Chapter 747

 "...Are those scriptures?”

"No way...but the design is really similar.”

The people climbing the stairs with dignity. They were just as good as Regas. They were the strongest people who everyone in the world knew. They survived to the end for a reason. It was natural for them to be filled with confidence. They didn’t doubt that if they united their strengths, they would be able to win relatively easily. The characters in Battlefield only had 20 health. The maximum number of potions held was only two, so it was natural to think they would win. Until they witnessed over 10 scriptures in Grid’s arms.

‘This crazy guy...’

‘Did he only collect scriptures throughout the game?’

A thin booklet with a blue cover. The identity of Grid’s items was definitely a scripture. The scriptures, which were difficult for the other weak clerics to secure even a single one... The eyes of the people present shook. In the awkward silence, someone opened their mouth.

"Brother Grid, it’s great that you are here. It’s amazing. You have been only looking for scriptures? I know who important it is for a person to persevere every time I see you.”

Ibellin, a member of Overgeared, laughed after speaking to Grid. There weren’t many people who called him ‘brother’ so Grid recognized Ibellin straight away.

“Oh, Ibellin? You survived?”

"I was lucky. I was able to survive because so many people were eliminated earlier.”

"Is it lucky that you are here?”

“We’ll see.”

The fact that Grid secured a large number of scriptures was confusing. No, it was almost the level of a disaster. At least 10 scriptures. Using simple maths, it meant Grid had 100 health. If he had two potions as well, Grid would have almost six lives. But in the end, he was a cleric.


Ibellin opened his inventory and took out a magic wand. It was a weapon that dealt 3 damage.



“Where did you get that?”

Grid and the other people temporarily allied with Ibellin were amazed. It was the first time they saw a magic wand, the strongest weapon in Battlefield. Ibellin laughed brightly as the magic wand illuminated with magic power.

"Isn’t the game about items?”

"...I raised a tiger cub.”

Grid started sweating. There was an atmosphere of death. All the viewers and the allied forces shrank back.

Ibellin was the same.


Ibellin was well aware that Grid’s power was much better than what was known. He had watched Grid’s growth right next to him. Ibellin still vividly remembered.

In the Mystery Forest, Grid had fought Pagma’s doppelganger 83 times before finally winning.

‘I can’t give Brother a chance!’

He had to break Grid from the beginning. The momentum of the ‘monster’ called Grid rose as time passed. The determined Ibellin wielded his magic wand.


The railing of the stairs broke. It was the railing where Grid had been standing just before.


Grid barely avoided the attack and made a dumbfounded expression. He was impressed by the power. The other people saw it and thought.

‘He’s definitely shrinking back.’

Was it due to the obsession that he shouldn’t be hit by the magic wand? Just now, Grid’s eyes were only focused on Ibellin as he avoided the attack. He did his best to avoid the magic wand. His eyes were only chasing after the magic wand. It was obvious that all his nerves were concentrated on the magic wand.

‘This is our chance!’

Grid was currently distracted by Ibellin’s magic wand. The other rankers saw the best opportunity. They realized the right timing was when Ibellin wielded his magic wand again. 



Ibellin’s magic wand moved in a large circle and magic aimed at Grid.


Three of the top rankers moved at the same time. They jumped up the narrow stairs and waved their weapons. They swung their weapons in the direction that Grid moved to avoid the magic wand.


Conviction passed through the minds of the rankers.


Ibellin noticed the crisis. He noticed it from the moment he missed his second attack. Grid didn’t shrink back at all despite his outside appearance. Grid’s composure was still perfect. It was evidence that he was tracking Ibellin’s attack orbit and reacting. But even Ibellin, who was directly competing with Grid, only noticed at the very end. The other rankers couldn’t read Grid’s real intentions. He was playing around.

Grid looked at the three swords heading towards their escape points and smiled.  He had already used the movements of Revolve to avoid Ibellin’s attack.



The eyes of the three people attacking Grid widened. Grid reacted as if he had eyes in the back of his head, turning to avoid two of the three attacks.


The stairs were too cramped for five people. Grid was tangled up in the three people and used the weight of their shoulders to push them away.

