Chapter 746

"Who would be afraid with you and I together?”


Who was this guy? Grid felt deja vu as he saw the man who intended to join his team. It felt like he had seen the man somewhere before. Then someone popped up in his head.

‘No, it’s impossible.’

Grid denied it. The man he thought of wouldn’t be someone tempted by items.

“Don’t you see the other teams coming?”

The participants were heading towards Grid. They didn’t want Grid to form a team of three like them. They had to act quickly before the three people could team up.



There was a flood of arrows. Four arrows shot from various place flew towards Grid, Jishuka, and the unknown man.


Things had become twisted. He ended up getting more aggro. Grid clicked his tongue and avoided an arrow. He would’ve been pierced by it if his reaction time was 0.5 seconds later. Meanwhile, an arrow was stuck in Jishuka’s forearm. She couldn’t avoid the arrow like Grid. In addition.



The unidentified man struck two arrows with his sword. Grid, Jishuka, and the survivors admired the skill involved.

“You...!” Grid was forced to admit it. He knew the identity of the man who wanted to join his team. “Kraugel...?”

“That’s right.”

“...Why are you here?”

Yes, the sky above the sky. A person who combined skills with confidence!

Kraugel explained to the confused Grid. “Why am I here? Did you think I would be eliminated?”

"No, I don’t mean that. Running over here for an item doesn’t match with you.”

"Should I shake from a lofty position? I’m not stupid enough to turn a blind eye to a golden opportunity because of dignity.”

"Really? Even the great sky above the sky is like this?”

Grid’s rivalry with Kraugel was beyond imagination. Kraugel’s attitude of not even blinking when the enemies were rushing here was hateful. He could even afford to relax in a situation like this? Grid grumbled towards Kraugel.


Another arrow flew and stuck in Grid’s side. He frowned as he received 2 damage and shouted to Jishuka.

“Let’s first take refuge in a nearby building!”


Grid and Jishuka didn’t hesitate. They rushed into a building that was right behind them. On the other hand, Kraugel was standing in the wrong place. Behind him was a group of 20 enemies flocking like dogs.

Grid hurriedly exclaimed, “Why aren’t you moving?”

"Do you accept me as a team member?”

“What...?” Had Kraugel been waiting for an answer? In this urgent situation? "This jerk...! Hey! Do I have a choice other than to join hands? Come quickly!”

By this time.



Kraugel started moving. But it was already too late. He was surrounded by four enemies.

"Where are you going?”

"Do you think we will let you join hands?”

There were only three final winners! The participants in Battlefield were obliged to disqualify other competitors and it was wise to choose the relatively weak prey to be eliminated.  Grid had only two people in his team and the unidentified man who hadn’t yet joined them was alone. It was natural that they would be the first targets.






One lone man was stronger than a group of 100. Number wasn’t a measure of power.  Kraugel fought back while avoiding the four attacks, causing each of the four people to look like they had seen a ghost as they suffered 2 damage. They suddenly realized it. 

What was the identity of the lone man?

“The sky above the sky...!”


Cries of shock were heard everywhere. The momentum of the group chasing Grid stopped. It was an incredible sight. The top rankers representing each other were overwhelmed by one person and standing as stiff as a stone statue. The impact of the viewers watching this was very large.

-A different dimension... Could anything else be said?

Kraugel stood alone. He stood between dozens of competitors and the building that Grid and Jishuka entered. But he wasn’t like a moth in front of a lamp. He was looking down at the other people from a high position. No one was able to rush at Kraugel.  It seemed like the winner was already Kraugel.

At that moment.

“Kraugel! I’m glad!” Among the crowd of dogs, a man rushed out. He was also a tiger. He took out the claws that he had been hiding among the dogs. "It is the first time I can compete with you on an equal footing. I’m so happy!”

The man cried out childishly. He was a top ranker of the Overgeared Guild and represented the United Kingdom, Regas. Kraugel noticed his identity based on personality and laughed.

"It doesn’t seem like an equal footing.”

He was referring to the group Regas had been part of.


Kraugel took one step.


He took another step. In no time, he had reached the entrance of the building that Grid and Jishuka had entered.

"If you’re really serious about fighting with me, chase after me.”

Kraugel knew Regas’ nature. Once he said this provocative words as he entered the building, Regas would have to chase after him.

“Of course I’m serious!”

“Wait! Please wait!” Lauel shouted but it was useless. In Regas’ eyes, only Kraugel was visible. He had already entered the building. “Shit...! That stupid fool! Chase after him!”

