Chapter 408

Chapter 408

“What? 9 hours?”

9 hours.

It was the time it took to travel from South Korea to Paris, France. This was even non-stop.

"We aren’t riding a boat. Why does a plane ride take so long?”

“France is at the western end of Europe. It only takes 9 hours because this is a new passenger plane. It takes around 12 hours when flying on an older passenger plane.”


The road to Incheon International Airport. Youngwoo felt uncomfortable as he rode in a car with Peak Sword.

‘Isn’t 9 hours 27 hours in Satisfy time?’

27 hours was a long time. Based on his level 307, hunting for 27 hours was enough to raise his experience gauge by 1.5%.  What about blacksmithing?  He could use that time to complete Noe and Randy’s items. Maybe he could even enjoy a hot love with Irene.

He had to waste that time stuck on a plane? It was especially painful for Youngwoo, who used time and effort to cover his lacking talents and skills. It was enough to make him tremble.

"Anyway, I can just go online from home. Why do I need to gather in Paris?”

Shin Youngwoo muttered from the passenger seat. Peak Sword couldn’t concentrate on driving and turned on the self-driving capabilities of the vehicle.

"What don’t you like? Tell me what it is that makes you uncomfortable. I’ll resolve it for you! Ah, are you worried there won’t be any kimchi in Paris? Don’t worry! I wrote out a list of Korean marts and Korean restaurants. If you want, I can even cook kimchi stew in front of the Eiffel Tower!”


Youngwoo was reminded that Peak Sword was someone who grabbed foreigners on the street and asked “Do you know kimchi?”

"...No, please don’t do that. I just don’t like that I can’t play the game while stuck on the plane for 9 hours.”

“Ah, I see.” Peak Sword understood Youngwoo’s feelings and smiled. “You’re really diligent. Then should we use Yura’s private plane?”

“Private plane?”

"I heard it in the meeting yesterday. There are Satisfy capsules on Yura’s private plane, so if you want to play Satisfy while travelling to France, you can use Yura’s private plane."


The fact that she had a private plane was surprising, and there was also a Satisfy capsule on it? It was an unrealistic world for Youngwoo, despite being the owner of a 10 billion won building that would be completed in the near future.

‘How rich is she?’

Yura’s astronomical strength was shocking. Youngwoo was at a loss for words as Peak Sword asked again.

"How about it? Do you want to take Yura’s private plane?”

There was no need to think.

“I will.”

“Okay, I’ll contact her. Yura will be very happy.”

Youngwoo didn’t question why Yura would be happy, because his head was filled with the National Competition. He was looking forward to it. He wanted to show his worth to the people of the world who kept denying him.



It was a long flight to France. Yura was originally dressed comfortably, but she changed once she heard the news that Youngwoo was coming. Her short skirt caught Youngwoo’s attention.

‘Really pretty.’

Like everyone else, Youngwoo couldn’t help feeling admiration every time he met Yura. Hers was a timeless beauty that transcended the concept of race, causing everything in her surroundings to fade away. Jishuka was the only one who didn’t lose to Yura when it came to beauty.

'No, Marie Rose as well.’

Marie Rose combined Yura’s simple and intelligent charm with Jishuka’s provocative beauty. She might be an NPC, but he couldn’t understand how she could be so perfectly beautiful.

‘There is an effect.’

Yura saw that Youngwoo was staring at her and felt delight. She thought it was correct to choose clothing that suited Youngwoo’s taste. But that joy was brief.

“Where is the capsule?”


Yura felt ashamed as Youngwoo looked at her chest for a moment before asking. Youngwoo’s taste was firm.


Grid sighed with relief as he connected to Satisfy.

"Hah, I’m nervous.”

He knew that Yura was pretty from the moment he saw her on TV. But he never saw her wearing these types of clothes. He felt a new charm from the always neat Yura.

‘Her body is so pretty that my ideal type might change.’

That’s right.

It wasn’t because of indifference that Grid ran straight into the capsule without having a long conversation with Yura. Rather, he was too conscious. She was too pretty. He couldn’t face her head on. Yura was a burden for Grid, who still lacked resistance to ‘real women.’

‘What is this? Yura wouldn’t be interested in me.’

