Chapter 453

『 I must admit that Chris’ name value is the highest. But he lost to Regas in last year’s National Competition. I don’t think he is Grid’s opponent. 』

『 Isn’t this year’s Chris different from last year? At this point, Chris is stronger than Regas. Regas couldn’t beat Seuron, while Chris won over Seuron. 』

『 During the past year, Chris seems to have pushed his strength of ‘offensive power’ to the limit. If there is anyone who can crush Grid and Damian’s powerful defense, it’s Chris. 』

『 His strength is clear, as well as his weakness. Chris would have invested most of his stats into strength to increase his attack power, which would make his health very low. He won’t be able to withstand Grid’s attacks. He needs to knock down Grid before he falls first. 』

『 Putting aside the strength state, doesn’t the stamina stat also increase health? Chris is third on the unified rankings. He should have survival skills due to the know-how and knowledge he accumulated. Chris’ ability with the greatsword is also unparalleled. 』

Who would win if Grid and Chris fought? The commentators and experts couldn’t easily predict the game. The international broadcasters used real-time ARS to make money, the match between Grid and Chris ending up at 6:4. Grid was slightly ahead.

On the other hand, Grid and Chris were waging a fierce war of nerves on the stage.

“You enhanced that weapon to +9. Don’t you have good luck?”

"It’s the power of money, rather than luck. Haven’t you made a lot of money from the Comet Group? Why didn’t you enhance your weapon before the match started? Grid’s Greatsword seems much better than the one-handed sword you are using now.”

"...It isn’t a problem that can be solved by pouring in money.”

For Grid who was dominated by bad luck, Grid’s Greatsword was a cursed weapon. He put his name on it, making the enhancement probability really bad. Grid pledged to change the name of the Grid Set.

‘Well, I have enhanced Iyarugt to +9, so let’s be satisfied with this.’

Iyarugt had been enhanced to +9 in preparation for the National Competition and had showed off a powerful performance. The problem was that it was insufficient compared to the legendary rated Grid’s Greatsword.

‘+9 Grid’s Greatsword...’

The base attack power of 1,440 would reach 2,500 after reaching +9.

It had a chance to block the enemy’s attacks, do 3 Joint Attacks, deal 30% increase in cutting damage, 20% increase in skill damage, increased attack power in dark places, activate a critical after hitting the target five times and if a skill was connected within 0.5 seconds after 3 Joint Attacks, additional damage would be dealt. 

It was a weapon with all types of brilliant and overwhelming options. How much would it hurt? A chill went down Grid’s spine as he imagined it.

'...Not even Triple Layers can endure it.’

In the first place, the gaps in Triple Layers was unlikely to do any damage to a greatsword. The blade was wide and thick, so the barbs in the gaps wouldn’t work properly.

‘Maybe this time, it’s better to abandon the idea of raising the belt’s experience.’

Grid decided that in order to avoid as much damage as possible, he would fight aggressively and focus on acquiring experience for just Iyarugt and Elfin Stone’s Ring. At the same time, the host announced the start of the match. In order to take advantage of the slow speed of a greatsword, Grid immediately used Link to maximize the quick attack speed of the one-handed Iyarugt. There was no way for Chris to cope.



Dozens of energy blades were created and shot towards Chris. Grid imagined Chris shedding blood all over his body. But that didn’t happen.


It was because Chris swung his greatsword in a circle and deflected all the strikes. Grid clicked his tongue. Chris's swordsmanship was perfect. It used the shortest path while the range was very large, making it easy to cover for the slow speed.

‘Truly great.’

Grid felt a lot of emotions as he watched Chris throughout the National Competition. It was envy. Grid treated his greatsword as his main weapon before he got Iyarugt, so he cherished Chris’ swordsmanship.

‘I also want to be like that.’

‘I will become like that.’

He really didn’t know how many times he thought this.


Chris deflected the dozens of stranges of Link and counterattacked, striking with the greatsword. Iyarugt blocked it, but Grid was pushed back by the force.

‘This bastard, don’t tell me...’

Was Chris’ strength higher than Grid’s? It was an unpleasant experience for Grid to be pushed back, since he always had an edge when it came to strength.



Chris continued the momentum. He repeatedly twisted his waist and linked a second, third, fourth and fifth attack. Every time the swords collided, the repulsive force slightly increased Chris’ attack speed. And every time Grid defended against an attack coming from the left and right, he received a shock and moved backwards.

