Chapter 1068

Duguen! A rough pulse and hot blood flowed through the cold metal. Iyarugt had craved this sensation during the time when he was only a soul wandering with his body sealed. It was because he felt alive by destroying life. This was the only time he realized that he was alive.

However, not anymore. Iyarugt was in the process of reclaiming his body. He said goodbye to the sick and miserable days when he felt relief through killing.

-Avoid it, a familiar voice echoed from the transparent black-gold sword. It was the voice of Sword Demon Iyarugt. He spoke to the Grid who was showing a slightly emotional expression, -The target’s heart wasn’t completely destroyed. It was the best surprise attack, but the skilled guy coped well.

“Iyarugt, I didn’t know if you were going to answer my call.”

[Granting an Ego]

[You can give the target item an ego.

It will be classified as an ego item, and the value will be astronomical.

Genuine - (Fighting Against the Gods) Legendary Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship Skill has been mastered and the number of times an ego can be granted is 10.

Current number of egos that can be given: 9/10]

The explanation of Granting an Ego was poor. Additionally, there were strict limitations on the number of uses, and Grid hadn’t been able to experiment with it. Then the virtual stage of the National Competition gave Grid a chance. During the Demon King’s Subjugation event, Grid had placed Braham’s ego inside the magic machine and managed to determine four pieces of information.

First, in order to use Granting an Ego, Grid and the target ego must know each other. Second, Granting an Ego was only triggered when the target ego responded to Grid’s call. Third, no matter what form the ego existed in, it would forcibly belong to the item the moment it responded to the call. Fourth, if the item that the ego belonged to was destroyed, the target ego would return to its original place.

That’s right. Granting an Ego was a system where the will and rights of the target ego were given priority over the user. If the target ego didn’t respond to Grid’s call, it wouldn’t be activated.

Grid was honestly impressed. Iyarugt wasn’t loyal to Grid, and he was a demonkin with little affinity with Grid. Grid was only half confident that Iyarugt would answer the call, but he was surprised that it was immediate. He was even happier since he was in an urgent crisis.

-You called out for me so desperately. Hum hum.


The tone was awkward. It was different from his usual cynical tone.

“What? Did you start to like me after not seeing me for a while?” Grid asked.

Iyarugt snapped, -Shut up and step back.

“...!” Grid responded immediately.

His high level of concentration quickly transmitted Iyarugt’s cry to his brain, and his high agility allowed his body to move the moment his brain commanded it. The particles of light swirled and passed by Grid’s nose. If he had been a bit later, his face would’ve been cut.

Cough, cough... It’s amazing.”

The so-called rating system wasn’t without critical points. Almost all creatures in Satisfy had a key point that could be classified as a so-called weakness. It might be the same attack method, but the difference in damage that the user suffered depended on whether the target was hit or not.

“It has been a long time... Cough... really...! Cough, cough!” Blood poured from Limit’s mouth and nose as he coughed repeatedly. His eyes were red and congested, and his legs were trembling. This was an opportunity now that Limit was suffering from the physical condition of bleeding, and his weakness was at the peak.

-Don’t give him a break.

Hundreds of lines were displayed in Grid’s field of view as he faced Limit. Most of the solid lines were black or broken, but two solid lines were glowing red and they continued to the end. This was the ‘best sword path’ that Iyarugt was showing him. 

The particles of light were seeping into Limit’s body. It was a scene where Limit was using sword energy to restore his wounds. Grid had no intention of wasting time. Blue petals emerged as he started the steps of a sword dance.

“No... chance!” Limit cried out with wide eyes. He had no intention of dying in this place. “For me... I have a heart’s desire!”

Everyone had a problem. The poor weren’t the only ones who suffered. Limit had been born as the heir to one of the greatest families in the empire and had a significant duty. It was his duty to prove his talent and skills and to capture the envy of his people and the trust of the emperor. Yet as a young man, he had failed to fulfill his duty.

A heavenly genius had ruined his path. Piaro—his talent had always surpassed Limit’s, and the enthusiasm of the people and the emperor’s trust had only been directed toward him. Limit, who should’ve been in the brightest place, had been obscured by dark shadows. He had felt humiliated and pained.

