’s request, Grid received administrative reports from Rabbit and the Overgeared Guild. It couldn’t be helped. It was the least he had to do as the lord. As a result, one hour passed.

‘I’m tired.’

The fatigue accumulated over his five week quest was too high. The problem was the lack of sleep.

"Grid, are you departing for the Vatican?”

Outside the meeting room. Damian came up to him and asked. His eyes shone brightly and Grid waved his hands at him.

"I have to rest first. I will contact you later, so head to the Vatican first.”


Frankly, Damian wanted Grid to go to the Vatican right now. His heart hurt when he thought of Isabel, who was suffering at this moment. But he couldn’t rush Grid and obediently stepped back. He had been waiting a few months, so couldn’t he wait a day or two?

He bowed politely to Grid who logged out. Then Grid headed straight to bed.


Since the National Competition.

10 months of Satisfy time had passed and Yura had dedicated herself to only one quest. 

[Path of Penance]

Difficulty Level: SS

Meet the First Servant unharmed.

Quest Clear Rewards: ???

It was a quest that didn’t give her any clues. During the quest, Yura had to face countless adversities. She had experienced frustration several times. But she didn’t give up. If she was a person to give up easily, then she wouldn’t have become 5th in the unified rankings. Her tenacity and obsession exceeded the category of ordinary people.

‘I finally found it.’

The dirt and blood didn’t cause Yura’s beauty to fade. She was still beautiful at the end of the long struggle, when she finally reached her destination. It was hard to find one flaw with her beautiful white skin and ebony hair.

Step step.

Deep in the cave. Yura climbed onto the altar in the middle of the cave. There was a pure white flame on the altar.

[Lovely child, you have reached this place with your weak human body.]

Was this the voice of an angel? A very sweet and beautiful voice came from the flame. Yura’s eyes trembled. Her long eyelashes quivered.

‘My guess was right.’

Everything about Yatan’s First Servant was veiled. He wasn’t a human. The evidence? The white flame in front of her. The identity of this flame was the soul of a demon.

[You are entitled to receive my, Amoract’s, power.]

The demon of conflict, Amoract. One of the 33 great demons was Yatan’s First Servant.

Demon, demonic views, religion founded by a demon. That was the Yatan Church. There were many hints.

The aim of the Yatan Church was to bring the 33 great demons to the earth. Yatan’s servants included the demonkin Balak and others. Legend said that the 33 great demons were creatures of God Yatan.

Combining all these features, it wasn’t a religion that existed for humans. It was obvious that the Yatan Church was the enemy of humanity.

[Child, I will give you infinite power.]

Amoract enticed her.

[I will help you break away from that weak human body.]

Then a notification window popped up in front of Yura.

[The quest ‘Path of Penance (SS)’ has been cleared.]

[If you accept Amoract’s magic power, you will be changed from human to half demonkin. Demonkin can evolve into demons.]

[Will you accept Amoract’s magic power?]

‘I’m being given a choice?’

She could choose if she wanted the compensation or not. It was unheard of for the quest to leave it up to the user. What did this suggest? Yura’s brain was activated. Based on the information and experience that she had accumulated over the years, her high intelligence quickly analyzed the situation.

Yura found the answer.

“I’ll refuse.”

Amoract’s soul was shocked. It shook at the unexpected choice.

[Child, why? Why are you refusing my power?]


[Child, do you intend to betray God Yatan?]

After becoming a black magician and joining the Yatan Church. Yura had committed many wrongdoings. This was the fate of a black magician. The quests given to black magicians always required causing conflict or harming people.

Did she feel guilty? It was uncomfortable, but it was a level that she could endure. Satisfy was essentially a game. It was different from reality. She had a clear distinction between good and evil, and she wasn’t evil. Yura just faithfully played her role as a user who chose the path of evil. The result was that she became Yatan’s Servant.

But now she felt irritated. Was she belatedly feeling guilty? No. There was a reason.

“Yes, I intend to betray you. If I accept your strength and remain God Yatan’s Servant forever, I will eventually become the enemy of that man.”

[Man? Who are you talking about?]

“Grid.” Yura’s clear eyes pierced into Amoract’s soul. “The Yatan Servants’ Slaughterer.”


Not long ago, Yura received the news that Grid killed Dark Bus, making it a total of three Yatan Servants. It had been a long time since the Yatan Church designed Grid as an enemy. Yura didn’t want to support the Yatan Church anymore. But she couldn’t leave the Yatan Church. It was a foolish act, since she would lose everything she obtained so far.