[The durability of Iyarugt has decreased by 4!]

[The experience of Iyarugt has increased by 0.1%!]

The notification windows appeared, but Grid didn’t seem happy. It was because it was impossible to confront Chris’ successive attacks.


In the end, Grid couldn’t bear the weight of Chris’ attack and was bounced back. Chris’ greatsword was already heading towards him at a right angle.


Grid’s chest was cut from the bottom to the top. Grid was astonished.

[You have suffered 4,977 damage.]

‘Isn’t he better than expected?’

He had expected Chris’ attack power to be one step higher than Hao. However, he didn’t know it would be this much. Chris dealt 5,000 damage in one basic blow, making him feel like a boss monster.

"Magic Missile."

Grid maintained his composure, summoning four God Hands and firing Magic Missiles at the same time.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Grid aimed at the gap while Chris’ body was being hit and used the footwork of Kill. Chris didn’t block or avoid them. To be precise...

Chris’ choice was hitting them.

“100 ton Sword!”

‘This skill...!’

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!


As Chris used his skill, Grid’s Kill touched his chest. Grid suffered 10,000 damage while Chris suffered 17,000 damage. Grid’s skill damage was higher, but Chris’ weapon was stronger. The difference in damage came from their defense. Grid also had a slight recovery in health thanks to Elfin Stone’s Ring.

However, Chris didn’t shrink back. He already aimed his greatsword again towards Grid’s tattered chest. Grid thought that it was best not to confront him head on, so he defended against the attack with the God Hands and used Pinnacle in the gap.

This was a mistake. Chris's second class, Tyrant, had a number of ways to boost his strength stat, one of which was to absorb some of the strength stats of ‘all beings’ in a 5 meter radius!


The unique rated ‘God Hands’ received 30% of their master’s strength and dexterity! Chris took away the strength of the God Hands and Grid, sweeping his greatsword through the battlefield. Then.


The four God Hands were unable to withstand Chris’ blow and stiffened. Then just before Grid completed Pinnacle, Chris’ greatsword struck him.

[You have been hit by a lethal blow!]

[The skill Pinnacle has been cancelled!}

[You have suffered 8,900 damage.]


It became more painful! Grid was once again surprised by Chris’ crazy attack power and used Revolve for Chris’ next strike. But the effect was minimal. It was because Chris struck it. Chris hit the reflected Revolve and was able to avoid a fatal blow.

‘What was that?’

Grid was dumbfounded.

‘He thought to use the momentum?’


Chris smiled. Grid realized something.

‘A fake!’

Jjejeong! Jjang!


Chris’ onslaught was very intimidating and Grid rushed to defend with Iyarugt. The red black and blue black lights intertwined, causing a wonderful exploding effect that made the viewers feel ecstatic.

"Grid is being pushed...?”

“It doesn’t look like Grid can endure. Chris’ attack power is so high that an average player would stiffen every time they defended.”

"Then it is safe to say that Chris’ attacks have a 100% chance of inducing an abnormal status?”

"Really strong... He was strong from the beginning, but now more than ever.”

“Was he hiding his skills?”

Chris was underestimated. The spectators and viewers belatedly realized that Grid could be defeated. 

“This is enough.”

The different in strength and the weapon’s attack power meant that Grid would keep being pushed back. He decided this couldn’t continue and pulled out a means to overturn the situation. Blackening? That wasn’t enough.


Grid recalled Iyarugt after clashing with Chris’ greatsword and pulled out the +9 Failure. It was a lightning fast item swap.

“What are you doing Grid? Pulling out a weapon used in the National Competition last year! Surely you aren’t giving up?”

Chris didn’t stop attacking Grid despite his misunderstand. The number of attacks increased and Chris was about to invoke the Tyrant’s Pleasure passive. Grid blocked the incoming Chris. 

Kwa kwang!

The result of the collision between the shark-like +9 Failure and the +9 Grid’s Greatsword.


Chris was pushed back! Grid stayed firmly in place while Chris shook slightly. It was a completely reversed situation. Grid laughed at Chris, who had a disbelieving expression on his face.

"It is too bad for you, but Failure is the strongest.”

The +9 Failure had a maximum attack power of 3,682. It was at least 1,000 points higher than the +9 Grid’s Greatsword.