Chapter 470

Before entering Siren. Lauel cast Wind Dragon’s Breath the moment that the group entered Siren. The arrows and magic flying towards the eight members of Overgeared, including Lauel, were scattered by his wind. Lauel frowned as he verified the destroyed buildings.

"This is a tremendous welcome. Let’s not make too much of a disturbance in the area.”

“What? Did you plant a mole among us? How did you know about our surprise attack in advance?”

The Overgeared members actually came to support Euphemina, who had been active in the guild since the Reinhardt golem invasion. As a matter of fact, Overgeared had no idea that Blood Carnival was involved in this quest. Blood Carnival felt the need to shut out reinforcements from Overgeared and positioned troops at the entrance to Siren. Then they killed anybody who entered.

However, only innocent people died. The reinforcements from Overgeared blocked the surprise attack.

Lauel snorted at the Blood Carnival members. “I wouldn’t be chief of staff of Overgeared if I couldn’t read your thoughts.”

Lauel smiled and swept back his hair. He was looking at the pendants around the necks of the third advancement users from Blood Carnival.

‘Chaos Field.’

An item that blocked the whispers of all players within 10 meters of the wearer.It was less useful because it didn’t distinguish between friends or enemies, but it was relatively cheap and easy to obtain. It was the favorite item of assassin or guerrilla units. 

‘Indeed, this was why communications with Euphemina and the first team was disconnected.’

The price was relatively cheap compared to the ‘Complete Chaos Field.’ The price of the Chaos Field was 500 million won. It couldn’t be distributed to all 1,000 people, so it was likely only the 30 third advancement members of Blood Carnival had it. In other words, it meant that Euphemina and the advance team were facing members of Blood Carnival.


There was a chance that Euphemina and the advance team could lose their lives. In particular, he was worried about Euphemina, who became vulnerable as more time passed. An arrow flashed over the nervous Lauel’s shoulder.

‘Godly archer...!’

The Blood Carnival members stiffened and took a defensive posture. But it was useless.

Pepeng! Peng!

Jishuka’s arrows changed their orbits freely in the air and plugged into the enemies’ gaps. The rising blood was the signal. Toban, Ibellin, and the other members of Overgeared started attacking Blood Carnival.


“Pant... Pant... This isn’t easy.”

“I agree.”

Regas was tying up White’s feet. Pon’s party tried to join Euphemina while wiping out as many enemies as possible. But it was difficult. It was impossible to locate Euphemina and there were too many enemies. After killing five or six enemies at a time, others immediately came forward. In particular, the rear archers and magicians were annoying. It was hard for them to fight and protect the water clan.

“There’s no end to it. My stamina is falling.”

“Regas won’t last long...”

"I’m frustrated because I can’t send a whisper.”


In the midst of this confusion, Pon’s group became surrounded by new enemies. The average level of the enemies was in the mid 200s. They could handle the enemies in seconds if it was a one-on-one match. But it was different when dealing with large numbers. Their skills, stamina, and concentration were quickly consumed. It wasn’t possible to neutralize all attacks coming from various directions unless they were Kraugel, so their health was constantly decreasing. 

But the biggest problem were the contents of the mission. If it was simply a mission about destroying the enemies, it might be possible to kill the enemies without worrying about the future. However, the party had an obligation to protect the water clan and join Euphemina. They couldn’t fight blindly.

“We need to find the right facility to protect the water clan.”

Peak Sword was the master of the Silver Knights Guild and his ability to grasp the battlefield was high. Lauel appointed him as leader of the vanguard for a reason. He identified a relatively safe area and instructed Pon and Huroi to move the water clan there. Then he blocked the route of the enemies.

"Draw Sword, Annihilate.”



Indeed, the power of Peak Sword was enormous. However, the mana consumption was large and the cooldown time was long.



A scimitar accurately aimed for the moment when Peak Sword’s sword was returning to its sheath. Peak Sword was wounded and fell down. It was a huge attack power. Peak Sword glared at the person who caused him such damage.

“Damn bastard using a dirty trick...!”

“Blame your incompetence for not looking around the battlefield.”


Incompetence! It was a reminded of the nickname Peak Sword got during the 2nd National Competition. Peak Sword had no choice but to respond in a sensitive manner.

“Dammit! I will show you who is incompetent!”

Peak Sword immediately attacked the owner of the scimitar. The opponent’s ID was Matdashi. It was Korean. A person from the same country! Peak Sword was amazed while attacking.

“A third advancement class? There was a third advancement user in South Korea?”

