Chapter 445

Randy's original Copy skill. He could copy 30% of his master’s stats and two random skills. But now things were different. Randy evolved the moment he reached level 240, being able to copy 35% of the master’s stats and three skills! It didn’t matter if the skills were only level 1.

‘Won’t he be able to copy me perfectly someday?’

Grid appreciated the possibilities of Randy’s development. It wasn’t a baseless overestimation. Grid later found out that ordinary doppelgangers couldn’t copy legendary skills. In other words, Randy was different from ordinary doppelgangers the first time he copied Pagma’s appearance.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship.”

A pet was classified as a monster. The effect of the Efficient Hunting Sword inflicted additional damage on monsters, so Grid armed himself with it before calling Randy.  Thanks to that, Randy was running wild.






Randy copied Grid’s appearance. With the Efficient Hunting Sword (Copy) in his hand, he slaughtered dozens of pets. The pets were much weaker than wyverns and couldn’t stand up to Randy.


A big monster, the two-headed hippopotamus, didn’t lose its momentum and tied up Randy’s feet. It withstood Randy’s attack with its very thick skin and then threw him back using its 3.5 ton weight.



Blood emerged from Randy’s mouth. Despite the fact that he was wearing Triple Layers (Copy), his health was reduced by a quarter and his face distorted from the pain.

‘I’m sorry.’

Grid knew Randy’s heartbreaking story. He sincerely sympathized with Randy. He wanted Randy to be happy, unlike the past. But how could things in the world be easy? Grid always faced a major crisis and every time it happened, Randy experienced pain. In particular, ever since Randy learned the swapping locations skill, the number of times he was used as a bullet had increased.

Grid felt sorry. However, there was no guilt. Why?

‘Happiness is victory!’

Randy had to be strong in order to fight and win. That’s right. Grid wanted Randy to become stronger and obtain happiness with his own strength. In fact, Randy was a pet, so being strong was an important factor.

‘I will keep pushing you.’

Did Randy happen to feel Grid’s scary heart? Randy felt a chill as he avoided the second round of attacks from the two-headed hippo and used Revolve. A counterattack triggered at the perfect timing. The master of the two-headed hippo, the American Belatra was shocked.

"Piercing my Jeep’s leather with a blow...!”

The two-headed hippo had one of the top three defensive power among the big monsters. They were classified as tank-type pets and Jeep was over level 210. It was the pet that Beletra focused on the most after the wyvern. The food was top quality and Beletra really raised Jeep with a lot of pampering. Yet Jeep lost one-third of its health despite the hard work and love poured into it.

“What the hell is this doppelganger...?”

As Beletra was in shock, Randy discovered that the weakness was its long body and short legs and linked attacks. It was difficult and slow to cope with the attack because Randy had moved to a place where the two-headed hippo couldn’t easily see.


The two-headed hippo started to cry and the commentators spoke words of admiration towards Randy.

『 A pet using a counterattack...! It’s clear that Grid’s doppelganger must be equipped with the same level of artificial intelligence as an NPC! 』

『 It’s certain. Grid isn’t just overgeared, his pets are over... No, they are really amazing.. 』

『 It’s truly a top presence! 』

In the last National Competition, Grid won three gold medals alone and made South Korea ranked second. This was a tremendous feat and most people predicted that Grid couldn’t do it again. But at this moment! Grid was going to break his record! 

The little demon wings spread open as the chubby legs and tails moved. The commentators guessed that Noe was flying at a speed faster than any monster in the pet marathon and would catch up with the wyverns.

『 Don’t tell me... Grid might really become a myth? 』

Everyone believed it was impossible. But now it didn’t seem impossible. Grid was likely to win a gold medal in this pet marathon, and if so, Grid would’ve won four gold medals alone. South Korea’s current third place ranking would rise to the top, making Grid the unprecedented person who made a country number one through individual effort.

This was a solid record worthy of praise.

