Chapter 735

"Has the old man finally become senile?”

The 4th Prince Edan. The son of Empress Marie, he was originally low in the line of succession. Regardless of the order of birth, there was a big drop in his reputation compared to the other children. But this story changed after the death of Empress Aria and Empress Marie took power. Marie’s faction actively supported Edan and recently, Edan boasted a position comparable to 1st Prince Roland. A person who thought he was the best in heaven and earth!

Jean warned Edan, who always moved through the world without fear.

"Try not to speak like that. If anyone hears it, it isn’t just Your Highness, but countless number of people who follow you will lose their heads.”

“What’s wrong with saying an old man is old? Hey, Teacher Jean. Do you think the emperor is sane?”


“Tell me honestly. No? If His Majesty was sane, he wouldn’t have asked for peace with the Overgeared Kingdom. Isn't that right?"

"He must have a deep meaning behind it.”

"It’s one small kingdom. He’s afraid of a new kingdom without a deep history. He’s just crazy.”


It fell on deaf ears. Jean couldn’t say anything. He gave up on teaching Edan two years ago. That’s why he wasn’t thrown away by Edan.


Edan threw an empty glass at the wall. The knights hurriedly entered, followed by maids who cleared away the remnants of the wine glass. Idan clicked his tongue.

"It’s because that old man is old and senile that he signed a truce with Valhalla. It has delayed the first appearance of the magic machines.”

Magic machines. A giant robot that moved with magic power as the energy source. It combined ancient alchemy and magic essence. 

It was a robot that people rode on. The agility was greatly reduced, but the robustness and destructive power wasn’t comparable to humans. The magic machines could smash a mountain and could blow up a city with their magic power, so their strength was comparable to a great demon.

The problem was that few people could control the magic machines. In addition, the magic power supply problem wasn’t completely solved. The magic machines were considered ancient artifacts. That was all. But Edan saw the possibilities of the magic machines and invested a lot of time and money into them. In order to solidify his succession to the throne, he needed to prove the value of the magic machines.

Edan sighed deeply and rose from his seat.

"Tell the riders. They have a vacation.”



In the early days, Satisfy had two legends. 

God of War Ares? Overgeared King Grid? 1st on the unified rankings Chris? Godly archer Jishuka? The god of killing, Faker? No, they were obscure people in the early days of Satisfy.

Since the opening of Satisfy, the legends that people envied were Kraugel and Zibal. They were characters who sped up to the first and second place in the rankings at a different speed than others. Among them, Kraugel still kept his reputation as the sky above the sky...

“The weather is good.”

The capital of the Saharan Empire, Titan. A man on the walls smiled as the morning sun revealed itself. It was Zibal. From the opening of Satisfy to the 2nd National Competition, the 2nd ranked Zibal was a bigshot. He was once a hero of the United States and held the hopes and dreams of millions of people.

“Hey! Zibal! Are you crazy? Why are you goofing off?”

“I’m sorry!”

Now he was an ordinary soldier in a place where no one knew. The only rival of Kraugel, head of the Seven Guilds, god of raids, etc. The countless titles he gained over the years were nowhere to be seen. The public’s forgetfulness was severe and he had long been forgotten by the people.

"Did you confirm that Raiders are successful maintained?”

“Yes! That’s right!”

“Are you sure? When did you come out?”

"I did it as soon as morning training was over!”

“The meal?”

"I can eat bread on the go!”

"Ha, this brat. We can’t afford it. I told you not to goof off again.”

The Imperial Army’s 14th Division, 21st Battalion. The unit, secretly located on the outskirts of the capital, was an officially nonexistent unit. The size of the battalion was also very small. There were only 80 members. The surprising thing was that there were only four combatants. 

One of them was Zibal. He was the lowest of the four people and had the rank of a private, but the class carved on his military uniform was ‘chungik.’ Apart from his direct supervisor, he was a special officer who could veto an order even if it came from a member of the imperial family. 

Why? A player who was a noble of the Haken Kingdom and leader of the Snake Guild, why was he in the imperial army? He obtained a new secret hidden class.

‘Blue Sky Rider.’

* You can ride on all ‘vehicles’ and drive them perfectly.

* On a ‘vehicle,’ your stats will increase significantly.

A unique class. One of the distinct advantages of the class was that it was only specialized in riding. Zibal had been very disappointed at first.  When he heard ‘riding,’ he could only think of horses and some monsters. He regretted that he changed his class. But that disappointment and regret turned to amazement. He was thrilled the moment he checked the contents of the rider class quest. He gained the hope that he could stand next to Kraugel and Grid.

[Blue Sky Rider]

* Class Quest 

Go the 4th Prince Edan of the empire. If you prove your talent and swear allegiance to him, you will be able to get the strongest vehicle in return.