Limit’s life was plagued by wounds. Unlike Asmophel who could proudly declare that his goal was to go beyond Piaro, Limit had been a coward who didn’t even dare put the name of Piaro in his mouth. Thus, he worked harder and practiced his swordsmanship. He worked solely to master techniques instead of being dazzled by the ‘senses’ or ‘enlightenment’ that the two geniuses spoke about.

“I... I have to prove that I’ve surpassed Piaro!”

He had vaguely speculated that Piaro was still alive. Nevertheless, he didn’t chase Piaro in order to regain the qualifications that he had lost as a young man. He couldn’t die in this place. Once again, he couldn’t succumb to the barrier of a genius. He would surely survive and break the shackles of his heart by confronting and winning against Piaro. Limit, who was called a ‘genius’ by the people of the emperor, pledged and resisted the pangs in his heart to control his sword energy. He quickly restored his damaged body.

-He is a great guy. Focus.

“Flower.” Grid’s sword dance was completed and followed the best sword path. Simultaneously, the blue petals covered Limit while Braham’s Lightning was triggered. The goal was to imprint as many marks on Limit as possible. However, Limit didn’t back down. He crushed the petals falling like thunderbolts in the darkness. Concurrently, he deployed evasive movements. He captured the tip of Grid’s sword that penetrated like a snake.

Then Iyarugt predicted the direction Limit evaded in. Iyarugt, who had been overworked every day he was with that crazy human Peak Sword, had managed to break through six times in total and had recovered more than half of his past strength. This meant that he wasn’t the same as when he lost to Piaro.

...Keuk? Limit wondered why the exceptionally simple swordsmanship that was only fast previously had suddenly become magical. Had this person been hiding his skills? No, his eyes couldn’t be deceived. This person had suddenly developed during the battle.

‘Genius...’ Limit glimpsed Piaro in Grid. Why did Grid accept Piaro and why did Piaro end up serving him? Limit knew the inside story. 

‘They fit together. The two of them recognized each other’s talent at first sight...’

Then it happened the moment Limit misunderstood. Grid’s sword cut Limit again.

[The target has received 14,900 damage.]

[...The black flames have exploded!]

[...A red thunderbolt has been summoned!]

Good. Luck followed Grid. There were only two successful attacks, but the weapon’s options were already popping out.

‘I can win.’

It wasn’t complacent of Grid to increase his odds of winning because Iyarugt had joined him.

[The duration of immortality is over.]

‘Finish it while Item Combination is maintained.’

Grid took a potion and wielded his sword again after confirming that the blood-sucking option of Elfin Stone’s Ring was available once more. Iyarugt showed the three best sword paths, and Grid used Transcended Link Flower along one of them. Limit’s body was covered in new wounds. Red blood scattered all over him, and Grid’s health was rapidly restored. This was the power of the blood-sucking option.

Every time Limit received a new wound, the number of best sword paths that Iyarugt gave increased. As Limit weakened, Iyarugt saw more gaps. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the current Limit was in the palm of Iyarugt’s hands.

“Die!” Grid cried out with two thoughts. It wasn’t enough that Limit was the leader of the empress’ faction which had brought Piaro and Asmophel profound pain in the past. He was now threatening the three dukes. Grid would never forgive Sword Duke Limit.

“Pinnacle Kill!”

It was the end. Hundreds of red lines wrapped around Limit, who staggered from the critical injury. Iyarugt told Grid that he could knock Limit down no matter where he attacked. Grid was still gaining momentum. He took a big step toward Limit. It was the precursor of Linked Kill Flower Pinnacle. The power of the four fusion sword dance that made even a yangban shrink back wasn’t something that the strongest of the empire could bear. Grid was confident of victory as he started a storm of sword energy.

 -Stop! Iyarugt hurriedly exclaimed. -It is a trap! Even if he will die soon, he is still a master. The more he is on the verge of dying, the more damage he will attempt to leave behind. It is impossible to reveal a complete gap.

It was as expected.

Kukuk.” Facing Grid’s sword, Limit was laughing. The light particles, which had wrapped around Limit to heal him, were vibrating. It was the sign of an explosion. Driven to the edge of a cliff, Limit was aiming for mutual destruction. However, Grid wasn’t someone who would be hit by such means.

“It won’t work.”

A woven cloth appeared in front of Grid.