Chapter 465

Grid had many challenges left for him to overcome: Aslan, with the Saharan Empire behind him, the man who kept Reidan in check and also falsely accused him of killing Prince Ren. There was also the vampire cities that he needed to fully capture before the war began.

In addition, he had to figure out what the 3rd prince of the Saharan Empire was planning and figure out a way to capture the Behen Archipelago. The whole process was likely to be linked to hell, so he planned to arrange sufficient preparations such as putting effort into raising Yura.

Prior to that, Grid had something to do personally.

‘Smelt the adamantium and bloodstone.’

The moment of making his 15th legendary item was approaching. He would experience further growth with the third special event. According to Lauel, Kraugel had obtained the strongest combat class. However, Grid didn’t think he was lagging behind.

He was able to find a better use of items through this National Competition.

‘Kraugel, the stronger you are, the stronger I will become.’

But before that!

‘First of all, I will move!’

The building that costed him both 10 billion won and 13 months of construction was finally completed. Thanks to the recognition that he developed during the National Competition, inquiries about moving in didn’t cease and the surrounding commercial area began to develop. He heard that the value of the 10 billion won building had actually soared to 15 billion!

‘I am now a top landlord!’

He would receive monthly rent and not have to worry about starving to death for the rest of his life! The throne that nobody could dream about, Grid felt like he was on top of the whole world!

“Father, Mother! In the future, I will protect both of you as well as Sehee!"

Grid confidently swore in front of his family members, who embraced him with tearful eyes. They finally realized that this was the end of hardships and the beginning of happiness. Grid and his family were busy for a while as they moved away from the old house they had been living in for around 30 years.


“Eh~~? Kraugel disappeared from the rankings?”

The Belto Kingdom was a very poor kingdom that offered huge tributes to the Saharan Empire every year.

Few of the two billion players used the Belto Kingdom as their starting point, as it was classified as a remote area due to its geographical distance from the center of the continent and its underdeveloped nature. It was natural for there to be a small number of players.

However, this place recently started to change as it gradually grew stronger by absorbing the weak kingdoms around it. How was this possible when the Belto Kingdom had no funds to train the army? It was the result of the unofficial ranker Ares and his soldiers.

“He finally got a hidden class?”

Ares, who had been organizing the supplies from the enemies, responded to Luck’s cry. Luck made a frustrated expression.

“Ah~~ that person has become stronger, and this is your only reaction? You should be more nervous, more nervous!”

“Why should I be nervous about someone who almost lost to a blacksmith? He was never my opponent in the first place.”

"Hyuu~ isn’t your memory really bad? Didn’t you lose to him?”

“At that time, I was weakened. I would’ve won if my condition was perfect.’

"Hmmm~~ anyway, it is true that he is a tough guy.”

“So what? Should I be shaking with fear?”

"Hyu~~ No, you should keep Kraugel in check. Won’t it be scary if he becomes stronger?”

“Aish, making me care about something like this. Release the kids and take care of it.”


The number ‘two billion’ was too big to easily estimate the scale. The best rankers who represented their country in the National Competition?  They would be weak against the countless reclusive users scattered across Satisfy.

These hermits all had one goal in common: to become a master.  Ares was one of said hermits, and his goal was to become the ruler of the continent! He dreamt of building his own country and someday taking over the Saharan Empire.


The Water Clan kingdom, Siren.

The size of this mysterious kingdom under the sea was quite small. Its population was only 100,000 strong, and the land was similar in size to Reidan. There were few hunting grounds and quests, so the number of players became scarce.

However, this place was heaven for Siren’s first discoverer, Euphemina. Thanks to the title ‘Friend of the Water Clan,’ she easily accumulated affinity with the water clan, and was able to experience many hidden episodes. Four months ago, she received a hidden quest.

[Upcoming Destruction]

★ Hidden Quest ★

The heart of the water clan contains enormous magic power.

The prophet ‘Miong’ has prophesied that evil humans will invade Siren for this purpose.

You have a connection with the water clan through the disciple of a great magician, Mumud.

Defend Siren against the unknown enemies!

Quest Clear Condition: Protect Siren from enemy invasion.

Quest Failure Condition: More than 70% of Siren is destroyed or Siren’s population is reduced by more than 40%.

Quest Clear Reward: Acquire the title ‘Defender of Siren.’ Acquire Mumud’s Spellbook. MAX affinity with the water clan’s royal family.

While Euphemina didn’t know what effect the title ‘Defender of Siren’ had, since it was a title obtained from saving a kingdom, its effects certainly wouldn’t be low. Euphemina judged that it would show off a tremendous performance. More than that, Euphemina was expecting a lot from Mumud’s Spellbook.

Mumud, the disciple to the legendary magician Braham. Several documents testified that Mumud might’ve been a better magician than Braham. It was natural that Euphemina was expecting a lot from Mumud’s Spellbook.

‘Finally, maximum affinity with the royal family.’

