Chapter 469

-Grid, come to Siren right now.

-Why Siren?

He wanted to please Irene! Was there another husband in the world who thought so much about his wife? Grid was rushing forward when he stopped in place.

Lauel explained.

-The enemy has invaded. There are approximately 1,000 of them. Of those30 are third advancement users and one is a sun-grade. In other words, a person who is on a similar level to you.


Lauel’s words were tremendous. Grid smiled, but his eyes were pained.

-The invasion is a month earlier than scheduled. Okay, I’ll go right now.

He wanted to enjoy the reunion with Irene and Lord, but it was something he could do anytime. He could postpone it. Grid was worried about his colleagues being harmed and immediately wore Braham’s Boots. He paid attention to Lauel.

-Currently, whispering seems to be restricted within Siren. Communication with the advance team is intermittently interrupted. If you can’t whisper me on the way, don’t panic and go straight to Siren. I will go ahead and clean the path for you to step on.

-Uh, yes... Please protect as many of the water clan as possible.

-Your wish will become reality...

Grid’s hands and feel curled and he felt the desire to block Lauel’s whisper. Why were Grid and Overgeared actively helping in Euphemina’s personal quest? Was it to thank Euphemina, who always did her best for Overgeared? Of course, that was one reason.

However, there was another reason why Grid and Overgeared decided to support Euphemina. By establishing an alliance with the water clan, they had another framework to expand their forces, as well as obtain the tears of the water clan’s king. They were the true motives behind the Overgeared Guild. In order to enter the alliance in the best possible position, it was necessary to minimize the damage to Siren and be a great benefactor. 

Grid was hurriedly flying when he heard a longing voice.


It was Lord. The baby growing up in Satisfy, where time flowed was several times faster than reality, was becoming a child in a flash.


Time was tight, but how could he ignore his son? Grid descended to the ground and held Lord. It was very fresh. Lord might be a virtual existence, but he was Grid’s child born from a woman he loved. Lord was pretty and lovely.

"Where are you going? Father is busy every day and Lord and Mother are worried!” From Lord’s position, it had been a few months since he saw his father. As a continent-level genius, he learned quickly and was a mature child.. “I want to play with Father! I can make a knife like Father!!”

“Haha, is that so? I am looking forward to it.” Lord had been trying hard all alone. He was truly very admirable. Grid stroked Lord’s black hair. "I will finish this quickly so that I can see my son’s work. Until then, listen to what your mother says.”


Lord had learned all types of things from studying with Sage Sticks. He was well aware of his father’s position as a duke. He knew that his father was busy. Lord tried not to feel sad, but tears couldn’t help forming in his big eyes. Grid was stroking his cheeks when he suddenly felt surprised.


There were dozens of beautiful girls standing behind Lord with shy faces. They were the Rebecca’s Daughters candidates that Damian had brought here.

‘They should be working in the fields with Piaro. Why are they following Lord?’

Grid questioned it. Lord read his expression and gleefully explained. He pointed at the girl standing closest to him. “This sister is Epona. My first lover."


Then there was a second? It was real. Lord’s tears completely disappeared as he pointed to another girl.

“This sister is Arna... My second lover.”


This wasn’t the end. Lord had over 20 lovers!


A baby who wasn’t even two years old had over 20 lovers? Grid had married Irene at the age of 30 without having a single lover. It was impossible for him to understand Lord’s position.

‘Is he confusing the words ‘friend’ and ‘lover’?’

The problem was that Lord was a genius, so it wasn’t possible. The girl called Epona explained to Grid.

"Duke Grid, you told us to look after Lord well...”

‘Ah right.’

As soon as he heard the blushing girl’s shy words, Grid recalled the words he said the first time he met the candidates. Yes, Grid had spoken like this on the fields.

"Please grow up healthy and pretty, and look after my son Lord.”

Grid clicked his tongue.

‘My words at that time gave Lord a harem?’

Grid recalled that there were 200 Rebecca’s Daughters candidates and felt resentment towards his own father.

‘Ah...! Father! Why weren’t you like me...?’

Introduce a girl to your son!

“Father?” Lord was worried about the frustrated Grid. The barely sane Grid grasped Lord’s hand.

"Yes, it is better to be a playboy than a lifelong solo like me. Just look at Peak Sword. It’s wonderful, Lord. But please take care of yourself. Your essential parts can be ruined if you aren’t careful.”

“Huh? Essential parts? What’s that?"

“That... I don’t know because I haven’t experienced it.”

But Lord would come to know through experience. He felt really envious of his son. He was truly the best golden spoon. Grid tearfully gave Lord one last hug and flew off.