“Eh? Ohhh.”

The three people in an unsecure position were pushed back a few steps.


A chill went down the spines of the three people. It felt like that feet were stepping on thin air. That’s right. They were pushed to the ledge that Ibellin created. The result?



Ku tang tang tang!

Falling down.

All three of them fell from the fourth floor to the first floor, suffering 10 damage each. It was a critical wound that couldn’t be overcome with one potion. Grid spoke to the enemies who were looking blank.

“There is no room for carelessness. Isn’t this the basics?”

Grid’s previously shaken eyes looked different. They were sharp like a bird of prey. The Overgeared members, including Ibellin, knew these eyes. It was the eyes of their king.


It was unknown if this was Battlefield or Satisfy. Ibellin was frightened and stepped back. His attitude was like he wasn’t holding a magic wand in his hand. The moment that Grid stabbed him without hesitation.


A greatsword flew. The lower part of the blade blocked Grid’s sword and then it tilted, causing the axis of Grid’s sword to incline.



The top of the greatsword approached Grid’s neck. During this process, the master of the greatsword moved naturally and took control of Grid’s rear.


The blade descended. Grid hurriedly retreated. He escaped to the top of the stairs. The fourth floor landing was occupied by the enemies in an instant. It was faster than expected, causing Grid to laugh bitterly.

"Isn’t this too big?”

The owner of the greatsword.

"I’m only a shade in front of you and Kraugel.”

“No. Nobody would think so.”

1st on the unified rankings, Chris.

Grid inwardly grumbled.

‘Ah, why didn’t he go to Kraugel’s side?’

Chris’ greatsword contained an unparalleled force. The world acknowledged his abilities and Grid admired it every time he saw it. One of the reasons why Grid was greedy for the greatsword was due to Chris. Why? As long as Chris existed, Grid knew he couldn’t be the symbol of the greatsword.


Grid confirmed the time remaining in Battlefield and counted the number of enemies in front of him. It was 13 people, including Chris. Grid’s goal was drastically modified.

‘I won’t destroy them.’ The ideal thing to do it... ‘Hang in there until the others come.’

That’s right. Grid’s original purpose was to destroy all the enemies here. They were the highest rankers representing their countries. Was it pride? No, it was a realistic judgment based on solid grounds. Grid was above ordinary rankers from the moment he knocked out Hao. He was a master.

'Well, I have a name.’

In addition, there was the sky above the sky and the godly archer. He believed they would block all the enemies coming from the rear and then help him.

“Now, the first one.”


Grid opened one of the scriptures and a light covered his body. The wounds on his body disappeared like a lie and his health was restored.

“I still have 11 scriptures left.”



Someone muttered. It was undeniable, striking a chord in Grid’s heart. 



“...Oh my.”

Dust fell on Jishuka’s head as she drew the bowstring. An arrow pierced the place right above her head.

“Are you aiming for a headshot?”


Jishuka fired arrows through the window of the building across the street.


[You have dealt 1 damage to the target.]


Kraugel felt admiration for the third time. Jishuka’s archery that pierced the enemies was astonishing even to the sky above the sky. Jishuka shrugged.

"It’s nothing. I’m no Grid.”


The nature of the Overgeared members was somewhat difficult for Kraugel. He didn’t know what to say and just wielded his sword. It was to cut an enemy coming across the clothesline. The moment Kraugel exposed himself through the window.



Three arrows flew from the building across the street.

“It’s dangerous...!”

Jishuka shouted. Kraugel twisted his body and avoided all three arrows.

“...Are you a person?”

“I am.”

It was an easy question to answer. Kraugel was pleased.

At that moment.


A spear flew through the window on the left. Kraugel blocked it and was alert, but the next move came through the right window instead of the left. Jishuka tried to cover him but she couldn’t cope with the arrows that suddenly focused on her. She had to hide in a corner to avoid the flying arrows.

‘They have realized it’s useless to shoot at Kraugel.’

It was stressful. Jishuka avoided the flying arrows and noticed two men. They surrounded Kraugel on the left and right. It was Pon and Lauel.