Chapter 739

‘It’s like this. Why are they always aiming for the back of my head?’

Grid loved Satisfy. He was very enthusiastic about it. Thanks to Satisfy, he was able to grow up, make precious bonds, and to succeed in life. But interestingly, he felt something close to hostile towards the S.A. Group. It was natural from Grid’s position.

There was some doubts about manipulation in the game and every time the National Competition was held, Grid thought that the S.A. was deliberately guarding against him. That’s why Grid didn’t trust the S.A. Group. He also had doubts about this event. While the other representatives were discussing the event, Grid tried to find a trap hidden in the game system. He took note of the limited number of potions that could be held. He used his experience and instincts to spot the potential trap.

Then in the class selection window, he noticed the trap that was hidden. 


It was a very bad class when he first saw it. The warriors were powerful from the beginning, while magicians and producers could become more powerful when certain weapons were acquired.  Compared to those, the clerics didn’t receive any items. They lacked explosive power and seemed to be disadvantageous in the second half. However, all the classes had 20 health and there was no means to regain health except for potions. Therefore, Grid’s thoughts were different.

‘Players can only possess two potions, but there’s no limit on the number of scriptures a cleric can possess.’

In other words, it meant a cleric could hold a large number of scriptures.

‘Based on this, a priest has superior potential.’

Let’s say he went one on one with a magician who had a magic wand. The magician would deal 3 damage to the cleric while the cleric could only deal 1 damage to the magician. The cleric would die in seven hits while the magician would die in 19 hits. But what if the cleric secured a large number of scriptures? Every time they read the scripture, the priest would recover 10 health and would be able to win. Yes, this was only relevant if the cleric could secure a large number of scriptures. The cleric who failed to secure scriptures was the weakest of all the classes. 

But out of the 1,500 delegates, the number that selected a cleric was so small that he didn’t consider the possibility of not securing scriptures. People perceived a cleric as a very risky class. Grid thought differently. He was convinced that it would be relatively easy to secure the scriptures and chose the cleric class. He chose this considering the S.A. Group’s inclination to hit players in the back of the head. 

‘In the class description, the scriptures are described as being all over the map.’

It wasn’t stated that it was difficult to obtain the scriptures. The merit of the scriptures was too big compared to the sculptures. While people perceived it as ‘difficult’ to obtain, Grid was the opposite and this was the result.

The shrines. The small buildings indicated on the mini-map seemed to scream out ‘there is a scripture here!’

‘Indeed, it isn’t difficult to find scriptures.’

Of course, this could also be a trap. In addition, the total amount of scriptures could be surprisingly small. But this was something that could only be seen if he moved directly.

‘Besides the shrines, there might be scriptures elsewhere. They exist everywhere in the map.’

Grid decided and started moving to the nearest shrine. He focused on understanding his physical abilities by jumping, running, swinging his fists, kicking, etc. The result?

‘It’s like a level 10 character.’

In Satisfy, a basic character had 1 attack speed and 3 movement speed. Of course, the movement speed was faster. In any case, these were the stats in Battlefield.

 ‘Attack power and health are fixed, so strength and stamina are meaningless... The problem is my vision.’

Grid felt that his vision was able to follow if it was one attack per second. If he concentrated as much as possible, it seemed that he could avoid an enemy’s attack once every three times. This was where the problem occurred.

‘It’s possible for others to do the same thing...’

Can a cleric with a fixed attack power of 1 really push the enemy to death? Especially if his opponent was a master of control like Kraugel or the Overgeared members?

‘It’s the worst.’

Grid grasped that like Satisfy, Battlefield was a game that required control and became stressed. Rather than being insecure about his control, he knew too many people with excellent control.

‘I think most of them would’ve selected the magician class.’

Grid was a different type of ranker. Thus, he knew the characteristics of the rankers with good control. Those who were confident in their skills would look into the distance. Given their inclination, they were more likely to chose the powerful magician over a warrior. On the other hand, it was unlikely that they would chose a priest who had high survival possibilities and low damage.


Grid’s mind and body became stiff and he gulped nervously. Since there was a chance to MISS. it was doubtful if he could fight against the skillful people even if he had a lot of scriptures.

'I will do 1 damage if I hit, but if I miss... No, don’t shrink back.’

During the past few years of playing Satisfy, he had seen the value of a highly disciplined mentality. Grid’s tense body and mind became flexible again.

‘Right now, I’m not lacking a great deal of control. If I use the scriptures well, I can hold on.’

Grid was confident as he replayed the countless battles he had against numerous enemies. His eyes were determined as he moved to the shrine. There was no hesitation. He just moved straight.


‘There’s a high probability that there will be a scripture in here.

More than half of the 1,500 players connected to Battlefield were concentrating on the shrines. There was no reason not to watch over it, despite being a space for clerics. Every small shrine had at least 100 people around them. All of them hid and held their breaths as they watched the shrine entrance.