The moment Lauel and Pon were going to enter the building.



Arrows flew from above and pierced Lauel and Pon’s shoulders. The arrows were perfectly fired. Pon and Lauel were reminded of one person.


A light flashed through their heads. In their field of view...

"Hi~ nice to see you kids.”

A woman sat on the window and pulled her bow. It was the woman who had been standing by Grid.

‘It’s ruined!’

Lauel and Pon had a hunch.

"You should raise your hands if you don’t want your head to be broken.”

Jishuka made a surprise announcement and started firing rapidly. It was terrible for the people on the ground. Most of them were members of Overgeared and recognized Jishuka. They avoided the falling arrows by sticking close to the wall of the building and exchanged opinions.  

"Shit, Jishuka secured high ground.”

“We were too relaxed. We have to get out of that witch’s sight.”

"No, Iet’s go into the building like that fighting idiot before. In any case, we have no choice but to work together.”

A party consisting of Grid, Jishuka, and Kraugel. They hated to admit it, but it was the best party. Unless they cooperated, there was no way to stop the trio.

“First join forces to get rid of those three and then we will compete. How about it?”

"Wouldn’t it be too bad to form an alliance? Won’t the viewers criticize us?"

Someone expressed their concern. The rankers who represented their country were really nervous about their image. Someone replied to the hesitating participant.

“Are we are ones who are wrong? Isn’t it a foul for those three to join together?”

“...You’re right.”

"Nobody would call us names.” 

“Okay! Then let’s enter the building!”

"We will move to the building next door! We can use the clothesline!”

It was obvious that Kraugel and Grid would be guarding the stairs. It would be a tough fight because it was a difficult structure to try a pincer attack. But they had overwhelming numbers.

‘As time goes by, Grid’s party will reach the limits of their health and will eventually fall.’

Confidence! Momentum!

The participants smiled with satisfaction and started moving in teams. Those who were confident in their combat skills entered straight into the building where Grid’s party was. Those with bows and arrows moved to the next building and secured sniping spots. They would use the window to fire at Grid’s party and help their allies. Some also planned to use the clothesline to infiltrate.

The viewers watched them move and started sweating.

-The purpose of the event seems to have changed a lot...


Battlefield was no longer a battlefield. It was catch Grid’s team! This was what the game had become. The commentators called it a natural phenomenon.

『 It’s the destiny of a strong person to rally the weak. 』

『 I wonder how long Grid, Kraugel, and Jishuka will last. 』

『 It doesn’t matter how great the three of them are, they can’t beat all these rankers. They were all intimidated by Kraugel, but look at Regas now. Isn’t he fighting well? He might beat Kraugel alone. 』

『 Isn’t it counterproductive to gather too strong team members? Grid’s party will surprisingly be the first to fall... Heok? 』

The commentators hurriedly shut up. It was because while they were speaking a few words, Regas was in a fatal condition. Regas seemed so strong throughout the game, but now he was losing to Kraugel. At first, it seemed like a close match, but now he was being completely overwhelmed.

“Pant... Pant... Incredible. How did you become so strong?”

The injured Regas. On the narrow stairs, he struggled with Kraugel and foresaw his loss. Kraugel thought it was absurd.

‘Does this man really want to win against me?’

There was a reason why Kraugel had this question. Regas was fighting with his bare hands. That’s right. Regas fought Kraugel without a weapon. It was because he was a martial artist. He chose the warrior class that dealt 1 damage with bare hands and believed he could show his true skills without a weapon. That’s why he fought on Battlefield with his fists. Of course, the same applied when dealing with Kraugel.


The Overgeared members were really great people in several ways. Kraugel dealt the final blow to Regas.

“Kuk...! Truly the sky above the sky!”

Regas expressed his admiration as he turned to grey! The viewers mourned and felt admiration for Regas who fought in Battlefield with his bare hands. Then Kraugel faced the next crisis. 10 enemies were coming.

‘I have surprisingly lost a lot of health.’

Regas’s fists and kicks had dealt five blows to Kraugel. He decided that he shouldn’t ignore the skills of the top-level talents and gripped his sword.

“Leave this place to me. Go protect Jishuka.”

"Grid, you...”

Kraugel became speechless. Grid belatedly appeared in front of him. He was holding 10 scriptures in his hands.


The advancing enemies were amazed at the sight.  Grid stood on the stairs and declared, “I am the Overgeared King?”