Chapter 738

“From this moment on, you will be connected to Battlefield.”

It was a special event where the details hadn’t been disclosed. All 1,500 National Competition participants this year hoped to take part in the event. It was somewhat unreasonable that the contents weren’t disclosed, but it was inevitable that they would covert the rewards.  The moment the representatives of each country boarded the plane.

“The battlefield is a mini-map around 10,000 pyeong. It isn’t large enough for 1,500 people, but it boasts diverse terrain that makes it easy to develop a strategy. You will have to fight each other until there are three survivors remaining.”

The event details were released. There was a backlash.

"It sounds like a solo show. Isn’t this too unreasonable?”

"A battle in a limited space is unconditionally advantageous to those with higher specs. Isn’t this an event for just a few people?”

Viola and Ma Bongshik expressed their concerns. The other representatives were sympathetic. However, it was difficult to read Grid and Yura’s minds. The host explained in more detail.

"No, it’s a fair game. Battlefield is a completely separate server from Satisfy. Satisfy’s account information won’t be passed onto Battlefield and all players will receive a new character with the same stats.”



Everyone looked at Grid. Once he heard that the character he trained so hard wouldn’t apply to this event, how would he react? Everyone expected him to be angry. From Grid’s perspective, this event would be awfully unreasonable. But Grid’s expression was calm. He just sat in the capsule and listened to the explanation without any reaction.

'His vessel is big...’

‘Truly God Grid. If I was Grid, I would be arguing right now.’

As Eat Spicy Jokbal and the Korean representatives were admiring Grid’s attitude, what was the truth?

‘Wow, shit. Am I the only rotten person here?’ 

Grid’s insides weren’t mature. But he knew there would be no change so he remained silent. 

Meanwhile, the host’s explanation continued.

“After entering Battlefield, you will have 10 minutes to select your class. There are four types of classes, all with the same stats, but different characteristics. Please think carefully and decide. After 10 minutes, the game will automatically start. Be sure to decide your class within 10 minutes. If you don’t, a class will be selected randomly for you.

The host explained the following rules:

1. The 1,500 participants will all be masked. The ID and face won’t be exposed to each other. The voice is also modulated. It is a measure to prevent certain forces from cooperating. However, the IDs will be shown to the viewers.

2. Immediately after entering Battlefield, all participants will have bare hands. Weapons will be scattered through the battlefield. It will be advantageous to find a weapon as soon as possible.

3. The game’s time limit is three hours. Once one hour passes, the map will gradually disappear and became narrower. The people located in those parts of the map will be destroyed. The alert window that appears  before the map disappears shouldn’t be ignored. 

4. It is a survival game aimed at being the last three, so there is no need to kill. You can stay hidden throughout the game. However, it is impossible to hide 10 minutes before the game ends because the map is very narrow. In order to win, you will have to fight.

5. Health and mana won’t recover normally. You have to unconditionally drink potions. When taking a potion to restore health, you will regain 7 health points. When taking a mana potion, you will regain 6 mana points. Recovery potions will fall from the sky every 5 minutes. The maximum number of health and mana potions that can be held are two each. 

“It’s a separate game system, so you will quickly get used to it when playing directly. If you are the top rankers among two billion users, it’s easy to adapt to the new game.”

‘Eh...? It sounds difficult?’

No, shouldn’t he be given a more detailed manual? Unlike the other representatives, Grid alone was panicked.

[You will now access Battlefield.]

The capsule started to work.


[You are now connected to Battlefield.]

[The character will be created automatically.]

[Please select a class.]

[The classes that can be selected are ‘warrior,’ ‘magician,’ ‘cleric,’ and ‘producer.’ The attributes are different, but all stats are the same.]


Health: 20/20    Mana: 15/15

Attack Speed: 1   Movement Speed: 2 

Deals 1 damage to the enemy with a fist.

You can wear all types of weapons. Once a weapon is equipped, you will deal 2 damage to the enemy. 

However, it is possible to equip a bow and ranged attacks (up to 10 meters) will only deal 1 damage. The bow will also consume an arrow with each attack.

You can wear the class specific ‘shield.’ If you block an opponent’s attack with the shield, your damage is reduced by 50%.


Health: 20/20    Mana: 15/15

Attack Speed: 1   Movement Speed: 2

You can’t damage the enemies with your fists.

You can equip all types of weapons except bows. Once a weapon is equipped, you can deal 1 damage to enemies.

You can wear the class specific ‘magic wand.’ The magic wand will deal 3 damage to the enemy. The magic wand can do ranged attacks (up to 10 meters), like the bow. However, ranged attacks will cost 7 mana. If won’t activate if there is no mana.


Health: 20/20    Mana: 15/15

Attack Speed: 1   Movement Speed: 2

You can’t damage the enemies with your fists.

You can equip all types of weapons except bows. Once a weapon is equipped, you can deal 1 damage to enemies.

