Chapter 433

Chapter 433

Among the seven guilds, the Golden Guild was at a medium level. Seuron was the master and he had gradually been growing stronger after acquiring the Soul Predator class. It was enough to make him aspire to become the peak of two billion users.


Argentina met Russia in the semi-finals. Seuron was thrilled to face Kraugel.

"Kraugel, I’m lucky that I have a chance to defeat you in front of the world.”

Argentina wasn’t active in the target processing match because they didn’t have competent ranged dealers. Since they weren’t in the race for the medal, Seuron wasn’t obsessed with the event and just enjoyed himself. But things were different now. 

In the battlefield where a hundred people were fighting for their lives, Seuron was able to create an environment with fresh souls, complementing his class effect. Seuron was confident. It might not be possible yet in a one-on-one match, but he could defeat Kraugel on the battlefield.

"Become the stepping stone of my fame!”

Seuron excitedly pulled out some of the souls accumulated in his body and turned them into beads. They were beads the size of soybeans. 


Dozens of glittering jade beads circled around Seuron. It was a beautiful effect comparable to Grid’s Iyarugt.


Seuron shouted like a young child firing an imaginary gun. Dozens of beads turned fiercely and shot off. Their goal was Kraugel. The Russian representatives and NPCs near Kraugel weren’t targeted because they were recognized as trivial by Seuron.


The soul beads shot forward at a speed that second advancement classes couldn’t see and attacked Kraugel. They were like bullets fired from machine guns. The phenomenal thing was that Kraugel avoided all the beads. It was a miraculous move that combined Keen Senses, his high agility and his innate skills.

Kraugel ran in a zigzag and reached Seuron, wielding White Fang.


Seuron defended with the Brutal Heavy Sword and felt the difference in strength.

‘Indeed, it’s clear that his battle stats have reached at least level 400.’

It was the result of completing various quests and titles first. It was unknown if any elixirs had been taken. It was truly unique. Kraugel’s stats were beyond common sense.


Seuron was shaken by the blow, while Kraugel removed his sword and dealt a second strike. The moment that Kraugel was going to deal a critical strike.


The soul beads that stopped in the place where Kraugel was first standing started to move again. They flew to Kraugel and spread like a spider’s web. Kraugel’s reaction was somewhat late because he hadn’t expected such an efficient skill. One arm was caught in a spider web.

[Your right arm is temporarily restrained.]


Kraugel’s expressionless face slightly distorted. Seuron’s sword came flying as he swiftly switched White Fang to his left hand. Seuron laughed as he avoided Kruagel’s counterattack and kept attacking.

"Kukuk, I will bind your soul!”

Seuron’s skill was activated. The soul web in contact with Kraugel’s body linked to Kraugel’s soul, giving Seuron temporary control of Kraugel’s soul.

[Your body is out of control for seven seconds!]

Kraugel had a different experience. His right foot moved when he tried to move his left arm. When he tried to move his left feet, his right arm moved. Kraugel’s best strength, his control, was contained.


At this moment, Seuron summoned 14 soul spears and shouted with all his might.

“Taste this unbreakable power!”

It wasn’t a lie. Since changing to a Soul Predator, Seuron had never been defeated. There was only one person. He was defeated during the Reidan raid by the ‘temporary farmer.’ But that farmer was a named NPC, so he didn’t count as a user. At this moment, Seuron was sure of his victory. He didn’t know. The fact that the Kraugel in front of him was that farmer!

“You have certainly grown.”

Kraugel acknowledged Seuron, even when they met in the past at Reidan. He avoided all the soul spears pouring towards him and praised Seuron.


Seuron was shocked. It was natural to be surprised, since the soul-controlled Kraugel moved just as swiftly and precisely as before.

‘Don’t tell me...! He was able to adapt in such a short amount of time?”

White Fang pierced Seuron’s neck. Seuron was able to increase his defense using Soul Armor and killed his allies to obtain more souls. Then he attempted a counterattack. The brilliant battle between the two people received praises from all over the world.


“Ah, I think I am going crazy.”


Grid’s body continuously shook after he left the cafe. At first glance, the jerkiness was like a tap dance. It was the aftereffect of drinking the espresso. A headache was coming.


Grid didn’t like bitterness and only took the syrupy cold medicine for children when he had a cold. For him, coffee was like rotten water. He was disgusted by Americans who could drink it like it was bottled water. That’s why he only ordered juice or hot chocolate at a cafe.

Then why did he drink a cup of espresso? It felt like he was drinking poison. But it was worthwhile. He got the ideal contract! Grid purposely chose a smaller drink in order to give Yook Shihyun a feeling of pressure.

That’s right. The reason why Grid ordered an espresso was that it was necessary to his bluff. Now he was using a process called ‘pre-planning.’ He couldn’t just rush forward forever. He acted cautiously.