Now the situation changed. Why did a choice exist for a SS-grade quest reward? It was easy to guess. If she refused the compensation, she could get a corresponding ‘hidden reward.’

"Yatan’s Servant, I will quit. In fact, I didn’t like Yatan from the beginning.”

She just chose a black magician because it seemed interesting. If she knew that she had to unconditionally serve God Yatan, she wouldn’t have become a black magician in the first place.

[Disgraceful girl!]

Amoract’s warm and gently voice changed to something terrible. The momentum alone seemed like it could kill Yura. But Yura didn’t shrink back. She was well aware that it wasn’t possible for Amoract to appear on the earth at this time.


[You have refused Amoract’s magic power.]

[You have been deprived of your position as Yatan’s Servant.]

[You are expelled from the Yatan Church.]

[You have lost your black magic power.]

[The Yatan Church will be forever hostile to you.]

[The legendary class, Demon Slayer, has been obtained.]

[Your level has dropped.]

[You are now level 1.]

“Oh my.”

She had expected to get a legendary class. However, she had no idea that she would drop to level one. The list of newly acquired skills appeared in front of the surprised Yura.

On this day.

Yura’s name disappeared from the list of rankers. Of course it was a big topic. All types of speculation occurred across the world.


He woke up at 4:30 in the morning. He had slept for 13 hours. Youngwoo exited his room with a blank expression, where his parents greeted him.

“Son! Why is it so hard to see you when we live in the same house?”

"It has been 10 days.”

Youngwoo’s parents were farmers who grew crops and sold them at their vegetable store. They went to work early in the morning and came home late at night. On the other hand, Youngwoo spend most of his day in the capsule. In particular, he had been playing for an exceptionally long time during the past 12 days because of the quest. It couldn’t be helped that it was hard for the three people to see each other.

“I heard Youngwoo’s story on the news a few days ago. I know that you are busy doing big things, but don’t overdo it.”

"Take care of your health. I’m concerned because you haven’t been exercising recently. If you get sick, we won’t be the only ones who will feel sad.”

‘A big deal... The nation...’

Youngwoo was treated as a hero after raising the status of South Korea in the National Competition. To be honest, he still hadn’t adapted to it. It was too big of a gap from when he was taunted as a game obsessed loser. 

‘I have become successful in my field.’

It felt good. He was very proud of it, especially when he saw how proud his parents were of him. Youngwoo was stretching while listening to their words, when he suddenly wondered.

"I appeared on the news?”

"Yes, there was something about how the seven or eight guilds invaded your city?”


"Youngwoo, you and your colleagues repelled them without any damage?”


“Asura? Ashur? Some unbelievably great earl helped you?”


"The experts who appear on TV praise our son every day. Ohoho.”


Youngwoo was confused as soon as he woke up. He couldn’t understand anything the two people were saying.

‘Roughly speaking... An alliance of seven guilds tried to invade Reidan and it seems like they were defeated by Earl Ashur.’

Why didn’t he know about this?

‘That Lauel.’

The ‘little thing’ he talked about was referring to this incident.

‘It was trivial.’

Youngwoo laughed. He was able to guess why the Overgeared Guild didn’t report this incident to him.

‘There was no damage, so it wasn’t important.’

They didn’t want to disturb his quest. Then when he returned from completing the quest, he was too tired to stay connected for long. He could feel that his companions’ thoughts towards him were growing.

'I reap what I sow.’

In the past, Shin Youngwoo was filled with poison and only concerned about himself. At that time, he was always alone. He didn’t respect anyone. He didn’t care for others. But not anymore. After he succeeded, he could afford to care for others, and as a result, he was respected. Now he could call them ‘friends.’ These were truly happy days.

“Hasn’t it been a while?”

He finished eating breakfast with his parents. Then Sehee greeted him as she came out of the bath. Her sister had become prettier in the short time they hadn’t seen each other.

“You have grown...” Youngwoo said as he looked at her from head to toe, causing Sehee to blush.

"Where are you looking like a pervert?”


Why should he be called a pervert when he was just confirming his sister’s growth? Sehee threw a white sweatshirt towards the bewildered Youngwoo.

"Now that you have some time to relax, shouldn’t you go exercising?”

"Is that so?”

In the last 12 days, he hadn’t moved his body except when he was doing some light stretches and push-ups.

It was frustrating, so Youngwoo was pleased that his sister offered to go running with him. He went out after a long time and ran excitedly. Youngwoo’s body and spirit felt refreshed from the clean air entering his lungs.

Then they returned home. A man was waiting at their house for Youngwoo..

“It’s the first time that we’ve met in reality.”

Peak Mine... No, Peak Sword.

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