A magic machine! From a player’s point of view, it was an ancient weapon that could only recognized as a fictitious thing in mythology.

‘I never even dreamt that I could become the master of it.’

The 4th magic machine ‘Raiders’ was a vehicle that could fly in the sky.

“Look forward to next year.”

Zibal knew it was meaningless to participate in the 3rd National Competition. The level of Raiders was still low and there were various restrictions, so he couldn’t show off the proper use of Raiders in the National Competition. If Zibal participated, he would be crushed by Kraugel or Grid. However, Zibal believed the story would be different in the 4th National Competition. 

“Grid, I will show you what it truly means to be overgeared.”

Now Zibal acknowledged Grid’s skills. To be honest, he respected Grid. But Grid was the one who stigmatized Zibal as a punching bag. Zibal planned to pay Grid back next year and clean up this relationship. He would do so.

"Then I can move forward.”

The sky above the sky. He would become it. The determination on Zibal’s face was extraordinary.


Title: Informing all participants of the 3rd National Competition.

Sender: S.A. Group

Contents: We are aware that many people are disappointed that the number of personal medals that can be won has been reduced to two. We feel the need to prepare a special event to apologize to the participants.

If you wish to participate in the event, please allow us to collect and use your personal information.

Please be aware that we can’t announce the exact date and time of the event.

* The event contents and progress will be broadcasted to the world the moment the event starts. This may infringe on some human rights of the event participants. 

* We will ensure the safety of all event participants.

* The event compensation will be paid with Satisfy goods.

* There is no disadvantage if you don’t participate in the event.


After a workout. Shin Youngwoo was entering the bathroom when he frowned at the e-mail.

"Why aren’t they disclosing the contents of the event?”

Was there such an unfriendly event?

“I won’t participate.”

If he agreed to his personal information being collected, Shin Youngwoo was worried that his phone would be flooded. He closed the mailbox without hesitation when he received a phone call. The caller was Yura. Youngwoo’s heart pounded the moment he heard her name. It jumped quickly.

‘It has been a long time.’

It had been almost three months since they were in contact. He was nervous at the thought of hearing Yura’s beautiful voice after a long time.

Hum hum, Youngwoo cleared his throat and picked up the call.

“What is it?”

Indeed, there was a reason why he couldn’t be in a relationship. Shin Youngwoo was a young man with no clue about manners. If Yura was a sensitive woman then she wouldn’t call Youngwoo again.

(Did you receive the event announcement email?)


Yura’s voice over the phone was really sweet. Youngwoo’s heart throbbed and he answered in a trembling voice.


(Are you going to participate?)


(I thought so. Please join us.)

“Why? Do you know the contents of the event?”

(I don’t know. But when you consider the intent of the event, you can imagine that the rewards will be at a level to replace the medals. Please participate).

"Well, if you say so...”

Youngwoo was unaware of it, but he was smiling. He was delighted that one of the world’s greatest beauties cared for him and a blissful smile emerged. He wanted to record the contents of the conversation and disclose it on the Internet.

‘I’m like this with Yura. Are you jealous?’ He wanted to brag in the papers.

(Then I’m hanging up.)

“Ah, wait a minute.”


“Are you also participating in the National Competition?”

Yura had participated in the National Competition every year. In particular, she had been South Korea’s only hope in the 1st National Competition. Since it was striving to gain honor for South Korea, Shin Youngwoo expected her to participate in the National Competition this year.

(Of course. Didn’t I receive the same email because I applied to participate?)

Yura’s voice was slightly raised over the phone but the insensitive Youngwoo didn’t notice it. Even if he had noticed, he wouldn’t have known why.

“Yes, I understand. Then I will see you soon.”

Youngwoo’s voice was excited. He was glad to see Yura’s face after a long time.


“I’m afraid there will be some complaints about the event.”

“There is already a conspiracy that we reduced the number of gold medals to two because of a certain person and now there is this event...”

S.A. Group’s headquarters. The members of the board of directors expressed their concerns about the event. It was natural to be worried.


All event participants fought against each other with the goal of surviving to the end in an isolated field. At the beginning of the game, all levels, abilities, items, and titles were equal. It was a concept event that was reminiscent of the mock games that were popular in the previous century.

It was an event that seemed to be aimed at a certain person whose strength was being overgeared.

Yoon Sangmin laughed at the concerned executives.

“That’s correct. Maybe many people will blame us. But I’m sure that Grid himself will be delighted. He finally has a chance to prove it.”


What would he prove? The executives were puzzled while Yoon Sangmin spoke meaningful words.

“As soon as Grid proves it, the people’s accusations will turn into cheers.”