Chapter 454

Chris faltered from the shock caused by the exchange between him and Grid. His upper body was shaking as he blocked the continuous attacks from Grid. It meant he was being pushed when it came to power.

‘Chris is being pushed back in a battle of strength?’

The waiting room assigned to the participants for the third round. Kraugel was surprised as he sat alone and watched the confrontation between Grid and Chris. He didn’t think a player that could beat Chris when it came to strength existed. It was natural when he thought about it.

‘Chris has a unique strength stat.’

None of them could win against Chris with strength, even Kraugel. Yet Grid won.

‘The more I know, the more amazing he is...’

Every person had a different depth and that depth had a limit. As a person was more and more exposed, their foundations would eventually be revealed. But Grid was the opposite. New and wonderful things were discovered about him every time.

Kraugel was thrilled.


Was it possible for Grid to clear the ‘Beat Baal’s Contractor’ quest first? Agnus. Grid might be the only one who could go against the monster that was growing rapidly right now.

Of course.

“That is a story for a distant future.”

Had Grid ever met Agnus? Kraugel was suddenly curious.


A general greatsword design had a linear structure. Due to that, a greatsword had a unique wild charm. However, Grid’s blue greatsword was thin like a shark’s fin and there were curved details in every part of the sword. It was more three dimensional and beautiful. If a common greatsword was Rambo X, Grid’s greatsword was PeXri! It was even more powerful. At first glance, it was better than Grid’s Greatsword.

“Why is the name Failure?”

Chris was pushed in attack power.

Jjejeong! Jjang!

Chris’s eyes were shaking sharply as he gradually stepped back while defending against Grid’s attacks. There was a big psychological impact.

‘I can’t be like Kraugel.’

Chris knew he wasn’t perfect, so he dug into one path. It was the path he was most confident in, attack power. He didn’t know about anything else, but he promised to be good with attack power. After receiving the Tyrant second class and Grid’s Greatsword, he was confident he had achieved his goal.

But reality was different. He was pushed by Grid’s items.

“What is that weapon? Why is a greatsword you made more than a year ago better than Grid’s Greatsword?”

Chris had the best knowledge about greatswords. Based on his knowledge and experience, the blue greatsword Grid was currently using was the strongest weapon. Grid explained to the confused Chris.

“Failure is the origin of Grid’s Greatsword. Strictly speaking, Grid’s Greatsword is the mass produced version of Failure.”


Grid’s Greatsword, believed to be the most powerful weapon just two minutes ago, was just a mass produced weapon? Chris gritted his teeth.

“I see. This is why you didn’t strengthen Grid’s Greatsword to +9. There is no reason to invest a lot of money into mass production items.”

Chris asked him to make the best weapon, but it was actually a mass produced one...

It felt like a scam. The back of his head was tingling. Grid panicked as he saw the betrayal in Chris’ eyes.

"There seems to be a misunderstanding. Grid’s Greatsword is actually better than Failure. The options of Grid’s Greatsword are far superior. Failure is only better when it comes to attack power.”

“The most important thing when it comes to a weapon is attack power!”


The two people kept swinging their swords while they were having a conversation. There was a burst of energy whenever Failure hit Chris’ greatsword.

“...Well, maybe that’s true. It has high attack power.”

But Failure was still a failure. There was no player able to meet the conditions of use, so it couldn’t be commercialized.

‘But Chris...’

Wouldn’t he be able to use Failure in around a year?

‘At that time, I will be using a much better weapon.’

A sense of superiority. It was enough to make him feel excited. A wide smile spread on Grid’s face. For him who lived a life of defeat and frustration, this feeling of superiority was a very nice and happy feeling. But he wasn’t stupid. He had a duty to try his best to knock Chris down.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship.”

Jjejeong! Jjang!

Grid started his sword dance. As he moved forward while slashing horizontally, his waist slightly twisted.

“Linked Kill.”

It was different from one year ago. Other people had grown like him and were strong. Thus, Grid felt a greater bliss. Once he knocked down a true powerhouse, his value would rise!


It was like a cannon being fired. Chris’ response to the fearsome energy blade was simple and ignorant. It was to stop it. This was an inevitable choice. Grid’s attack speed was so fast that Chris couldn’t avoid it with his low agility. In addition, Grid’s agility was over 2,000 points.



