Chapter 441

 [The production of the ‘Longsword’ has been complete!]

[The experience of the Advanced Blacksmithing Skill Lv. 6 has raised this item’s stats by 9%!]

[The experience of the Intermediate Dwarf Skill Lv 1 has raised this item’s stats by 3.2%!]

[The Intermediate Dwarf skill Lv 1 has tried to plant a feeble ego into this item!] 


[The Intermediate Dwarf skill Lv 1 has tried to plant a small change function into this item!]


[A unique rated item is made and all stats will rise by 12!]


[Powerful and Noble Long Sword]

Rating: Unique

Durability: 450/450  Attack Power: 451

* There is a very rare chance for the sword length to change when attacking. 

*Normal attacks will deal an additional 15% damage.

* Accuracy will increase by 7%.

* The durability isn’t easily damaged.

A longsword made with delicate workmanship by the renowned blacksmith Panmir, who has accumulated training in Talima.

The merits of a longsword are highlighted and it is very stable. There is an irregular aspect due to the changing qualities.

The dwarf technique has implanted the creator’s high pride in the sword. It won’t break easily and only the chosen ones can use it.

User Restriction: Level 300 or higher. Intermedia Sword Mastery level 7. 1,500 strength. The user will be selected by the sword.


His three and a half years as a blacksmith! According to Satisfy time, Panmir had produced at least 20,000 items over 10 years. Among them, more than 500 items had at least 6 hours invested in them. But despite producing so many items, there were few works that Panmir could proudly claim to be ‘masterpieces.’ This meant he was less likely to produce a top rated item with more efficient options.

But today! In front of the world that was watching, a masterpiece was born! It was perfect timing. He felt like the protagonist of a movie. It was the first time Panmir experienced such bliss in the 50 years he had lived.


Panmir forgot his age and cheered. He was so happy to prove that he was the best blacksmith against Grid, who was just luck to become a legend. He was thrilled that the past few years wasn’t in vain.

‘I won!’

Panmir didn’t doubt it. He was convinced that Grid couldn’t defeat him, even if a legendary rated sword was made. Powerful and noble. He combined the blacksmith skill with the dwarf skill to make the best level 300 two-handed longsword. Then he heard the voice of the MC.

『L-Legendary blacksmith Grid was the only one who made a normal rated sword...? 』


The host confirmed the items created by each participant and declared. Panmir and the other blacksmiths were stunned by the host’s words.

The legendary blacksmith Grid made a normal rated item?

It was a situation they couldn’t even imagine.

‘Even the advanced blacksmiths made at least rare rated items...’

‘A legendary blacksmith just needs to press the production button and a rare item will pop out.’

What crazy thing did Grid do to make a normal item? Did he have no luck? There was only one explanation.

‘Did he forget a few ingredients?’

'The smelting process seemed perfect... Maybe he made a big mistake during the forging process.’

As the blacksmiths were speculating, Steng, who had made a unique sword like Panmir, cried out like he couldn’t understand.

"It isn’t possible for Grid to make a normal rated item!”

Steng had witnessed the skills and concentration of Grid next to him.

"Grid struck the steel three times in the time I took to strike it once. When I was breathing from exhaustion, Grid’s posture was unchanged!”

It was a truth without any exaggeration. Steng believed that a normal rated item couldn’t have been produced unless Grid was a villain who destroyed a galaxy in his previous life.

“Check the item information again! This is obviously a mistake...!”

It happened when Steng kept sticking up for Grid.


The deeply frowning Grid let out a curse. He felt tremendous anger. It looked like Grid really had made a normal rated item!

“S-Such a thing...”

A result that completely negated Grid’s skills and efforts was born? Was this the rumored manipulation of the game operators? Steng paused and stared at Grid.

‘Grid is really unlucky...’

Steng fully grasped Grid’s character after a few hours. Then Grid asked him.

“The ownership of the item created... We don’t keep it, do we?”

Grid’s voice was trembling. Steng was able to feel how angry he was and barely managed to nod.

“That’s correct... It was be permanently displayed in the National Competition’s Hall of Fame.”

It meant that a normal rated item produced by the legendary blacksmith would be displayed forward to the people of the world. From Grid’s position, it was embarrassing. There was nothing more disgraceful.

‘I would be ashamed and want to find a hole to hide in...’

Steng was sorry. He was worried that Grid would become frustrated and quit the game. Then Grid grumbled with a deep sigh.

“Hah, I have to return this. It’s ridiculous.”


Steng soon realized that something was strange. Wasn’t Grid angry at the wrong thing? The host kept talking.

『 How many of you would expect a legendary blacksmith to produce a normal item? Yes, that’s right! I couldn’t even expect it! 』

The participants gathered in one place and looked at the sword made by Grid. Panmir and Steng’s eyes widened.

‘At first glance, it looks like a plain longsword without anything special, but...’

