Chapter 736

 'Considering Kraugel’s level during the Belial raid...’

Ahead of the National Competition, Grid’s nerves were concentrated on Kraugel. It was a phenomenon caused by his desire to win the rematch that was taking place after one year and three months.

‘At present, the level difference between him and me should be at least 150?’

Until now, the total was 1 to 1. This would be the game that determined victory or defeat. The winner would be the real winner.

'No, Kraugel’s level up speed will be beyond my calculations. Maybe the level difference is less than 100.’

Well, even if the level difference is less than 100, there was no problem.

‘Even Kraugel couldn’t have passed level 300 yet. He wouldn’t have achieved the third awakening.’

In a game, the level difference was as absolute as items. A higher level player would be stronger than a lower level one. In particular, the stats awakening every 100 levels caused a tremendous difference. In the past, the level 299 Grid failed to defeat Elfin Stone while the level 300 Grid succeeded. It was an example that showed the gap.

‘Okay. This is sufficient.’


Grid was convinced and formed fists. Some people might think it wasn’t fair because of the level difference, but not Grid. It was natural. Levelling ability was also a skill. It was talent that Grid’s level was higher than Kraugel’s.

“Huhuhut... Kraugel, this is the difference in skill. Don’t blame the level reset. I also experienced it. It’s the same thing I went through.”  

A level reset at level 300 compared to a reset at level 80. The former was much more disadvantageous and pitiful. The damage was completely different. But there was an eternal truth.

‘I am the strongest person in the world!’

It was this. Grid’s level reset and Kraugel’s level reset were on the same line.

“Compared to knowing everything, I had a much more difficult time when my level was reset. But now I have a much higher level than Kraugel. In the end, it means that I’m more talented than Kraugel. Isn't that right?"

Grid didn’t have a conscience! Anyone who saw him now would’ve cut out his tongue. But Huroi just nodded. He didn’t intend to disturb his lord who was trying to reduce the burden with a mental victory.

“My lord is a genius of geniuses and above the sky. I have no doubt that you will win in the ‘fair’ battle that will take place at this year’s National Competition. It is only natural that My Lord, the incarnation of Genghis Khan, will reign over the world as its master.”

"Indeed, you have a discerning eye. As expected from Huroi. But isn’t Genghis Khan a Mongolian? I'm a Korean.”

"Do you need to dwell on nationality in this global age? Everything is out there. Are you ruler of a global kingdom?”

“You are right. Huroi, don’t you have deep thoughts? Hahaha!”

“Hahaha! My Lord the best!!”


One person was making an item while the other was preparing for the diplomat’s exam. Lauel’s gaze wasn’t good as he looked at the two people sitting side by side.

"Your Majesty, too much confidence isn’t good. Even if the level difference is large, the opponent is a Sword Saint. It’s the strongest combat class. It will obviously be a tougher fight than last year. Please don’t be careless.”

In addition to Huroi, Lauel supported Grid as well. He wanted Grid to win and develop even further. The problem was that the opponent was too strong. Thus, Grid had to pay attention.

“A sword that can even cut the world... It will be difficult to handle with Your Majesty’s items.”

Lauel saw Kraugel as a bad opponent for Grid. Grid’s combat style was more about items than control. He thought that Grid sticking to this attack style against Kraugel, who was the ultimate combat class, wouldn’t be effective.

“Be quiet.”

The alert Lauel spoke the right words, but he angered Grid. Didn’t Grid know that it would be hard to win against Kraugel? What Grid wanted now was to be cheered up, not made to worry.

"Are you trying to decrease my morale right now?”


"You are on the American team with Kraugel in the National Competition. Do you want to decrease my morale so that Kraugel will win?”

“What... Ah.”

Lauel realized his mistake. He belatedly discovered that Grid was more sensitive than expected. The person right now was Grid before he became a king. It was a state where his dirty and stingy nature was revealed. Huroi was already aware of this fact from the beginning. Thus, he flattered Grid very well.

“My Lord! I will drive out this evil tongue with my own hand!”

"Yes, I can only believe in Huroi. I will pay attention to your loyalty and raise your item to higher heights.”

"It will be the glory of future generations!”

"No, I was joking just now...! Huroi, I... Ack!”

This was the end of a loyalist! As he was caught and dragged away by Huroi, Lauel felt like he was in a historical drama. Today, the Overgeared Kingdom was peaceful.


Time was bitter. It couldn’t be reversed and it flowed quickly. The 3rd National Competition, which had been delayed three months later than usual, was only three days away. 


Snap snap!

John F. Kennedy International Airport was crowded with a large number of reporters. It was to interview the representatives leaving for Japan. The prestigious representatives. They were the people’s pride and idols, causing them to receive much attention and love. Of course, there was an outstanding person among them. It was Kraugel.

“Player Kraugel! How do you feel about becoming the American representative?”

"What has your life been like living in the US for the past six months? Do you think you did well to immigrate to the US?”

“What event will you participate in?”

"There’s a rumor that Grid will participate in all the events you are. Grid isn’t denying anything. How do you see this excessive competition?”

And so on!

Kraugel was flooded with many questions. While the other representatives listened to one question, Kraugel alone was listening to 10 questions. There were also a lot of beautiful blonde reporters around Kraugel. Kraugel might be Asian, but he was popular because he had the ultimate beauty.