『 Um... Maybe Grid can even win gold in PvP? 』

『 Haha... Then Korea’s 1st rank will be confirmed? 』

『 Haha, it’s impossible. Isn’t Kraugel participating in PvP? 』

『 Indeed, even Grid can’t beat the sky above the sky. 』

The commentators laughed while Randy and the pets continued fighting.

“Shit! We’re using up all our power!”

Despite the fact that they had formed an alliance, the other players were unable to defeat Randy. They became nervous and summoned new pets in order to attack Randy. Randy’s momentum shrunk after he consumed skills and stamina to defeat the two-headed hippo.

The monster tamers tamed monsters that were usually difficult to hunt. Randy was Grid’s pet and had a high level, but he couldn’t face all of them.

Chaaeng! Chaeng!

Randy was pushed to the defensive and couldn’t attack. The crowd and viewers booed as Randy gradually slowed from the wounds on his body.

“All players were working together!! Why isn’t the referee stopping this?”

“It’s really too much. No matter how great Grid is, 52 people concentrating on him...”

“Grid and the Overgeared members fought fairly when they met each other in the competition. What about these bastards? Don’t they have a conscience?”

"Wow, Grid and the Overgeared members are trying their best for the purpose of the National Competition. They are a guild with a very high level of awareness."

"They are different from the Seven Guilds.”

“Hey, you bastards! Do it properly! This isn’t a pet marathon but a Grid raid!”

The anger of the crowd and public opinion on the Internet became the worst. The referee couldn’t overlook it anymore and was about to restrain the 52 players.

“It doesn’t mean anything now.”

Grid muttered while the whole world was in turmoil. The commentators were talking like madmen.

『 Noe has caught up to the wyverns! 』

『 This is despite departing five minutes late...! Indeed, a memphis is the best demonic beast of hell! 』

『 The players made a mistake. They summoned several pets because they were obsessed with Randy. Due to this, they couldn’t control the wyverns in the distance and the wyverns became confused. 』

『 Noe didn’t miss this chance! 』

『 Ah! Noe just devoured the souls of the wyverns! Wow! Look at that acceleration! It’s faster than earlier!! 』

There was no need to argue anymore. Grid won the pet marathon. Grid overwhelmed 52 pet specialists with just two pets. Grid’s pets were just incredible.


1st. South Korea (5 gold) 

2nd. United States (4 gold, 4 silver, 5 bronze) 

3rd. Russia (4 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze) 

4th. Canada (3 gold, 3 silver, 3 bronze) 

5th. Spain (1 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze) 

6th. Japan (1 gold, 3 bronze) 

7th. Brazil (1 gold) 

8th. United Kingdom (4 silver) 

9th. France (3 silver) 

Joint 10th place. Argentina, China (2 bronze) 

12th. Turkey (1 bronze) 


Kraugel was thrilled when he checked the rankings after the pet marathon. It was surprising that Grid alone could sweep up the blacksmith game and pet marathon, where the US had been expected to win gold medals.

‘Grid, you are certainly great.’

How many people could prove they were the best in several fields? In that sense, Grid was special. He was unique in many ways, including his combat abilities, blacksmithing skills, ability to use items, and his pets. 

Kraugel felt a lot of respect. It was the fourth time that Kraugel had such feelings towards another player. But he couldn’t get lost in his appreciation. Kraugel had to be composed. He was now in the position to make Russia first and obtain the medicine for his mother. To do that, he had to win the gold medal in PvP. Even if he respected Grid, he couldn’t show this when they met in PvP.

"...I must win this time.”

There were only two events left in the National Competition. The individual ‘carriage transporting’ event and PvP. There were no more events where the US could aim for a gold medal. On the other hand, South Korea and Russia were in a position to win a gold medal in PvP, making it likely that one of them would be ranked first in the overall rankings.


Kraugel let out a deep breath and started to examine everything Grid showed in this National Competition. In a survey, 92.3% of respondents predicted that it would be Kraugel’s overwhelming victory in the PvP that was three days away.