After a while.

Kasim let out a breath from where he had been observing Grid in Lord’s shadow.

‘Duke Grid... He’s completely different from a few months ago.’

His expression and tone had become gentle compared to the past, but he was sharper than before. The moment he gazed into those laughing eyes, he felt a sense of crisis and stopped breathing for a few minutes.

‘Doran, now I can see why you gave your ring to Duke Grid.’

Since the past, Doran had excellent discerning eyes. Perhaps from the beginning, Doran had recognized that Grid was a great person.

‘Duke Grid, I will punish all the enemies who threaten your precious people. Please rest assured and continue to grow. Then destroy the empire with your own hands and pay back my clan’s grudge.’


“I don’t know if I’m a farmer or not.”

“Me too... But who cares as long as I get stronger?"

“That’s true. But I don’t want to fight with farming equipment in a war. I’m tired of rainbow potatoes...”

“Heok. Don’t say that when Bland is right in front of you. The potato addict will definitely be angry if he hears it.”

The knights and soldiers completed the morning training at the training grounds and moved to the fields under Asmophel’s guidance. It was because they had to farm under the name of ‘afternoon training.’ Asmophel sent those who were confused about their identity a look of sympathy and stood face to face with Piaro after a while. Worker... No, Piaro smiled as he waited for the soldiers and knights to train.

“You’ve gone through a lot of trouble since dawn, Captain of the Overgeared Magic Knights.”

"Now you will suffer, Captain of the Overgeared Knights.”

Their best friend. The two men had once fallen into the trap of a wicked woman and regarded each other as enemies. After going through many trials, their relationship was now stronger than before. It was all thanks to Duke Grid. Piaro and Asmophel. The two who were once called the ‘Pillars of Saharan’ now respected and followed Grid. It was with loyalty from their hearts. 

What was their lord doing now? The moment that both of them missed Grid.


A voice was heard from above. It was a low and not very frivolous voice. There was a definitely sense of weight about it. The one who spoke was Grid.

“My Lord!”

Was he looking for Piaro? Asmophel was glad to see Grid after a long time, but he also felt sad.

“Hello? Asmophel, it has been a long time. Your efforts are always appreciated.”

Grid descended from the sky and stood beside the two people. At that moment, the thousands of soldiers and the knights kneeled down.

“Eternal’s savior! Reidan’s sun! We greet the great Duke Grid!”

The people who had been steadily growing since becoming Reidan’s lord. It felt good to hear this. His heart was full. It wasn’t just Reidan’s residents, but many people around the world calling him a sun. Grid was reminded of this as he looked around at his army.

Now there were 4,000 soldiers. In addition, there were 8 knights. He expected a lot from the knights, since they were selected and trained by Piaro.

‘I am really happy.’

The once pathetic person was now lord of tens of thousands of people and thousands of soldiers... It was a marvelous story that wouldn’t be believed if he went back three years ago, or even 10 months.

‘Should I write an autobiography later on?’

The title would be the ‘Myth of Overgeared.’ The problem was that at least 50 volumes were expected.

“My Lord, are you going to join Earl Lauel’s army?”

Piaro was concerned about his lord not getting any rest. Grid nodded while holding the Great Lord’s Sword and summoning Noe.

"That's right. I need to borrow some of your stats because I’m in a hurry.”

Grid planned to boost his stamina stat by taking some away from Piaro. Grid was pleased when he used Character Observation and saw how Piaro had grown. Then he saw Asmophel’s status window.


Magnificent Sword Asmophel, he was once the only person who could match Piaro. It wasn’t until two years after coming to Reidan that he regained his former condition and was finally recognized by Grid.

“Asmophel! You're a great person!”

“My Lord...!”

His worth was finally seen! Asmophel was feeling thrilled.

"It is you, nyong!” Noe, who was sitting quietly on Grid’s shoulder, suddenly opened his mouth and swallowed Asmophel.

"High agility is complete! Okay! Thank you! I will be able to arrive much faster thanks to you!”

“M-My Lord...?”

Asmophel, who was covered in Noe’s saliva, stared blankly after Grid who had already disappeared. Once again, Asmophel was one of the strongest in the Saharan Empire. Asmophel missed the glory of the past and became determined.

“Piaro... I can’t forgive myself for using the pretense of a drug addiction and broken heart to be lazy. Please help me. Train me starting from today!”

Piaro’s face turned rosy.

“Good! First, the hoe!”

“...Me too?”

Once again, Asmophel had been the most powerful person in the empire. He was also a prestigious noble.