Matdashi shrugged and replied, “Aren’t there a lot? Unlike Grid, we don’t do anything prominent. I don’t want everyone in the world to like me, unlike you.”

“You traitor...!” Peak Sword wielded his sword with a red face. "You have strength, but you’re living as a hermit! You should participate in the National Competition and increase the status of our country!”

“I live in a democratic country. It’s my freedom to decide what to do.”

Matdashi easily struck Peak Sword one more time. Peak Sword was a quick draw swordsman, not a normal one. His Sword Mastery skill was different from that of general swordsman, so it was very weak. Without a sheath, Peak Sword had no attack skills. He was vulnerable in a one-on-one match, which was why he didn’t participate in PvP at the National Competition.

Peak Sword needed someone’s help to demonstrate his full strength. However, Peak Sword was currently alone. Pon and Huroi were desperately protecting the water clan from the enemies.

'Shit!' Peak Sword trembled as he started to allow attacks. ‘Receiving a surprise attack when Draw Sword is on cooldown...!’

In a perfect situation, he wouldn’t have gone one-on-one with this guy. The moment that Peak Sword was feeling dejected.

"Hat, how weak.”

Someone’s mocking words were heard.


Then a pillar of blood swept over Matdashi.

[You have suffered 21,500 damage.]

[The terrible smell of blood has caused dizziness. Skill casting time is increased by 20% and resistance is decreased by 20%.]

[Sticky blood has crept into the gaps in your armor. Your armor won’t move properly. Your defense is reduced by 10% and your movement speed has slowed.]

[Your sword is covered in specks of blood. The blade is weakened and attack power is reduced by 10%.]


It was basic common sense that debuffs had weak attack power. However, the pillar of blood that swallowed Matdashi was as powerful as the ultimate attack from a high levelled player. The contents of the debuffs were fatal. Matdashi was appalled.


Surely a named boss monster hadn’t appeared? Matdashi turned his gaze and witnessed an unexpected person.

“Blood Warrior?”

Why was someone unrelated to Overgeared here?

"Don't call me Blood Warrior anymore. I feel like my level is being dragged down because it’s similar to your organization’s name.”

Katz joined the guild because he wanted items. He had a duty to look good to Grid. Thus, he told Peak Sword, “In the future, call me Grid’s servant.”


It was a familiar term for Koreans.

‘I don’t know what’s happening.’

Either way, it became clear that Katz belonged to Overgeared. Matdashi immediately took action. It was a retreat. He couldn’t beat the Blood Warrior on a battlefield filled with blood!

“Running away? It’s inevitable. Pride is useless for people like you.”

This person was claiming to be Grid’s servant? Peak Sword felt doubts.

"Blood of One Thousand People. This will hurt a lot.”

Katz aimed the pillar of blood at the running Matdashi. The more blood there was, the more that the specialized skills of a Blood Warrior were strengthened. Matdashi couldn’t escape and died.


Katz cut down a third advancement user in an instant, thrilling Peak Sword. Perhaps at this moment, Katz was stronger than Kraugel and Grid? Katz whispered to the dumbfounded Peak Sword.

"Please tell Grid what just happened.”



Blonde hair became wet as sweat flowed down the white cheeks.

“Hah... Hah...”

Every time she breathed out, her chest shook tremendously. Duplicator Euphemina. She was already exhausted. It was because her stamina was drained during the fight with the third resurrected Black. Euphemina didn’t have a high stamina stat, so her stamina was weak. It was now all used up.

“Hiit! Yihihihit!

On the other hand, Black was fine. Her big breasts shook as she laughed and licked her lips.

“Did I win? Hithit!”

“You’re a complete scam.”

How did she keep being resurrected? Skill Observation couldn’t measure the ability of the opponent, so Euphemina had no clue.

‘I can’t endure anymore.’

This quest was a failure. Her reason for staying in Siren for over eight months was completely gone. It was unfortunate that all her hard work during that time was in vain. But Euphemina felt more sorry for her colleagues.

‘I can’t give back anything to those who came to help me. I hate owing people.’

Euphemina was feeling disappointed as Black approached her.

“Hiit! Hihit! My~ turn~ to ~ kill~?”


The skills Euphemina had copied were still there. But they were of no value if she couldn’t use them. In the end, Euphemina closed her eyes and cried out.

“Kill me quickly.”

It was someone else’s voice who responded, not Black.

“You shouldn’t give up.”


Black stepped back as she was about to deal the final blow to Euphemina. It was because an unknown energy constrained her behavior. Euphemina knew this energy.


Then Kill struck Black.