Yura always showed a positive attitude, but it was a type of partnership rather than a crush. He couldn’t misunderstand.

‘Why would a woman like that like me?’

Yura’s perfect man had to be smart, sweet, handsome, rich, and have a good family. As Grid was recognizing Yura as part of a different world, Peak Sword sent a whisper to him.

-Did you read the article that was announced a month ago?


-It said that due to reducing the number of participants for each country, the chances of winning medals will increase.

-I don’t think I saw the article since I was in the Behen Archipelago... In what way?

-The 1st National Competition had a maximum of three events for one person, regardless of individual or team events. Meanwhile, the 2nd Competition doesn’t have a limit on the number of team events.


-Boss raid, target match, and siege. The rules of these three events have been changed in order to allow all participants from all countries to participate. That’s why the participants gathered together for an operational meeting yesterday.


A smile appeared on Grid’s face.

-If I win three gold medals individually and three gold medals in the team events, does this mean that South Korea can win the National Competition?

-It’s possible.

-But it isn’t realistic.

Despite the presence of Grid, Yura, and Peak Sword, South Korea was classified as weak because the level of the other participants was poor. In addition, unlike Grid, Peak Sword was greatly weakened by this patch. South Korea was forced to be weak in team events.

-Unfortunately, in the siege and target match, there’s no way for us to win the gold meal. But the boss raid is different.

Peak Sword had been watching Grid all the time. Grid’s harsh raid experience was much more than common users, so Peak Sword placed hope there.

-I believe that if we support you well during the raid, we can get a gold medal.

Grid couldn’t understand it.

-I don’t know the siege rules, but why not the target match? Can’t we get a gold medal in the target match?

Yura was a long distance damage dealer with her magic gun, while Grid could release Magic Missile with the God Hands. Grid judged that if the two people combined powers, they would be able to play an overwhelming role in the target match. But Peak Sword thought differently.

-I don’t have the ability to protect you and Yura from the other participants.


-I’m sorry to be holding onto your ankles.


Grid didn’t like Peak Sword’s attitude. Who was Peak Sword? He might be ridiculous, but Peak Sword was a proud Korean. It was disturbing to see him shrink back like this.

-Is the damage from the patch that big?

Grid spoke in a serious voice.

Peak Sword replied honestly.

-It’s the concept of my class. My base damage is very high compared to other combat classes, but the delay after an attack is big. If I can’t deal a fatal blow with one strike, it will be counterattacked and I will be defeated. If my damage is halved in the National Competition...

He stopped talking.


Grid thought for a long time before asking.

-Is the delay after an attack affected by the attack speed?

-The delay is reduced if my attack speed is high. But the minimum length of a weapon that I can equip is 1 meter and 50 centimeters, and long swords have a limit on their attack speed.

‘That’s prejudice.’

In the past, Grid had made the Ideal Dagger when he first faced Euphemina in the blacksmith match. It was a weapon with an excellent buff that raised his agility and attack speed. If the options of the Ideal Dagger could be reproduced with a sword, it would be worth using as one of his flagship weapons. However, it wasn’t possible to maximize the effect if he gave the option of the Ideal Dagger to a heavy sword.

‘I thought of a longsword.’

Grid wasn’t in a hurry to make it. Grid had concentrated on producing armor instead of the National Competition was because he was fully satisfied with the weapons he was currently using. In particular, Iyarugt’s experience was at 83%, so it was likely that it would grow to a legendary level during the National Competition. PvP weapon experience gain was similar to PvE experience gain.

‘I don’t think I will lack attack power, because I also have Item Combination.’

But wouldn’t it be better to be properly prepared? He should speed up the production of the Ideal Long Sword.

-I will be working on a sword until we get to Paris.

-Sword? F-For me?

-Don’t get me wrong. It isn’t just for you. Now get the materials I need.

-Yes, I understand! I will acquire them for you now!

Just like Grid upgraded his items before the National Competition, the members of Overgeared also wanted to upgrade their items. But they didn’t ask Grid because they were likely to be his enemies in the National Competition.

Grid also knew this fact, but Peak Sword was different. At the very least, he would be an ally in the team event.

“I should increase the power of the same side.”

People who played the game knew this feeling.

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