Over the years, Euphemina had been steadily building up affinity with the water clan’s king, Maxong. She needed to be friendly with Maxong in order to obtain his tears, and the result was successful. But the other princes were a problem. The conservative princes were unfriendly towards humans and many clashes occurred.

What if she defended Siren and the affinity reached the peak? All of the princes would show a favorable attitude to Euphemina and it could be an opportunity to establish an alliance with Overgeared and Reidan.

‘I must keep watch.’

Two months before the National Competition, Euphemina reported the quest to Grid and he promised to actively help her. It was the day when Euphemina sent a whisper to Grid and he made a meaningful smile. But there was a problem.

‘The invasion is faster than expected!’

The invasion happened one month earlier than the prophesied date, meaning Grid’s support would be delayed.

‘Grid said that he would send troops three weeks later...!’

She needed to hurry. Euphemina hurriedly sent a whisper to Grid.


[The target isn’t connected.]


Originally, Grid was someone who always connected to the game except when he was sleeping. Now was the time when Grid should be awake. Then why wasn’t he connected? The confused Euphemina sent another whisper, but the result was the same.

‘Did something happen?’

It was a desperate situation. Euphemina felt worry instead of resentment towards Grid, who was currently absent. As a member of Overgeared, she had much respect and adoration for Grid.


Euphemina hurriedly sent a whisper to Lauel. Was he carrying out a heavy workload again as soon as the National Competition was over? Lauel replied in a powerless voice,

-Yes... Tell me, our hidden gem, Euphemina.

Euphemina shouted urgently,

-Send support to Siren...!



Something rough, soft, and sticky licked Euphemina’s white cheeks. Euphemina screamed in horror at the uncomfortable feeling.

“Hihit! Yihihihit!”

An unidentified woman with round eyes like a frog placed her face close to Euphemina.

“You! Did you lick my cheek just now?”

Euphemina stared at the woman with a long tongue with a disbelieving expression.

“Hiit! Hihit! Soft!”

“I feel bad.”

Euphemina frowned and immediately used magic. Judging by the current situation, it was normal to attack without asking any questions.

"Aqua Throne!”

It was the spell of the water clan’s 1st Prince Paong, who had excellent magical talent. The S-class magic was the strongest magic to use against a single enemy. However...

“Hiit! Yihihihit!”


The woman with round eyes smiled strangely and floated. The user with an ID of ‘Black’ faced Aqua Throne head on and wielded sharp claws at Euphemina.


Euphemina was the first of two billion users to earn an epic hidden class because of her experience, skills, and effort. In particular, since becoming a Duplicator, she had seen many great battles in the pursuit of high rankers. It meant she wasn’t someone who easily allowed an enemy’s frontal attacks. She avoided the attack of the woman and decided to take the situation seriously.

‘Perhaps she is wearing armor and artifacts with high resistance to the water attribute?’

It was a testament to the fact that the enemies were fully prepared when invading Siren.

-Send assistance to Siren...!

Euphemina once again sent a whisper to Lauel, only to see a terrible notification window.

[You have failed to send a whisper!]

[The ‘Chaos Field’ is blocking contact with the outside world!]

"Ha, you are really prepared.”

They prepared many things in order to carry out the surprise attack. Euphemina pulled out a new duplicated skill as she stared at the black pendant hanging between Black’s curves.


“Brother! Evil humans have broken through the outer wall and entered the city! They are trampling on our homes and the people!”

1st Prince Paong was outraged by the words of 3rd Prince Gulong.

“This is all due to that human female called Euphemina!”

That cursed human found Siren, making it the target of greedy humans. He cursed with resentment as he ordered the army to take out their spears and orbs.

“Go and fight! Defend our kingdom and its people against the enemy!”


Since the loss of the princess years ago, King Maxong had locked himself away. Therefore, it was up to Paong to raise the morale of the soldiers. But war wasn’t something that could be won just by enthusiasm. The human army that invaded Siren was very strong. The soldiers weren’t able to oppose them.

In particular, the white-haired woman who was like a ghost. Even Paong, who was capable of both magic and using the spear, wasn’t her opponent.

"The god of the waves has abandoned us...!”

Why did he allow the invasion of the enemies? The terrible screams and the sight of their family and colleagues dying in front of their eyes...

“It’s good that we were chosen as the vanguard. It is true that Lauel’s eyes are excellent. He plays an active role in the lord’s absence.”

“Hey! Stop talking nonsense and lie down! The wyvern can’t maintain its balance!”

“Wow... This is almost a Vantner-level troll.”

Five people rode on Huroi’s wyvern and were crossing the endless ocean. Huroi, Peak Sword, Pon, and Regas. In addition, Blood Warrior Katz.

At the same time. 

“Ha... It is hard.”

Grid was busy moving. He didn’t hear the ringtone of the phone that he had placed in the corner. In the center of Grid’s new room, the diamond capsule from the Comet Group flashed and stood out.