Chapter 464

“What did you want to talk to me about?”

After the closing ceremony. 

The Overgeared members gathered at a restaurant near the Eiffel Tower. As a multinational guild, everyone’s skin and eye colors were different, but there was no sense of incongruity when they were together.  They looked at each other with trust and affection, seeming like a family.


"Shut up! I’m not bald, I shaved!”

Of course, there were exceptions such as Pon and Vantner.

"I have brought Kraugel into Overgeared.”

Lauel spoke amazed words in the midst of the turmoil. Some of the members were agitated.

"The sky above the sky will join Overgeared?”


Pon and Regas asked. Unlike the other Overgeared members, they didn’t know about the plan to recruit Kraugel. Of course, Grid was the same. Lauel started to explain the story to those who don’t know.

“...That is what happened. Thus, we have the right to recruit Kraugel.”


Lauel told the whole story without any exaggeration. His expression was dignified. Lauel believed that Grid and the Overgeared members would be delighted by the Kraugel recruitment project. However, Grid’s expression wasn’t good. Grid thought for a moment as he emptied his glass of beer before giving a shocking reaction.

“Don’t recruit Kraugel.”


It was unexpected. Why not recruit the best power? Lauel and most of the Overgeared members were puzzled.

"We must recruit Kraugel! Kraugel’s blood will flow through the arteries of Overgeared! The Overgeared Guild will be stronger than ever...!”

Lauel started to talk about Kraugel’s value, but Grid interrupted.

"Can you force someone to become our colleague?”

Pon added.

“Kraugel is the type of person who has always played the game by himself. Doesn’t everyone know that he hates belonging to a group? Can we obtain his true heart if we recruit him like this? There might be a crack in the relationship, which could be dangerous one day.”

Lauel countered.

"People change. Look at us now. The reason we became colleagues wasn’t pure. We joined because there was something we wanted. In the course of fulfilling it, our hearts opened and we became true co-workers. The same is true for Kraugel. He might rebel right now, but someday...”

"No, it’s okay.” Grid was adamant. “Not only is he an existence that shouldn’t be caged, we aren’t weak enough that we should be obsessed with him.”

Since he started Satisfy, Kraugel had been a solo player and this allowed him to reach the peak. His way of playing was appropriate for him. If he was locked into the framework of a group and changed the way he played, he would no longer be Kraugel. Weren’t there many cases of that in CD games? The enemy would become weak after joining their party!

“Those are just assumptions!”

It was Lauel who reacted to the end. Most of the members of Overgeared understood his feelings. This was the opportunity to recruit the strongest power, but it might be missed due to internal opposition. How annoyed would Lauel be? Grid saw Lauel’s heart and spoke openly without hiding anything. 

“Lauel, I lost to Kraugel.”

Kraugel was Grid’s goal. He was the sky that Grid wanted to reach. In the end, he failed to reach it.

“Some people might laugh, but I think of myself as Kraugel’s rival. I want to continue competing until I someday surpass him.”


Lauel realized.

‘I... I can never fathom Grid’s mind!’

It was very uncomfortable and damaging to the pride to have someone he couldn’t defeat under him. Lauel understood Grid’s position and nodded.

"I understand... I won’t make the deal with Kraugel.”

Grid asked like he didn’t understand.

"Why not?”

"...Didn’t you say not to recruit him?”

Grid smiled wickedly at Lauel.

“Not recruiting him doesn’t mean we can’t make a deal.”


After the closing ceremony, people’s interest in the National Competition started to disperse as other topics became popular in the various media. Kraugel’s name disappearing from the list of rankers’ shocked the world. Therefore, Kraugel was forced to take refuge in the Russian players’ jet after being chased by reporters.

‘Lauel said he would contact me in 30 minutes.’

He would connect to Satisfy for a while. Kraugel connected to Satisfy using the capsule installed in the plane. Then he opened his status window.

Name: Kraugel 

Level: 1

Class: Sword Saint

* Sword type weapons can be used without restrictions.

* You will bring out the hidden functions of sword type weapons when they are equipped.

* You can create new sword techniques. The number of times it can be created will increase every time the level of ‘Complete Sword Mastery’ increases.

Title: One who Became a Legend

Title: East Continent’s Pioneer

Title: Troll King’s...

Title: ...



