Chapter 442

[You are extremely concentrated and the Legendary Blacksmith’s Patience skill has been activated.]

[Vitality, defense, and dexterity will rise by 200% for one hour.]

[The production of the ‘Longsword’ has been complete!]

[The skill level of (Understanding of Gods’ Weapons) Legendary Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship Skill has increased from level 7 to level 8!.]

[The (Witness of God’s Weapon) Legendary Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship Skill Lv. 8 has increased the item’s stats by 20%.]

From this point on, Grid was filled with great anxiety. The probability of the Legendary Blacksmith’s Breath being activated was much less than the Legendary Blacksmith’s Patience. There was still 0.2% left the Legendary Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship skill, so why did it level up?

‘This, perhaps...’ 

Could it be that the item he had to give up would have a legendary rating? Grid shivered as the worst situation came to mind.

[The Legendary Blacksmith’s Breath Lv. 6 has been activated.] 

[The Legendary Blacksmith’s Breath Skill Lv. 6 has increased the item’s stats by 8%.]

[The growth type item, ‘Sealed Transcendent Long Sword’ has been successfully produced!]

[As the first player to produce a growth type item, the title ‘Person who has Reached the Absolute Truth of Battle Gear’ has been acquired.]

[The title effect ‘increased item experience gain’ passive will always apply!]


An item greater than a legendary item was lost. He felt sick. It was like a lottery winner losing his prize.


Grid was frustrated.


A growth type item.

It became stronger the more it was used. It could accumulate experience in PvE and PvP, increasing the rank. Their stats were high compared to items of the same rating, and their stats increase with every rating was also great. Growth type items were classified into two types.

First, an item that a specific soul belonged to. Every time the rank of an item rose, the skill or attributes that the soul possessed when it was alive blossomed. The number and power of the skills and stats varied according to the soul’s rank, and it might not by compatible with the master. There was a special story related to the soul, meaning it was likely for there to be a hidden quest.

Elfin Stone’s Ring and Iyarugt acquired after the Elfin Stone raid belonged to this category. Nobody knew the soul rating of Elfin Stone and Iyarugt yet.

Secondly, there were items without a soul. One option was added every time the rating increased. Since options were added to help the user rather than being random, the higher the rating, the better the compatibility with the user. In other words, it had similar characteristics to a class item. Its power was more stable compared to those with souls, but it also meant it was difficult to enjoy a dramatic effect.

Grid’s Sealed Transcendent Sword belonged to this type.

'No matter what, the value is astronomical!’

The world was still.


The hundreds of thousands of spectators filling the Stade de France National Stadium and the millions of viewers watching the TV and Internet held their breaths. Out of these people, 99.99% were aware of the concept of growth type items. However, they had no experience with seeing them, so the impact of Grid’s work was great.

'It is an item that most players probably can’t get in their entire lives...’

‘Grid made it directly!'

He wasn’t just a legendary blacksmith. The footsteps that Grid was leaving were all legendary. The host opened his mouth while everyone was captivated.

『 As I announced in advance, the item screening criteria for this match is ‘value.’ 』

The list of 23 swords produced by the blacksmiths appeared on the screen.

『 The value is measured by the ‘rating’ and ‘performance.’ As you can see, Panmir and Steng’s swords have the best rating, while Panmir has the best performance. 』

Grid’s work wasn’t mentioned. It was natural. For the performance to be good, it needed a higher rating. Grid made a growth type item, but the longsword had a normal rating, meaning the performance was inferior to Panmir’s longsword. But that was only a story for now.

The 13 silent judges started to open their mouths.

『 We have to consider the potential value of the item. 』

『 The item with the highest potential is definitely Grid’s longsword. 』

『 The performance will increase as the rating becomes higher 』

『 It’s obvious that Grid’s longsword will perform better than Panmir’s longsword. 』

『 Moreover, Panmir’s longsword has a disadvantage. A condition of use is added. 』

『 The performance is excellent, but the usefulness and value of the item will decrease if the conditions of use are increased. 』

『 Thus, the 13 judges have decided that Grid’s work is the best. 』

『 We will award the gold medal to Grid. 』

There was no backlash against the judges’ decision. There was no room to refute.


Thousands of people screamed and celebrated Grid’s victory. Panmir also admitted defeat. But there was a problem. Grid wanted to reject the gold medal!

"I would rather have my sword than the gold medal.”

Through this competition, Grid learned the principles behind making a growth type item. It was to follow the existing production method of an item, but to impose a power that couldn’t be realized by the production method. However, it wasn’t that easy to make. What would happen if he made an item according to the production method? Even if he made 1,000 or 10,000 items in the future, his luck meant it wasn’t realistic for him to get the items he wanted.

“Dammit...! Give me my sword!”

Grid was desperate. He was determined to regain the Sealed Transcendent Sword that was in the hands of the host. Fortunately, Grid’s words weren’t passed onto the viewers. It was the power of the mute option.

“What is Grid saying?”

"Doesn’t it look like he is angry at the host?”

"No, why can’t we hear Grid’s voice?”

The audience murmured as they started to detect the strange atmosphere. Director Yoon Sangmin of the S.A. Group and the French prime minister approached Grid. It was to place the gold medal around Grid’s neck.

“Ohh, Grid. Nice to meet you. I watched your actions well~”

The French prime minister greeted Grid in poor Korean. There would probably be few people in the world who would refuse a handshake from a high ranking politician of another country. But Grid refused! No, he didn’t even see the French prime minister.

Grid was only interested in his longsword. Grid started to form tight fists. He was about to lose his temper when Director Yoon Sangmin whispered to him.

"Grid, your work will be displayed forever in the Hall of Fame and receive numerous praise. Countless people will appreciate your work and honor your achievements, increasing your value. So don’t get stuck on the immediate benefits and calm down.”

The rules were the rules. Not sticking to them would just bring him damages. Grid identified Director Yoon Sangmin’s warning and eventually controlled his temper, bowing his head.




Snap snap!

Photos were taking of the French prime minister, who barely managed to suppress his unpleasant feelings, placing a gold medal around the frowning Grid’s neck. Shouldn’t a gold medalist be rejoicing? Grid’s current appearance was similar to Sohn Kichung at the Berlin Olympics.

It was terrible.


“I will go beyond you in the next National Competition.”

"Grid, I really learned a lot today! It was a valuable experience! If I get a chance, I will see you again later!”


The words of the blacksmiths, including Panmir and Steng, didn’t reach Grid’s ears. He was locked in deep thought.

'Why am I so unlucky?’

He already realized that he wasn’t a lucky person. But he never imagined that this bad luck would be holding onto his ankles for all his life.

‘Why is it a top item when I can’t keep it?’

Why didn’t it appear usually? Dammit!


Grid was walking down the corridor when he suddenly smiled. It was because he had an interesting idea.

'If I continue to resist and do my best, I will someday overcome even my bad luck.’

This was just a trial. That’s right.  At this moment, Grid perceived that he could overcome the ordeal from the sky.

‘Yes, let’s see who will win.’

As always, he would be the final winner. Grid vowed to go against the heavens as he started his mind control. Just look back at this National Competition.

‘I got many things.’

He learned how to make growth type items and got gold medals. The sword was a small sacrifice to obtain these precious things, so his mind calmed.

“This is interesting.”

The same fact could be seen from a different perspective. Most people naturally knew this, but Grid only discovered it when he matured.  Someone came towards him as he started humming.

The long National Competition was now reaching its final stages.