The moment that the unique class skill ‘Tyrant’s Destruction’ hit Linked Kill, a huge shockwave occurred. It was like an earthquake. The huge rectangular stage shook so much that it wouldn’t be strange if it collapsed right now.

"The attack power of the two people... How high is it?”

The commentators and viewers were amazed as they commented on Grid and Chris’ unparalleled destructive power.

“200 ton Sword!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The second blow of Linked Kill collided with Chris’ skill, causing a roar. The cloaks that Chris and Grid were wearing shook like they were caught in a typhoon.

“God Hands!”

Grid shouted as the third consecutive Linked Kill shot forward. The God Hands reacted immediately, attacking Chris with their weapons. Chris endured the pain and used 300 ton Sword, cancelling out the third Linked Kill.


Grid groaned. He was overwhelmed by Chris from the moment that 200 ton Sword was used. It was difficult to endure the 300 ton Sword.

[The durability of Failure has decreased by 20.]

‘Enormous damage!’

Grid admired Chris, while Chris’ appreciation of Grid was more than that.

‘Great mountain...!’

Chris realized it from the beginning. He couldn’t break Grid down. But he didn’t feel frustrated. Chris enjoyed it. It was an overwhelming experience to fight someone in a contest of strength, making his blood become heated up.

“1,000 ton Sword!”

The ultimate destructive attack was used in response to the fourth Linked Kill. The momentum was above the level of Kill. Indeed, the ultimate skill of the third advancement class had as much power as a legendary skill.

“This is crazy...!”

Should Grid use Blackening? Grid’s face paled as he prepared for the shock.


The 1,000 ton Sword literally tore through the 4th Linked Kill and struck Grid’s chest.

[You have suffered 25,900 damage.]

[The durability of Triple Layers has decreased by 55!]

[The durability of the Thick Helmet has decreased by 21.]

[The durability of the Largest Gloves has decreased by 15!]

[The durability of the Shiny Leggings has decreased by 34!]


It was the moment when the explosive synergy between the passive skill ‘Defense Penetration’ and the passive skill of the unique second class, ‘Additional damage is dealt in proportion to the target’s defense’ was displayed. Grid couldn’t avoid huge damage despite being equipped with armor that decreased physical damage.

Grid’s body was bloody, but he showed signs of life.

"This is interesting... Would I have died if 3 Joint Attacks was activated? Yes, let’s see who will fall first.”

An eye for an eye! This was it! He would repay the damage that he received. It happened when Grid corrected his posture and was about to use Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Pinnacle Kill.

『 Chris has been defeated! 』


Chris turned to grey. Throughout his exchange with Grid, he kept being hit by the God Hands and eventually ran out of health.


Grid was in a bad mood. He won, but it didn’t seem like he won.


“Couldn’t you have died after one more strike?”

It was unfair that he was beaten up so much and couldn’t repay it. Contrary to the upset Grid, Chris had a refreshed expression on his face. He competed in a frontal match without any deception. He might’ve lost, but it felt pleasant.

“Let’s fight again if there is another chance.”


Chris smiled and extended his hand for a handshake. Grid stared at him like an eagle and eventually laughed.

"Let’s hang out one day.”

It was a refreshing feeling.


The waiting room for the round of 8 contestants.

Katz was with a surprising person.

It was Lauel. 

"Should I tell you the way to beat Grid now?”

Lauel asked as soon as the confrontation between Grid and Chris was over. Katz snorted.

"I can beat him simply because I am stronger.”

“...You’re reliable. But if you want to increase the odds, you should keep my advice in mind.”

Lauel started to explain. Lauel was more familiar with Grid than anyone else, and he was now giving this information to Katz. Katz asked doubtfully after listening to the explanation.

“Aren’t you exposing too much of Grid’s weaknesses? What if I later become Grid’s enemy?”

Lauel shrugged.

"You want Grid’s items, so the possibility of you becoming hostile to him is very low...”

That was a secondary reason. Lauel really believed in Grid.

“Grid is growing right at this moment. It’s too quick for others to imagine. He will sooner or later overcome the weaknesses that you currently know.”


Katz got an impression of Damian around Lauel. It was the appearance of a Grid worshipper.