Despite not being priests, they coveted the scriptures because the scriptures could be used as a trading tool or to lower the potential of clerics. But a few minutes later, no one entered the shrine. It was natural. They knew there were enemies hiding in the surroundings. The first one to act would be an obvious loser. Then one person appeared.

“Oh! The door is closed. This means nobody has entered yet? Isn’t this a profit?”


A mysterious figure rushed towards the shrine without hesitation! People didn’t know it, but he was Grid. While other people were worried about all types of dangers and couldn’t move, he just unabashedly showed up? It was difficult for people to understand Grid.

‘Can I believe this?’

‘It could be a trap!’

1,500 people participated in the event. People had a lot of thoughts and couldn’t act easily. On the other hand, Grid was already opening the old door to the temple. He was confident that he was safe. It was as he expected.

‘There’s no danger of a sniper. Isn’t it too early for people to obtain a bow and arrows?’

Based on the character selection window, Grid understood that the weapon called a ‘bow’ was very useful. Grid was confident that it wouldn’t be easy to obtain the weapon capable of ranged attacks and his confidence was right. Of the dozens of people who watched Grid enter the temple, none of them had secured a bow. None of them were able to shoot Grid. Even if they had a bow, they couldn’t use the arrow since it was a consumable item.

‘In the first place, shooting a bow means becoming the target of the people around here.’

There would be people intent on stealing the bow.

Step, step.

Grid entered the shrine safely. He searched for the scripture and smiled. It was because he found a scripture and bow in one corner.

[A scripture has been acquired.]

[A bow has been acquired.]


Opening the book will restore 10 health.

Available Classes: Cleric


A weapon capable of shooting an enemy from 10 meters away. An arrow will be consumed when fired.

Available Classes: Warrior, Producer


Grid was delighted because he gained the scripture far more easily than expected and even got the bow as an extra. He felt good because the work went smoothly from the beginning.

‘It would be better if I got a weapon I could use rather than a bow. Well, I have it, so I will put it to good use.’

Grid placed the bow in his inventory that could hold 30 items. Then he prepared to leave the temple.


A woman entered the shrine after Grid and blocked his path. Unlike Grid, she held a sword in her hand and threatened him with it.

“Give me the scripture. Otherwise I will kill you.”


He thought things were going too well. The frowning Grid head the sound of fighting and screaming outside. Fights were taking place outside the shrine.

‘Did the people clash among themselves after they saw me safely entering the shrine?’

He had to get out of here quickly. Grid pulled the bow out of his inventory. Then he spoke to the woman wearing a mask.

"There was no scripture here. There was only this bow.”

“How can I believe that?”

"It can’t be helped if you don’t believe it. But I’m telling the truth.”

Grid was a warrior, a legendary blacksmith, and eventually a king. His experience in Satisfy was incomparable to ordinary people. Therefore...

Unlike others, he could easily make judgments to enter the temple and to calmly cope with this moment. Grid didn’t realize it himself, but everything about the way he thought and behaved was naturally different for ordinary people.

“Isn’t the bow a weapon that is difficult to obtain? It is a strength that isn’t easy to get in the beginning. Unfortunately, there isn’t the scripture that you want, but I have this bow. Let’s exchange this bow with your sword.”

Grid’s suggestion confused the woman.

“Why should I?”

In response to the woman’s question, Grid lied like it was natural.

"Isn’t the bow a lot better than the sword? Isn’t it more profitable to trade with this? It’s a big loss for me, but I don’t want an unnecessary struggle.”

The woman refuted.

"The bow is a weapon that can’t be used without arrows. Now you don’t seem to have a weapon other than the bow. I am in a situation where I can easily overpower you...”

“Then do it.” Grid interrupted her in the middle. He put the bow in his inventory and raised his fists.  "Seeing you refuse the bow, you must be a cleric or a magician? Your attack power with the sword is the same as my bare hands. Right? Then let’s fight. Let’s have a dog fight.”


The woman panicked.

‘He’s a warrior, not a priest?’

The scripture was a tool needed by the priest. The woman saw Grid enter the shrine to search for the scripture and naturally thought he was a priest. But now he was a warrior. Things didn’t look good. Grid confirmed that she was shrinking back and said again.

"How about it? Do you want to exchange the sword with a bow, or fight?”

“I-I guess it is better not to fight. But I won’t exchange weapons. Just go.”


Grid nodded and left the shrine. Some of those fighting saw him but no one was able to pursue him straight away. After a while.


Grid was relieved once he arrived at a safe area. The commentators spoke words of admiration as Grid sitting in a tree was broadcasting.

『 I’m amazed at the wit and bold judgment that allowed him to escape from a crisis. He’s a charming person. 』  

『 This isn’t the Grid we know. This is how an ordinary player became a legend and a king... I feel like I got a glimpse of that strength. 』

Grid was Grid, even if he lost the power of a legend. He demonstrated his strength. The viewers’ appreciation of Grid rose sharply. 

At this moment, the number of participants in Battlefield were dwindling fast.