Chapter 446


Ku tang tang tang!

After confirming the updated rankings, Zibal couldn’t contain his anger and kicked the table. As his body that had been trained through exercising, his strength was incredible. The table flew into the door and shattered.

"The United States...! The US has missed the first ranking!”

The US had been a leader in all areas for nearly two centuries. For example, in the case of sports, the US Olympics had been first in the rankings 25 times. It was natural for the US to win the Satisfy National Competition, so neither the American people or the players doubted the result.

But the result changed. It was due to only one person! Grid!

“That crazy monster...!”

Zibal was truly going crazy. He couldn’t discount Grid’s abilities anymore and had to acknowledge his skills, but this was too much.

“This is pure luck...”

He tried to argue, but it was too much. Zibal was convinced and eventually admitted it with a deep sigh.

“What has he been doing over the past year to become such a monster?”

Grid had overcome all the weak points that were pointed out in the last National Competition and highlighted his strengths. It was virtually impossible for a person to grow to such a degree in one year.

“That guy... Was he originally a genius?”

He lived roughly until last year, so his skills couldn’t show up properly? Lauel thought it was a ludicrous question.

‘Other people are misunderstanding Grid as a genius...’

Strictly speaking, Grid was a genius of hard work. Anyway, Lauel felt good about Grid’s evaluation. Zibal’s rage was redirected to Panmir while Lauel was inwardly laughing happily.

‘This is all because of him.’

If only Panmir hadn’t provoked Grid. Grid wouldn’t have played in the blacksmith production game and the US would’ve solidified the number one spot. The US was placed in the worst situation because of Panmir. Zibal wanted to pour out all the blame onto Panmir. But he wasn’t in a position to do so. Panmir was a blacksmith that the Snake Guild couldn’t lose before he was the US representative.


Zibal was also at fault for losing the gold medal in the raid event. He took deep breaths and calmed his mind. Then he desperately asked Lauel.

"Do we have any possibility of winning a gold medal in the carriage transporting?”

"As you know, the carriage transporting participants needs high eloquence or the charm stat to prevent the mercenary NPCs from having dark intentions. Zephyr might be a master of deception, but there is a limit to the sustainability, so he can only win a silver medal.”

In the end, the winner of the carriage transporting was a country with a merchant or orator. If Grid had participated in it, he would’ve easily won the event with his transcendent charm.

“Hrmm... Then PvP?”

Lauel shrugged at Zibal’s question.

"I'm well aware of Skull’s strength. It’s why I entrusted Skull with the most important role every time during the siege. But he can’t be compared to Grid and Kraugel.”


Zibal felt wronged. Look at the current medals status! The 1st place South Korean had 5 gold, while the third place Russia had 4 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze. On the other hand, the United States had 4 gold, four silver and 5 bronze medals. If they simply looked at the medal count, the United States was overwhelming.

He was sincerely angry that they couldn’t aim for first place because of one gold medal.

"If only we could win one gold medal...”

Wouldn’t there be an endless number of criticism from the people of their country and the media? Last year, Zibal had been criticized despite leading the US to the number one position in the National Competition. It was because he lost several gold medals to Grid. However, this time the first spot would be taken away, so it was obvious that the criticism would be incomparable to last year.

Skull watched Zibal sigh and opened his mouth.

"PvP has yet to be determined. Grid and Kraugel might face each other in the beginning and I might break one of them. Already giving up on the championship, I frankly don’t like it.”

Yes, the United States was the strongest. The representatives were the best in their field. Skull’s power might seem lacking compared to Grid and Kraugel, but he had never thought of himself as weak.

“I’m sorry Skull. I will trust you.”

Zibal regained his composure and asked Skull for a handshake. But Skull refused to shake hands and walked away.


The nickname of the 2nd ranked Zibal was punching bag.


『 ...For this reason, the winner of the carriage transporting event is likely to be Spain. The 1st place on the overall rankings will be determined by PvP. 』

The schedule for the National Competition had already been disclosed to the public three months ago. Based on this, after the end of the pet marathon, there would be another three days of rest. The reason for such a break to be included in the competition?

