Chapter 261

Chapter 261

Piaro was a legendary farmer? How absurd. No, this was almost the level of paranoia. It was a development that wouldn’t be found even in third-rate web novels all over the world.

'Piaro dreamed of being a sword saint, so why would he be a farmer?’

The reason that Piaro increased the chances of a good harvest was...

‘He probably learned a technique while farming as a hobby.’

It was a reasonable guess. Piaro was a very versatile person, so it wasn’t impossible.

'I just had an absurd delusion.’

He was afraid that Jude was laughing at him. Grid smiled before regaining his calm. Then he looked at Piaro and Asmophel. They needed time alone.

“Let’s leave here.”

Grid said and the Overgeared members followed him. Damian was with them. Piaro and Asmophel started to have a long conversation once they were left alone.

On this day, both of them vowed. Duke Grid who relieved their misunderstanding and helped them see the true object of their revenge.  They pledged eternal loyalty to the one who saved them from hell.


The road to the castle. The stunning landscape of the significantly developed Reidan captured Grid’s attention.

‘It’s definitely more than the old Reidan now.’

But it was far less than Winston.  The size was more than twice the sum of those two cities, but the overall facilities were less.  The problem was that the population was small from the beginning.  The best administrator, Rabbit, was active, but the speed of development was slow because there was no manpower.

"Lauel, are there plans to deal with the population crisis?”

"As you did before, we plan to secure and migrate the minorities that are being persecuted everywhere in the empire.”

Just like the case with the Ul Clan. But there was a clear limit to this method. The Overgeared members would suffer too much. In addition, it was unlikely that the empire would keep allowing it.

“Is there a natural way to increase the population?”


Grid didn’t know it yet, but Reidan became famous thanks to the invasion of the seven guilds. Many people were showing interest in Reidan. Lauel was sure that at this moment, many users would be trying to move to Reidan. But the problem was that the barrier of entry was too high. It was unknown how many of them would reach Reidan.

“You shouldn’t think too hastily. First, complete the mine development and connect the roads. Then the deployment of troops will be easier and the number of monsters will gradually decrease... We can only wait until then.”

"What is the speed of progress for the mine development?”

“There aren’t enough skilled workers. In particular, securing miners is difficult. It seems like it will take more time than planned.”


It would be ideal if Minor acted as a miner, but the search for pavranium came first. Right now, it was too early to stick Minor in the mines.

'I shouldn’t worry too much. By the way, why hasn’t there been news from Minor?’

Minor was on a mission to find all the labyrinths in the west. Grid was worried that he had run across monsters and was in a crisis. No, that clever boy wouldn’t be caught so easily.

‘I shouldn’t worry.’

Grid changed topics. "Then Lauel, do other guilds already have a knights division?”

“Knights division? I don’t think there would be a lot? If the guild creates a specific organization and call it a knights division, then it will become a knights division. Well, it’s easy to mass produce.”

It seemed he didn’t know there was a separate system called a knights division.

‘Then I am the first master of a true knights division?’

It was probably the case. It wasn’t easy to obtain named NPCs.

‘The first knights division...’

In Satisfy, the meaning of ‘first’ was very big. It was an achievement that would often give special benefits.

‘What benefits will I receive?’

Grid’s heart started to become restless again. But this wasn’t a problem. In order to prevent the suffering and frustration that he felt in the past, he always maintained the proper tension.

“I’m glad you have returned safely."

“Duke Grid! Welcome!"

The entrance of the castle. Grid was greeted by Administrator Rabbit and Jude, who had been informed of his arrival in advance. Grid observed them with the Great Lord's Sword and smiled.

‘They have also developed.’

Rabbit had gained a lot of intelligence and political power, while Jude had gained a lot of strength and stamina. It showed how faithfully they had taken on their roles.

“You went through many hardships while I was gone.”

Grid patted their shoulders. Administrator Rabbit bowed humbly, while the pleased Jude snorted like a bull. They accompanied Grid into the castle. The 1,000 nervous soldiers saluted in unison.

“Kingdom's hero! Reidan’s sun! We greet the great Duke Grid!”


The shouts shook the castle. Grid observed them as he walked past. 

‘They aren’t inferior when compared with the empire’s soldiers.’

It was a tremendous growth rate. It was evidence that Jude’s ignorant training method was having a great effect. It was the power of the ‘I have no Idea (SS)’ skill. He had no thoughts. Jude’s ability to raise the soldiers made Grid smile.

The eyes of a man closely watching him shone. It was Damian.