-Please read the contract carefully. Read it several times until you completely understand it. Don’t forget to record it.

-God Grid! Isn’t is amazing for a Korean to contract with a Korean company?

-♣ Go! ◆If you join ◆ ♣ ※You will get ☜☜a 1 million♨★cash bonus★

-Team Leader Kim Minyoung.^^

Grid intended for messages to arrive during his conversation with Yook Shihyun. He had asked Yura and Peak Sword in advance to send him a message at this exact time. The spam messages came flying by chance. He hadn’t signed up for the spam blocker service because it cost him 2,000 won each month...

‘This is why people say that money shouldn’t be spent.’

Grid received a new enlightenment and vowed he would only order jajangmyun instead of kanjajang.

『 Oh my god...! The United States’ castle was captured! 』

『 Against everyone’s expectations, Russia has won! 』

The road to Shang X Lila Hotel. A loud noise was heard from the store that Grid was pssing, and Grid turned towards the TV in the store.

‘Russia won?’

It was also against the United States? Grid clenched his fists tightly. He couldn’t suppress his feelings after learning that Kraugel had overcome the United States.


Was he superior to Grid in every way? Grid couldn’t accept it. He didn’t intend to derail the value of the person called Kraugel. Grid couldn’t evaluate Kraugel’s innate talent and achievements. However, Lauel was a normal class user who beat Grid!

It was a cruel reality for Grid. Grid felt how trivial he was. His self-esteem that he raised with much difficulty was crushed at this moment.


The 3rd day of the National Competition ended.  The National Competition’s ranking was updated.

1st. South Korea (2 gold) 

2nd. Russia (1 gold, 2 silver) 

3rd. United States (1 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze) 

4th. Brazil (1 gold) 

Joint 5th. United Kingdom and France (1 silver) 

6th. Canada (2 bronze) 

7th. Japan (1 bronze) 

It was a lot different from what most people expected. The most powerful country in Satisfy, the United States was ranked 3rd, while Korea and Brazil stood out? But people weren’t shaken. The National Competition was just beginning. There were 16 events remaining and as the days passed, it was clear that the overall ranking was taking shape as people expected.

As everyone thought, the overall rankings stabilized on the 14th day of the National Competition.

1st. Russia (4 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze) 

2nd. United States (4 gold, 2 silver, 4 bronze) 

3rd. Canada (3 gold, 3 silver, 3 bronze) 

4th. South Korea (2 gold) 

5th. Spain (1 gold, 2 silver) 

6th. Japan (1 gold, 2 bronze) 

7th. Brazil (1 gold) 

Joint 8th place. United Kingdom, France (3 silver) 

Joint 9th place. Argentina, China (2 bronze) 

10th. Turkey (1 bronze) 

South Korea and Brazil hadn’t won a single medal since the third day, while the countries considered strong in Satisfy were constantly winning medals. It was the time when the difference between a strong team and a weak team was evident. Now there were only 5 events remaining.

The people wondered about which of the three countries between the US, Russia, and Canada would win. But no one could easily predict it. All members of the United States could be called top-class. Russia was slightly weaker than the US, but they had the crown called Kraugel.

Chris and Vantner were starting to show good chemistry for Canada. They were too powerful. It wouldn’t seem strange if any of them won.

『 We are forgetting something. Isn’t there another country that could be a contender to win? 』

Another championship candidate? The viewers from all over the world were puzzled by the experts’ words when they recalled someone. Grid. The main culprit behind the destruction of common sense hadn’t competed in any solo events yet.

-Perhaps South Korea is another candidate to win?

-At any rate, winning gold medals is the best thing to do in the National Competition. If Grid wins the gold medal in the raid event and his three solo events, Korea will win.ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Wow, that’s right. If Grid wins four gold medals and Russia and the US don’t win any, Korea will win.

-But that’s impossible. -_-;

Right now, people of the world were aware of Grid’s power. It couldn’t be denied that he was top-class. The problem was that there were many top-class players comparable to Grid. Kraugel of Russia, Chris of Canada, Damian of Japan, Seuron of Argentina, Pon of Spain, Regas of Britain, Zibal of the US...all of them were tough.

Would Grid be able to win four gold medals alone against the specialists of each event? It was impossible.

『 What if... What if Grid really wins four gold medals and leads South Korea to victory? 』

『 He will be a myth. 』

『 But it’s impossible. The peak of 2 billion users, Kraugel, is standing in his way. 』

『 It’s questionable if he can cross the mountain called Kraugel. In addition, Zibal might seem weak, but isn’t he optimized for raids? There’s a less than 10% chance that South Korea will defeat the US in the raid event. 』

These words kept coming. The atmosphere of the people of South Korea, who had been looking forward to Grid’s appearance, became solemn.