Health: 1,485/1,485

Mana: 100/100

Strength: 50 (+120)   Stamina:15 (+50) 

Agility: 30 (+60)    Intelligence: 10 (+10)

Composure: 10  Indomitable: 10 

Dignity: 10    Insight: 10 (+40)

Regeneration: 30

Super Sensitivity: 0.1

‘It’s beyond imagination...’

Kraugel was shocked by the Sword Saint class. His level had fallen to 1 and the skills and stats he worked hard to train had been reset to the beginning. Fortunately, his titles remained and the basic skills and abilities of the Sword Saint were amazing. Russia received a 30% experience buff thanks to being 1st in the overall rankings, so it wouldn’t be difficult to recover his level. In particular, Kraugel’s passive skill Keen Senses disappeared and the originally active Super Sensitivity was changed to a stat.

‘The Super Sensitivity passive...’

It could be considered a passive that could be trained without any limits. In the short term, the performance was weaker compared to the old Super Sensitivity. However, that would change later. If he developed the stat properly, Kraugel would become an absolute person who was always in the Super Sensitivity state. Of course, it was likely that the performance would fall compared to the initial Super Sensitivity when it was an active skill.

-Kraugel! Can you come out for a while?

A voice came from outside the capsule when Kraugel was connected to the game. Alexander. The skinhead Alexander. As an extreme nationalist, he originally disregarded Kraugel and showed resentment. Now he was acting as Kraugel’s loyal dog. It was because he had infinite respect for Kraugel, who made Russia the first ranked country.


Alexander explained to Kraugel.

-That monkey... No, a Korean person said he wanted to meet you.


-G-Grid. Why did he come after losing to you in PvP? What should I do? Should I send him back?

-No, wait.

Kraugel immediately logged out. He knew why Grid had come to see him.

‘Lauel told him the story.’

Now Grid had learned the truth. He came to receive the vow of allegiance. Originally, a group always had a hierarchy. Kraugel smiled bitterly as he emerged from the capsule. Then he witnessed an amazing sight.



At the airplane’s entrance. The Russia players with big physiques were falling helplessly. The reason wasn’t clear. He didn’t know why, but this phenomenon was caused every time Grid’s fingers touched their bodies.


Another Russia player let out a strange moan when touched by Grid.  At the same time, he blushed and looked down slowly...


"W-What the hell is he doing?”

Alexander was terrified and hid his big body behind Kraugel. He was afraid of Grid, who offered ecstasy to his colleagues with just one finger.


Grid discovered Kraugel and greeted him. Kraugel took off the translator and responded in Korean.

“It’s good to see you. It’s only been two hours.”

"Isn’t your Korean quite good?”

"I can’t be poor at my native language.”


Grid took off the useless translator and glanced doubtfully at Kraugel. The outline of the body was correct, but Kraugel looked too much like a woman. It was also a pretty woman. Grid looked at the long eyelashes and came to a conclusion.



Kraugel expected Grid to ask him to join Overgeared, so he was baffled by the words. Grid approached him and reached out a hand.

"Let’s help each other when it’s difficult. In the future, you don’t have to fight alone like this.”

Grid knew. There were limitations to being alone. Grid anticipated that one day, Kraugel would need his power.

"I’m not inviting you to join the guild. We’ll just help each other when it’s needed.”

“...Why?” Kraugel couldn’t believe it. “Why are you treating me so good?”

Why didn’t Grid forcefully make him join the guild? It was possible in his position. Why do such a big favor?

Grid replied simply to Kraugel.

"I need a competitor in the future. I want your development. If I fight against you as you become stronger, I will also develop. In the first place, I’m already satisfied with having Piaro in the guild.”


The present Grid was completely different than the one Kraugel met in Reidan. There were no shadows on his face and his eyes were dignified. He had a dependable atmosphere around him. Kraugel felt thrilled and grabbed Grid’s big and rough hand.

“I’m glad.”

‘I will run whenever you call me. And thank you.’

Kraugel swallowed down those words. He thought that Grid would know even if he didn’t say it. And Grid also knew.

“Thanking me? Promise me one thing. Every time I call, run over. You are able to treat your mother’s illness thanks to Lauel. Shouldn’t you return the favor?”

“...I understand.”

What was the concept of friends that Grid was talking about? Kraugel felt seriously concerned as Grid patted his shoulders.

"Once your mother recovers, come to South Korea to play. I’ll show you around."


Thank you. Kraugel gave a rare smile, looking more beautiful than ever. Kraugel longed for the health and well-being of all mothers in the world.

On this day. The players who participated in the National Competition left for their home countries. A new adventure was waiting for them.