‘This is the time!’

Since Grid arrived in Reidan. Damian had been waiting for the right timing to say hello and he finally grabbed the chance. Grid seemed to be in a good mood right now!

“Grid! It has been a long time!”

Damian went forward and greeted him. He was nervous, but tried not to show it to Grid. He went down on one knee and bowed.

Grid asked, “Who are you?”

“Heok.” It was an unexpected response. “Y-You don’t remember me?”

Damian felt like crying. Grid looked at the disappointed person in front of him. From Grid’s standpoint, Damian was nothing more than an extra in the pope raid. It was also a long time ago.

Damian reminded himself of this and formally introduced himself. "I am Damian, a paladin of the Rebecca Church and the Goddess' Agent. Around one year and two months ago in Satisfy time, I buffed Grid while you raided Pope Drevigo.”


Now Grid remembered Damian. The otaku paladin.  He hadn’t known it at the time, but looking back now, Damian’s buffing ability was remarkable.

“I remember. Then why are you here?”

Did he perhaps want to join the Overgeared Guild? Grid was filled with big expectations when Damian suddenly cried out.

“Please save Isabel-chan!”


Who was that again?

‘Ah, I remember.’  One of Rebecca’s Daughters. She had blonde hair and used an exceptional spear. ‘Did something happen to her?’

No, why was this person asking for help from Grid?

‘Ah right.’

A chill went down Grid’s spine. He remembered what he did.

‘Lifael’s Spear.’

It was a special weapon for Rebecca’s Daughters that Pagma had sealed. He had released the seal. Then he neglected to return.


Isabel was dying because of him. Grid became uncomfortable as he identified the situation. He felt guilty about putting someone’s life at risk, and he was also worried that Damian would claim compensation for the damages.

‘I have no money.’

Damian begged the nervous Grid again. “I will give you all my assets! So please... Please save Isabel-chan!”


Grid through Damian would claim compensation for damages, but he was actually rewarding Grid? And it was money?

‘A pushover?’

At that time, Lauel sent a whisper to Grid.

-Damian is a pope candidate. How about helping him? If he becomes a pope, Reidan will be able to form a friendship with the mighty forces of the Rebecca Church. The profit from it can’t be converted into money.

‘Pope candidate...’

In fact, Grid intended to help Damian from the beginning. More than anything else, he felt sorry towards Isabel. In addition...

‘Lifael’s Spear.’

A divine item.  It was a great opportunity to observe it in detail.


It would be possible to create divine items. A weapon above Failure. No, maybe an item that exceeded Pagma’s works would be born. A smile appeared on Grid’s face.

“How much?”


Damian panicked at Grid’s sudden question. Grid explained to the bewildered Damian. “How much will you give me in return for sealing Lifael’s Spear? How much?”

Grid had to take everything he could. This wasn’t a shameless greed. It was foolish to miss the opportunity to obtain something, unless he was a pushover.

‘I have already been a pushover in the past.’

Damian said carefully, "I have currently prepared 530,000 gold...”

It was the amount he prepared as a deposit.


How much was that in Korean money?

'636 million won...’

Grid calculated it in his head. Damian felt anxious when Grid showed no reaction and hurriedly said.

"I-If I dispose of my mansion, I can get an additional 1.2 million gold!”


“Yes! It is a small mansion where I live in Tokyo, Japan!”

‘He will sell his house in reality just for an NPC?’

In the past, Grid would’ve laughed at Damian. But not anymore. Irene, Khan, Piaro. Grid experienced the love of NPCs so he felt more affinity towards Damian.

‘He isn’t a bad person.’

He was a pushover. That wasn’t all. Damian was a pope candidate. The possibility that Damian could become a pope should be kept in mind.

‘I have to think about future relationship rather than be greedy for money now.’

If he did this favor for Damian, it would be a great help to Grid in the future.

“I will accept just 530,000 gold.”


Damian was well aware of what a greedy person Grid was. He was completely determined to save Isabel-chan and had been expecting to spend a huge amount of money. He was even prepared to sell his organs if he had to. But it was a misunderstanding. Grid wasn’t that evil. Rather, he was a generous person.

“Thank you! I really appreciate it!”

Grid was willing to help him! Damian was so thrilled that he started crying. Grid, who was willing to spare Isabel-chan from suffering pain, looked like an angel to Damian in this moment. On the other hand, Grid was excited.

‘This is an opportunity to observe a divine weapon.’

He felt like he found a bundle of money on the way to picking up his lottery winnings.

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