It was to give the players time to recoup, but who would believe that? It was actually so that the French government, the host country of the 2nd National Competition, could attract tourists for a longer time, while the broadcasters could attract more advertising fees.

This was the age of capitalism. And the monstrous Grid, who led this capitalist era, was talking with Yook Shihyun of the Comet Group.

-Then I will ask you to act well in your next event.

“Only if you make the deposit.”

-Huhu, we have thoroughly calculated it. Then I will be going.

Yook Shihyun gave a charming laugh and hung up the phone. She was young, influential, and thought it would be nice to have a lover like Grid, who was wealthy. She worked extra hard, calling Grid and meeting him for no reason, but it was wishful thinking.

She couldn’t gain Grid’s attention with just the specs of ‘pretty charming and good ability!’ There were much more attractive and talented people around Grid! Yura, Jishuka, and Irene. Due to environmental factors, Grid’s eyes for women were mislead and they needed at least a D... Omitted.

Grid connected to Satisfy and first looked at the state of Assimilation.


Will awaken Braham’s sleeping consciousness in your body and become one.

At this time, your class will be converted to Great Magician’ and control of the flesh will be transferred to Braham.

Skill Duration: 3 minutes

Skill Cooldown Time: 9 days, 13 hours, 7 minutes and 5 seconds.

The reuse time of Assimilation was 10 days. But Braham was hit hard by closing the door to hell, making the skill reuse time increase by more than 80 days. It was why Grid didn’t use Assimilation throughout the National Competition...

‘If the speed of the carriage transporting or PvP is slow, I can use Assimilation in the finals.’

Please don’t let him meet Kraugel until the finals. It was doubtful if his earnest prayer would work as he wished. In addition, even if he reached the finals, he couldn’t be sure that the cooldown time of Assimilation would be over. Grid took out his hammer and repaired his equipment perfectly, then he left the smithy.

Unlike usual, he headed straight for the fields without looking for Irene. Piaro and thousands of farmers were seen.

“What do you get when you plant beans in the field?”


“So pathetic! You still haven’t seen the peak of agriculture yet! How many times have I told you that a real farmer would make beans and red beans grow at the same time!?”

“No... Piaro, how can we achieve the peak of agriculture?”

“You want us to grow both beans and red beans?”

"Huhu, you have moved a hand plow 100,000 times a day and still haven’t received enlightenment... It reminds me of someone."


Grid tried to ignore the conversation and checked the status of the farmers. They had sleek muscles wrapped in something like thin armor and their skin was a healthy bronze. Their eyes were also fierce. They looked more like warriors rather than farmers. In particular, the former soldiers of Prince Ren that Piaro picked up in the Altes Mountains had grown to become knights.


How did Piaro abuse the farmers to create this? Grid admired Reidan’s farmers who were much more powerful than the empire’s elite soldiers, before approaching Piaro. Piaro already noticed Grid and greeted him politely.

"You are busier than anyone, so why did you come to this place?”

Grid bluntly asked him a question.

"Am I still weaker than Kraugel?”


Piaro replied without thinking about it. It was as Grid expected.

‘I am foolish.’

Despite establishing a master and subordinate relationship, Piaro hadn’t changed. He was always honest and loyal. He didn’t butter up to the master in the guise of mocking.

“Dammit... Okay, I understand.”

The reason Grid visited Piaro before the PvP event was to gain some courage.  But it just backfired. Instead of courage, Grid was only able to obtain the painful reality, making him leave the fields with weak steps. Piaro continued bowing until Grid disappeared, then he muttered.

"However, if the both of you fight, My Lord can win.”

Kraugel was strong because of his extraordinary mind and senses. During a battle, he kept in mind everything that could happen and anticipated the enemy’s behavior, allowing him to respond quickly. But what if he couldn’t predict Grid? Grid’s battle style started to take advantage of his items and there were parts that even Piaro couldn’t understand.

Why didn’t Piaro tell this to Grid?

The reason was simple. Grid didn’t ask who would win if he fought Kraugel, only who was stronger. Except for items, Kraugel’s strength was much higher than Grid’s.

"Let’s go to the rice paddies.”

Piaro held his farming equipment and started to farm again. He was now Piaro, who was a farmer.