‘This is huger than anticipated!’

This was a normal rated longsword? In addition to Steng and Panmir, the other blacksmiths started to realize that Grid’s sword was unusual. But they were able to grasp this because they were excellent blacksmiths. The ordinary public was different.

-What type of legendary blacksmith makes normal items? It might be different if he made it in 10 minutes, but hasn’t he been hammering for 8 hours?

-Was he just hammering the air?

-Was he sleeping...? ㅋㅋㅋ

-I’m only a beginner blacksmith, but my analysis is that Grid seems to have very low dexterity. He doesn’t have experience with manual work because he can easily make items with his class, thus not raising his dexterity.

-Is that why the result is so bad? No, there’s no way. No matter how low his dexterity is, won’t there be a compensation effect due to his legendary class? Then how did he make a normal rated item?

-It seems to be the result of his insufficient skills + worst luck.

-Insufficient skills ㅋㅋㅋ His combat skills have increased since last year, so he must’ve neglected his blacksmithing.

-Stop talking nonsense. What evidence is there that Grid’s skills are lacking?

-That's right. Look at the items that Grid was wearing. He made it himself, so it doesn’t make sense to say that Grid’s skills are bad. This time, he was just unlucky.

-Is there any proof that the items worn were made by Grid? Maybe he obtained them from raids?

There was a thorough discussion on Grid’s blacksmithing skills. To be honest, there was a lot of public criticism and ridicule. People hadn’t forgotten that Grid spent the night with Yura and Jishuka, two of the world’s most beautiful women. At this moment, Grid’s anti-fans were in full active mode.

Meanwhile, South Korea was in an uproar.

(Breaking News) Shocking! The legendary blacksmith Grid made a normal rated item!

(Breaking News) South Korea missed the gold medal... It’s virtually impossible to get 1st place now! Grid, he enjoyed a promiscuous private life and forgot his duties.

It was regrettable as a citizen of South Korea. South Korea, a country weak in Satisfy, could only dream about being ranked first due to Grid. But the media forgot this fact and wrote articles blaming Grid.

Grid, no, Shin Youngwoo’s family were pained.

"This is disgusting...! They are scum!”

"Oh my, Honey. No matter how angry you are, don’t use such words in front of Sehee!”

“Hum hum.”

Youngwoo’s parents felt sorry for their son who was on the TV. He was in a faraway land for the honor of their country, only to receive a massive outpouring of criticism due to one mistake!

"How resentful would he be!?”

"He paid off all his debt and cleared his father’s debt as well.”

“N-No, Honey... How many times have I told you that I will pay Youngwoo back? If you say that at this timing...”

Sehee, who had been watching TV silently beside her parents, smiled.

“Oppa is fine.”

Sehee was worried about his incompetent brother and took responsibility for him most of her life. She never outwardly expressed it, but she had been watching her brother closely. She saw her brother’s expression and knew what he was thinking.

‘He is frowning, but his left eyebrow is raised.’

Right now, her brother was feeling happiness and sadness at the same time. It was Sehee’s analysis that the worst thing hadn’t happened, and her insight was correct.

『 A legendary blacksmith made a normal rated item? I think there are countless people who are disappointed with the outcome! But let that disappointment go! This is why a legend is a legend! Grid proved to be in a different class from the other participants!! 』

The host spoke meaningful words, and at the same time, the options of Grid’s sword were revealed.

[Sealed Transcendent Sword]

Rating: Normal (Growth)

Durability: 360/360  Attack Power: 401

* One option is added every time the rating increases.

The legendary blacksmith Grid made a longsword with skills and a commitment beyond human limitations.

A blade of steel that was hammered more than 45,000 times in a short period of time, it is beyond ideal and has a transcendent power.

However, it is limited by the typical form, causing its power to be sealed.

It will gradually find the right form and release its true strength in the process of being cut, hit and reworked.

User Restriction: Level 300 or higher. Intermedia Sword Mastery level 7. 1,500 strength.


“A growth type item?!”

Panmir, Steng, and the other blacksmiths realized it. The typical form that they believed to be ideal was actually a limit, and their mission was to break that limit. It wasn’t possible for them to belittle Grid’s abilities as just due to his luck or class. Just by looking at the longsword produced by Grid, they found out the difference between his skills and theirs.

‘Grid, I misunderstood you.’

Grid must have worked and trained like Panmir did to reach his current level.


He couldn’t see this person properly because he was overwhelmed by his own pride and bias. Feeling embarrassed by his foolish self, Panmir admitted his defeat in his heart and bowed his head. The other blacksmiths were the same.

This was the moment when Grid reigned over the world’s finest blacksmiths.  The ratings of the National Competition once again set a new record. There was one person who didn’t care.

‘Ah, shit. I became nervous when the Legendary Blacksmith’s Breath appeared.’

Grid was sad.