"There’s a lot more interest than when we had Zibal.”

"I agree. He’s on a different dimension.”

The top US rankers who participated in the National Competition every year clicked their tongues. As far as they knew, the most popular person in the world was Zibal. But it was surprising that Kraugel transcended his popularity.

“Haha... Wherever we go, a superstar...”

That’s right. All the US representatives were popular rankers. They received excessive love and interest whenever they went. But it was different when standing next to Kraugel. They were just folding screens. It was a strange feeling for them, but they didn’t dislike it.

“First of all, I have adapted well to life in the US. It’s thanks to the kindness of everyone around me. For them, I am honored to fight for the honor of the United States.”

Kraugel skillfully dealt with the group of reporters. He started making public appearances since the 2nd National Competition and now he had fully adapted to the life of a superstar. He gave an interview where everyone could feel good while mixing in the appropriate lip service.

"As you all know, one of the events I will be participating in is PvP. But I won’t reveal the other one at this moment. I think it will be fun to wait to disclose it at the opening ceremony in three days. And about whether Player Grid is conscious of me...”

Kraugel stopped and stared at the camera in front of him. His big, black eyes were mysterious and beautiful. The female and male reporters were shocked by his charm. In this atmosphere, Kraugel opened his mouth again.

“I’m pleased. I’m also conscious of him.”


Was it due to Kraugel’s gender neutral appearance? The reporters felt like Kraugel was confessing to the opposite sex. It felt like there was a deep bond between Grid and Kraugel. Amidst the strange atmosphere...

“He isn’t gay.”

Lauel arrived at the scene. He was the latest of the US representatives to appear.


The prime minister of the Overgeared Kingdom! The right arm of Overgeared King Grid! The emergence of someone bigger than Kraugel attracted the attention of reporters at once. Lauel saw that the cameras were focused on him and laughed.

“Kraugel and the Overgeared King are good competitors and friends. I hope you don’t misunderstand their feelings towards each other.”

Lauel disguised Kraugel’s gay soul while mixing in humor. His intention wasn’t to help Kraugel, but to elevate the position of the Overgeared Kingdom. Kraugel was the friend of Overgeared King Grid. In other words, Sword Saint Kraugel was friendly to the Overgeared Kingdom. If they were hostile to the Overgeared Kingdom, they would be hostile to a Sword Saint. Lauel encouraged the people to recognize this.

"Grid and Kraugel, both men will fight each other.”

A huge smile. Lauel smiled as he thought about how this was a success.


"You can use this lounge.”


The 1st National Competition was held in South Korea, so there was no flying. The 2nd National Competition was held in France and Shin Youngwoo used Yura’s private plane. This was the first time he experienced a specific airline’s services.


Youngwoo’s mouth gaped open as he entered the exclusive lounge available to first class passengers. This lounge was more spacious than a playground! On one side, there was a variety of food ranging from cup noodles to delicacies. The panoramic view of the airport seen through the outer walls made of glass was overwhelming beautiful. Above all, the amazing thing!

"A-A private bathroom?”

The nervous Youngwoo cried out when he arrived at the bathroom.

There were dozens of rooms on both sides of the long corridor and all the rooms were private bathrooms. There was a sink, urinal, and toilet in each room. They even had the finest toothpaste and toothbrush. The quality of the toothbrush couldn’t be compared to the one that Youngwoo usually used.

“A profit... Huh?”

Youngwoo placed the toothbrush in his pocket and came across Kang Daehan (Peak Sword) in the hallway. Kang Daehan was in a confused state.

“What? I definitely entered a bathroom but why is it a hotel room? What are these rooms?”

"It’s a bathroom...”


It was also the first time that Kang Daehan used the exclusive first class lounge. It was because a person normally couldn’t afford to use the first class lounge, which normally went from millions of won to tens of millions of won. Shin Youngwoo, Kang Daehan, and the other Korean representatives. The reason why they were able to use the first class hotel today was due to the S.A. Group.

The S.A. Group provided first class seats to all delegates around the world. Those who read the information in the contents of the announcement ‘Please board the airplane provided by our company’ were already alerted, but Youngwoo and Daehan hadn’t read it. They just enjoyed this moment.

“I want to live here.”

“Huhuhu, yes. I can see beautiful sisters every day. Wouldn’t it be perfect if there was a capsule here?”

Youngwoo and Daehan giggled with each other over a plate of food. The other representatives watched them with embarrassed expressions.

‘What... Their atmospheres are different than usual.’

Shin Youngwoo and Kang Daehan. They were recognized as emerging chaebols in South Korea who had accumulated a lot of wealth due to Satisfy. It was normal for them to have enough resources to use the first class lounge every day. However, they were making such a fuss over the lounge that the other representatives were shocked. An unexpected person appeared in this awkward atmosphere.

"Can’t you act like an ordinary person? Who doesn’t know what you are capable of?”



Shin Youngwoo’s eyes widened as he chewed on dongpo pork. Dark... No, Eat Spicy Jokbal. The former head of Blood Carnival, who Youngwoo fought with over the insane dragon egg, appeared in front of him.

"Why are you here?"

Surely he didn’t want revenge in reality? Daehan explained to the wary Youngwoo.

“He’s my friend. He will be a good companion who will fight with us during the National Competition.


Dungeon Maker. It was the moment when the top player unknown to the world joined the Korean national team.