You can read the class specific ‘scriptures.’ The scriptures are found all over the map. When you read the scriptures, your health will be restored by 10. When reading the scriptures, 2 mana is consumed.


Health: 20/20    Mana: 15/15

Attack Speed: 1   Movement Speed: 2

You can’t damage the enemies with your fists.

You can wear all types of weapons. Once a weapon is equipped, you will deal 1 damage to the enemy. 

You will receive a pickaxe as a default item. The pickaxe isn’t a weapon. You can use the pickaxe to gather resources such as clay, wood, metals, etc. You can create an item based on the collected resources.

The performance of production items are no different from the items available in the field.

However, if the creator equips the item then they will deal 2 damage per hit. It also applies to the bow.

* The total time required to produce one item is 15 minutes. You can move while making items. 10 mana is consumed when making items.

All 1,500 participants connected to Battlefield faced the class selection window. And this scene was being broadcast all over the world. The audience’s attention was focused on the magician and producer class.

"If a magician finds a magic wand, won’t they have the greatest power? It’s a scam.”

“Hrmm... But there are restrictions on ranged attacks. I think that ranged attacks will be most advantageous due to the nature of the game.”

"When I look at it, the producer will be the best in the second half if they can survive unharmed and make a bow.”

“Yes. They can hide and attack people with 2 damage.”

"Won’t the producer class be selected by the production rankers, including Grid?”

From a general point of view, the warrior class seemed to be the best. It was particularly advantageous in the early stages because it boasted stable attack and defense ability. But the viewers guessed that the rankers would be different. The rankers confident in their control would generally pursue high returns.  The viewers thought that the rankers would bear the initial risk and turn their attention to a magician or producer class.

"The cleric class won’t be so bad if they can find the scriptures well.”

"That's right. Other classes have to rely on supplies falling from the sky and there is a danger of encountering an enemy or their supplies being snatched. Meanwhile, the cleric seems more stable.

“But if you are unlucky enough not to find the scriptures, the class won’t survive.”

“I also think that the cleric class is the most garbage. It’s a class that lacks combat power and has to rely purely on luck.” 

“Um... Apart from the cleric class, the other classes are a matter of taste.”

Warriors, magicians, and producers had obvious advantages and disadvantages. The viewers saw that the 1,500 participants would chose a class to their own liking. The people with a warrior class in Satisfy would choose the warrior, the people with a magician class would choose magician and the people with production classes would choose producer.

Why? It was because they were most familiar with that class. It was a simple matter. The viewer’s engagement reached the peak.


Pa pa pa pa pak!

The 1,500 participants completely their class choice within the 10 minute time limit and simultaneously entered Battlefield. The location was different for each person. They all appeared at vertical intervals.


“Where is Yura?”

The viewers were busy searching for the most expected rankers. This included Grid. It was determined that Grid had a chance with the producer class. People wondered what type of material the legendary blacksmith Grid would use. However...


Occupation: Cleric


"Is this real?”

Unlike predictions, Grid chose the cleric class. This was a remarkable situation for viewers who thought that Grid would naturally choose a producer.

"No, why is it a priest?”

It wouldn’t have been that surprising if Grid had chosen a warrior or magician. Grid was a blacksmith, but he could also use the sword and magic. Yes, whether it was warrior, magician, or producer, Grid could easily adapt to any class. Except for the cleric. But unlike predictions, Grid chose the cleric class. It  was ridiculous.

『 This is amazing! Grid, who was expected to choose a producer or warrior class, actually chose the cleric class! 』

『 This is a total unexpected development since it’s the class with the worst ability. 』

The cleric was a class that had no distinct traits if a scripture couldn’t be found. The scriptures might be scattered all over the field, but that didn’t mean they could be obtained. It was a class that relied almost entirely on luck. From the point of view of the professionals, people who didn’t have the ability might rely on luck and choose the cleric class.

Yet Grid chose a cleric. In other words...

『 Grid seems to have no confidence in his abilities. I guess he is aiming to survive as long as possible, depending purely on luck. 』

It was natural to come to this conclusion. The viewers’ chatter followed.

-Wow... Look at Grid... He has such a high level, but he has no faith in his skills?

-It was the end the moment he lost his items.

-I can see how much Grid normally relies on items.

-Look. Isn’t the analysis that Grid’s control skills suck and he relies on items true? Perhaps most of Grid’s items have the options to raise mastery skills?

-Sigh, it’s starting again. Aren’t you tired of underestimating Grid now?

-Grid is the best. He’s different from us. He will have his own deep thoughtsThere is definitely a reason why he selected the cleric class.

Whose thoughts were right? The Internet became heated up.

“It’s as I expected. The cleric isn’t a simple class that relies on luck.”

Grid’s eyes shone as he connected to Battlefield and saw the locations of the shrines displayed on the mini-map.